U.S. Cancellation of Korean Peace Summit

May 24, 2018

U.S. Cancellation of Korean Peace Summit

Padmini Arhant

President Donald Trump cancelling the peace summit between United States and North Korea scheduled on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore demonstrates lack of self confidence in peace making as stated previously on this site, a process much harder than going to war. 

United States demands and expectations prior to direct dialogue was premature and indicative of U.S. intent to gain everything in return for nothing. United States presence in Korean Peninsula accompanied by continuous threats until this moment remains the cause for North Korea’s nuclear status.

The U.S. policy makers and strategists behind stymieing the peace meeting are required to realize that aggression, belligerence and unreasonable terms and conditions never constitute greatness or supremacy.

United States exempting self from any compliance on international law in respecting other nations sovereignty and territorial integrity seriously impairs credibility and trustworthiness, the core elements in any negotiations.

United States foreign policy is well known and not appreciated by overwhelming majority in the world. The military bases worldwide including the Korean Peninsula depriving global population peaceful normal existence is the predominant factor in nuclear proliferation with United States and allies being the originators and proliferators of such concept and trend.

The aggressor cannot expect the target to simply submit to extraordinary positions particularly with U.S. legacy on defaults in meeting the obligations witnessed time and time again. On North Korean issue U.S. demilitarization and lifting illegal sanctions are necessary considering the illegitimate grounds for such actions.

No nation can be dictated by another especially when the latter is positioned as provocateurs and deny that nation’s citizens self-defense and deterrence to military maneuvers including nuclear capabilities in their territory. 

Reiterating the fact, nuclear disarmament is no longer an option but a mandatory requirement on all without exception. United States and all other major nuclear powers along with the rest have to begin denuclearization. The measure is incumbent upon United States to lead the world starting with self disarmament so others could follow suit simultaneously across the spectrum. 

As for the critics claim on North Korea’s gesture in shutting down nuclear site as the site rendered unusable and damages to local environment fail to recognize the key factor that ceasing nuclear testing is the roadmap to nuclear non-proliferation and denuclearization. Something the major nuclear states and others in the nuclear club have not committed to with their relentless overland and subterranean nuclear testing carried out in either own or others backyard contrasting the rules imposed on North Korea, Iran and anyone deemed adversary. 

North Korea has come a long way in releasing the U.S. espionage agents to which there has been no reciprocation from the United States that should have been delivered in removing the sanctions. North Korea has closed the nuclear site and United States reaction is cancellation of peace summit.

Clearly among the sides refusing to even meet half way let alone making any concessions is the United States.  The current U.S. administration cowering to pressure from specific sources entirely for vested interests confirms the status quo. 

The forces in control of U.S.foreign policy with no desire for peace and preference for profitability from warfare care less about loss of innocent lives and destruction resulting in such pursuits. 

The wars in Afghanistan, Syria,  Iraq, Libya and Yemen to name a few apparently not enough to convince the anti-peace factions to strive for peaceful and constructive means such as the high level peace meeting to resolve Korean crisis. 

United States has unique opportunity to change the image from provocation and military intervention to promoting peace and positive development. 

Peace making requires courage and commitment that is possible upon the participants assuming the leadership role unlike the standard decisions clarifying the status as political and submissive to influential directives against historic achievement.

United States moving forward with North Korea to hold the peace summit per earlier schedule on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore is imperative to prove U.S. genuine will to end stalemate in Korean affair.

Hopefully rationality and peaceful overture would prevail in concluding skirmishes and tensions in Korean Peninsula.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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North Korea – U.S. Peace Summit

May 16, 2018

North Korea – U.S. Peace Summit

Padmini Arhant

The reports on North Korea’s possible withdrawal from the upcoming peace summit tentatively scheduled on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore citing the ongoing military exercise between United States and South Korea and the U.S. officials demand for complete denuclearization obviously deserves fair assessment.

As mentioned on many occasions to resolve any crisis, the cause must be identified and addressed effectively making way for any appropriate solutions. On North Korea issue, the United States military drills with South Korea in Korean Peninsula has been the bone of contention prompting North Korea to seek nuclear option in self-defense and deterrence in the first place.

After long skirmishes and threats from both sides i.e. United States and North Korea, the olive branch exchanged between North and South Korea in the wake of Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea in February this year set the pace for peace talks between the two neighbors with hopes and expectations on all sides to diffuse long standing tensions ushering in the era of peace and normal relations in Korean Peninsula.

The earlier interaction between the two leaders of Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in was indicative of some progress in reaching the milestone bringing the two leaderships to reconcile many differences and among them the three key proposals were to transform the current armistice to permanent peace treaty, North Korea terminating nuclear testing and economic ties along with family reunion among Korean members were to be formalized on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018.

North Korea released the three Americans held hostage on espionage charges and also made a public announcement via state media that North Korea is scheduled to shut down the nuclear testing site and facility followed by an official ceremony on May 23rd – May 25th this year.

Now the U.S. military training of South Korean forces claiming to be in preparation of defense strategy for ally South Korea in the middle of peace process impairs faith and credibility necessary on all sides to rescind activities that has been contributing to the escalation of conflict.

Anytime when one side makes demands on the other despite the former having been the source of the problem from the beginning with relentless military maneuvers and display of artillery power including nuclear submarines at the doorstep of another in a manner that is intimidating and provocative,

The element of trust that is essential in all negotiations is jeopardized due to lack of commitment to meet their end of the deal.

United States military presence in Korean Peninsula is similar to their engagement worldwide much to the angst and frustration of nations they deem adversary. These states are expected to accept the situation as permanent setting regardless of such disposition undermining sovereignty and security.

United States military has been training South Korean forces since the emergence of that state without any determination of making South Korea self-reliant and there appears to be no end to the military base in Korea like the operation in Afghanistan.

How long does it take for the military such as the United States projected as the formidable and superior defense force in several aspects with capabilities to provide training and guidance enabling the trainees to qualify in self-defense mechanism?

Certainly, the course could not run into decades which means there are inherent deficiencies in the method or the objectives are not necessarily confined to the stated position with protracted goals to establish indefinite stay evident not only in Korea but also in Afghanistan, Middle East, the Baltics and the rest of the world.

South Korea on their part need to clarify the status to own citizens and their extended family members across the border in North for a truly democratic nation would not eternally allow or submit to foreign troops deployment under the guise of strengthening military prowess.

Needless to say, concessions are required from all sides based on their involvement that led to constant clashes with clear and transparent participation in the summit.

Again, reiterating earlier statement on this matter, denuclearization is incumbent not only on North Korea but in fact all nuclear states with United States and other major nuclear powers viz. Britain, France, Russia, China leading Israel, India and Pakistan along with NATO de facto in possession of nuclear arsenal are to be disarmed without exceptions to establish a nuclear free zone that would guarantee global peace and security and not otherwise.

The concept of responsible vs. reckless in nuclear status has been visited several times and adequately ascertained that all nuclear states pose a threat to humanity.

Accordingly the originators in this game i.e. United States and other dominant nuclear forces mentioned above bear responsibility to begin nuclear disarmament given their imperial legacy and ongoing illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land as well as territorial annexations necessitating nuclear option for those states as viable even though the maintenance and monitoring of nuclear sites proved an enormous liability for taxpayers and nations struggling with the costs of nuclear affordability and investments in the economy.

South Korea has to demonstrate independence in decision making without being influenced by foreign military power i.e. United States in ending military routines once and for all. South Korea population are entitled to forge normal ties with their families in North and begin a new chapter renewing economic partnerships, cultural and relevantly converting the armistice into irreversible peace accord. All of these are achievable upon demilitarization of the Korean peninsula paving the path for peaceful coexistence that has been prevented with United States exerting authority on Korean affairs.

The leadership qualities are tested in these times demanding courage and sincerity to embark on a peace mission abandoning aggression visible in military undertakings attributed to current impediments depriving the people in Korea on either side to stabilize and normalize the environment.

There are always implicit and explicit hawkish overtones attempting to stymie successful peace agreements as they are regarded unfavorable to personal and vested interests not to mention other extraordinary plans ignoring the consequences of such motives exacerbating human suffering and interjecting undesirable conditions.

South Korea should prioritize peace, stability and economic prosperity for all in Korea and move forward as a free sovereign state in holding direct talks with North Korean leadership and officials that would confirm the initiatives trustworthy and reliable for that is key to any endeavors more so of this pact having the prospects to turn history towards positive and peaceful direction.

I urge the South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to come together and ratify the alteration of armistice into peace treaty in addition to facilitating free flow of economic goods and services in Kaesong industrial complex in North Korea and consolidating Korean cultural values that are significant to present and future generations in their respective country.

United States role exemplified in demilitarization and lifting economic sanctions against North Korean citizens is vital as these actions would authenticate United States integrity in changing history from acrimony to harmony.

North Korea ceasing nuclear testing and closing nuclear site is prudent and proceed to do so that would further affirm international support recognizing the seriousness of such pledge.

I convey my best wishes to the people in North and South Korea as well as the leaderships and officials on all sides including United States striving hard to accomplish ever lasting peace that is long overdue in Korean Peninsula and Asia Pacific region.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Happy New Year 2018!

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Padmini Arhant

Happy New Year! To all around the world.

The hopes and expectations of many for freedom, political and individual rights, equal opportunity, economic development and social justice could no longer be denied or delayed with people wising up and increased awareness on state of affairs despite consistent efforts on misinformation and misrepresentation.

The political parties and governments in power are challenged through ballots and public activism on matter concerning citizens’ rights and various issues regardless of restrictions and obstacles to stifle public attention. Accordingly, the trend forcing electorate to accept government performance lacking in delivery in improving economic standards and social status produce anxiety and dissatisfaction.

The world confronted with nuclear confrontation, territorial disputes, economic inequality and social prejudice continues with little or no change in status quo.

The policies and strategies involving interventions in foreign affairs, reluctance in diffusing conflicts that began in 2011 and earlier, plans to enter into new crisis are evidently counterproductive. Humanity deserve peaceful existence with equal rights and opportunities for all without exception.

The population frustration on lack of economic prospects to all segments in society combined with social repression against women and other demography are understandably reflected in public protests that require peaceful resolution. The violent options only lead to unnecessary tragic deaths of citizens and likely to exacerbate public unrest.

Elsewhere, democracy experimented during elections have issues barring candidacies with alleged corruption charges though corruption is worldwide epidemic in politics and other sectors that are not addressed effectively in the absence of comprehensive anti-corruption laws enforceable on all especially the establishment and influential members in the system and society.

The economy, individual rights and environment among others remaining the priority for majority, world leaderships and governments recognition of citizens’ plight in this regard are becoming essential to avoid uprising. The use of force or any other undemocratic means substituted with meaningful and result oriented measures would guarantee public trust and confidence in government authority. The government tolerance to free speech and public gathering would demonstrate active democracy.

Investments to uplift population isolated as forgotten and forbidden in society with basic living facilities, education, health care and employment are imperative to claim economic achievement.

The acknowledgment of failures and abandoning repeat errors as well as egregious decisions would provide better understanding and greater potential to resolve long standing disputes and disagreements.

Last but not the least, the year 2018 pledged to dissolution of UNSC, renouncing secret society and nuclear disarmament are critical for true liberty, universal progress, global peace and security.

Happy New Year for a peaceful and progressive endeavors worldwide!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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North Korea – Missile Launch

November 29, 2017


North Korea – Missile Launch

Padmini Arhant

North Korea’s latest missile launch demonstrating Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capability, however lacking in ability to deliver nuclear payload due to weight and velocity leads to classification as test mode rather than operational type.

The inconsistency in United States media reporting on description and details with major television broadcasters – the cable news network (CNN) sounding alarm on the supposedly imminent threat to entire U.S and the world at large is media sensationalism. Such sound bites set the stage for warfare witnessed in the past and recent air raids and bombing in Libya and Iraq earlier with media propaganda.

The news media, the television networks in particular exercising caution and diligence with proper verification of facts for accuracy on reporting any matter ranging from sensitive nuclear issue to regular news events would be credible. The media has a responsibility to maintain ethical standards in coverage and analysis. The failure to do so given the pattern on media drum roll for warfare ignoring dire consequences and massive casualties is irresponsible journalism. The media trend favoring military intervention is well known exposing media role in fomenting violence.

North Korea’s nuclear program is contentious and as stated on this website many times over, the situation is a cause and effect scenario with provocation via U.S. troops deployment in Korean Peninsula under the pretext of protecting allies South Korea and Japan combined with crippling economic sanctions prompting reaction from North Korea.

United States recognition of the problem in this regard followed with genuine commitment through dialogue and diplomacy is the preliminary step towards diffusing conflict with North Korea.

Simultaneously, North Korean leadership outreach to South Korean people and government for direct discourse setting aside political differences and military exchanges is critical since the development in North Korea and United States position through missile launches and military exercise respectively upon reaching adverse point would immediately affect those in the Peninsula beginning with citizens in South and North Korea as well as large U.S. troops contingency in the region.

Obviously, there is an urgent need to invest in renewing communication between North and South as the crisis is related to the fate of Korean citizens on both sides forced into decades long skirmish with foreign meddling and presence for economic and strategic dominance preventing any hope to evolve from prevalent armistice to permanent peace treaty in Korea.

North Korea seeking nuclear status in self-defense against U.S. air strikes and military action could be deterred in the latter withdrawal of military activities in Yellow Sea and large naval base at North Korea’s doorstep. The aggression verbatim and in naval drills thus far substituting civil engagement proved counterproductive. Unless the most powerful nuclear nation i.e. the United States refrains from actions threatening security and sovereignty of any foreign nation and in this instance North Korea, the crisis would not desist.

Nuclear threats not just between North Korea and United States but in fact amongst any other nuclear states like India and Pakistan or for that matter the anti-Russian sentiments in the United States political circle with think tanks as well as institutions and organizations designing U.S. foreign policy not ruling out nuclear confrontation observed in the Cuban missile crisis in the past century is a reality.

Similar warning against Iran in the Middle East by United States during Presidential race and administrations in power regardless of right or left in political representation are reasons for nuclear quest in deterrence and not defiance to nuclear challenge from United States and other nuclear powers.

The call for denuclearization of North Korea would be practical in accepting and implementing the same rule across the spectrum not just selective imposition against nations isolated for geopolitical and economic aspirations that in return exacerbate any prospects on nuclear disarmament.

The world is never safe with nuclear weapons in anyone’s possession that are categorized as responsible vs. reckless in nuclear proliferation. The nuclear arms and advanced technology deployed in short and long range missiles with nuclear warhead endanger life and planet survival.

The recent vote in the United Nations on nuclear disarmament clarified the will of the majority to rid the world of nuclear menace.

Please refer to  UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament


United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia voting against the proposal is a disillusionment revealing the nuclear powers misplaced priority neglecting life over nuclear stockpiles.

The acknowledgment of nuclear danger among nuclear and non-nuclear states serving as de facto to nuclear power translated into agreement to nuclear arsenal disposal by all on independent international oversight would exemplify sincerity and obligation to leave behind a nuclear free world for the present and future generation.

The contemporary conditions are not favorable amid higher nuclear ambitions amongst major nuclear powers allocating disproportionate spending on nuclear enhancement and modernizing nuclear techniques while demanding nations they are in discord with to disavow nuclear program. The extraordinary expectations only reverse the opportunity on nuclear free zone.

In any setting, the prominent nuclear states viz. United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India and Pakistan… along with the rest submitting to nuclear disarmament would legitimize concern on nuclear proliferation by others paving the way for positive outcome. In the absence of any desire to renounce nuclear status by nuclear powers rejecting the idea of non-nuclear world promotes anxiety and necessity among the targeted nations to be a nuclear force.

North Korea’s reservations on nuclear deal is premised on United States legacy against Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and nations invaded for economic interests. The paradigm shift in U.S. foreign policy to respect and honor nations barring threats and military intrusions instead inviting them to a meaningful discussion would be conducive in building trust moving forward. Any other option that discounts peaceful negotiations would be a cavalier approach with extreme ramifications. The egregious decisions resulting in irreversible loss of lives and regional chaos would be disastrous and unwise.

North Korean leadership Kim Jong Un and military advisers are urged to pursue diplomatic course with South Korea and Japan abandoning repetitive missile launch in Sea of Japan.  The time and resources expended in aggressive maneuvers should be directed at peaceful overtures that are guaranteed to be beneficial in winning global community support and ending foreign occupation.

Nuclear exchanges are not to be taken for granted as there is nothing to gain except debris and devastation highlighting abuse of power and violation of many lives at stake.

In conclusion, the nuclear powers unanimous consensus in relinquishing nuclear rights is the absolute and fair resolution on nuclear strategy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine mission


UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

October 29, 2017

UN Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament

Padmini Arhant

The latest UN vote on nuclear disarmament gaining traction with 112 votes in favor, 44 votes against and 15 abstinences is the beginning to free the world from deadly and devastating nuclear carnage.

The resolution draft from Iran is the Islamic Republic affirmation to nuclear non-proliferation. However, the non-binding measure is perhaps to test reaction. The proposal acknowledgment in theory but not in practice is a persistent problem for global community.

The world faced with existential threat predominantly from major nuclear powers reluctance to nuclear non-proliferation on their part while setting terms and conditions on nations they challenge with military attacks including the favorite line – all options are on the table alluding to potential nuclear option exacerbate global security.

The safe disposal of nuclear arsenal by all nuclear powers without exception regardless of presumption as responsible vs. reckless together with abandoning nuclear testing to enhance nuclear capability and deployment of nuclear weapons in allies’ domain qualifying as de facto possession is the only way to eliminate nuclear danger.

Not surprisingly, the nay sayers to the resolution – United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia among others decline world peace and safety.

These active nuclear proliferators in violation of non-proliferation treaty ratified in recent times to effect indefinitely contribute to nuclear arms race in acting against international consensus.

Those who call for nuclear disarmament of any other nation would be credible in setting an example starting with them first and then lead the rest in that course. Otherwise the true colors come to light on motives along with legacy in illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land not barring the use of nuclear weapon.

The nations targeted for subjugation in any region are forced into nuclear response preparedness that is known as deterrent strategy. The aggressor such as United States and other permanent members defiance in renouncing nuclear status amid belligerence from them is essentially promoting nuclear armament.

The nations on radar are expected to quit nuclear aspirations. Ironically, those with such demand holding nuclear stockpiles never subject to independent international scrutiny and remain non-compliant in freezing nuclear activities. The stalemate in the absence of constructive approach via dialogue and diplomacy impose undesirable nuclear requirement.

The prominent nuclear powers viz. United States, Russia, Britain, China, France and Israel with established track record on colonization and territorial annexations pursue nuclear empowerment. Simultaneously, they expect those whom they aim at to disarm and oblige. In other words, they expect nations dealing with military incursions on the border to submit to suicidal mission.

Every nation has the right to self-defense and cannot possibly ignore the persistent security issues with provocative military drills and massive troops deployment near their territory.  The ongoing tension between North Korea and United States is precisely the cause and effect situation prompting North Korea to rely on nuclear defense. North Korea has cited the facts on U.S. and allies raid and decimation of Libya, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Yemen for imperial goals that continues unabated until now.

North Korea slammed with economic sanctions for nuclear plans often criticized as the nation driving citizens to starvation and premature deaths without accepting the contributing factors – sanctions and sources behind protracted confrontation. North Korea’s predicament is whether to capitulate to United States military provocation or stay resilient.

Though nuclear threats are not to be exchanged frivolously, the environment unnecessarily create saber rattling on both sides instead of serious engagement to find common ground in defusing crisis. United States and South Korea ceasing military operation alongside North Korea enacting moratorium on nuclear program would provide opportunity for peace talks through direct involvement rather than proxies and demonstrate commitment to protect lives on all sides that are at stake.

United States and other nuclear states resistance to UN resolution on denuclearization of the world is disillusionment revealing the real forces endangering lives and habitat with no concern for any generation.

Furthermore, the safekeeping of nuclear weapon, maintenance and upgrade of nuclear technology to operate nuclear facility is a phenomenal cost to taxpayers of every nuclear nation that could be allocated in improving living standards like health care, housing, education, retirement plans and infrastructure.

The population suffering from poverty, disease and lack of support in basic survival needs are dying in great numbers with nuclear states investment in nuclear development prioritized over life existence.

Besides, the risks in transportation of nuclear missiles are serious and nuclear accidents like Chernobyl and earthquake triggered Fukushima proved catastrophic. The nuclear ambitions among nuclear states on the high confirmed in the UN negative vote, the policy is alarming leaving the world on the edge for geopolitical dominance.

No climate treaty is meaningful in the nuclear world mistakenly assuming nuclear strength as formidable security asset despite the liabilities of nuclear reckoning.

The leaderships and members behind such decisions fail to recognize reality that they may not want the nation they represent as leaders to relinquish nuclear status,

Nonetheless individually, they do have to part with it like everything else when they depart from the world. 

Most importantly, they need to contemplate on the world they leave behind for future is determined by choices made in the present time.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Natural Disaster – Earthquake and Hurricane

September 20, 2017

Natural Disaster – Earthquake and Hurricane

Padmini Arhant


When natural disasters strike any place, the impact is severe in some incidents and the loss of lives are always regrettable.

United States recently experienced hurricane in Texas, Florida and now the anticipated storm in the northeast is understandably a great concern having witnessed the damages in the affected areas in the Southeast.

The high category in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with the gusty wind sweeping the vulnerable spots are menacing to the locals in the region.

Meanwhile, the earthquake in Mexico rocking sensitive territories especially the cities and villages near the epicenter bearing the brunt of seismic activity measuring 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale is challenging for the victims and authorities involved in rescue operation.

In any predictable events such as these considering past occurrences, the preparedness among residents and public safety programs in early evacuation and timely emergency care as well as essential requirements delivery minimize casualties and diverse problems.

The natural calamities are exacerbated with human conducted subterranean, overland nuclear testing, mountain top removal in coal mining, fracking, shallow and deep water drilling for oil exploration besides poisoning soil, air and water with pollutants and contaminants for economic gains hurting inhabitants and habitat.

Life otherwise is always hanging in balance with man made catastrophe like wars, nuclear threats and terrorism. Those in the position of power and influential status claiming entitlement to kill and terrorize citizens with absolute immunity are far worse than environment hazards.

Ironically, the same entities media representatives ignore own indulgence in subjecting earth and atmosphere to cataclysmic actions, while describing the wind and earth movements releasing pressure as vicious Mother Nature clarifying propaganda and mindless politics availing any opportunity to be abusive.

The ferocity in natural elements would be less and perhaps temperate upon human authorized malevolence on earth in digging, detonating and demolishing for financial goals with no reflection on adverse effects desist.

The earth would survive but the question isWill the reckless conduct in maintaining environment woes beginning with nuclear proliferation and reluctance to adopt universal nuclear disarmament in addition to relentless wars in some or other parts of the world inflicting death and destruction, depletion of natural resources proved unsustainable ever cease?

The responsibility lies on dwellers to safeguard the planet with respect for all other beings enduring enormous suffering and endangerment due to the selective groups’ greed driven policies and agenda.

Again, Paris climate treaty amendment to include nuclear arsenal disposal across the spectrum not just the targeted nuclear states along with ending conflicts and terrorism are critical to protect life and planet.

I convey my condolence to the families having lost their loved ones and hope for speedy recovery of the injured in the hurricane and earthquake.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Spouse in Divine Mission

North Korea – Korean Peninsula Peace Treaty

August 10, 2017

North Korea – Korean Peninsula Peace Treaty

By Padmini Arhant

The message is addressed to all parties concerned in the escalating tensions in Korean Peninsula. North Korea, South Korea, Japan and United States.

North Korea statement on possible missile launch near U.S. territory Guam is not favorable to North Korea’s objectives as such strike would unnecessarily trigger response that could lead to greater conflict.

Instead North Korea would be able to achieve goals in maintaining composure paving the way for direct peace talks between Pyongyang and Washington that was desired earlier by North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong Il, father of the current leader Kim Jong Un to derive meaningful solutions to longstanding impasse deserving conclusion.

North Korea’s overture for dialogue rather than missile testing near United States army base in Guam or Japan would far outweigh any skirmishes that are best avoided to protect lives and sovereignty perhaps North Korea’s priority.

North Korea has much to gain in diplomacy and discourse scheduled at earliest convenience with United States following these actions from both sides that are critical to defuse crisis.

  1. The immediate suspension of nuclear testing and any other nuclear activity by North Korea not barring rockets are key to initiate peacekeeping in the region.
  1. Simultaneously United States and South Korea halting military drills and incursion near North Korea would confirm commitment towards peaceful resolution.
  1. Upon all sides in adherence to required protocol, North Korean leadership authorizing civilian representatives for meeting with civilian counterpart in South Korea is vital for a new chapter on Korea.
  1. Setting aside all differences, grievances and concerns, the meeting between North and South Korea focused on renewing diplomatic, cultural, economic and family ties allowing citizens on both sides to meet and greet each other is important to improve bilateral relations.
  1. Subsequently, United States arrangement with North Korea again through civilian delegation for unconditional discussion is imperative to reverse the current trend from combat to conducive exchange.

Once the parties complete talks, the next course would be aimed at solidifying agreements transforming armistice to formal peace treaty.

The contentious issues are – United States base in South Korea, military exercise and nuclear threats against North Korea obviously straining potential peace maneuvers between two neighbors sharing many things that are common having been one nation prior to Korean war.

On the other hand, North Korea preparing for nuclear confrontation with persistent nuclear programs and warnings are unhelpful and counterproductive.

Due to mistrust among all sides for known reasons, the cause and effects identified above would alleviate fears and apprehensions beginning with withdrawal of provocative measures from all parties involved in the dispute.

North Korea pausing nuclear proliferation and diverting resources towards economic growth and development would be prudent strengthening population for a better future. The economic sanctions against North Korea lifted to promote North Korean economy is pertinent providing relief to North Korean citizens having suffered in the political and military stalemate.

North Korean leadership Kim Jong Un and top brass military command paying attention to consequences of preemptive strikes would demonstrate diligence and deliberation eventually paying off for a positive outcome.

Besides, the North Korean leadership and advisers reflecting on previous experience in the twentieth century should serve as guidance to employ restraint and avert conflict at all costs for a nation seeking termination of struggles within winning citizens confidence on survival.

North Korea along with all nuclear states submission without exception to nuclear non-proliferation moving towards disarmament is urgent requirement. The nuclear possession threatening global peace and security is no longer negotiable posing incumbency on major nuclear powers and others to commence dismantling and safe disposal of nuclear arsenal under independent international supervision.

United States Superpower status shifting from military involvement not only in Korean Peninsula but worldwide substituted with peaceful engagement and productive contributions would exemplify trustworthiness and reliable partnership to rest of the world.

The present leaders in respective countries are obligatory to safeguard safety and security of not only their citizens but the entire world unwisely subject to protracted challenges tied to economic interests and strategic dominance.

North and South Korea together with United States conforming to peaceful negotiations for a permanent peace accord is the absolute way forward that guarantee stability and economic progress.

The details of peace agreement will be presented post compliance of the preliminary process highlighted above.

I convey my best wishes for a peaceful settlement benefitting citizens in the region and humanity at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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United States – Congress Deal on Sanctions Against Russia, Iran and North Korea

July 22, 2017

United States – Congress Deal on Sanctions Against Russia, Iran and North Korea

By Padmini Arhant

The bipartisan agreement on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea at United States allies’ behest is politically motivated ignoring serious repercussions of such action.

When will there be acknowledgment of destabilizing legacy from U.S. foreign policy architects and game players who continue to inflict immeasurable misery, unrest and political chaos world over?

United States constant meddling and illegal interventions in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia including the creation of al-Qaeda and the latest ISIS has obstructed global peace and progress with turmoil and tumultuous events having become the norm.

The legislation following cues from forces embarked on vested interests convey message to the world that United States governance is directed by foreign diktat that cares less about negative impact of such initiatives given the unnecessary adversarial environment in the nuclear age.

The current deal is a bad move for reasons cited below.

RUSSIA – Regardless of the endless saga over alleged Russian interference in 2016 U.S. Presidential race causing propaganda fatigue that has run its course and lost novelty, the reruns are nothing more than deflecting public attention from issues concerning the nation and the rest of the world.

The economic, financial and travel sanctions against non-western nations eventually hurt United States and allies position on the economy with domestic businesses having any representation in the nations that are sanctioned unable to carry on operations due to embargo on that country.

In the global economy with interdependency, widespread supply chain, technological connectivity and importantly fuel imports viz. natural gas from Russia to Europe and oil from Iran to other parts of the world could generate fuel crisis. The trade restrictions would ultimately cost the average consumer and businesses in the United States and elsewhere as experienced in the past slowing economic activities all around.  Not to mention the inflation counteracting any positive growth and development.

Besides, the antagonistic approach towards these nations via sanctions proved counterproductive until now. The path of diplomacy and dialogue has long been abandoned replaced with cavalier decisions and aggression exacerbating global relations in the twenty first century.

The impatience and irresponsible reactions are not the solutions to global problems. The initial step in addressing issue is to review and recognize one’s own flaws and deficiencies prior to fault finding and consider pragmatic measures to ease tensions than enforce inappropriate recommendations.

United States pursuing constructive choices and maintaining stable partnership with Russia is paramount. The resolution on several international issues beginning with Ukraine, ending war in Syria, nuclear non-proliferation leading towards disarmament that is critical for life and planet survival are all dependent on peaceful overture.

Again, Paris climate treaty is ineffective in the absence of eliminating nuclear threat and terror sponsorship arming terror networks with chemical and biological weapons alongside conventional weapons cache.

IRAN  – The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached between P5+1, EU and Iran in Geneva in 2015 was premised on lifting sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran’s non-nuclear program.

The accord categorically called for adherence on both sides with default from either prompting pre-JCPOA status.

United States Congress heading towards sanctions against Iran at closest ally will would not only jeopardize JCPOA but also compel Iran to the original option on nuclear defense that could no longer be challenged with U.S. reversal on Geneva pact.

NORTH KOREASanctions proved counterproductive as they are with any nation. The notion that depriving North Korean citizens from normal existence would deliver revolt against North Korean government is a gross miscalculation. The starvation imposed via sanctions punish the population producing resentment against those behind the failed strategy adding to nationalism amongst the victims of economic warfare. Furthermore, the prohibition of exports and imports is also barring trade prospects for United States business with the isolated country.

United States presence in the Korean peninsula with provocative military drills on Yellow Sea has promoted North Korea nuclear ambitions in recent memory. The demilitarization and commencement of communication involving fair expectations would be the initial requirement to deescalate conflict.

United States foreign policy moving away from saber rattling and unsuccessful sanctions substituted with amicable and rational proposals would be a paradigm shift in the changing geopolitical dynamics.

All the more reason for nuclear free zone to be global priority in the otherwise nuclear frenzy climate.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Spouse in Divine Mission