United States Presidential Race 2016 – Full Feature

June 18, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

The segment will focus on the United States Presidential race 2016.

I present my thoughts on two Presidential candidates – Hillary Clinton of the democratic party and Jeb Bush representing the republican party.

The other candidacies in the race will be discussed in the upcoming segment.

Your attention is critical for the world could no longer afford the status quo with the political systems worldwide under incognito power.

Furthermore, the participation and subsequent election more likely the selection of either the democratic contender Hillary Clinton or the republican challenger Jeb Bush would mean the continuation of Clinton or Bush dynasty in disguise as democracy besides perpetual warfare prolonging economic recession.

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant

Reconciliation and Approval of Economic Recovery Plan

February 10, 2009

President Barack Obama’s candid appeal to Congress and Senate via press conference confirms the White House commitment to relieve severely hurting citizens from the agonizing pain of the ailing economy.

The legislators resisting compromise to the stimulus package obviously do not share the pain of their constituents. If they did, they would have no objection to essential and guaranteed investments specifically identified for job creation in President Obama’s plan.

It is frustrating that partisan politics remains a force to reckon with for the electorate in a democracy.

Tragically, ideology leads the way to oppose a bill designed to assist every taxpayer who is also the consumer and most importantly a voter from becoming a recipient of food stamps.

The excerpt from a recent article titled –

“Billions in aid to states cut amid struggle over stimulus”

By Associated Press, February 8, 2009.

“President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans bickered Saturday over his historically huge economic recovery plan after states and schools lost tens of billions of dollar in a late-night bargain to save it.

Forging compromise –

The compromise reached between a handful of GOP moderates led Susan Collins of Maine, the White House and its Senate allies stripped $108 billion in spending from Obama’s plan, including cutbacks in projects that likely would give the economy a quick lift, like $40 billion in aid to state governments for education and other programs.

Yet, it retained items that also probably won’t help the economy much, such as $650 million to help people without cable receive digital signals through their old-fashioned televisions or $1 billion to fix problems with the 2010 Census.

Among the most difficult cuts for the White House and its liberal allies to accept was the elimination of $40 billion in aid to states, money that economists say is a relatively efficient way to pump up the economy by preventing layoffs, cuts in services or tax increases.”

Reality Check:

Now, any rational citizen regardless of party affiliation should ask the following questions to the GOP moderates seemingly endorsing the bill.

Where are the priorities?

Is helping people receive digital signals through their old-fashioned televisions and a staggering $1 billion to fix problems with the 2010 Census more important than investment in education, easing the burden on states to lift economy by preventing layoffs, cuts in services and tax increases?

Do GOP members realize the reason behind colossal defeat in the 2006 and 2008 election?

The American electorate is tired and bogged down with Washington’s immature revengeful tactics in the approval of legislative matters concerning the lives of every citizen.

Ironically, all those legislators against the approval of this bill targeting the future of our nation with respect to education, job creation and needful services forget that their jobs are also on the line in the process.

If they presume Capitol Hill to be a comfort zone for a specified period and expect immunity from the economic crises, they are being delusional as the electorate has choices to reject such representation in a democracy.

Where was the hype and concern when the previous administration committed the nation to a reckless war that has virtually bankrupted our economy?

Whatever happened to the various failed stimulus packages without any accountability to taxpayers or the oversight committee passed by the Bush administration and approved by the same legislators in opposition to the current one committed towards education and aid to states to revive the economy by preventing layoffs, cuts in services or tax increases?

The irresponsible conduct to block the bill simply suggests that come 2010 the democratic system would be better off with an alternative political party pledging support to the people and engage in constructive rather than destructive role in nation building.

Similar dilemma experienced in the State of California where the budget crisis has reached a point of no return due to political dogma upheld against pragmatic solutions.

The electorates are viewing the entire situation at both state and federal level and will deliver their decision in the ballot in less than eighteen months.

Despite presentation of this bill in the most cohesive manner, all those legislators on both sides prolonging the approval are not only jeopardizing the opportunity to help every constituent from economic failure but also their own career as an elected official to serve the people and the nation in crisis.

It is the duty of every public servant to recognize the plight of their population and heed to the call to oblige urgent needs by approving the stimulus bill particularly the aid to states that are broke along with education, jobs, services and tax modification.

There is no time for procrastination and all that is required is action. Unfortunately, the Presidency of Barack Obama with unprecedented transparency is subject to undue scrutiny for political strategies.

The campaign trail promises prior to election to office whether it is the House or Senate always remains a distant memory with "business as usual " demonstration upon becoming Senators or the House of Representatives.
Decisive Action:

The economic recovery plan aimed at job creation, assistance to states sharing status quo of the nation, improvement of infrastructure and commitment to revival of education, energy, health care is the step in the right direction.

It is imperative for both Democrats and Republicans to get on board in a bipartisan effort and approve the bill without elimination of prudent investments mistaken for wasteful spending. The job losses in Indiana, near double-digit unemployment in California are real problems felt by hard working people across the nation.

The proposed bill with taxpayers’ dollars invested for taxpayers’ benefits is undergoing intensive criticism by lawmakers primarily responsible for allowing the previous administration to squander economic surplus along with exhaustion of national reserves and treasury in wild adventures as the signature mission of the Republican era.

President Barack Obama’s administration did not create this economic catastrophe. They have inherited it upon election to the office on January 20, 2009. Nevertheless, the rhetoric in the Senate and the House mocking hope and change in a theatrical manner is reflective of the opposition role to make noise, create roadblocks and exacerbate the crisis with an adversarial action or inaction.

Only if such fervor and excitement displayed during the approval of mass financial bailout worth a whopping $700 billion and the unlimited commitment of resources in an unnecessary war in Iraq by the Bush administration there would be no debate or discussion for any economic stimulus package today.

It is apparent from those legislators’ reluctance to acknowledge the realities that they prioritize their own needs to remain in power over their constituents’ hardships and suffering in a debilitating economy.

The electorates have a clear choice in the next election to remember those who care and reject those who abandon them during harsh crises.

Political parties might survive on rhetoric and empty promises but people cannot wait until political factions make up their mind for decisive action required to avert Armageddon upon failure to approve the authentic economic recovery plan by President Barack Obama.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Unethical Practice

October 15, 2008

Unethical Practice

Politics is never fair and has several “ugly” heads that arise precipitously, especially during election time.

There are “entities” with ulterior motive to serve their interest over the country’s future that deserve attention by the electorate.

As stated earlier, communication with political figures is not out of ordinary for private citizens, particularly during elections.

However, there are occasions when citizens get involved in the political campaign; the political candidates expect monetary contributions and other assistance to prevail in the elections.

There have been requests from both “Presidential Campaigns” in this regard.

With a firm commitment to help people and their interests, my position has been clear from the beginning. That is, to support… the policies, the strategies and solutions for all the crises confronting our nation rather than a political “rhetoric” or a “personality.”

I share the recent communication with the “Presidential Campaign” of Senator Barack Obama.

The original transcript from the Vice Presidential Candidate, the Hon. Senator Joe Biden:

To: Padmini Arhant

From: Joe Biden, Obama for America, Chicago, IL 60680.

Dear Ms. Arhant,

Barack Obama and I come from very different places, but we share a common story – an American story.

He was the son of a single mom who sometimes struggled to support her kids. But she raised him to believe in America; to believe that in this country, there is no obstacle that can keep you from your dreams, if you are willing to work hard and fight for them.

I was an Irish-Catholic kid from Scranton with a father who – like too many people today – fell on hard times in a tough economy. Buy my parents raised me to believe that it is not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how quickly you get up.

That’s the American promise that Barack Obama and I believe in. And it’s a promise that’s been knocked around under eight years of George Bush and John McCain.

The McCain campaign wants us to think he believes in change – that he’s a maverick who’s independent of George W. Bush. I know better.

I’ve served with John McCain in the Senate for 22 years. I know him as a courageous patriot and an honorable man. But what he is not — not by any stretch – a maverick.

You’re not a maverick when you vote with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time, as John McCAin has.

You’re not a maverick when you boast – and these are John’s words, not mine – that “no one has supported President Bush on Iraq more than I have.”

You’re not a maverick when you endorse the tax cuts for the wealthy that have been George W. Bush’s only excuse for an economic policy.

And I don’t know what you are – or where you’re living, unless it’s is in one of seven houses you need your staff to count – when you say, as John McCain has, that “there’s been great progress economically” under the Bush Administration.

Still, there was one sense in which I thought John was different from George W. Bush – and I have to tell you I’ve been disappointed to learn how wrong I was.

Whatever our other disagreements, I always thought John and I agreed that the slash-and-burn, divide-and-attack, Swift Boat brand of politics that the Bush machine popularized were debasing our democracy and tearing our country apart.

But today, as he seeks the presidency, John McCain has changed. He has become a practitioner of the very politics he once deplored.

He hired a protégé of Karl Rove to help run his campaign. After condemning the Swift Boat attacks of 2004, John took tens of thousands of dollars from their architects – and, with no sense of irony, even put one of them on his “Truth Squad” for 2008.

Meanwhile, John McCain has blanketed the airwaves with misleading attacks on Barack Obama. They’ve attacked Barack’s character and distorted his ideas.

When it comes down to, I regret to say, is that “John McCain campaigning on the high road” has become as much of a myth as “John McCain the maverick” always was.

And America can’t afford another campaign like this – a third George Bush campaign focused on small attacks rather than big ideas – any more than we can afford the four more years of George W. Bush’s policies that John McCain wants to give us.

Barack and I are committed to running a different kind of campaign — one that addresses our greatest challenges and appeals to our highest ideals.

But to do that, we need your continued help and support.

We are going to have to respond to every attack – every one, every time – while simultaneously keeping our campaign focused on positive ideas. And the cost of running that kind of campaign will be enormous.

Padmini, I know you share both our vision for fundamental change in America and our disgust with the Swift Boat style of politics that John McCAin once decried but now practices. And I hope you’ll continue to help us fight back by rushing a generous contribution of $250 or even $500 to Obama for America.

And please don’t wait a single day. The American promise that gave Barack and me so much has been knocked around for eight tough years. Let’s get up – and restore it – together.


Joe Biden

P.S. Padmini, the McCain campaign’s attacks on Barack Obama may be the product of desperation, and they’re certainly a poor substitute for vision and ideas – but that doesn’t mean they won’t work. If Barack and I lack the resources to respond, John McCain will be able to distort our ideas and distract America from eight years of Republican failures. We can’t let that happen – and if you’ll stand with us by supporting Obama for America, we won’t.

I responded to Senator Joe Biden’s letter:

October 9th, 2008.

Private and Confidential

Intended for Addressee Only

Hon. Senator Joe Biden
Vice Presidential Candidate
Democratic Party

Dear Senator Biden,

Thank you for your email, letters and kind remarks.

I have communicated with the Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama recently regarding my involvement in the campaign.

The letter received by Senator Barack Obama, lays out the premise of my engagement in the crucial Presidential contest.

I am awaiting response from Senator Obama in that respect.

To reiterate the viewpoint, I have forwarded the letter again and the scenario to Senator Obama for clear understanding.

I am hopeful that Senator Obama’s decision will be in favor of the better outcome for all.

Your cooperation and effort might expedite the communication as well.

As soon as I have a positive response from Senator Obama, I will consider it my patriotic duty and honor to support Obama Biden candidacy and assist the Democratic Party prevail in the highly contested general election on November 4th, 2008.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant

The Recent Incidents Indicate That Neither Of The Candidates Is In Receipt Of My Letters Sent By Priority And Certified Mail With Delivery Confirmation.


REF: Ethical View – www.padminiarhant.com

With great humility, I would like to let America and the rest of the world know about the flurry of communication from all corners on different subjects. It is an honor and at the same time a huge responsibility to express one’s opinion and ideas in public with the national and humanity interests at stake.

I have always tried my best in all circumstances to remain honest, sincere and genuine in the presentation of my thoughts. Further, considering the nature of the situation like the general election, I have prioritized my response to the “Presidential Candidates” requests over other issues.

Unfortunately, within Senator Barack Obama’s campaign, an individual with authority is being highly successful with the interception and even confiscation of my communication with both the Presidential and the Vice Presidential candidates.

It is very disturbing and a matter of concern since, such “unethical practice” in tampering with “private mail” is, in essence a “federal crime” and does not appear to bother this individual because the entity considers “oneself” above the law.

With the Presidential campaigns pledging to eradicate corruption and cronyism in Washington, it raises a serious credibility issue when “individuals” within the campaign pose threats to such commitments of tall order.

Secrecy, dominance and authoritarianism is the cause for the “status quo”… the nation brought to a freezing point and any resemblance of this kind in the future administration will not serve in the best interests of the people of the United States or the global community.

Democracy is active only, when there is absolute transparency and access to information at all levels.

The lack thereof, signifies imminent danger with “sense of entitlement” and abuse of “power” in the horizon.

Finally, it is worth remembering that “Man Proposes and God Disposes.”

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant