Shaming the Shameless in the Espionage Gone Rogue

July 30, 2021

Shaming the Shameless in the Espionage Gone Rogue

Padmini Arhant

There are governments in the world who are openly dictatorial and authoritarian in style and governance. They make no bones about their political ideology making life paradoxically easier for their citizens in recognizing the head of the state, representation and oppressive system they are under with no expiry on terms and limits of power of such government. The citizens in such systems are well aware of the nature and characteristics of the leaderships, the censorship and even threat to their citizenship that are routine in autocratic government.

The problem lies with the so-called democracy in name only that is otherwise brutal authoritarian in manner and functionality. Anything in disguise compared to candid presentation epitomize deception, lies, deceit and gross misrepresentation. The former is more dangerous than the latter due to the proverbial dealing with the devil in the open is not difficult than the devil in disguise.

How governments engage in espionage is an open secret worldwide. The governments spying on foreign governments, entities, diplomats and myriad members from anywhere and everywhere is a culture. Then the other aspect is the government fixation with any particular individual or whomsoever they target as a fair game misusing the power and authority at their disposal. Although such engagement is criminal and unlawful in a real democracy, these activities nevertheless are carried out in the name of national security to falsely justify their actions against specific members they have on their radar 24/7 who are not a threat to national security but in fact perceived a major challenge to them and their criminality. They consider the arch enemy a fish bone in their throat.

The reason behind conspicuous insecurity among them despite being at the helm as Prime Minister or President and leader of the political party is they flourish on cronyism, corruption and criminality evading transparency and accountability that are exposed in the factual truthful incontrovertible enlightenment by the individual they regard arch nemesis.

Meanwhile they have no qualms in shamelessly riding on the rival’s back claiming proprietary rights on the ideas, hard work and exemplary performance as own in the outright plagiarism, content and identity theft in the contemporary era. Contrarily, the wannabes, opportunists and free loaders in politics, media  and entertainment industry are ever starved for power, fame and fortune they consider as their exclusive rights at others’ expense and exploitation.

Among them, the Bollywood sewage contaminants enthusiastically compromise themselves in any level as sellouts is widely known within and outside the circle. They also provide constant material with their personal involvement in drugs, sex, flesh trade, child pornography, extortions, arms trade, terrorism, black money hoarding, embezzlements, offshore havens and other despicable actions that are the norm.  The political cabal and their groveling media then subvert Bollywood and politics’ crimes and turn the tide against their one and only enemy in having the actual offenders mimic postures like namaste and victory gesture to associate the offense and criminal actions with their foe who is not even remotely linked in any shape or form. The criminal cut and paste shenanigan to malign their sworn enemy is directly from their international malefactors’ playbook that is judiciously followed by these crooks to appease them and satisfy own wanton conduct.

These controversies and scandals from political, entertainment, scammers in economic sector, media offenders are designed to generate hysteria with media frenzy and sound bites for hyped viewership.  Accordingly, the scandalous and promiscuous in all dimensions are the preferred choices for the domestic and international criminal cartel controlling politics, media and the gamut.

In any so-called democracy, the governments’ illegal indulgence transformed into peeping tom typically a scopophiliac with spying and snooping perversions predominantly and primarily for self and political interests, that leadership and government is an embarrassment to a nation and society. The ordinary tax payers money squandered in Pegasus aka Perversus spyware for government and the leaderships’ voyeurism could not be a sense of pride nor intelligentsia.

The previous Indian government under Congress party President Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi, then Home minister P.Chidambaram, former law minister Kapil Sibal…the key violators among others had their fair share of spying and propaganda machinery to deflect public attention from an avalanche of corruption scandals they were immersed during their terms in office overwhelming the nation.

In that course, they obliged the root of all evil clique based in London’s smear campaign abusing the 2012 Delhi rape victim’s traumatic tragedy and coining the name Nirbhaya meaning the fearless to enact me – their eternal adversary (Shatru) that has been liberally used by all political factions, Bollywood, media and public in their television shows and political discourse. Again, the original name of the 2012 Delhi rape victim deliberately withheld against the victim’s will and her family’s repeat requests to disclose her real name persistently declined by the previous Sonia Gandhi UPA government and the current PM Narendra Modi regimes in power.

Notwithstanding the public acceptance of such abuse in the so-called democracy clarifying willful discrimination and misogyny is hardly a concern for women’s rights group in India or the London funded amnesty international touted the leading human rights organization in the world.

The Congress Party under Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and their family in unison along with scandalous Home minister P.Chidambaram and law minister Kapil Sibal who was also the minister for Science & Technology and lastly minister for Communications and IT had widespread spying operation not even sparing own members in cabinet like the former finance minister and External Affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee, whose office was bugged by colleague P.Chidambaram with Congress Party Chief Sonia Gandhi’s knowledge.

That being the case, the wild rumor about me then was the Indian company manufactured and distributed Fair and Lovely facial cream that was projected as my flair for whiteness and anti-blackness… nonsensical dissections spread by the foreign political gestapo in 2010 – 2011.

The spark was then obediently ignited by Indian politics, the besmirching Bollywood and the so-called independent Delhi media NDTV – with the founder and CEO Prannoy Roy in the self-tasked street talks with youth via NDTV you tube video on the subject of Fair and Lovely cream in the nuanced caricature of me was the extreme propaganda. The stunts added to nothing more than a desperate strategy to evade accountability on outpouring corruption revelations against then Congress party UPA government brought to public focus in this site. Needless to say the irrefutable truth irked the corrupt and criminal political establishment. They hired the foreign loyalists and domestic political class sycophants in the media to run the sideshow on cosmetics in an effort to masquerade the massive corruption fraud in India at that time.

Nonetheless, the question in this context is the claim on anyone’s personal use of products even though it is none of their business, yet assumed their prerogative and spread far and wide without having the courage or integrity to reveal the source of such information in the first place is asinine.

How did they know about my personal choices of anything when I am shunned to anonymity and importantly in the absence of any paid, solicited or unsolicited commercials by me on such product and any consumer goods?

Should it not be the responsibility of any so-called independent investigative media proclaimed by NDTV founder Prannoy Roy to find the facts prior to collusion with foreign and domestic gestapo in the malicious intervention in other’s personal life?

During the United States administration headed by Nobel Peace Laureate and Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, the harassment went further via direct phone call from the offenders in the White House, phone tapping and ambush private home and family in sleazy fashion that unveiled perpetrators’ real personality in entirety. The culprits’ indecency flipped in snoop dog reference made in the crippled ogling media to scapegoat the victim only brought the malfeasants’ ugliness fair and square to seers and knowers of truth on earth and above.

The answer is plain and simple. Spying, snooping, prying, eavesdropping, overhearing individuals and family conversations otherwise undemocratic and unlawful fatal obsessions with other’s life through invasion of their private home not barring keeping tabs on resident’s attendance to nature calls and fabricating on items in the vanity cabinet of private home bathroom, regular commentary on their target’s attire, looks, physical body weight in gains or losses and in-house activities are cheap tactics and reprehensible qualities of those who admittedly have no life of their own becoming the corpse in living. These are dead people and ghosts haunting other’s home and life in perpetuity.

Ironically, these are the types declared elites, cultured, highly educated erudite, sophisticated and a modern society in their terms when they miserably fail to qualify as civilized humans to begin with. They are the classic insipid genus in essence submitting to behavior beneath human nature and value.

Now with the BJP government under Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, the duo as seasoned politicians risen to power with a track record in violence, rioting, blackmailing, bribing, election fraud…are few of many disturbing traits found appropriate partners with their global masters in London, Paris, Berlin, Washington D.C., Brussels, Moscow, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and worldwide honoring them with coveted civilian awards and pseudo accolades in the political charade.

PM Narendra Modi confronted with use of Israel’s spyware Pegasus modified into tool for perverse lewd involvements deploying politically connected youth springing nepotism as nephew of the Chief Minister of West Bengal and on BJP payroll recruiting other hooligans to openly comment in social media about the target being closely watched and monitored to minutiae recounting individual details, dressing and undressing before and after shower. The late night show host in the United States with explicit British accent describing on the target using bar soap or liquid soap in shower loosely and flamboyantly revealing their vulgar and crude sense of humor aptly define who they are and what kind of stock they belong to in the satanic club.

As for individuals of Bengali descent viz. NDTV founder and CEO Prannoy Roy’s in-depth analysis on facial cream typecast as prejudice on skin color that should have been presented to the manufacturers and company profiteering from it and not aimed at me. The impropriety is journalism in decay to impress upon those behind the insanity, the routine political diversion upon being caught with their feet on fire. Apparently for the same media proprietor Prannoy Roy promoting casteism especially Dalitism pronounced productions with self appearance reeking condescendence and divisiveness is not a problem ignoring hypocrisy ad nauseam.  These attributes among the wannabes by no means measure upper echelon category.  

Similarly, the West Bengal Chief Minister’s nephew falsely flaunting satire in social media while deeply entrenched in the Central and State ruling political class dirty politics and their unlawful intrusions in other’s private life is self-explanatory and self-deprecating at worst. There are the likes of Arnab Goswami, the cantankerous TV host sponsored by the BJP government and other interests groups to drive journalism to delirium. Obviously, it is not a blanket statement against the entire Bengali community as falsely asserted by communal hate instigator BJP and their stooge in social media.

Bengal has produced fine sons and daughters in different fields ranging from spiritualism, academia, arts and science, musicians, artisans, literature to entrepreneurship and above all saints and patriots like Sri Ramakrishna and his devoted spouse Saradha Ma, Swami Vivekananda, India’s true patriot Subash Chandra Bose, the freedom movement’s female voice Sarojini Naidu, the social and religious reformer Sri Ram Mohan Roy, literary luminary Rabindranath Tagore in the list of eminence who are unfortunately either forgotten or sidelined and replaced with unworthy and undeserving opportunists and demagogues cashing in on abrasive violations of others’ rights and partisan politics premised in polarization of society.

Israel’s NSO group technologies supplying Pegasus spyware to governments evidently not serving national or humanitarian interests. The governments using the spyware are disposed to misuse of the software in inappropriate and illegal surveillance of anyone presumed inconvenient rather than averting terror via terrorists and bio weapon leak from the science lab.

Interestingly, the governments procuring NSO spyware technology PEGASUS are not necessarily using the software in deterring terrorism or any domestic threat to safety and security of citizens and nation at large. The case in point is Pulwama attack in India across the Kashmir border in 2019 that could have saved Indian troops lives lost in the preventable terror assault had the technology been utilized at the hour of need. This is just one instance in the many episodes experienced near and far.

Israel proudly established as the home of holocaust victims and survivors of Nazi atrocities now enabling the revival of deplorable activities by dictatorial, fascist, authoritarian regimes emulating Nazi crimes against law abiding decent citizens, whistle blowers and caring compassionate humanitarians is enigmatic in the profit oriented goals.

There has been series of terror attacks on Indian soil as it has been in different parts of the world since the onset of the twenty first century when every one of them was stoppable with plethora of innovative technology and resources available to governments besides intelligence networks worldwide.  Regardless, the terrorists were given the benefit and undue advantage in the so-called war on terror on governments’ watch and authority. 

Likewise the latest heinous crime against humanity unleashed in COVID-19 bio weapon consuming lives and confusing people world over in the rapidly changing pattern of the pandemic and protocol bear no legal, ethical, political, economic, social or moral consequences for those behind funding and conducting contentious Gain of Function research science experiments at the extraordinary cost of precious lives and excruciating human plight.

The world is expected to accept the unacceptable and abominable absurdity in anything and everything including espionage gone rogue as the new normal – the phrase emerging from the pandemic induced lifestyle.

Nothing stated in the article are without undeniable proof and corroboration.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

United States – COVID-19 Status

July 21, 2021

United States – COVID-19 Status

Padmini Arhant

Why are the democrats in the United States representing the ruling party not raising any questions on the COVID-19 ORIGIN that has evolved into the world’s humungous health, economic and humanitarian catastrophe in the history of mankind?

The power in possession of those not exercised in the critical moment deserving answers to valid questions on COVID-19 origin related to horrific scientific misadventure – Gain of function research led bioengineering of the SARS-COV2 from Wuhan Virology Institute of China is neglect of constitutional duty to the nation and citizens nationwide. The millions of lives lost and affected in the pandemic not regarded relevant and important is a true revelation on political priority. 

The democrat base and electorate too would have unequivocally experienced the devastating impact of COVID-19 without exception. That being the case, the democrat leaderships and representatives’ abstinence in the ongoing congressional hearing on COVID-19 origin and inquiry is troubling for a political party positioned as democratic but not necessarily prepared to exemplify the role in action. The democrats’ lack of participation in the COVID-19 origin investigation for the sake of own democrat voters although every elected member are obligatory to represent the nation and humanity at large on this unique health, economic and humanitarian crises confronting global society in the present time is a misguided option.

The governing political party i.e. the democrats’ decision to evade responsibility in this regard do not reflect well in political terms or humanitarian value. The democrat voters’ attention on COVID-19 inquiry not being taken seriously by their political party is a clarion call to seek explanations from their party and representatives in the House, Senate and the White House. 

President Joe Biden has indicated that the  pandemic is prevalent and rising among the unvaccinated citing they are responsible for the spikes in COVID-19 statistics.

The White House has also accused social media apparent disinformation on vaccine being the reason for significant population not being vaccinated in the United States declining government advise on vaccination. 

The day those in power and position of authority claiming to have people’s mandate and political capital accept responsibility for their actions and decisions on any and all issues that are proved counterproductive, that day would be the dawn of clean and honorable governance in politics for any nation.

Unfortunately, that might never happen and anyone attempting in that respect may never be in power as witnessed in the past and present.

In politics –  trust, honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability are regarded inconvenient. Those who choose such principles are invariably isolated as the thorn on the side and a major obstacle. They are consistently threatened with their life and relentless personal assaults waging a psychological warfare against them. 

This is the standard practice experienced by those daring to challenge the status quo. 

As for the Biden administration complaints on vaccine and latest trend in COVID-19, the truth and facts on current corona virus positive cases, mortalities from COVID-19, vaccinated population data, vaccine related deaths and serious health issues post vaccination are critical that are yet to qualify as credible data and statistics given the variations and omissions in facts and figures up until now. 

The vaccine associated adverse side effects and health issues reported on different vaccines are real and cannot be denied despite them being slighted as random experience. The parents who lost their 13-year-old son in Michigan subsequent to Pfizer second dose are still waiting on the proper explanation for the death of their otherwise active healthy child with no underlying medical conditions. The symptoms in this 13 year old child’s tragic death is suspected as myocarditis. 

The myocarditis from Pfizer second dose to which I can personally account for given my youngest son – age 24 confirmed with me on chest tightness and discomfort experienced after his second Pfizer shot that fortunately dissipated well over 24 hours or so. Nonetheless, the uneasiness felt by him was a serious concern to me as a parent. 

Then the neurological disorder reported from Jansen vaccine by Johnson & Johnson was actually FDA published information and not any misinformation from social media as purported by the White House under President Joe Biden.

The alleged anti-vaccine campaign behind COVID-19 escalation is a far fetched theory. Any true believer and practitioner in individual freedom, civil liberty and basic rights would demonstrate with own family prior to extending to others anywhere. That’s the case in my family as I have not influenced or intervened in my adult children decision to vaccinate themselves respecting their rights to exercise own discretion on their health. 

However, for any outsider based on political judgment to accuse anyone for problems created by the accusers who are unwilling to acknowledge responsibility in the failures of their policy is nothing more than scapegoating those whom they regard an easy and fair target.

To cut to the chase, it is incumbent upon the current administration to admit their egregious policies on immigration – the illegal influx of population from Central America and across the Mexican border overwhelming the southern borders in the United States is the primary contributor of many unwanted crises.

Among them, the contagion effects of COVID-19 propagated by the administration and their agencies is directly linked with the thousands of untested new arrivals from the regions flowing into United States subjecting them and local population in the United States at high risk and transmission for COVID-19.

The open invitation from the administration heads using the Twitter social media offering political asylum to citizens in developing nations in Central and other parts of Latin America that turned out to be more than half of the global regions is the fundamental cause of the present COVID-19 escalation. 

Accordingly, thousands of immigrants without legal documents landing at the southern borders in the United States is a major factor behind health, economic and political quagmire. 

It’s time for the leadership and others in the White House to recognize the inherent flaws in the illegal immigration policy promoted for political reasons that are hurting the nation and Americans in many dimensions besides exacerbating COVID-19 debate. 

When the current administration is emphasizing on the root cause of the illegal immigrants exodus, they need to begin with them going back to the Barack Obama – Joe Biden administration under then U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder run Fast and Furious program supplying arms and ammunitions to dangerous drug cartels in Mexico shared with other groups in Colombia to apparently trace the lead that went wry.

The outcome of this failed mission was the drug cartels outgunned the state authorities in possession of artilleries and lethal weapons in these states – Mexico and Colombia etc. that led to terrorizing, killing, raping and maiming domestic residents in these states forcing them to flee the territories heading towards the United States.

These flagrant actions originating from them under their administrations in the past by Barack Obama – Joe Biden and former Attorney General and DOJ Eric Holder and now with President Joe Biden and VP Kamala  Emhoff Harris outpouring support to unlawful entry from anywhere and all over is the vortex behind COVID-19 and myriad national predicaments deserving immediate resolutions. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 

COVID-19 – SARS COV2 Origin

July 20, 2021

COVID-19 – SARS COV2 Origin

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Visual Content Video  – Public Domain. Thank you.

The Senate hearing on COVID-19 – SARS COV2 Origin is underway although the TRUTH may never be acknowledged by those involved in the SARS corona virus experiments long carried out since 2001 – 2002 until the virus leak from the Wuhan Virology Institute of China. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci as the Director of National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) under National Institutes of Health (NIH) commanding the position to allocate and direct funding towards scientific research notably in the United States federal government suspended controversial Gain of Function Research (GOFR) – the source for the global health disaster.

The GOFR is identified within eminent scientific community as a major bio risk in terms of bio-safety and security even in B4 settings as experienced in anthrax leaks from the lab in the United States.

In view of these realities, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s decision to continue GOFR on SARS COV2 in foreign lab in Wuhan, China despite Beijing’s record on transparency and accountability is beyond comprehension.

Accordingly, Dr. Anthony Fauci as NIAID director under NIH authorizing funding bear  responsibility to explain the reasons behind funding the dangerous GOFR – the SARS COV2 in particular, to the committee, the American citizens and humanity at large.

As victims of the global pandemic, the American citizens and population worldwide forced to pay a price with their precious lives and devastating impact on livelihoods from the pandemic induced economic collapse. Every citizen affected in the pandemic deserves honest response from all these members in the United States and overseas for their direct and indirect indulgence.

The pioneer of Corona Virus in Gain of Function Research – Professor Ralph Steven Baric from the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, NC.

Dr. Peter Daszak – EcoHealth Alliance – the conduit between Dr. Anthony Fauci headed NIAID and NIH in funding the bioengineered SARS COV2 in Wuhan Virology Institute, China. 

Dr. Shi Zhengli – the Wuhan lab virologist and co-researcher with Professor Ralph Steven Baric of UNC specializing in corona virus with NIH and other private investors viz. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding as verified in the Fauci – COVID 19 DOSSIER by Dr. David E. Martin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for withholding information on the outbreak in Wuhan, China at Beijing’s behest.

Bill and Melinda Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation investing in the corona virus SARS-COV2 experiments in Wuhan Virology Institute of China and patent rights on vaccines ahead of the pandemic’s ravage world over.

The public health officials and medical professionals in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s network collusion ascertained in emails made public recently are incontrovertible evidence.

The flip side of the saga with the contentious Gain of Function Research (GOFR) aided by NIH and private investors funding is noteworthy.

If the GOFR were to deliver results in the form of a revolutionizing elixir in modern science guaranteed with immortality contrary to the global pandemic consuming lives, the members mentioned above currently remaining in the shadow would be in the forefront claiming credit and glory leading to coveted Nobel Prize in medicine.

There would be omissions and commissions of names and institutes behind the extraordinary marvel in science with repetition on the news by the media monopoly presently complaining indigestion over the topic of COVID-19 origin fact finding that are visibly inconvenient to them.  

Never mind the fatigue caused by them in their relentless buffoonery with fake news and fraudulence having become the norm besides serving as the laughing stock shying away from own shenanigans. 

When anything fails and proved abysmal in the exotic adventures and experiments, the courage and integrity to accept responsibility is ominously missing that are least surprising.

Nonetheless, the millions of lives prematurely lost in the global pandemic with several millions placed in the irreversible health and economic chaos are not a laughing matter.

The unwillingness to shed light on the heinous crime against humanity without a shadow of doubt burden the soul of those in living and upon demise that are inescapable. 

The judgment on deeds is experienced from within. The inner conscience as the sole witness to all actions in life weigh heavily on the truth evaders and offenders leaving them the eternal prisoners of guilt in life and thereafter.

One can perhaps run away from anything but not from oneself and the sins committed in lifetime. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Globalists – The Billionaire Charm or Chasm

July 18, 2021

Globalists – The Billionaire Charm or Chasm

Padmini Arhant

The billionaire club – what anyone does with their personal wealth in their private life is entirely individual discretion. Again, the same principle is not extended to all by the global elitists having assumed power as entitlement to enroll or expel whom ever they prefer or reject in society. The idea of free speech in the present time is transformed into a privilege. The social media they overwhelmingly own and control albeit due to ordinary citizens engagement in these social platforms as users and consumers are conveniently forgotten forbidding citizens from the public domain for not conforming to their political ideology and faction they represent in the government.

The global elites reserve the rights to be discreet and hold secret meetings as secret society to discuss and strategize on global affairs directly affecting every man, woman, child, their dog and livestock in any situation. However, the content and minutes of the meetings are ever held secret barring public and real independent investigative press knowledge on the matter.

Ironically, they criticize their arch nemesis as recluse for living a normal life and importantly they are irked with their enemy for unwilling to bow taking marching orders from them in reminiscence of enslavement of those they regard not worthy of any respect. The proverbial old habits die hard is prevalent in the indignation of anyone who do not agree with them and roll over in the swamp that are expected and carried out by the servile appointees to the position remaining a front for the secret society and the deep state.

The space travel is a new fad among the latest billionaires who have otherwise declared bankruptcy laying off more than 3250 employees citing global pandemic for massive termination and even sought governments’ assistance at average tax payers expense despite the latter hit beyond revival. The wealth at their disposal is apparently well spent on extravagant pleasure trip to the galaxy that were otherwise not available to retain the heavily hurt ordinary workers in the worst crisis. The other billionaires on their part justify their stance on pushing merchant fees $7.50 in credit card payments on solar energy to struggling home owners saving the costs from it for their space journey. There are others in the billionaire league whose employees share their grievances on poor working conditions such as long hours with less pay and no incentives on hard labor of thousands of workers contributing to the billionaires’ success story.

Then there are billionaires entrenched in defining and regulating human genome, lifestyle and mind via investments in scientific experiments and altering seeds germination targeting staple diet of mankind and livestock hormone injection…regarded innovative ignoring cataclysmic ramifications experienced right now.

These are serious side effects of excess wealth granted power evolving into control over global society. When billionaires expand their role from the designated industry and field to running governments, public policies and elections, the metamorphosis is the last straw for global awakening. The monopoly in the relevant sector to a large extent marred with violation of anti-trust laws is the norm. The trend endangering the market economy healthy competition that instantly impact end consumers is slighted for unrealistic profits.

The billionaires decisions to operate and manufacture goods and services from nations that are against democracy, individual freedom and human rights bear responsibility for human suffering across the globe. These companies actions in this regard solely to enhance earnings per share (EPS) in shareholders’ interests have drastically diminished any hope for the political dissidents, human rights activists and environmentalists in their respective cause.

The tech oligarchs viz. Facebook, Twitter, Google and Google owned You Tube have overgrown in size and seismic activities curtailing free speech and free and fair elections that are the foundations of a functional democracy. These tech giants have arbitrarily taken upon them the status as the gatekeepers in the social media platform censoring voices and comments that are considered anti-globalists i.e. the deep state run and manned system.

The consumers and users have the power to turn the wheels around having enabled the meteoric rise of these tech powers in social media. The average consumers presence and subscriptions are the result of the phenomenal power gained by social media tech oligarchs now biting the hands of the citizens feeding the tech social media growth. Anything out of control demonstrated in policy and management are to be contained in protection of basic rights and civil liberty.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




United States – Critical Race Theory (CRT)

July 16, 2021

United States – Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Padmini Arhant

Who is behind the controversial critical race theory?

In 2020Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa (supposedly Anti-Fascism) were unleashed in major cities of the United States wreaking havoc with deaths and destruction of lives and livelihoods, torching and burning private and public properties nationwide without any legal implications whatsoever to those behind the unruly mob conduct embarrassing the nation and society at large.

The BLM i.e. BSM (B.S. Movement) together with Antifa proved themselves the progeny of Fascism and feudalism running the gamut in the global stage.

Not to mention, the destructive forces and their agents ever committed to deception, deceit and devious agenda propagate via crony broadcasting networks in social media, the information lifted from ethical and credible entity and domain to malign the source inviting self-inflicting irreversible damage.

Once again, these egregious indulgences clearly distinguish the fake and fraudulent from the original.

In 2021 – the critical race theory is promoted to stir reactions and controversy on the race subject. Unfortunately, the promoters expectations to season and fry the race related ingredients are working as they continue to pit people against each another in some form or another.

Notwithstanding the transgender mania having become the obsessive compulsive disorder affecting the identity politics peddlers, the classic ignoramus surrendered to own folly and personal identity crisis.

The critical race theory is debated as contentious due to the projection of a race and in this instance casting the White population, the oppressor in history.

Needless to say in any situation of abuse, violence and violations, the victimizer and the victims i.e. the oppressors and the oppressed are well aware of the truth and facts without any interpretation or revision of history.

It is important to highlight that those who are crying foul to critical race theory today are nowhere to be seen in the relentless assault on other races, religions, cultures and civilizations that are continuously mocked, ridiculed and denigrated not only in school textbooks but also in every available medium since time immemorial.

In this regard, Hollywood and the so-called authors in literary society have taken the liberty for granted and left others far behind in stereotyping anything and anyone they have targeted a fair game entirely for pecuniary interests. The prejudice playing a role cannot be ruled out in such behavior.

The customs and traditions of race other than their own often described and portrayed as barbaric, primitive and backward in every possible channel and outlet thus far are irrefutable. It always hurts upon own experience of incidents and events that are not necessarily reflected in others pain and suffering. Perhaps that is human nature.

Let it not be forgotten, the divide and conquer strategy is the premise to rein control and dominance throughout imperialistic and colonial supremacy.

There could be no denial in the fact that racial superiority and hierarchy is the norm and prevalent more so today than even before. Any belief to the contrary is superficial and farcical.

The proof is in the cancel culture – the epitome of intolerance to alternative views and contribution.

The concerted efforts and actions in silencing genuine voice with anonymity while ambush the individual life invading home, privacy and identity appropriating to whom so ever they deem suitable fitting their contaminated mindset is regarded their prerogative. None of these despicable engagements on their part are considered shameful or criminal by them.

Otherwise the groups like White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi gatherings in  Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 would not serve as political tool for those in favor or against race orientation. Likewise the black lives matter, antifa and alike would not be the catalysts for chaos and mayhem even though the outcome serve none including them and those behind these organizations except them deriving bizarre satisfaction from ruinous participation.

Above all, the superiority complex has transcended from race to elitism typically narcissism and nepotism blending the racial mix of similar concoctions on social economic status based on fame, fortune and power in global society.

The billionaire club, celebrity clique, academia flaunting A-Z titles after their name as intellectualism, political circle as world leaders and self-proclaimed statesmanship, media organizations and press touted as power brokers in exaggeration or embellishing records of anyone and anything to boost ratings.

Last but not the least, the religious God men and women especially the former in the costume with flowing robe sweeping the floor they walk on and the long beard competing with their robe in touching the ground is quite a sight to see them performing to the script in the mega theatrics currently representing the so-called global elitism – the contra euphemism for narcissism in the contemporary era.

The world is a circus under the purview of those lost in their lofty ambitions and delirious goals. They struggle and stumble revealing their cluelessness amid the house of cards crumbling on them.

The billionaire club – what anyone does with their personal wealth in their private life is entirely individual discretion. Again, the same principle is not extended to all by the global elitists having assumed the power as entitlement to enroll or expel whom ever they prefer or reject in society. The idea of free speech in the present time is transformed into a privilege. The social media they overwhelmingly own and control albeit due to ordinary citizens engagement in these social platforms as users and consumers are conveniently forgotten forbidding citizens from the public domain for not conforming to their political ideology and faction they represent in the government.

The global elites reserve the rights to be discreet and hold secret meetings as secret society to discuss and strategize on global affairs directly affecting every man, woman, child, their dog and livestock in any situation. However, the content and minutes of the meetings are ever held secret barring public and real independent investigative press knowledge on the matter.

Ironically, they criticize their arch nemesis as recluse for living a normal life and importantly they are irked with their enemy for unwilling to bow taking marching orders from them in reminiscence of enslavement of those they regard not worthy of any respect. The proverbial old habits die hard is prevalent in the indignation of anyone who do not agree with them and roll over in the swamp that are expected and carried out by the servile appointees to the position remaining a front for the secret society and the deep state.

The space travel is a new fad among the latest billionaires who have otherwise declared bankruptcy laying off more than 3250 employees citing global pandemic for massive termination and even sought governments’ assistance at average tax payers expense despite the latter already hit beyond revival. The wealth at their disposal apparently is well spent on extravagant pleasure trip to the galaxy that were otherwise not available to retain the heavily hurt ordinary workers in the worst crisis. The other billionaires on their part justify their stance on pushing merchant fees $7.50 in credit card payments on solar energy to struggling home owners saving the costs from it for their space journey. There are others in the billionaire league whose employees share their grievances on poor working conditions such as long hours with less pay and no incentives on hard labor of thousands of workers contributing to the billionaires’ success story.

Then there are billionaires entrenched in defining and regulating human genome, lifestyle and mind via investments in scientific experiments and altering seeds germination targeting staple diet of mankind and livestock hormone injection…regarded innovative ignoring cataclysmic ramifications experienced right now.

The topic is continued under separate titles highlighting the quandary confronting humanity today.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 

Global Affairs

July 12, 2021

Global Affairs

Padmini Arhant 

Hello World!

The House Republicans Hearing on COVID19 is welcome. The American families and global citizens as victims of the pandemic rightfully deserve the committee inviting the key members and exponents of the Gain of Function Research (GOFR) viz. 

The pioneer of Corona Virus in Gain of Function Research – Professor Ralph Steven Baric from the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill, NC and 

Dr. Peter Daszak – EcoHealth Alliance – the conduit between Dr. Anthony Fauci headed NIAID and NIH in funding the bioengineered SARS COV2 in Wuhan Virology Institute, China. 

Thank you.

Sources of the Visual Content – Public Domain – Thank you.

There are events happening worldwide amid the pandemic unleashed on humanity via bioengineered corona virus SARS COV2 in the bizarre and controversial Gain of Function Research (GOFR) having consumed more than half a million lives in the United States and several millions across the globe.

Yet the Congressional hearing on this critical subject COVID 19 SARS COV2 origin and misrepresentation thereafter intended and implemented for pervasive impact world over is apparently not relevant to the majority in the House of United States Congress.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the so-called progressives led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib among several others in the democrat party along with their counterparts on the other side of the aisle – certain Republican members in name only (RINO) such as Liz Cheney and few others visibly vocal in branding American citizens seeking truth on all matter – domestic terrorists, 

While turning their backs on the constituents and electorate – the American families who have lost their loved ones and paying a phenomenal price on the pandemic induced health and economic crises is unfortunate. These representatives in Congress ignoring the COVID-19 transparent congressional inquest is deeply regrettable and reprehensible.

As stated earlier on this website in previous articles regarding the COVID-19 open investigation, those members with power claiming to represent the people i.e. their constituents and the nation at large choosing to remain oblivious with resistance to COVID-19 public trial are essentially committing heinous crime against humanity.  Notwithstanding treason in politicizing COVID-19 by declining bipartisan congressional inquiry and simultaneous enforcement of mandatory vaccination through private sectors is one of many serious violations of electorate trust.

Not to mention the vaccine maelstrom producing myocarditis to neurological disorders posing a major conundrum for FDA in the vaccine campaign with more vaccines in the form of boosters to be rolled out by Pfizer as big Pharma in the industry is significant to be neglected as conspiracy theory.

COVID-19 – SARS COV2 has left indelible mark in human health history and global economic collapse affecting millions of lives across the globe. The pandemic effect has been far more debilitating than any nuclear attack that would have been generally specific to territory unlike the world wide catastrophe inflicted by the manufactured virus. Again in the contemporary era, the nuclear position could no longer be frivolous without retaliation in similar or other conventional and technological response. The bio-engineered virus continues to cause mayhem disrupting human life and activities in the end game aimed at mega profits and global agenda.

Every freedom loving individual caring about their health and that of their loved ones are obligatory to seek fact finding hearing by the government as legislative body at the federal, state and local jurisdictions to get to the bottom of the pandemic adequately and accurately detailed in the COVID 19 dossier.


Haiti – The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse

”The news reports worldwide – On Wednesday, 7th July 2021 – the Haitian President, Jovenel Moïse, was shot and killed at his private residence in the hills above the capital, Port-au-Prince.”

Why is Haiti the hot bed for political assassinations and coup d’é·tat regardless of administrations in the United States forcing the Haitian population to survive on mud cakes in the aftermath of relentless external interventions in the country ruined and recked for commercial and political gains by forces submitted to traditional foreign interference?

Interestingly, the state of Florida having been subject to the recent condominium collapse with many lives lost in the tragic incident and now two residents reportedly Haitian Americans from the southern state are linked along with several other suspects from Colombia in the political crime of a foreign nation viz. Haiti.


Afghanistan – U.S. Troops Withdrawal and Aftermath Succession.

The long awaited incremental troops pull out from Afghanistan battle ground is an event that should have occurred soon after the outcome was clear in the first decade of the twenty first century i.e. 2010 and prior. Nonetheless, the belated decision is better late than never having lost more than trillion American tax payers dollars in the two decades since invasion and occupation of the foreign land in October 2001.

However, the present scenario leaving behind arms and ammunitions in the course of U.S. troops evacuation for Taliban and drug war lords possession raise poignant question on the situation. Furthermore, the vested interests manifestations in the mineral rich Afghanistan from neighbors near and far for targeted reasons thus far proved economically counterproductive. Afghanistan history is testament to the fact on illegal invasion by past imperialists and colonialists ranging from the British to the former Soviet Union and lately the United States forced into withdrawal and subsequent crumbling of the empire. The fall of British Imperialism to disintegration and dissolution of the former Soviet Union are not mythical events to be slighted in historical reference.

As for the emerging economic and contentious power, the communist party of China (CCP) succession in Afghanistan utilizing economic debtor Pakistan to deepen violence, terrorism and fundamentalism ripe with the latter’s alliance and strong foothold in the unmanned region of Pakistan’s tribal areas in Waziristan and Durand line sharing border with Afghanistan long known as Al Qaeda operatives and radical factions of Taliban insurgents’ safe haven, China’s strategy might not deliver outcome different from imperial predecessors i.e. former occupiers experience in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s courtship with violent groups within and across Afghanistan border in the supply and exchange of firearms and weaponry is common knowledge. Meanwhile, the Indian government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Indo-Afghan policy comprising billions of dollars investment in Kabul not only resulted in severe backlash evident in attacks on Indian embassy and violence against Indian assets but also impetus China to curtail Indian political and economic relations with Afghan government. The developments and economic relations between India and Afghanistan are yet to produce any verifiable win win environment.

There is no shadow of doubt, the ever ambitious CCP – China’s communist party economic investments in infrastructure and financial bailouts of developing and developed economies promote hegemonic aspirations besides creating generational indebtedness and undermined sovereignty that are not necessarily beneficial to the benefactor CCP or the make-believe beneficiary viz. China’s monetary aid recipients. The choices are also not widely available considering the central banks authorities in London such as the Bank of England, the global monetary institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank, European Commission and other key financial players are partners with China’s central bank referred to as People’s Bank of China (PBOC) currently engaged in the balancing act of local currency Yuan management and forex rates aimed at upgrading Yuan as an alternative international floating denomination directly competing with the U.S. dollar.

Perhaps the real richest and wealthiest globalists driving the entire gamut viz. the Rothschilds in London, the Du Pont family, the Rockefeller, the Vanderbilt, the Waltons to name a few… along side the self-proclaimed Royals in Britain and Europe as incognito trillionaires could shed light on hedging financial markets to suit core individual and selective wealthy goals. 

Finally, Afghanistan is anything but conducive to foreign dominance invariably leading to expulsion of foreign interests from Afghan soil. Additionally, the lesson taught in Afghanistan illegal invasion and occupation is not to hold the misconception on Afghanistan as a failed state. Those who venture into Afghanistan with the misguided belief of reining control inevitably fall into the category of Failed Mission.

It is anybody’s guess to assume the established consequence as a blessing for the Afghans and a curse for the invaders unwilling to recognize the cost benefit ratio of wanton endeavors.

With Best Wishes to People in Afghanistan and Haiti in their struggle for freedom, peace and progress, the reminder to the powerful is not to exert power as governments or tech giants in social media silencing free speech, truth and individual rights anywhere.

Unlike the system in the world, in God’s Kingdom justice might be delayed but never denied. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


July 2, 2021


Padmini Arhant

The corona virus appears to have at least two dimensions if not many in experience and expression. One aspect is the corona virus maintained as the deadly contagious pathogen with the emergence of new variants from mutation. Hence, vaccine campaign remains the priority for the government and majority in the United States Congress.

At the same time, on the issue of corona virus origin, pathway and cause leading to the global pandemic consuming millions of lives necessitating vaccination in the apparent preventive care barely caught attention among the same lawmakers and members having benefited from the pandemic in the 2020 Presidential election.

The corona virus manufacturing, engineering and unleashing on humanity from the Wuhan lab, China with NIH and other private investors funding in the United States and WHO oversight not attracting the United States Congress and government focus especially in the wake of incontrovertible evidence on the lab leaked virus is a matter of grave concern.

The absence of any desire or interest to participate and conduct thorough Congressional hearing and investigation is quite revealing on the political members and factions apathy for ordinary lives and Americans safety and security.

The inaction discarding the heinous crime against humanity is clearly indicative of the importance or the lack thereof for United States as well as global citizens lives lost in the calculated pre-meditated scientific experiment willfully ignoring disproportionate risks affecting millions of lives in the process.

Juxtaposed, the United States Congress and federal authorities pursuits of January 6th Capitol Hill incident with many reportedly held in custody without bail or legal representation along side other legal proceedings on the alleged tax evasion by private Trump organization remain the critical tasks on taxpayer dollars.

Neglecting the corona virus origin inquiry by democrat majority Congress and administration is a serious human rights violation.

As a result of the partisan approach to probe criminality aimed at the determination of lawmakers lives in the Capitol Hill scene as indispensable compared to ordinary lives lost in COVID-19 simply insignificant highlight political reality.

The collusion to protect those responsible for  en masse mortalities and immense health as well as economic suffering of not only Americans but entire humanity in the COVID 19 pandemic disaster proves the anti-people i.e. anti-republic and anti-humanity power brokers lifeline hanging in balance requiring them to cover up the unraveling COVID-19 truthful facts that are no longer concealable. 

As stated earlier, those unwilling to honor the lives lost in COVID-19 by declining to investigate the crime are declaring their position against humanity.

The global voice epitomizing universal consensus urging governments and United Nations as an international body to examine the evidences and dossier on COVID-19 is an obligation to millions of lives lost in the reckless and dangerous biological adventure.

Citizens from across the globe rising to the occasion in seeking open transparent public scrutiny of COVID-19 source and details made available now in the global domain is paramount sending a clear message that –


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

COVID-19 – Manufacture and Engineering Science

June 23, 2021

COVID-19 – Manufacture and Engineering Science 

Padmini Arhant 

Who controls whom? 

Is Science controlling politics or vice versa?

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for disease control in the United States issue warning on the delta variant in the latest pandemic update. The delta variant identified in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India in late April 2021 claimed to be deadlier than COVID-19 originating from Wuhan, China. 

In view of changing developments since the pandemic outbreak, it is important to reflect on guidance or the lack thereof from different authorities leading to status quo. 

The timeline presents huge credibility factor on the pandemic details and handling of the COVID-19 from the beginning until now. 

In January 2020, WHO in agreement with Beijing denied the virus transmission between humans and added there were absolutely no risks in international travel. This information was proved wrong with virus rapid impact and staggering mortalities prompting national and global lock down on March 22nd, 2020. 

The private entity in the United States –  the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines at the pandemic onset until today caused more confusion than clarity. 

The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) at the National Institute of Health (NIH) headed by the Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, the prominent advocate and funding specialist in Gain of Function research is facing own credibility issue with NIH funding the corona virus in Wuhan lab conducting experiments on SARS- Corona virus back in 2003 until 2018.

The CDC and NIAID led by Anthony Fauci entered into trade among States (including, but not limited to working … 2015. Moderna signs a vaccine development agreement with NIAID and executes it with the lead on these according to The Fauci -COVID 19 Dossier’ presented below. 

The Reuters news on May 26, 2020Fauci says that Moderna’s vaccine candidate “would take about one year to 18 months if we were successful in … The Phase I will directly go into Phase II-III in late spring and early summer.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s trajectory predominantly favoring the controversial Gain of Function research with NIH funding on corona virus experiments in Wuhan lab, China span over a decade and longer.

The details of Dr. Anthony Fauci and University of North Carolina Professor Ralph Steven Baric involvement in Gain of Function research especially in infectious SARS corona virus is elaborated in ‘The Fauci – COVID-19 Dossier” created by Dr. David E. Martin referenced separately below this article for public knowledge, awareness and necessary actions.

University of North Carolina Professor Ralph Steven Baric collaboration with Dr. Shi Zhengli in Wuhan lab is corroborated in public data and extensively discussed in Dr. David E. Martin’s Dossier on Dr. Anthony Fauci and UNC Professor Ralph Steven Baric among several others not barring Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson…to name a few.

The abstract on Science and Engineering ethics in 2016 clarify Gain-of-function (GOF) research involves experimentation that aims or is expected to (and/or, perhaps, actually does) increase the transmissibility and/or virulence of pathogens. The GOFR is further stated to pose risks on bio safety and bio security. 

The advance notice from Wuhan lab Virologist Dr. Shi Zhengli back in 2015 on the possibility of global pandemic from a deadly contagious virus citing bats associated virus arouse valid questions on whether Dr. Shi Zhengli’s prediction was a premonition or a precaution based on the corona virus experiments long underway in Wuhan lab with United States NIH funding. The Gates Foundation by Bill and Melinda Gates investment to a tune of $200 -$250 million in Gain of Function experiments slighting serious repercussions highlight commercial vantage for investors with paradoxical reflection on philanthropy.

University of North Carolina Professor Ralph Steven Baric, Dr. Shi Zhengli and Gain of Function Research Investors Bill and Melinda Gates besides Dr. Anthony Fauci’s vigorous campaign and funding in Gain of Function Research – the corona viruses in Wuhan lab in particular emphasize the network connection among them. Additionally the simultaneous and synchronized alerts in 2015 from all these individuals echoing concern while engaged in the experiment process with funding and promoting GOFR in infectious SARS Corona virus rather than abandoning the experimental course is intriguing.

The coordination within members in elite scientific community, the communist party in China, the United States and Europe funded Wuhan lab in China and above all the massive cover up in the entire COVID 19 health, economic and humanitarian disaster surpass coincidence.

The earlier snippets sounding off alarm on the global pandemic in the near future that too in the year 2015 in a well organized manner might not have then attracted much attention or importance in the public domain. However, the global pandemic becoming a reality in late 2019 in Wuhan, China and soon spread across the globe in January 2020 is a world wide experience. Not to mention the fatalities in millions and still counting having become the norm and way of life.

The scientific wild adventure experimenting and engineering virus to test contagion effects in humans is evidently anything but altruistic in nature related to highly infectious SARS Corona Virus with little or no importance to ethical efficacy. The reckless indulgence against human conscience among those behind COVID 19 biological weapon ignoring horrendous costs on lives, livelihoods and freedom is too big to suppress as a freaking accident from the lab which again is criminal negligence in any context.

The humanity deserves justice with accountability holding none above law. As stated earlier, in COVID 19 – Investigation article on this website, any reluctance and political truancy, expediency or abstinence to prioritize this health, economic and humanitarian crises in holding all those responsible would be a violent treason against every nation and humanity at large.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 



The following information is for public knowledge and citizens actions in seeking accountability on COVID-19 inflicted human pain, suffering and irreversible losses in lives, livelihood and disintegration of human status. 


The document below and the information provided within is presented in accordance with the original source provider’s approval for public sharing to benefit humanity and humanitarian cause. Thank you.


THE FAUCI – COVID 19 Dossier

This document is prepared for humanity by Dr. David E. Martin. – Thank you.

This work was supported, in part, by a fund-raising effort in which approximately 330 persons contributed funds in support of the New Earth technology team and Urban Global Health Alliance. It is released under a Creative Commons license CCBY-NC-SA. Any derivative use of this dossier must be made public for the benefit of others. All documents, references and disclosures contained herein are subject to an AS-IS representation. The author does not bear responsibility for errors in the public record or references therein. Throughout this document, uses of terms commonly accepted in medical and scientific literature do not imply acceptance or rejection of the dogma that they represent.


Over the past two decades, my company – M·CAM – has been monitoring possible violations of the 1925 Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous, or other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare (the Geneva Protocol) 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction (the BTWC). In our 2003-2004 Global Technology Assessment: Vector Weaponization M·CAM highlighted China’s growing involvement in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology with respect to joining the world stage in chimeric construction of viral vectors. Since that time, on a weekly basis, we have monitored the development of research and commercial efforts in this field, including, but not limited to, the research synergies forming between the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), Harvard University, Emory University, Vanderbilt University, Tsinghua University, University of Pennsylvania, many other research institutions, and their commercial affiliations.

The National Institute of Health’s grant AI23946-08 issued to Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (officially classified as affiliated with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID by at least 2003) began the work on synthetically altering the Coronaviridae (the coronavirus family) for the express purpose of general research, pathogenic enhancement, detection, manipulation, and potential therapeutic interventions targeting the same. As early as May 21, 2000, Dr. Baric and UNC sought to patent critical sections of the coronavirus family for their commercial benefit.1 In one of the several papers derived from work sponsored by this grant, Dr. Baric published what he reported to be the full length cDNA of SARS CoV in which it was clearly stated that SAR CoV was based on a composite of DNA segments.

“Using a panel of contiguous cDNAs that span the entire genome, we have assembled a full-length cDNA of the SARS-CoV Urbani strain, and have rescued molecularly cloned SARS viruses (infectious clone SARS-CoV) that contained the expected marker mutations inserted into the component clones.”2

On April 19, 2002 – the Spring before the first SARS outbreak in Asia – Christopher M. Curtis, Boyd Yount, and Ralph Baric filed an application for U.S. Patent 7,279,372 for a method of producing recombinant coronavirus. In the first public record of the claims, they sought to patent a means of producing, “an infectious, replication defective, coronavirus.” This work was supported by the NIH grant referenced above and GM63228. In short, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was involved in the funding of amplifying the infectious nature of coronavirus between 1999 and 2002 before SARS was ever detected in humans

1. U.S. Provisional Application No. 60/206,537, filed May 21, 2000


Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier CC-BY-NC-SA Dr. David E. Martin

Against this backdrop, we noted the unusual patent prosecution efforts of the CDC, when on April 25, 2003 they sought to patent the SARS coronavirus isolated from humans that had reportedly transferred to humans during the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak in Asia. 35 U.S.C. §101 prohibits patenting nature. This legality did not deter CDC in their efforts. Their application, updated in 2007, ultimately issued as U.S. Patent 7,220,852 and constrained anyone not licensed by their patent from manipulating SARS CoV, developing tests or kits to measure SARS coronavirus in humans or working with their patented virus for therapeutic use. Work associated with this virus by their select collaborators included considerable amounts of chimeric engineering, gain-of-function studies, viral characterization, detection, treatment (both vaccine and therapeutic intervention), and weaponization inquiries.

In short, with Baric’s U.S. Patent 6,593,111 (Claims 1 and 5) and CDC’s ‘852 patent (Claim 1), no research in the United States could be conducted without permission or infringement.

We noted that gain-of-function specialist, Dr. Ralph Baric, was both the recipient of millions of dollars of U.S. research grants from several federal agencies but also sat on the World Health Organization’s International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) and the Coronaviridae Study Group (CSG). In this capacity, he was both responsible for determining “novelty” of clades of virus species but directly benefitted from determining declarations of novelty in the form of new research funding authorizations and associated patenting and commercial collaboration. Together with CDC, NIAID, WHO, academic and commercial parties (including Johnson & Johnson; Sanofi and their several coronavirus patent holding biotech companies; Moderna; Ridgeback; Gilead; Sherlock Biosciences; and, others), a powerful group of interests constituted what we would suggest are “interlocking directorates” under U.S. anti-trust laws.

These entities also were affiliated with the WHO’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) whose members were instrumental in the Open Philanthropy-funded global coronavirus pandemic “desk-top” exercise EVENT 201 in October 2019. This event, funded by the principal investor in Sherlock Biosciences and linking interlocking funding partner, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation into the GPMB mandate for a respiratory disease global preparedness exercise to be completed by September 2020 alerted us to anticipate an “epidemic” scenario. We expected to see such a scenario emerge from Wuhan or Guangdong China, northern Italy, Seattle, New York or a combination thereof, as Dr. Zhengli Shi and Dr. Baric’s work on zoonotic transmission of coronavirus identified overlapping mutations in coronavirus in bat populations located in these areas.

This dossier is by no means exhaustive. It is, however, indicative the numerous criminal violations that may be associated with the COVID-19 terrorism. All source materials are referenced herein. An additional detailed breakdown of all the of individuals, research institutions, foundations, funding sources, and commercial enterprises can be accessed upon request.













COVID-19 – Investigation

June 20, 2021



Padmini Arhant 

The virus that was let loose evolving from an epidemic in Wuhan, China into global pandemic consuming millions of lives and triggering global economic collapse justify free open independent investigation on world  watch.

The COVID-19 having served the political means in the United States 2020 Presidential election would presumably be the priority for the current administration and Congress in the United States to authorize transparent probe into the Wuhan lab experiment virus – SARS – COV2 aka COVID-19.

The global citizenry and humanity at large forced to pay an extraordinary price with life, livelihood, health, wealth and free movement clamped in prolonged lock down duly deserve attention with direct inquiry on the origin and pathway in spreading the virus world over.

United States Congress – the democrats slim majority and Republican minority in the House and Senate along with the administration headed by President Joe Biden bear responsibility to reach to the bottom of the deadly pandemic.

The G-7 meeting and the latest Biden – Putin summit omission on this important issue raise legitimate questions on the world leaders priority and concerns or the lack thereof on human health, safety and economic growth destroyed in the COVID-19 catastrophe.

As a result, the investigation on cause and systemic failure in preventing the horrendous loss of lives in the United States and across the globe is an obligation to the present and future generations.

Any reluctance and political deviance in the critical matter and fact finding mission would definitively identify those with the people and those against them. The latter would also appropriately delineate the opposition to COVID-19 free and fair inquiry with those classifying truth seeking – a conspiracy theory.

The global voice is pertinent to demand thorough examination and facts presentation on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The powerful and influential members’ response as world leaders, governments, institutions, health care industry and others in different prominent positions to remain oblivious to the pandemic having claimed massive lives and irreversible economic damages is frustrating for the pandemic survivors and victims who have lost their loved ones to the lab manufactured virus.

The citizens as taxpayers and electorate are incumbent to petition their governments and elected representatives to act in this regard. The investigation is not an option but a necessity.

The global awakening and unanimous call into the public scrutiny of COVID-19 crises is the subject of life and death.

Unless the light is shed on the darkness, the forces would lead humanity into the black hole.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Color Culture

June 13, 2021

Color Culture

Padmini Arhant

What is precisely a Woman of Color?

The political survival premised on profile, polarization and presumptuousness are a reflection of an acute identity syndrome marred with false pride and prejudice.

The so-called political correctness is euphemism on race baiting pronounced in the reference –A Woman of Color.”

What is the modus operandi and primary goal behind the divisive racial caste class creed discrimination?

Who is anyone to define and classify anybody as anyone or anything they deem convenient in the identity appropriation?

Notwithstanding the persistent deception and deceitful projection of pseudo characters performing to the script adding insult to human intelligence.

While the disingenuous discussion on gender, racial and social equality serving individuals and political factions’ political interests remain the norm, simultaneously those having benefitted from divisive classifications crying foul is yet another caricature of human mind.

At the end of the day, the fraudulence is unveiled when subject to real test on aptitude and character. The media, political establishment and secret society secretive indulgence behind the political theater unravel unprecedented activities ultimately hurting the source and catalysts in the self-inflicted bargain.

The contemporary practice to substitute truth with false narrative, facts with fabrication and fraud and last but not the least the original with fake as fiduciary to suit the whims and fancies of those running the gamut is a far cry.

Regardless of skin pigmentation, gender and social differences, the blood color in the veins and arteries in all living species do not vary according to the shades of outer skin layer.

The perishable flesh and bone upon cremation turn into ashes and in burial become fossils again not necessarily matching the skin tone of the physical body during life.

In light of the incontrovertible reality, the alienation based on politically driven bias and preferences expose inner conflict within amid exploitation.

Color culture is an obsolete trait with emphasis on skin over substance. The symbolic politics reek contempt and subjugation. Not to mention the new tradition representing regression and restitution that are best left behind in the dark history of any society.

The deeds and uniqueness exemplified in fruitful actions adequately describe individuality and meritocracy with everything else qualifying as insignificant in life and thereafter.

The life with selfless contributions is a tribute and testament to purposeful existence.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter

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