India – Democracy Under Siege

February 4, 2019

India – Democracy Under Siege

Padmini Arhant

India referred to as the world’s largest democracy is a myth with political system regardless of political parties coming to power have systematically exploited ordinary citizens in different segments using caste, religion and social economic background to assume and resume authority. In the course, they have depleted national treasury, scuttled social fabric that is representative of India as secular, plural and tolerant society. They continue to undermine basic rights with extreme measures using brute force to curb peaceful protests on anti-corruption, environment pollution, human rights violations against Indian citizens categorized as Dalits or backward caste, scheduled caste and tribes, Muslims and other marginalized demography in different states of the country.

The latest political fiasco involving CBI and West Bengal’s Kolkata police chief on chit fund scheme called Saradha scam leading to West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s dharna i.e. protest evolving into Mamata vs. Modi drama is election stunt on either side to demonstrate each other’s vows to constitution and anti-corruption respectively.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lot of explaining to do to the nation on various issues beginning with demonetization debacle that claimed many ordinary lives, farmers distress that exacerbated agrarian crisis resulting in more farmers suicide than earlier, the controversial Rafale deal favoring PM Narendra Modi’s key campaign donor Anil Ambani and his failed business, crackdown on different institutions from RBI, CBI to SCI  i.e. the Supreme Court of India hamstrung on issues such as Rafale and earlier vindication on widely known Godhra violence to name a few.

Those in power in New Delhi abusing CBI to protect their own members, political donors and business partners are routine regardless of whoever is in control in New Delhi. Similarly, them using CBI to settle political scores in the name of corruption investigation is also the tradition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expulsion of former CBI director Alok Verma to shield PM Modi’s critical ally and business interests that were on CBI radar cannot be ruled out in desperate actions from the incumbent administration.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hardline policy and intolerance were demonstrated during undemocratic arrests of environmentalists and human rights activists on false allegations denying them due process while defending and ensuring acquittal of RSS / BJP members actually behind and implicated in Bhima Koregaon violence in Pune besides mob lynching under the guise of Gai Raksha or cow protection wreaks communal divide and unnecessary tension in society.

Despite explosive tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his close coordinator and confidante Amit Shah in the past five years, PM Narendra Modi persona portrayed to the contrary to mislead and misguide electorate is an insult to human intelligence.

Democracy may be subjugated but cannot be permanently suppressed as the strategy inevitably implodes within political faction. The reaction is evident in the present political environment and severely damaged system with those responsible for law and order as lawmakers exemplifying lawlessness in the worst form and demeanor endanger democracy and sanctity of the constitution.

All the more reason to introduce a capable and reliable national political party to address myriad complexities that persists in India. The details in that regard to be presented in due course. The step by step instructions for disenchanted and violated Indian electorate willing to come forward pledging support with active participation to challenge status quo will be provided to lead the nation towards sensible and viable direction.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





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