Indian Politics Election 2019 (Hindi)

March 9, 2019

Indian Politics Election 2019 (Hindi)

Final Version

Indian politics and social issues are discussed in this final version. The tolerance or the lack thereof defines character and civilization. The modern age quantum leap in technology, science and social conditions represent human adaptation that somehow not reflected in humanitarian issues beckoning empathy and ethical norm.

The economic growth only benefitting top 1% while remaining population struggling to make ends meet could not be claimed as progress and development. The vast majority subjugated in abject poverty, social injustice and generational prejudice due to political ideology, pervasive corruption and dysfunctional system hinder fair opportunity for all across the spectrum.

India’s less fortunate and marginalized demography hope for a better tomorrow is possible upon awakening to political reality.


Part – 1

Padmini Arhant



Indian Politics detailing incumbent administration Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies and performance is discussed in this video. India’s political, economic and social issues are analyzed based on governments role during their term in office.

This is Part – 1 of the topic with remaining to follow shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Democracy Under Siege

February 4, 2019

India – Democracy Under Siege

Padmini Arhant

India referred to as the world’s largest democracy is a myth with political system regardless of political parties coming to power have systematically exploited ordinary citizens in different segments using caste, religion and social economic background to assume and resume authority. In the course, they have depleted national treasury, scuttled social fabric that is representative of India as secular, plural and tolerant society. They continue to undermine basic rights with extreme measures using brute force to curb peaceful protests on anti-corruption, environment pollution, human rights violations against Indian citizens categorized as Dalits or backward caste, scheduled caste and tribes, Muslims and other marginalized demography in different states of the country.

The latest political fiasco involving CBI and West Bengal’s Kolkata police chief on chit fund scheme called Saradha scam leading to West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s dharna i.e. protest evolving into Mamata vs. Modi drama is election stunt on either side to demonstrate each other’s vows to constitution and anti-corruption respectively.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lot of explaining to do to the nation on various issues beginning with demonetization debacle that claimed many ordinary lives, farmers distress that exacerbated agrarian crisis resulting in more farmers suicide than earlier, the controversial Rafale deal favoring PM Narendra Modi’s key campaign donor Anil Ambani and his failed business, crackdown on different institutions from RBI, CBI to SCI  i.e. the Supreme Court of India hamstrung on issues such as Rafale and earlier vindication on widely known Godhra violence to name a few.

Those in power in New Delhi abusing CBI to protect their own members, political donors and business partners are routine regardless of whoever is in control in New Delhi. Similarly, them using CBI to settle political scores in the name of corruption investigation is also the tradition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expulsion of former CBI director Alok Verma to shield PM Modi’s critical ally and business interests that were on CBI radar cannot be ruled out in desperate actions from the incumbent administration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hardline policy and intolerance were demonstrated during undemocratic arrests of environmentalists and human rights activists on false allegations denying them due process while defending and ensuring acquittal of RSS / BJP members actually behind and implicated in Bhima Koregaon violence in Pune besides mob lynching under the guise of Gai Raksha or cow protection wreaks communal divide and unnecessary tension in society.

Despite explosive tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his close coordinator and confidante Amit Shah in the past five years, PM Narendra Modi persona portrayed to the contrary to mislead and misguide electorate is an insult to human intelligence.

Democracy may be subjugated but cannot be permanently suppressed as the strategy inevitably implodes within political faction. The reaction is evident in the present political environment and severely damaged system with those responsible for law and order as lawmakers exemplifying lawlessness in the worst form and demeanor endanger democracy and sanctity of the constitution.

All the more reason to introduce a capable and reliable national political party to address myriad complexities that persists in India. The details in that regard to be presented in due course. The step by step instructions for disenchanted and violated Indian electorate willing to come forward pledging support with active participation to challenge status quo will be provided to lead the nation towards sensible and viable direction.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




India – Political Culture

January 21, 2019

India – Political Culture

Padmini Arhant

Politics as such do not have great reputation in the world. It is not politics fault for the problem is directly related to those in politics pledging allegiance to internal and external counterproductive ideology, philosophy, anti-humanity and anti-nature dealings.

Among many fields and occupations, politics that is supposed to be public service continues to attract disdain among citizens anywhere in the world.

The reason behind this status is corruption in politics, abuse of power against the same people i.e. electorate granting them mandate to govern the state or nation. Unfortunately, this mandate often and repeatedly misinterpreted by those assuming power who misuse the same much to own downfall.

Politics is also controlled by deep state with non-citizens reining absolute authority via proxies and puppets installed as head of the state. The dark forces as incognito power cover their base by betting on all horses facilitating the inevitable win in the formality called election.

Election is a process set up to deceive electorate in casting vote on empty promises with campaigners of various political parties exploiting average citizens for self and vested interests during their term in office. In Indian politics, the voters are presented with star power by issuing tickets to film actors, actresses and sports personalities to deflect public attention from real issues.

In fact, Indian economy is drained via corruption, tax evasion, embezzlement, illegal offshore accounts and black money hoarding by three major entities and they are – members in politics, celebrities and industrialists – Rajnithi, Celebrity, Udyogpathi persistently dominate leaving the overwhelming majority in abject poverty and generational struggle to make ends meet in their lives.

These three elements’ abuse in Indian society is the cause for ever increasing gap between the poor and filthy rich never content with the loot from the middle class and lower income being the actual tax payers in the economy. Indian politics is also severely dependent on caste based electoral gains serving as vote banks to various political factions in the absence of meaningful deliverable economic policy and social manifesto. Not to mention the political dynasty, communal politics playing a major role in seeking power. The politicians and those in favor of hierarchy and social injustice in society are vehemently opposed to eliminating casteism, the stigma on India amid fraudulently claiming progress since the so-called independence.

The vast number in Indian society are marginalized, isolated, discriminated and disenfranchised to suit upper echelons corrupt lifestyle and parasitic existence. Not surprisingly, the reference to rape is loosely made during election campaigns and otherwise considering the dominant members raping the economy besides violating ordinary folks that are routine activities in the country. The rape incidents following their leaders in politics, entertainment and other sectors are rampant not sparing infants in the out of control morbid sexual predatory instincts. The situation is further exacerbated by Indian film industry and their leading influential sources commercializing sex for profitability in arts and entertainment.

Women status among the weaker and vulnerable sections in Indian society is far from improvement as they are treated as second class citizens which is relatively better than those commonly known as Dalits or untouchables, gay, transgender, eunuchs and anyone affected by social prejudice including people with disabilities are all regarded beneath human category.

These sentiments are openly and candidly reflected in political speech without any shame or restraint. As recently as a day ago when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP ruled northern state Uttar Pradesh’s legislative member – the female politician’s diatribe targeting political opponent enunciated rape in graphic details alongside describing their female political rival as worse than eunuch not worthy of respect in society clearly depict contemptuous political culture and those whom they represent in politics. This behavior is interestingly rewarded with ministerial posts by political party promoting indecency, insolence and intolerance in public domain.

The backwardness in political mindset is unequivocally posing impediments in India’s social economic development diminishing the prospects of much required transformation in society. Again, the political contenders vying for highest position in the land having tainted record such as abusing women whether in involvement of gang rape citing Rahul Gandhi or state sponsored murder of rape victim in 2012 by Sonia Gandhi, then Congress high command with opposition and other political members complicity and,

Last but not the least the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi abandonment of his spouse without providing any support to her are indicative of women’s plight in India. The background further emphasize that those who ignore responsibility towards next of kin are not poised to care for others let alone the nation they are elected to serve in the official designation. 

Accordingly, women in urban and rural areas in particular are confronted with challenges in the mistreatment of women beginning from the political class down to other segments in the hostile environment.

Indian politics is predominantly premised on goon and gutter politics deploying unscrupulous tactics and nefarious means to gain political mileage and ultimately the mantle of power by unworthy and undeserving figures fostered to maintain status quo. Needless to say, meritocracy is a misnomer in the contentious class and caste oriented system.

The female politicians on their part have fair share of political baggage in corruption, hardline strategy using unemployed youths as buffer to curb political dissent through violent threats and crimes against disillusioned citizens in their respective states and province.

The political contestants with criminal charges emerging as representatives of Indian citizens and India, apparently the largest democracy remain the biggest irony.

India has a long way to go in terms of social acceptance and fair economic opportunity constrained by embedded corruption, nepotism, cronyism, dynastic politics and demonstrably the caste epidemic derailing any positive growth necessary in the real India comprising poor, working class, suppressed labor force, neglected farmers and socially ostracized demography.

Mass consciousness and action eradicating casteism, classism, sexism i.e. any form of divisive polarizing politics and social dogma contributing to treason and breach of public trust is the way forward to build a nation of optimism and reliable future for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Political Parties Dissolution

November 19, 2018

India – Political Parties Dissolution

Padmini Arhant

India is at the cusp of political dissolution with major national parties and regional politics having exhausted means of survival considering their fair share of corruption scandals, criminal records though none are held accountable, ethnic violence and abuse of power during each political party term in office.

The political parties’ submission to global syndicate and subservience to colonial dictate reflected in status quo.

Indian political parties without exception have long been undermining sovereignty and republic rights evident in dynasty and communal politics exclusively for individual ambitions and personal interests using political platform.

Congress party founded in the Colonial era by colonizers continued beyond so-called independence of India with political dynasty adapting monarchy rule demonstrated in inheritance of power within one family viz. Nehru, Indira, Rajeev, Sonia, Priyanka Vadra, Rahul in that party. The trend soon became the norm among other political factions in the supposedly world’s largest democracy.

On the other hand, colonizers fostered RSS alongside Muslim League pre-independence to polarize society in the divide and conquer strategy engender divisive tactics to maintain power witnessed in RSS guided BJP and specifically Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sarkar or government.

The political parties’ pseudo position in declaring them secular is fallacious and nothing more than an election gimmick. Casteism is deeply rooted in politics besides targeting religion for political mileage in the otherwise seriously defunct governance by UPA earlier and NDA, BJP at present.

The political class diligently following their global masters’ playbook use proxies and false depictions to deceive population and score fictitious credits to boost image.

In the absence of necessary development among overwhelming majority remaining in abject poverty and significant percentage struggling to make ends meet, the political establishment confidence to regain and/or retain power explains political reality predominantly premised on continuing business as usual with institutionalized corruption eroding structure.

The rich, famous and powerful represented as industrialists, celebrities and political heir basically run the government on global syndicate shadow. These members enter politics to entirely benefit them amassing wealth lasting generations with the concept of contentment ominously missing from their ethos much to self-detriment and national travesty.

Political campaigns are funded from various sources given the free flowing and open investment of black money not barring counterfeit currency and incentives to poor voters buying votes for cash and kind, the tradition hardly deemed a crime.

Notwithstanding political threats, violence and authorized killings are casually carried out against viable independent candidates in the election. The overall political apparatus function and subscribe to mob rule and goon politics in quelling dissent on state of affairs.

The societal hierarchy with discrimination and deviation highlighting social economic disparity is fundamental in suppressing pervasive development. The poor becoming poorest and lower income as well as underprivileged, marginalized and social outcasts disenfranchised enormously favor upper echelons to exploit conditions under the pretext of empathy during elections that vanish soon after the polls resetting to political default.

Neither political parties have accepted responsibility to explosive scandals squandering Indian tax payers’ money with little or no concern for widespread impact on the middle class onwards to the rock bottom in the economic strata. Again, this pattern is symmetrical to global syndicate policy.

These traits are classic in the global clique approved form of governments not only in India but world over.

Indian political establishment leading candidates in the national election i.e. Rahul Gandhi from Congress and incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and their regional coalitions have no mass appeal despite superficial projections to convince electorate ignoring public awareness on general experience and precipitous decline in government performance during UPA then and BJP alliance with NDA up until now.

The situation prompts citizens – those suffering en masse across the spectrum to come forward bidding farewell to irreversibly damaged Indian politics creating opportunity for effective, responsible, strong and able leaderships to lead and govern the complex nation with diverse aspirations amid chronic deficiency in checks and balances posing hindrance to overdue collective peace, progress and prosperity.

Indian voters must rise to the occasion and decisively express now on the preparedness in transforming India from decadent rule to efficient, ethical and transparent democratic system.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Rafale Public Hearing

September 24, 2018

India – Rafale Public Hearing

Padmini Arhant

The strength of democracy lies in transparency and accountability. In the absence of checks and balances on crimes committed by those in authority especially the ones at the helm, the democratic system fails in the credibility factor leaving the population vulnerable to corruption and abuse of power. Prime Minister Narendra Modi declining to face the public on Rafale scandal in confirming whether or not he mentioned Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense company during the signing moment on the Rafale deal as revealed by former French President Francois Hollande conclusively affirm allegations into conviction. 

BJP representatives and surrogates subversion of statement from French President Francois Hollande needs to be understood due to concerted effort to mislead Indian electorate. The ex-President of France, Francois Hollande’s initial statement categorically specifies Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s direct recommendation of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense company. The members present at contract signing were Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Anil Ambani of Reliance Defense company and French President Francois Hollande. 

The subsequent response from French President Francois Hollande to media question on his knowledge of Prime Minister Narendra Modi applying pressure on Dassault – the aviation manufacturer to choose Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense company is reported as the former French President Francois Hollande indicating that Dassault should respond to that query. Again the French President did not retract from the earlier statement on PM Narendra Modi proposing Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense company at the time of signing the agreement. 

The comment from French President Francois Hollande is deliberately distorted to defend Narendra Modi’s indefensible engagement. As for respect to Prime Minister post, those occupying the office of Prime Minister is responsible to safeguard the status with honesty, integrity and courage by testifying to the people rather than avoiding them that only validate Rafale gate and other affairs.

Last but not the least, it is not only incumbent on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come out in the open and clarify on the precise issue – the reason behind scrapping the earlier defense deal that was finalized on 126 air crafts, substituting government owned company i.e. people’s funds invested organization in the public sector – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) with financially bankrupt, ill-reputed Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense Company ignoring India’s security, economic and future prospects.

The individual contributing to complexity of the supposedly government to government contract –  Anil Ambani of Reliance Defense Company should appear in televised public hearing under oath to explain the dynamics of his business ventures covering all fronts through investment in former French President Francois Hollande’s girl friend film production and on the Indian side having Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his service. Clearly, Mr. Anil Ambani’s planning and pre-meditated strategy to seize multibillion dollars business opportunity comes to light with the calculated move to win favors from both sides without the risk of rejection.

Hence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Anil Ambani of Reliance Defense Company should be subject to same laws that are applicable to average citizens in society instead of granting them immunity. The defiance in this regard from both of them would unequivocally signify the prevalent corruption culture in politics and prominent members in economic sector.

Importantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Anil Ambani should refrain from undemocratic and unethical tactics i.e. threatening and harassment of members in society sharing valuable analysis and opinion on this highly scandalous endeavor.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.c0m


India – Rafale Controversy Update

Padmini Arhant

The latest controversy on BJP defense purchase – combat aircraft Rafael from France deserves full investigation considering the tax payers funds and inadequate fulfillment of Indian Air Force inventory requirement. Furthermore, the deal benefitting a particular company lacking in relevant expertise on manufacturing or components supply of critical defense procurement pose conflict of interest.

The incumbent administration headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to satisfy Indian citizenry given the public funds investment in the venture. Notwithstanding depriving other Indian companies the fair opportunity to compete effectively in the major defense deal.

The Prime Minister rebuttals as clarifications through cabinet members and party representatives to political opposition and media discussions on this issue is missing on core substance especially the cost benefits and overall gains in the face of extraordinary expenditure and inventory shortfall that merits transparent public disclosure and settlement of this matter.

The scandal directly involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his recommendation of Indian business owner Anil Ambani newly set up Reliance Defense company in the government contract between India and France is quid pro quo largely benefitting the financially embattled Anil Ambani’s company with no exposure to defense projects at India’s national security expense.

As such Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  failure in many economic and social fronts has staggering impact on the vast majority of Indian population with many forced into suicide on demonetization debacle, land confiscation from farmers and indigenous groups to favor Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign financiers – industrialists Adani, Ambani among many others in the economic sector.  The skyrocketing fuel prices with ripple effects on food supplies has caused enormous strife against Narendra Modi’s government with the middle class, lower income and the poor struggling to make ends meet barely surviving on meager income amid rising inflation. The rural and urban youth unemployment under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership has been disappointing prompting young members in society to leave India in search of job opportunity overseas like Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East and other destinations. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hardline approach with severe crackdown on human rights activists, civil rights advocates, journalists, writers and environmentalists sentenced to prison without trial or substantiated charges and many held in house arrest endanger democracy together with gross violation of fundamental rights nationwide.

The Rafale gate highlights Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rejection of public request and expectation to present  personal account to dispel legitimate concerns and doubts about treason besides undercutting many worthwhile companies and industries in the multibillion dollars government procurement. The aggressive reactions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi through spokespersons and surrogates upon raising questions on the monumental breach of trust adds credence to critics assessment of defense deal as a setback in terms of fewer jets that are still well below Air Force stock replenishment together with the price factor and above all granting Anil Ambani exclusive economic privilege to salvage Mr. Ambani’s enterprise from chronic debt situation.

Under these circumstances, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence and unwillingness to address the nation with appropriate facts and figures including his endorsement of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense company that was confirmed by the former French President Francois Hollande, the other signatory and party to the agreement leads to the conclusion on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s acknowledgment of misuse of authority and erroneous decision.

The nation reserves the right to reset anything that are not in country’s best interest. Accordingly, the French company Dassault withdrawal of offer or revoking the pact with Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense company as it is related to stipulation in government contract is necessary along with price revision to increase further affordability in fulfilling actual number on defense equipment i.e. fighter jets to strengthen capability. 

Any reluctance to accept or dismissal of this proposal would verify incumbent authority’s misplaced priority and squandering of public money to enhance individual political and economic status. The independent non-partisan probe is the immediate step to prevent such events from becoming established practice regardless of political parties assuming power. 

With election season underway, the public attention on these developments is critical in proper understanding to revive democracy and ethical efficacy in governance. 

The segment on election choices on this topic will be presented separately.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


India – Unconditional Release of Human Rights Activists

September 10, 2018

India – Unconditional Release of

Human Rights Activists

Padmini Arhant

The latest development on human rights activists’ extension on house arrest pending Supreme Court hearing on September 12th, 2018 is suo motu in the backdrop of absence of credible evidence against all of them compared to the other two members Hindutva leaders Milind Ekbote and Manohar ‘Sambhaji’ Bhide, associated with BJP government accused of instigating the Bhima-Koregaon violence and accordingly FIR filed against them.

The contrasting treatment highlights the misappropriation of judicial process detaining the former in house arrest while exempting the latter from any inquiry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi headed BJP government in Delhi directing the Supreme Court is evident as claimed in another controversial national issue on Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, where the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath representing the BJP government in Delhi asserted BJP’s unilateral influence on Indian Supreme Court over all matter.

Upon reviewing the facts on the arrests of five human rights activists and government concerted crackdown on dissent violently pursuing journalists, civil rights activists, writers, poets and intellectuals in society targeted for voicing concerns on the plight of marginalized, disenfranchised and isolated segments as well as women and minorities in India, the government action clearly is a blatant violation of constitution that guarantees all citizens in the Republic of Indiathe inalienable right to express views and opinion on any issues including disagreement on any government policies and programs or the lack thereof affecting citizenry.

Since these five human rights activists have been unlawfully held on unsubstantiated charges, the government and judiciary combined could no longer prolong the case that is arguably politically motivated to set precedence in curbing democratic rights nationwide. The overcast leads to prejudice besides failing to meet the legal requirement on judgment against the accused in the satisfaction of beyond reasonable doubt for conviction.

Under these circumstances, the state infringement on civil rights of the human rights activists denying them constitution granted freedom of expression in public or private sessions is a serious contravention deserving civil debate and legislation to prevent misuse of authority at any level. Those who were engaged in this instance against the human rights activists are to be investigated and held accountable to set the procedure for future reference. The judicial reform in Parliament is equally pertinent to allow the legal course to function flawlessly expediting hearings and decisions across the board beginning with law enforcement action on citizens complaints to court proceedings without state intervention in obstruction of justice.

The five human rights activists – Varavara Rao, Vernon Gonzalves, Arun Ferreira, Sudha Bharadwaj and Gautam Navlakha are to be released unconditionally effective immediately and all allegations against them discharged restoring their dignity and sanctity of Indian democracy that would otherwise be reflected under siege.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





Indian Politics and Society – Could this be a Democracy?

September 6, 2018

Indian Politics and Society – Could this be a Democracy?

Padmini Arhant

Indian political class is representative of only three segments – the corrupt political establishment which is the incumbent and opposition alike, the industrialists and celebrities amassing illegitimate power, wealth and fame.

The so-called world’s largest democracy is hostage to corrupt, criminal and crony celebrity worship where political parties desperately depend on celebrities from entertainment industry during election campaign to mislead voters with big and small screen fictional heroes and fake heroines to sell fairy tales. They are also the preferred candidates for members in both the lower and upper house of the Indian parliament. Both BJP and Congress governments never fail to confer civil awards to Bollywood actors and actresses regardless of many among them being undeserving and unworthy of such honor. This is nothing more than bribery to retain relations between politics and entertainment industry.

There is a pact to have each other’s back and accordingly they exchange favors to benefit one another. The Bollywood actor and actress engaged in hit and run manslaughter from drunken driving and excess speed respectively resulting in loss of lives of innocent mainstream citizens are exempt from law that is otherwise applicable to average citizen in society. Prime Minister Modi government had gone out of their way and intercepted the criminal charge brought on the actor and actress with the latter being BJP’s lower house MP and the former recruited for 2019 election campaign.

Furthermore, in February 2018 a Bollywood actress passed away from alcoholism, the BJP government in the State of Maharashtra with Central authorities’ approval bid farewell to her with a state honor and national flag wrapped around the coffin falsely suggesting martyrdom. Notwithstanding denigration of the national flag and importantly those genuine martyrs, the true patriots responsible for the flag and national independence.

Ironically, the current BJP government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi fictitious claims on random citizens quoting disrespect to national flag subsequent to the above-mentioned fanfare to Bollywood actress despite the circumstances of her demise and the misuse of national flag is hardly a matter of insolence to the flag or freedom fighters per government definition of patriotism and behavior pattern.

In comparison, the seventeen-year-old high school girl student in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu falls victim to targeted sniper attack in the peaceful protest for environment protection, her family is denied possession of slain body to perform last rites making them plead for nearly two days since fatal shooting.

Likewise, the ordinary female citizen in Delhi is a gang rape victim and Congress President Sonia Gandhi intervenes between the doctor and patient forcing the critically ill patient transportation overseas against physician advise causing patient’s death. To add insult to injury to her traumatized parents and other family members, the state together with political opposition at foreign authorities’ behest withheld her name again in violation of both the patient and her parents’ will.

Contrarily, the politics fueled social issues based on caste and religion aimed at marginalized demography and violence experienced by citizens in different states from deployment of troops or public funded law enforcement routinely produce casualties sparking reaction amongst members in civil society.

Those who dare to raise voices and express concern over these flagrant incidents are framed anti-nationals with arrest warrants issued witnessed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s latest action. Indian governments in power at any time displaying zero tolerance to constructive criticism and fair analysis is a serious blow to the idea of democracy. The heads of state at the national and regional level assume position of authority to the extreme undermining civil rights to question abuse of power in the absence of transparency and accountability.

Yet another political maneuver is using caste, minorities and disenfranchised segments as vote banks for political mileage. Both BJP and Congress along with their coalitions in different states continue to exploit these groups for political advantage ignoring the social and economic repercussions lasting generations among these population. The caste classifications as scheduled caste and scheduled tribe not excluding Dalits are maintained under the pretext of reservations or quota and preference only to polarize society. In return, drawing attention to such manipulation is rebutted as seditious accusing the fact presenter.

The trend has been exhausted and reached saturation with clashes erupting from other castes for not having equal opportunity to compete on meritocracy though the policy is deceptively dubbed inclusive. In fact, the contrast is evident with the Home Minister Raj Nath Singh in his latest press conference confirming caste census for citizens to specify their caste made mandatory and expected to be implemented by PM Modi government rather than moving towards abolishing caste system and placing all citizens and territories for due economic development increasing prospects for financial and social progress.

Indian electorate rejecting celebrity-oriented election rallies and candidacies together with objection to massive campaign funding from all sources without limits enabling political parties to buy votes from economically vulnerable voters are preliminary steps towards freeing the society from affluent dominance. Additionally, demanding political parties to adhere to democratic process holding primary election allowing people to choose Prime Minister candidates instead of imposing incumbent and opponent from either party as the only choice leaving the electorate at the national parties mercy is fundamental to free and fair election.

In terms of privileges and immunity on crimes, the celebrities, politicians and industrialists are entitled to tax evasions, embezzlement and various nefarious unscrupulous dealings not barring illegal arms trade, drug trafficking including elimination of anyone regarded an obstacle through contractual killings are not uncommon.

The politics owned media, press and communication outlets are inundated with propaganda to muzzle objective evaluation of the government policies and programs having negative impact on overwhelming majority in the country.  The freedom of speech is curtailed to a large extent with hardline approach exercised by all political parties to remain in power. The broadband access is also stifled to contain free flow of information even during state or national crisis related to government crackdown on citizens seeking solutions to problems arising from dereliction of public servants duty.

In the course of corruption scandals or major investigations involving government entities and their relatives in sensitive issues like drug and flesh trade as well as other matter, the investigating officials with incriminating evidence leading towards indictment are invariably transferred at the nick of time and alternatively they are compelled to quit job ending the probe there and then to shield members in politics, entertainment and other industry.

The political situation is toxic and deteriorating with Prime Minister Modi and administration exerting extra judicial power considering the blanket order on dissent and activism on human rights violations coded anti-nationalism. The other being embankment defending prevalent silent emergency rule to mute credible and legitimate opposition. The predecessor Congress were no different in their effort to quell opinion and smudge data on mountainous scandals that ousted them from power.

Not surprisingly, the independent organization Transparency International in Europe has categorized India nearly close to Somalia in corruption among the worst corrupt nations in the world.

These actions without a shadow of doubt endanger democracy and set precedence for mass subjugation. The tradition misinterpreting people’s mandate for governance to address relevant and significant issues confronting them and national interests diverted to empowerment of selective class in society would definitively lead to undesirable outcome.

Change must begin at the top to trickle down to bottom. Indian electorate have the right and power to enforce the long overdue evolution through ballot, the non-violent and peaceful means to bring about positive effect.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter