Washington D.C. Politics

November 6, 2020

Washington D.C. Politics 

Padmini Arhant

Who controls Washington D.C. Politics?

The European origin Secret Society – the Bilderberg secret meetings representing the society with oligarchy, royalty, special interests, foreign governments, prominent news media and press as well as influential members with excessive disposable wealth are instrumental in controlling political fate in different parts of the world beginning with United States is well known as deep state dominance.

Why Washington D.C. has zero tolerance to outsiders  – i.e. anyone not within political establishment and circle?

The intolerance to outsiders is predominantly due to unwillingness to obey deep state reining control over politics, money and mind in the ruthless obsession and addiction to power.

Washington D.C. is not only the capital of the United States boasting the Capitol Hill, White House and Supreme Court, the city is the citadel for power brokers and dealers, the so-called think tanks, institutions and organizations specializing in toppling foreign governments, instigating political unrest offshore, launching coup d’é·tat in foreign soil via targeted nations’ military and political factions creating internal turmoil, economic collapse and social chaos resulting in the breakdown of law and order especially in the developing nations worldwide.

The events witnessed in destabilization of Ukraine in 2011-2012 orchestrating the so-called Ukraine Revolution reminiscent of 2004-2005 Orange Revolution is an example among several that followed in 2011 and 2012 such as the supposedly Arab Spring destroying nations in the Middle East and North Africa with Libya and Syria permanently paying the price until today.

Again foreign invasion and occupation aimed at political instability is a tradition in Washington politics duly complied by administrations regardless of political party.

In the domestic front since 2009 manufacturing fake protests, rallies often designed to go wild and unruly observed time and time again jeopardizing the demonstrations cause is the neoliberal strategy.

How the deep state and representatives in Washington political establishment together with media and news organizations tirelessly labored in unseating the democratically elected Republican President Donald Trump right from November 3rd 2016 until now?

The chronicle of events begins on the eve of election results in 2016. There were massive demonstrations staged in Washington, D.C. demanding then President elect Donald Trump to quit power and return to Trump Tower.

The pursuit followed with Robert Mueller committee wasting taxpayers money from 2016 – 2019 to indict the sitting President Donald Trump accused of  alliance with Russian meddling in 2016 Presidential election. The rigorous investigations turned out to be nothing more than a political witch hunt much to the embarrassment and disappointment of all those behind the wild goose chase.

The allegations and mockery of President Trump in late night shows and media outlets continued in the entire four years in office and unlikely to desist for sometime.

The bizarre one being the diagnosis of President Donald Trump’s mental health by presumptuous Ivy league psychiatrist hired to certify President Trump as mentally unfit to perform the duty as President of the United States and accordingly demanding President Trump to leave office was the degraded political humor from those engaged in ludicrous act. The political theatrics in this regard was not even worthy as material for Hollywood script or roadside show.

When all things failed, the deep state together with representatives in Washington embarked on impeachment proceedings to oust the serving President Trump that once again ended up in vindication  frustrating the accusers and everyone of them participating in the worst political coup venting their anger and revenge for 2016 loss in the Presidential race.

So much for their calm and collect composure currently touted by deep state media vilifying President Donald Trump’s response to election process.

The deep state authorized reference of President Trump as opposed to Donald Trump  while being accused of myriad unsubstantiated charges and false wrongdoings, the same duly complied by deep state media and press indicative of bipolar syndrome highlight their serious disorders.

One would wonder why President Trump isolated by deep state?

President Trump called for draining the swamp referring to the deep state running amuck that obviously did not go well in the domain rife with corruption and scandals in epic proportions that predecessors apparently had no problems with and diligently executed  deep state orders sharing profitability and acceptance in the league.

The other contentious and audacious commitment from President Donald Trump was prioritizing United States and economy in his Make America Great Again” aspiration.

President Trump’s sincere ambitions in this respect was never welcome among globalists having conditioned governments and economies across the globe on globalization shunning and removing any heads of the state or government daring to promote domestic economic interests viewed as protectionism. The policy never appreciated nor accommodated by globalists behind empowering communist leadership in China, the chief beneficiary of globalization doctrine.

What does the status quo signify about deep state controlled Washington D.C.?

Hostility, antagonism, vengeance and reprisal…are the forte.

Although Las Vegas designated Sin City, attributing the title to political capital Washington D.C. would be appropriate considering the indulgence and actions among those regarding themselves powerful despite their weakness and surrender to deep state.

Little knowing that inescapable Karma is the all powerful with incredible memory and indelible in teaching lessons like never before.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 






July 13, 2019


Padmini Arhant


Welcome to Self-Empowerment.

Self-Empowerment is the base for Republic empowerment.

The governments are run by oligarchy i.e. Corporatized system using public funds. Privatization is the trend in the globalized economy. The chief beneficiaries in privatization are corporations and shareholders. Corporatized governance deny ordinary citizens fair access and opportunity.

Corporate run government policies exclusively favor them. Corporatized governance bear no responsibility on losses to taxpayers and severe damages to economy as well as environment. There is minimal or no oversight on deals benefitting companies on government projects viz. defense contracts handled by private company.

Hence, no checks and balances which means none held accountable on corruption. Transparency is a misnomer with no internal and importantly external audit.

For example – The U.S. government deployed private army Blackwater later dubbed as Xe and now changed into Academi committed atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan…and in Ukraine with license to kill besides gross human rights violations.

Oligarchy run governments use national defense force as private army for wars, destabilization of sovereign foreign nations and derail economy via sanctions. These actions are directed by organizations, think tanks and institutions representing oligarchy hegemonic goals and strategic dominance.

Government in reality is Corporation’s proxy delivering corporate interests. Government’s other wing is special interests group with own political ideology.

This leaves the government as representatives of private entities and organizations. Citizens are merely used as instrument to legitimize illegitimacy through election. Elections are run by oligarchy with massive funding in campaigns and candidacy.

Governments pledge allegiance to corporate financiers behind election campaign.

In fact, it is ordinary folks money circulated between governments and corporate funders. Ordinary people tax money generously handed to corporations by government. These handouts involve major tax breaks, government subsidies and many exemptions seldom distributed or trickle down to bottom in the workforce. The big corporations in return utilize a portion of common citizens money converted into slush funds and invested in election campaigns to secure government loyalty.

Major corporations enjoy the most favored company (MFC) status in quid pro quo.

Corporate owned media and political party run TV networks to control communication.

Free speech is a one way street with a dead end allowing only government to mislead muted audience. Ordinary citizens voices are muzzled and their advocates subject to government scrutiny. The system is fraudulently declared democracy while stifling republic status.

There is little or no tolerance to alternative perspectives and they are regarded a threat to authority.

As a result, freedom is under siege creating do or die situation. However, there is hope.

How can citizens free themselves from shackles?

Ordinary people in society are taxpayers, workers and consumers at large. Yet, average citizens are denied fair economic opportunity, income and social equality.

First, identify corporations behind government including companies and groups in disguise.

Then, remember you – the consumer possess the power towards Self-Empowerment.

Your decision to buy or avail products and services as end customer impact business.

Accordingly, boycott companies engaged in depriving your individual rights and economic progress.

Election reform is mandatorily required. Enforce ballot paper electoral process to prevent vote rigging and fraud witnessed time and time again in the so-called democratic elections.

Public mandate via referendum on public financing of election is the beginning. Setting election expenditure with strict limits and guidelines is critical. Similarly, demand political parties to disclose their donors and funders in public domain.

Set up cross verification process to confirm accuracy on political funding and voting. Political parties funding should be checked at all times and not just limited to election season. 

Reject political factions and candidates vying for public office as corporate agent.

Bar candidates with criminal records, serious civic violations and corruption charges.

These are preliminary steps towards freeing society from oligarchy and organizations run government.

Again, remind yourself and them that consumer is the ultimate authority determining success and failure of economy and politics.

Watch out for fake government critics launched on social media and main street to deceive public on factual events confirming democracy and constitution crises in society. The government organized pseudo semi-baked clowns are paid trolls to stymie genuine voice. Poor imitation is self-mockery and buffoonery of the paid performer. 

Audience exercising discernment in recognizing original from fakery dished out of bakery would be wise. 

Rise to the occasion and claim your liberty, the inalienable natural right of all beings in the world. 

Freedom is non-negotiable right of all citizens barring hierarchy and prejudice. 

Get started in Self-Empowerment to make this world a better place for all not selective few in society. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Auhtor & Presenter PadminiArhant.com



Russian Affair

November 4, 2017

Russian Affair

Padmini Arhant

The former FBI director Robert Mueller headed special investigation dominates news on the alleged Russian meddling in the United States 2016 Presidential election.

The special committee targeting then Republican Presidential candidate now elected President Donald Trump’s campaign aides and members’ presumed interaction and meetings with key Russian officials has led to recent indictments on this matter.

The U.S. actions besides the ongoing inquiry includes closing consulate general in San Francisco and annexes in Washington and New York.

Russia in turn has responded by reducing diplomatic service staff at U.S. facilities in Moscow as confirmed by Washington based Russia Today (RT) television network.

Russia Today – the state funded network founded by the state owned news agency RIA-NOVOSTI in 2005 is dedicated in promoting Russian government interests to the likes of mainstream media and others in the U.S. and elsewhere safeguarding oligarchy, political and Secret Society agenda.  

Although RT claims the network is independent, any business especially communication media receiving funding that has surged from $30 million in the beginning to current $300 million from the state obviously inclined to be subjective rather than objective.

RT projecting Russian image to counteract U.S. media versions about Russia and Russian policy is a conundrum for viewers having to deal with two extremes from both sides i.e. one for and the other against amidst missing facts from the content regardless.

On propaganda, RT efforts are on par with prevalent media trend in hyperbole and falsehood in presentation of historic events and entities pertaining to the past and present time conforming to syndicate strategy.

RT transmission in three languages viz. English, Spanish and Arabic attracting 120 million viewership in the United States and other parts of the world is a buffer to syndicate’s media presence via CNN, Fox and BBC worldwide.

The syndicate’s media control and influence on entertainment industry to deny public access to truth and factual information could be anything but freedom of press and free speech.

RT like counterparts are not without collusion on not maintaining journalistic standards and ethics that are rare and remains under attack. The journalism with accurate reporting, review and analyses on issues and topics concerning lives and world problems are replaced for political and commercial success ignoring harm to society and the world at large that eventually hurts the source.

As such, the citizens fatigue in fake news and indoctrination is evident in broadcasting networks declined rating prompting desperate attempts to avert further deterioration. The spin zone is yet another means to continue mindless discussions lacking in substance in anything goes talk shows and programs to fill in time in the 24/7 media.

United States and Russia relations might have strained due to latest developments,

However, the similarities in both nations policies on critical issues such as voting against nuclear disarmament in the UN vote past month, resistance to dissolution of UNSC granted veto power to five permanent members viz. United States, Britain, Russia, China and France and strengthening ties with Saudi Arabia clarify common goals.

In terms of disagreements, United States and Russia have difference of opinion on Ukraine, Syrian conflict, NATO buildup through Eastern bloc and incursion in Baltic Sea. The U.S. occupation in Afghanistan extended into Central Asia that was previously under former Soviet Union is causing uneasiness on regional basis.

Last but not the least, U.S. sanctions on Russia is not appreciated in the wake of 2016 electoral outcome distressing those for change in game plan.

On North Korea, United States sanctions against the south east Asian nation is welcome by Russia. The reaction confirmed in UNSC decision with Russia and China’s consensus to impose embargo on North Korea.

As stated repeatedly on this website on standoff between U.S and North Korea, the de-escalation via diplomacy and constructive dialogue should be the focus on both sides retracting from respective positions with United States and ally South Korea ceasing military exercise and provocative naval drills in Korean Peninsula.  North Korea on its part to suspend nuclear enhancement.

Furthermore, the major nuclear powers stance on North Korea’s nuclear status would be credible upon them in possession of enormous nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny lead other nuclear and non-nuclear states in safe disposal of nuclear weapons freeing the world from nuclear threats that are frequently exchanged in U.S. and North Korea confrontation. U.S. has also issued nuclear warnings against Iran preceding Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) treaty.

In the domestic front, Russia Today (RT) as state represented media is criticized for not providing opportunity to political opponents to Kremlin power. The same is applied towards any political dissent deprived from sharing thoughts and grievance on air to local and foreign audience. They are apparently considered detractors and accordingly excluded in participation on media channel.

The contemporary practice to debar alternative political perspectives especially with Russian elections on the horizon in March 2018 may not bode well for Russia in the post-communist era declared as democratic system premised on free and fair elections allowing contenders upon meeting eligibility criteria to run for office.

Then the incident though eleven years ago involving independent journalist, writer and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya tragic death from gunshot wounds in Moscow in 2006 deter Russian democratic evolution.

The free society would create and nurture environment to question authorities without fear of incarceration, character defamation or danger to their life. The country as vast as Russia with enormous potential in different fields not barring politics would benefit from eclectic representation that could permeate across the spectrum. The transformation is made possible with healthy debates and public forums on all topics relevant to citizens in the province and national level.

Russia’s membership in BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in addition to G20 and WTO serve economic prospects. On security to combat terrorism and any foreign intrusion – the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) comprising Russia and former Soviet republics in Central Asia enable neutralization.

Russian economy, political stability and national security are general expectations amongst electorate. Russia’s role in international disputes are also important whether personally that entails skirmishes at Russian border with NATO or tension related to U.S. and North Korea as well as ending Syrian warfare.

The internal challenges like corruption undermining real progress, Chechnya seeking resolution, immigration and social dilemmas are prominent woes requiring effective measures.

Russia is in the threshold of economic growth and constraints on political choices limits the scope for broader vision necessary to sustain expansion.

Finally, vox populithe voice of the people from all walks of life exercising the right to express views or concerns and journalism in particular not confined to state or external orientation would demonstrate vibrant democracy.

I convey my best wishes to citizens in Russia.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission









Secret Society – The Conglomerate Paradoxical Paradigm

September 12, 2017

Secret Society – The Conglomerate Paradoxical Paradigm

By Padmini Arhant


Bill and Melinda Gates foundation engaged in addressing global poverty level and disease control is a worthy cause.

However, the Microsoft founder and world’s richest individual Bill Gates participation in Secret Society meeting where policy discussions and decisions on global population are made prohibiting disclosure of minutes of meeting to the world with attendees sworn to secrecy is contradictory to stated principles of western democracy.

The Secret society conclave deploying violent means in denying access to real press and public with high profile members apparently in agreement to such practice raise credible concerns about globalists agenda.

The Secret Society existence exerting control over more than seven billion people in the so-called free world is ominous for universal benefit and progress.

The selective few in the world claiming entitlement to global resources and accordingly waging wars, sponsoring terrorism and destabilizing nations, imposing starvation through illegitimate sanctions, issuing nuclear threats for personal gains and vested interests is the cause for global impoverishment and preventable disease.

Bill Gates disassociation and denouncing such Secret Society rather than presence at the closed door gathering would confirm the Gates foundation genuine commitment to alleviate human suffering.

Otherwise, the Secret Society and the conglomerate responsible for humanity plight sharing thoughts on mitigation is analogous to setting fire and pose to extinguish flames ignited by them in the first place.

The influential members in society responsible role in refraining from promoting globalists counterproductive strategy would contain half of human misery.

The disingenuous position never delivers desirable outcome. Contrarily changing course would provide opportunity for a better future benefitting all. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Charm or Jinx

Padmini Arhant


Is it charm or jinx behind Western Secret Society backed women representatives in politics?


Hillary Rodham Clinton – Presidential bid proved unsuccessful twice.


Angela Merkel – Strong advocate of austerity especially on Greece exacerbating economic recession.  Flip flop on refugee crisis having contributed to the issue with EU lifting ban on weapons supply to terror networks strengthening terrorism in Syria arguably haunt those responsible for humanitarian disaster. The economic woes among EU members and refugees situation is a conundrum in the upcoming election in Deutschland.


Sonia Gandhi – Scandals outweighed any positive achievement.


Benazir Bhutto – Second attempt to assume office led to assassination.


Aung San Suu Kyi – The west honored Nobel Laureate lack of response to internal ethnic problem concerning Rohingya Muslims attracting criticism.

When you are favored by the west, expect the worst is evident thus far.

The reason is the syndicate fomented misogyny through proxies (interestingly mostly women) in different capacity such as columnists, publicists and performers following scripted material are hired for the task much to self-embarrassment and folly.

Perhaps, the contrary from the west viz. prejudice, hatred, indignation and denial of respect and original identity is a blessing.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


The Ruling Class

By Padmini Arhant

When rules and laws in society are only meant for law abiding ordinary citizens and not those who flagrantly violate position, influential status and authority,

Then that system is fundamentally flawed and becomes the bedrock for corruption, human rights violation and systemic abuse of power.

The stark contrast in the application of law on average citizens vs. immunity to individuals and entities with proven track record conforming to criminal actions that are punishable by law for regular people and more so upon the offender be a minority or different ethnic background is ominous for any nation especially the kind poised as democracy.

All are equal and therefore none are held above the law remains only in concept not practice. 

As it has been well said before;

When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

In the contemporary environment, the State actors with their promoters and defenders in the Corporate media, news organizations, entertainment industry and importantly campaign financiers, judiciary in the mutual favors and any available alibi are lock step and barrel with the ruling class providing free pass on involvements affecting citizens lives including men and women in uniforms against national interest.

The communication media – the news, television and social media serving as the platform for distraction from issues demanding serious attention explains the intricate network designed to evade accountability and mislead the public with mindlesss information and events filling newspaper columns and TV programs to maintain status quo.

The topic will resume shortly.


Politics – Facts and Features

March 17, 2016

By Padmini Arhant


P – Pandering

O –Opportunism

– Lobby

–  Inconsistency

T –  Treason

–  Irony

C – Corruption

S –  Scandal


E – Embed

S – Superficial

T – Tactic

A –Acquiescence

B – Betray

L – Lunge

– Institution

S –Sinister

H –Haughty

M -Malfunction

E – Extol

N – Nepotism

T – Tradition


E – Evasion

L – Lambast

E – Elimination

C – Charlatan

T – Target

– Influence

O – Occasion

N – Nomination


V – Victim

O – Operation

T – Tragedy

E – Expiry 


F – Fraudulence

E – Enslavement

U – Usurp

D – Dominate

A – Accost

L – Larceny

I – Insolence

S – Severance

M – Malfeasance


P – Presumptuous

L – Ludicrous

U – Unscrupulous

T –  Tortuous

O – Obnoxious

C –  Covetous

R – Rapacious

A – Ambiguous

C – Capricious

Y – Yores


O – Observable

L –  Liable

I  –  Insatiable

G – Gobble

A – Actionable

R –  Rubble

C – Culpable

H – Horrible

Y – Yobbery 


C – Control

O – Obstacle

M – Masquerade

M –Muzzle

U – Unstable

N –Noticeable

– Impoverish

S –Struggle

M –Misery


S – Subversion

O– Omission

C– Commission

I– Invention

A- Adoption

L– Liquidation

I- Illusion

S– Simulation




A– Acquisition

P– Profitability

I– Insolvency

T-Tax Exemption


L –Liaison

I – Immunity

S – Securities

M– Merger 


T –Travesty

H –Hypocrisy

E – Eclipse

O –Opaque

C –Conflict

R –Religion

A – Aberration

C – Counterproductive

Y – Yet


I –Invalid


P –Pernicious

E –Empire

R -Ruthless

I – Insidious


L -Lofty

I -Incorrigible

S -Supremacy

M -Medieval 


M –Mendacious


N– Nefarious

O– Ostentatious

P– Pugnacious

O– Ominous

L– Lawless

Y– Yex


S – Superiority



C –Calamity

T– Treaty

I –Indiscretion



S -Suppression



I  -Indignation


L –Limitation

E –Exclusion

N –Notion

C – Cessation

E – Exception


R -Rage





C –Criminality

R -Rewarded

I – Idolized


E -Endorsement


J -Jeopardy

U -Upend

S -Sardonic

T -Trivialize

I -Impunity

C -Cronyism

E -Embarrassment


P -Proxy







M –Manipulation

E –  Exaggeration

D – Dramatization

– Indoctrination

A –Adulation


S -Symbolic

T -Tainted

A -Auspice

T -Trajectory


S -Secrecy

Q -Questionable

U -Unsustainable

O -Obsolete

The fundamental change in political structure and practice is imperative to experience positive outcome made possible by functional republic and uncompromising sovereign status.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant