Proxy Strategy

January 5, 2022

Proxy Strategy

Padmini Arhant

The strategy to attack me via proxy, puppets and pawns by all those using members of their clan in politics, entertainment, media and civil (?) society is lame, ludicrous and laughable. 

While I’m presenting facts based issues and well substantiated evidences on public matter unlike the supremacists misogynists’ relentless personal assaults against me since my appearance in public domain until now in unpaid selfless service and continuous sacrifice over the last fourteen years is fait accompli for the entire syndicate, their paid stooges, core and fringe elements engaged in the losing battle. 

The cowardly tactics to hide behind own proxies as me when I have directly called out these proxies and orchestrators on their political and humanitarian violations time and time again is idiocy glaring at the wanton provocateurs. 

Needless to say such indulgence is yet another shameful endeavor losing face and inviting disgrace for all those wasting life on earth.  Not to mention the burden on soul with bad karma in living and beyond.

The trend to ridicule me using own clique’s profile and legacy is criminality ad nauseam.

Notwithstanding the futile efforts boomerang at the source and lackeys much to own embarrassment. 

As for the plagiarists, opportunists, wannabes and desperate individuals stealing my identity, ideas, good karma, hard work and lifestyle as theirs for fame, fortune, power and turning against me are self declared parasites with no hope or personal ability for independent achievement.

These pathetic pitiful gold diggers at my expense lack self-respect and dignity epitomized in their counterproductive involvement and representation of criminal entity. 

The real courage and integrity lie in eye to eye direct engagement with your enemy viz. me in contrast to exhausting filth and trash brimming amongst thou – the collective decadent deceitful. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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