Identify the Real Enemy

May 17, 2022

Identify the Real Enemy 

Padmini Arhant

Who is the real enemy denying true liberty, freedom of expression, legitimate functional corrupt-free democracy with absolute transparency and accountability holding none above law especially the powerful, affluent and influential pulling strings from behind and upfront without exception?

All that one has to do in the contemporary era is to look around worldwide. The concept and functionality of democracy is subverted in different format with congruence in one and only one base i.e. dominance, control, supremacy and narcissism.

No nation in the world is democratic espousing values and principles applicable to all barring discrimination, alienation and disenfranchisement in some form or another.

The forces in control as Global Shadow power favor all of the following leading to the fact they are against republic governed democracy anywhere. Accordingly, they have in the past century and in the present time favor governments and regimes servile to their policy and agenda. Importantly, they choose to ignore and even dismiss paradoxical position for exclusive economic interests. Ukraine war fits the profile.

Who are all the governments and rulers they allow to remain in power?

The so-called democracy in disguise sworn allegiance to oligarchy, secret society and anti-sovereignty.

They continue to promote monarchy, kingdoms and fiefdoms despite anti-humanity legacy and abhorrent record in human rights and environment violations all to solely benefit them.

The Global Shadow power uninhibited in providing asylum and safe haven to dictatorial rulers either self-exiled or overthrown by people of the nation they belong to enabling them to return to the nation to oppress the population. There are several examples in this regard from world over. However, the one that could be easily related to is Iran.

Iran in the middle east is currently ruled by theocratic government. The theocratic governance came into existence from Iranian revolution overthrowing their earlier monarchy Shah Pahlavi who was known to the Iranian people then as the global shadow power’s puppet.

Prior to installation of monarchy in Iran, the first and last democratically elected government headed by the one and only ever former Prime Minister of Iran – Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh.

The democratic leadership in Iran was removed from power by western coup predominantly for nationalizing Iran’s oil reserves towards Iranian citizens economic growth and development.

The documented evidence reveal oil giants British Petroleum and Dutch Shell company from western Europe considered then Iran PM’s energy policy directly against their economic gains and the democratic government of Iran was toppled with PM Mossadegh unnatural demise leaving the people of Iran bereft of democracy until today.

Subsequent to overthrow of Iranian democratic government, the global shadow power placed the monarchy represented by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Soon after, Ruhollah Khomeini  as the former religious Supreme Leader exiled in Paris, France at that time returned to rally the Iranian revolution. Since then Iran is ruled by orthodox theocracy emphasizing religion oriented governance experienced as repressive governing by the freedom loving majority in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran’s political transformation from democracy to monarchy and theocracy, the latter two anti-democratic ruling were launched and facilitated by the global shadow power.

Likewise, throughout middle east the idea of democracy is forbidden with authoritarian regimes ruling the state as Kingdom and Feifdom viz  Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Oman…to name a few in the region with all of whom the western ties are maintained exchanging economic, diplomatic and political relations considering the campaign donations and financing flowing from these sources during so-called western democratic elections.

Similar engagement in other parts of the world in Africa, Latin America, Asia and remote corners of the globe – the anti-citizens and anti-democratic leaderships granted the mantle of power ceding national resources and human capital as cheap labor force to the Global Shadow Power.

Recently, there has been no problem for the western power to subjugate Afghan population under Taliban rule. The treaty signed between Taliban and western powers viz. United States and NATO is proclaimed by Taliban as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan accord.

Taliban are self-certified Islamic fundamentalist presently in power in Afghanistan.

In the neighboring India, the unapologetic Hindu fundamentalist in the so-called world’s largest democracy is close western ally with no concern over crackdown on religious freedom, civil rights and freedom of press questioning political authority on any issue.

The discussion beginning with flagrant economic failures to soaring unemployment resulting in educated and skilled youth suicide and critically national security crises with China’s occupation of the Himalayan region and incursion in north eastern states of the country are persona non grata (unwelcome).

Interestingly, the Hindu fundamentalist stalwarts in central and state government in India influence judiciary in semblance with western pattern such as in the United States.

For instance an Islamic female student’s choice to wear burqa in adherence to her family conservative values is chased, harassed and ridiculed on main street by Hindu fundamentalist mob in world view.

The petition in the fundamentalist ruled Karnataka state high court on the open intimidation is struck down with the ruling that traditional attire and old age customs are to be abandoned adopting contemporary lifestyle when attending public educational institution viz. college and higher school of studies in the state.

The irony is while the fundamentalist rulers in the state and national government void other religions’ practice as archaic and insist people of other faith to adapt to modern living, the same principle is woefully discarded by them.

In declining to abolish the admittedly more than 4000 -year-old highly discriminatory prejudiced caste system deceitfully citing Vedic scriptures as alibi for the centuries old crime against different communities in society abused as untouchables aka the so-called Dalits, backward castes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribe…and so on are upheld as Hindu zealots’ fundamental right fraudulently claiming cultural heritage.

Apparently, the Hindu fundamentalist see no parallel in their argument when comparing customary projections between religions albeit the origin of Hindu religion preceding Islam or other Abrahamic faiths besides various other religious spectrum in India.

The global shadow power bias on communism and socialism is another factor.

Up until now and more so at the moment the defiant communist power in Beijing, China enjoys most favored nation status in economic trade, permanent membership with veto power in the United Nations Security Council, enormous holdings on EU and United States treasury assets, overwhelming clout on international organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and the list is endless.

There is considerable hue and cry over other fringe communist nations sanctioned for decades like Cuba or socialist Venezuela quoting human rights situation though the same or worse conditions in Hong Kong, Tibet and mainland China are regarded inconvenient and overshadowed by western economic and financial dependency on China.

Notwithstanding Beijing’s stance against democratic Taiwan also ignored in the context.

In conclusion, the global shadow power preference to anti-democratic and anti-republic systems are clear ranging from monarchy, political dynasty to theocracy, religious fundamentalists from different faiths, radicals extending to terrorism, ruthless oppressors ruling different parts of the world over several decades in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia until now.

The primary goal and staunch conviction is to bereave ordinary citizens across the globe of active vibrant utilitarian democracy, individual rights, equal access to peace, progress and prosperity.

The antiquated colonial doctrine divide and rein control is retained until today sowing seeds of poison among humans to fight against each other. The smoke and mirror serves in the Global Shadow power to oppress and suppress life rejecting marching orders from them.

The Global Shadow power install, support and boost anti-republic governance i.e. against the citizens at large nationwide depriving ordinary folks from all walks of life, race, religion and background the life with dignity, freedom of choice and fair opportunity.

Above all, corruption plays a very important role in regime representation. The more corrupt the governance, the easier and overt assertion of authority from the Global Shadow power.

Identifying the real enemy controlling the destiny of billions of population through proxy and puppet regimes stated as governments is key to the present and future generation individual and collective emancipation.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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