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May 21, 2017


Duplicity feigning Authenticity

By Padmini Arhant

Could the media in the United States care to clarify on the present family in the White House?

Is President Donald J. Trump an orthodox Jew?

If the answer is no, then the President’s eldest daughter Ivanka could not be an orthodox Jew since she is referred to as Ivanka Trump.

On the contrary, any claim on Ivanka’s apostasy from whatever that was previously to the current one through alleged marriage with an orthodox Jew Jared Kushner could not be true either with the last name Kushner discarded by supposedly an orthodox traditional spouse.

What is true?

Ivanka’s marriage to orthodox Jew Jared Kushner then why not Ivanka Kushner rather than Ivanka Trump given the orthodox status?

Alternatively, there could be no connection between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and yet she is supposedly a mother of his three kids struggling the act between an orthodox Jew and an unorthodox identity.

In keeping up with prevalent practice to dissect personal profile of anyone regarded a public figure, the clarification is necessary to end misrepresentation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


By Padmini Arhant

There are many questions arise due to duplicity feigning authenticity and violations are the norm.


  1.  Could any system be truly democratic when candidates are pre-selected by a special council or for that matter chosen by Super Delegates like in the United States Democratic Party exerting superiority over electorate prior to national election?


  1. What about a democracy that bars women hopefuls while expecting women voters to cast votes and yet described as vibrant democracy?


  1. How is the election free and fair with detention of political opposition and absence of other parties from mainstream denied opportunity to participate in the process?


  1. Is it possible that CIA and NSA are so weak and vulnerable that their secret world is infiltrated by Wikileaks and one of their employees both of whom are apparently fugitives and named in the most wanted list?


  1. Similarly, were CIA and counterparts in deep slumber awakened by al-Qaeda on 9/11?


  1. Is terrorism today the premise for warfare likened to communism in the past prompting invasion of Vietnam and other parts of South East Asia while triggering near nuclear meltdown targeting Cuba?


  1. Did Karl Marx benefit from communism? Or Did communism promote feudalism?


  1. Is corporate socialism facilitating welfare system for politics considering economic sector and political establishment interdependency?


  1. Are the cash flow from campaign donors to political members and vice versa via kickbacks and backend deals deemed corruption?


  1. Should lawmakers as lawbreakers be allowed to legislate laws they do not respect and follow while enforcing them against rest of the society?


  1. What about those in the position of power and authority exercising the license to kill at will whether the victim is unarmed civilian in domestic or foreign land?


  1. Is freedom of press a privilege or priority in a democracy?


  1. Should media and news outlets be pugnacious to some and unctuous to other?


  1. What makes the report fair and balanced – facts or fabrication?


  1. Should television networks be concerned about rating or rationality?


  1. What is the difference between State broadcasting and corporate channels fielding for the State?


In International Developments:


  1. Can a state annex territory and occupy neighboring country in defiance of international law and maintain normal relations with rest of the world?


  1. Should a country as major economic power claiming territorial proprietary continue to threaten region simply because the sea shares the name of the country?


  1. Is it appropriate to undermine sovereignty of a nation with arbitrary air strikes against the defense force?


  1. Does it make the wrong right with weapons supply to nation identified as terror sponsor and aggressor?


  1. Should innocent people in poorer nations die for the sake of job creation and profitability in industrialized country?


  1. What leads to self-destruction?


Response – The enslavement to greed and hatred.


  1. What distinguishes political opportunism from human compassion?


Response – When the government exploits options to stay execution order for one citizen while colludes with then ruling power in declining a rape victim the right to survive and mandatorily transports the patient in critical condition out of country against medical advice resulting in patient’s mortality and political killing.  Further victimizing the citizen by rejecting  the victim and parent’s plea to disclose the victim’s actual name.


  1. What is worst – myopia or dystopia?


Response – The former transforms into latter.


  1. What is religion to politics?


Response – The pawn for political advantage.


Something to think about in the rapacious environment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission







United States – Democracy in Disguise

May 19, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

The new administration in the United States on radar with firing and hiring process underway feeling the heat prior to summer in Washington D.C.

The news outlets and television networks continuous supply of information on the elected administration former appointees as well as campaign members alleged ties with Russia is the contentious topic not without climax to arouse interest and public attention.

Besides Russia’s presumed relations with the present administration, the investigation is initiated to determine Russia’s role in 2016 U.S. Presidential election forgetting the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful attempt in 2008 and myriad scandals burdening legitimacy.

Not to mention the democratic party successive losses in Congressional elections since 2010 until 2016 evading responsibility on electorate response to leaderships and political party performance.

The focus narrowed on Russia while there are others as United States allies engaged in adversarial activities including espionage somehow never considered security threat despite their direct involvement in 9/11 attack killing thousands of Americans and scores thereafter in Afghanistan and Iraq followed by many other targets until today.

The episode implicating then Congress member democrat Jane Harman on Homeland Security Intelligence covert pursuits in recorded conversation with two indicted Israeli spies guaranteeing less charges in exchange for her nomination to coveted Chair of House Intelligence committee unfolding in 2009 hardly a matter of concern to media and political apparatus tone-deaf to alarming breach of national security and constitution.

Accordingly, many questions arise on the credibility or the lack thereof in selective investigations with behind the scenes operatives underestimating human intelligence on all issues.

There is no secret that members of congress and administrations regardless of political representation as republican, democrat or independent pledge allegiance to the state of Israel with generous aid in billions of dollars at U.S. taxpayers’ expense expended in expanding Israel’s illegal settlement activity, terrorism and human rights violation. At the same time the fiscally conscious members in Congress deny American families and veterans essential assistance quoted as social welfare.

White House relationship with Saudi Arabia – yet another terror sponsor specializing in mass killings and collusion in installing corrupt and authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and wherever possible clarifies priorities for those in control over world political system.

Saudi Arabia weapons procurement from United States, UK and Germany used in destroying Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq genocide is a profitable deal for defense industry. The military base to protect Saudi dynasty against people in the Kingdom is a commercial advantage depriving citizens’ individual rights and freedom.

The probe to confirm Russian involvement in U.S. affairs would be appropriate upon similar engagement against others hurting U.S. economy and trustworthiness in crisis management.

The seriousness and sincerity to safeguard United States interests would be evident in the investigation holding none above the law beginning with members and administration complicit in 9/11 terror attack and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003 respectively using deception in the unsubstantiated weapons of mass destruction theory.

The subsequent cover up in the false claim on deceased Osama Bin Laden murder in 2011 and elimination of Navy SEALS to erase living testimony among several other events not barring Benghazi fiasco mock democracy alongside honoring deceit and treason.

Transparency and accountability are inconvenient in the smoke and mirror setting shying away from own reflection that reveals inviolable truth about abhorrent crimes against people in the United States and worldwide.

The administrations headed by former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney along with successor ex-President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and cohorts escapades attract accolades instead of condemnation and impartial inquiry in the blatant obstruction of justice at every opportunity.

Any legal proceedings and inquest pertaining to national security and misuse of power exercised until now would be fair in the treatment of alike rather than exempting others with political immunity.

The firestorm over former FBI director James Comey is nothing but a farce considering the decision to remove the individual was inevitable with either Presidential candidates – the hawkish left and the business oriented cavalier right in obedience to Bilderberg members order.

When the world is run by those ever remaining in the dark with government leaderships in compliance to masonic directives continue to mislead electorate providing more of the same or the worst to maintain status quo, the hope and change is far from reality.

The ownership of mass communication, entertainment industry and so-called social media with captive audience is contemporary means for propaganda and mind invasion imposing rigorous measures to contain critical thinking and reasoning showing little or no tolerance to constructive thoughts and open dialogue.

Awakening in the demand for scrutiny of predecessors and incumbent administration indulgence at masonic behest leading to betrayal of voters’ trust and misappropriation of actual taxpayer funds is pertinent to avert otherwise cataclysmic developments deemed governance.

The definition of public service is reversed with those in the position of power and authority gaining affluence and influence on all things to benefit them, their near and far campaign donors and importantly the global elites leaving those electing them to office bemoaning the choice.

Another interesting factor is advocacy for destructive cause usually hired on quid pro quo with awards such as Presidential Medal of Honor and fake compliments in the self-defeating Zero-sum game.

The wise would learn from experience and repeat failures abandoning course proved counterproductive. The strategy using same formula promising different results is deployed in political field alternating members from political factions designated to function in globalists favor.

How long could this prolong with imminent expiration of anything detrimental without exception in natural law?

The parallel forces viz. masonic and surrogates end is expedited in the fervor to sustain unsustainable damaged system having exhausted techniques in misrepresentation and tactical actions.

Democracy in disguise relying on violence and duplicity endanger justice and liberty ultimately serving the reason for swift exit.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission














United States – Abuse of Executive Power

March 5, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

The abuse of executive power at every opportunity in the United States more so since the beginning of the twenty first century under former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney is no surprise. The customary practice adapted and taken to the extreme level by ex-President Barack Obama is irrefutable.

Any claims that Barack Obama administration cardinal rule was not to indulge in wiretapping of any U.S. citizen is not true considering personal experience and actions such as surveillance act including phone, email and all other form of communications under NSA purview subjecting United States citizens to scrutiny with and without congressional consensus was the norm.

Why there is no investigation in the shooting of unarmed civilian – the young black mother Miriam Iris Carey with her thirteen months old daughter Erica in the back seat on October 3rd, 2013 at the White House doorstep denying the victim a chance to leave unhurt from the crime scene with guns aimed at her by White House secret service and D.C. police?

The preventable incident sparing life unnecessarily resulted in fatality could not be happening without Presidential order.

Miriam Iris Carey perhaps had wiretapping in her apartment with all her normal activities monitored by designated crew violating United States citizen’s privacy and constitutional right only to be dismissed as delusional supposition.

The legislations Patriot Act, FISA and introduction of NDAA under Barack Obama administration peaked in the absence of checks and balances to such undemocratic and unprincipled misuse of power.

United States citizens’ vulnerabilities in the wake of excess extra judicial power exponentially risen in modern times leaving targeted individuals completely at the mercy of the authority accountable to none.

The contemporary trend in massive collusion protecting the crimes of previous administrations regardless of the extent and involvement in carte blanche decisions further exacerbates democratic means to probe and conduct inquiry.

Not to mention bipartisanship in such matter that otherwise ominously missing in legislations of national and electorate interest is a tradition for the nation to contend with given media defense and political immunity absolving administrations and the head from any responsibility.

These developments arguably raise concerns and stupefy those having any faith in the system to deliver impartially setting aside political affiliations and pledges to internal as well as external operatives reining control over outcome on congressional and FBI inquest.

When arch conservatives alongside so-called liberal democrats consecutively represent Senate with guaranteed power having no term limits, the Super Pac prominence supersede electability deducing election nothing other than a formality.

The concept of democracy has long been subjugated with subversion and complicity within and outside politics shunning transparency to the point of no return.

In the attempt to rescue high profile entities implicated in serious infringements, the legislative branch and communication media role exhausted to maintain status quo declining reform.

The misinterpretation of power in any position especially in public service is a major political crisis leading to unacceptable breach of ethical code and civic trust.

The remedy is to apply the rule of none held above the law.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission







Indian Sub Continent – India Pakistan NSA Talks Cancellation

August 24, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

India and Pakistan national security advisors talks cancellation is regrettable and reveals lack of commitment in saving lives from terrorism.

Pakistan invitation to Kashmir separatists Hurriyat Conference and factions alike prior to NSA meeting scheduled on August 24, 2015 in New Delhi and demand to include Kashmir issue in the bilateral discussion rather than focus on terror in entirety is deviation from past and present official agreements.

The recent terror attacks in India – Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir and Gurdaspur, Punjab deserves unequivocal attention considering repeat events leading to terror networks in Pakistan.  The discourse devoted to terror incidents endangering civilian population on both sides is critical and would demonstrate Pakistan’s renewed efforts to expunge terror within state.

Furthermore, adherence to planned sessions on important matter such as terrorism without Kashmir and various problems in Indo-Pak relationship could have conveyed strong message to the world and terror sponsors as well as operatives in particular on Pakistan’s seriousness to free the nation from terror control.

Beginning with 9/11 in the United States and multiple terror activities against India and other neighbors notwithstanding terror blasts across Pakistan wreaking havoc in the country, the NSA forum was prime opportunity to exchange relevant information and devise effective strategy to purge terror.

Pakistan’s rejection of the proposal to hold exclusive summit on terrorism could be misinterpreted amongst terror groups as state complicity to terror operations inside and across the border.

The series of Line of Control violations in the frontiers cannot be slighted promoting militancy and incursion aimed at escalating tensions between two nuclear nations.

Pakistan’s statement on armed forces ability to defend national sovereignty ignores reality.

Pakistan is under siege with diverse terror organizations making life impossible for citizens in national domain and conducting terror against India and Afghanistan with ISI support.

The nation’s first enemy is the one committing treason and betray citizenry.

Pakistan’s sovereignty violated on many occasions and prominent instance being United States Abbottabad mission supposedly to capture and kill the long deceased al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden near national defense headquarter.

NATO provocative air raid on Pakistan that resulted in several armed personnel tragic casualties while deployed as coalition forces in Pakistan with no apology from aggressors until today is a major setback for military, intelligence and political establishment.

As for Baluchistan secessionism, the evidence with Israel’s Mossad trained agents infiltration in disguise proficient in local language apparently not detected by Pakistan’s intelligence and military in predisposition towards India.

Pakistan internal circles on Saudi Arabia funding and United States military aid remain existential threat to nation and the region.

The debate on Kashmir for Pakistan and external sources instigating hostility using the subject as pretext evade responsibility on involvements in aiding and abetting terror at home and foreign land.

Kashmir separatists as proxies to members with vested interests at Kashmiris expense contributing to endless plight in subversion embarked as liberation crusade.

Kashmir is relevant to citizens in the valley more than anyone anywhere in the world.  The proselytized state comprises people of origin not necessarily subscribing to politically motivated foreign agenda. Accordingly, Kashmir merits comprehensive review and resolution to follow in due course.

Those nations prompting behind Kashmir topic need to introspect on prevalent situations against religious denominations of Islam viz. Bahai in Iran, incessant violence against Shia in Pakistan, the war in Yemen targeting Shias representing Houthi movement, the persecution of Kurds in Turkey, sectarianism in Iraq facilitating western and Middle East allies recruited terror and last but not the least the contentious Palestinian dispute.

Muslim nations worldwide are confronted with interior turmoil and fragility emanating from western influenced policy to deny political freedom in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq as well as Iran to name a few in volatile Middle East.

Similarly, Islamic nations in South, South East and Central Asia besides Africa susceptible to political instability and unrest largely from incoherence and western dominance through military bases and occupation under the guise of security.

Pakistan’s democracy suppressed with military and intelligence agency intrusion in governance.  Since British partition of India in 1947, Pakistan struggles to retain democratic system with lingering opposition to civilian rule.

Then there are schisms proliferating turbulence with underworld crime syndicate and nefarious elements provided refuge with immunity from investigation and extradition.

The existing conditions in Pakistan is impetus on national priority to engage in constructive and meaningful interaction with India and surrounding neighbors in containing terror and insurgency claiming innocent lives all around.

Setting political differences and opinions aside, Pakistan and India resumption of talks at political, military and Border Security Forces levels pertinent to alleviate civilian suffering on either side.

The national pledge to safeguard citizens’ safety and territorial integrity is possible upon renouncing ties with those causing mayhem.

In the absence of delineation from terror manufacturers, the posturing on fighting terror is disingenuous and already consuming the premise fostering enmity.

Pakistan and India dealing with positive intentions to protect lives and eliminate skirmishes would guarantee sustainable peace.

The desirable economic growth and progress is attainable in peaceful and stable environment.  The governments dedication to diplomacy in reaching mutual consensus would determine the strength of democracy and independent status of a nation.

Pakistan and India are urged to move forward in forging better relations based on respect for life and trust in delivering secure future to the current and next generations.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





























United States – The Art of Political Expediency

October 6, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The political system that is controlled maneuvered and specializes in manufacturing crises through false flags and other means to establish criminality as the rule of law evident in –

NSA surveillance,

NDAA denying own citizens due process,

Unlawful detentions in Guantanamo Bay and domestic prison complex,

That holds republic to ransom with government shut down and,

Complicit in siphoning trillions of dollars from national treasury at ordinary citizens expense bear no resemblance to democracy in simplistic or pragmatic terms with reliance on subversion in pursuit of dominance.

Besides sponsoring terror, conducting drone attacks to kill innocent civilians around the world and above all providing military and monetary aid to belligerent states with track record of gross human rights violation regarded the supreme privilege in the era of changing geopolitical dynamics rejecting supremacy concept.

The arms supply to drug cartels under the Fast and Furious program run by the administration Justice Department having claimed more than 50,000 lives and still counting in the neighboring Mexico while the population from that state fleeing the violence riddled situation characterized illegals remain the bone of contention in the immigration debate.

The foreign policy that considers unlawful invasion and occupation of foreign land as the prerogative ironically holds thousands arriving on the United States shores due to U.S. created economic and political mayhem in the respective country of origin a burden on the economy calling for stringent immigration rules and building the highest possible fence to prevent the influx of victims from counterproductive neo-liberal economic strategy and neo-conservative militarism.

Furthermore the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission run State Department, the Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies embark on missions destabilizing sovereign nations, toppling democratic and popular governments and institutionalizing state terrorism for pervasive subjugation. 

The investigation on the State Department involved incident in Benghazi, Libya related to United States ambassador Christopher Stevens assassination and three other embassy staff deaths stifled with evidence disposal. 

Additionally the appointment of the so-called independent committee known as Accountability Review Board (ARB) comprising the state department officials posing conflict of interest disregarding congressional subpoenas by threatening members pursuing the matter speaks volume on the resistance to transparency concerning American safety. 

Similarly, the U.S. raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan supposedly to capture or kill Osama Bin laden conveniently denying the public any proof to that effect was followed with the elimination of Navy Seal deployed in that operation.

Again the forces behind 9//11 onslaught leading to global status quo share imperialistic quest unleashing terror via al-Qaeda – the network founded by them. 

Notwithstanding aggression against developing nations facilitate recruitment for relentless warfare.

The U.S. administration latest form of intimidation against perceived adversaries is airspace refusal to foreign governments heads of state like Bolivian President Evo Morales and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro with no regrets on the reckless intrusions endangering life and diplomatic row not to mention the action in breach of international aviation standard.

Owing to these circumstances and many other events where state lawlessness upheld as the law with imposition of hardline tactics to quell dissent and peaceful assembly in disdain for non-violent civil disobedience clarify systemic abuse of power reflecting authoritarianism to suppress accountability. 

The important factor is corruption apparently potent than nuclear arsenal in expanding proxy governance worldwide – prominently in the domain misconstrued as democracy.

On nuclear and assorted WMD disarmament – the selective criteria exempting violators in possession of substantial stockpiles from any inspection, verification and compliances juxtapose mandatory enforcement on abiding nations reveal the inherently flawed denuclearization stratagem.

UN and UNSC along with EU maintaining the parallel government role and exclusivity exercised in arbitrary economic sanctions and ammunition delivery to terrorists in Syria or approval to invade minerals rich nation like Mali slight fairness and objectivity thereby confirming the organizational purpose to sustain hierarchy.

However, the process having exhausted methods on parasitic existence depleting the source and earth’s resources is at the crossroads to renounce destructive course or proceed to the precipice for inevitable outcome not necessarily favorable to them.

The remedial measure to current challenges is to address the cause rather than responding to symptoms alone commencing with mass consciousness and resolve to invalidate prevalent conditions designed to protect the illusive self-proclaimed aristocracy.

United States breakthrough on impasse is possible with open communication and recognition of mutual responsibility in expediting reconciliation.

The real independence is primarily linked with adherence to constitutional requirement on all issues especially the transfer of authority from privately owned Federal Reserve to national ownership on money supply, distribution and implementation of monetary policy.

Nonetheless the art of political expediency overrides rationality and courage to confront elements contributing to precipitous decline of morality, human values and ethical efficacy. 

Human evolution enriched with intelligence and reasoning invoking compassion for universal empowerment is instrumental in attaining liberation and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




Briefing – Egypt Crises And U.S. NSA Program

August 15, 2013

From: Padmini Arhant

Dear Friends and Citizens of the World,

You are invited to the briefing on developments in Egypt and U.S. NSA program.

The session will begin in approximately 30 minutes to world local time.

Your participation is appreciated.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

United States – NSA Surveillance Through Subliminal PRISM

June 17, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

National Surveillance Act (NSA) defended by the government even though the dragnet spying not only on U.S. citizens but also spreading across the globe is equivalent to searching for needle in a haystack under the blanket presumption of national and global population as potential terror suspects without probable cause or evidence.

In contrast, the political establishment arguably deserves public scrutiny for lack of transparency and accountability considering the authorities direct alliance with al-Qaeda and affiliates al-Nusra Front terror networks in Libya, Iraq, Mali and Syria producing massive deaths and destruction.

NSA infringement upon civil liberties meant to protect criminality by keeping citizens on radar to detect any anti-government plan followed by aggressive interception through unconstitutional measures such as Patriot Act, FISA, ACTA and NDAA leading to flagrant authoritarianism.

The pervasive espionage is not limited to accessibility to phone numbers and Internet communications as mentioned by the government representatives on this controversial matter.

In fact, the program involves private citizens financial, health and other personal records extrapolation by gaining unlawful entry ranging from hacking into the computers to eavesdropping on conversations especially those identified as whistleblowers sought with vengeance given the state intolerance and sensitivity to truth seekers and speakers for their commitment to reveal political leaderships crimes against humanity.

NSA sprawling activities is in accordance with Bilderberg group agenda that was the key issue in the recent conference held in Watford, England on June 6 – 9, 2013.

Bilderberg directing loyalists on big data or Meta data diligently exercised in United States, Canada, Australia, Britain…and Europe.

Western intelligence agencies like NSA, FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6 and Mossad in particular are the terror in creating terrorist organizations viz. al-Qaeda and splinter groups using them for false flag operations along with fundamentalist networks to ignite sectarian violence around the world.

Moreover the western intelligence serve hardliners in government crackdown on peaceful protest witnessed in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Yemen.

They provide assistance and guidelines to ruling authority in violent engagement with marginalized and disenfranchised demography for their genuine demand on equal opportunity seen in Mexico against indigenous Zapatistas and similarly elsewhere.

The western intelligence apparatus preoccupy in national and regional destabilization to promote hegemony goals with prolonged unrest via warfare accompanied by proliferation of arms race not barring WMD lately used by United States, Israel, Britain and France in Iraq, Gaza, Libya and Syria respectively.

NSA is the preliminary and comprehensive mind control strategy to curb uprising amid growing dissatisfaction and disappointment on continuous betrayal of people trust and political power failure to resolve national crises exemplified in gross neglect of economy.

The argument that NSA is on congressional oversight and independent courts jurisdiction to protect civil rights rather favorable to the political helm based on collusion within hierarchy and demonstrated in defending each other behind the veil of secrecy maintaining the smokescreen for en masse subjugation.

Justice department under executive branch influence decisions on cases handled in circuit courts, appellate divisions and supposedly autonomous body at the state and federal level weighted on judicial promotions swaying outcome per authority instruction.

Besides, in terms of the highest court on land as the last bastion for justice –

Supreme Court justices as incumbent administration nominees reciprocate in vindicating Presidency on Presidential disputes or return favors to political parties and corporations contributing to conflict of interest compromising ethics and constitutional law required to be upheld in real democracy.

In this instance, the Supreme Court life term appointment is hindrance to justice for the same reason attributed to judiciary function as fiduciary.

Meanwhile, the people are the victims without recourse in the inextricably flawed system.

NSA serves the purpose to justify unjustifiable actions denying citizens the fundamental right to share grievances on the state of affairs with consequences for honorable and courageous steps in exposing the systemic abuse of power.

United States freedom and democratic values are under siege with coalescence among the powerful in eliminating republic from governance.

National and international solidarity calling for NSA termination is critical to restore human dignity with privacy currently regarded as entitlement to the privileged class depriving the rest from inalienable natural right.

Inaction or complacency to this effect would be surrender to dominance endangering peaceful co-existence.

The pretexts of safeguarding security with unlimited and unwarranted intrusion is deflection from reality.

Recognition of common factor i.e. loss of individual liberty is the binding element to challenge with collective response in turning the tide against superficial power.

Wishing citizens in the United States and worldwide independence from surreptitious captivity enabled through subliminal PRISM.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

July 4, Independence Day

July 5, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

July 4th is a memorable day for all Americans to cherish the freedom of choice in every respect as citizens of this great nation.

The American society not only celebrates freedom like most free nations across the world but also strives to liberate those deserving equality no matter where they belong.

The President’s inspiring call to serve humanity on this day resonates with the patriots’ decision to pledge their valuable resources that enabled the Independence Day commemorated with joy through spectacular fireworks decorating the night.

The courageous troops in harm’s way protecting the freedom rejoiced by many on this day of Independence remain in most citizens’ thoughts and prayers all year around.

American freedom is the envy of the world, however regretfully the citizens’ privacy as well as civil liberties compromised in the past and present time with the wiretapping and monitoring private citizens’ communication by NSA warrantless surveillance in the wake of national security – a scapegoat in the divisive matter.

Freedom is a precious gift not possessed by all. There are millions on earth desperately seeking choices in life and often deprived of fundamental rights. While, in the land of the free and the home of the brave – freedom sometimes taken for granted with respect to the second amendment or the fourth amendment exhibiting excessive firepower figuratively and otherwise.

In view of the status quo related to citizens’ safety and privacy, freedom exercised with care and humanitarian concern is an ideal guide to those aspiring to be free.

The happiness from the Fourth of July legacy will continue to flow beyond expectations and shared by those dependent upon the leader of the free world for life honored with independent will.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
P.S. Please stand by for views and analysis on important issues concerning the State of California and the nation in general.

National Security Act – Torture

May 6, 2009

By Padmini Arhant


The nation riddled with recent events pertaining to national security.  In the past few weeks, there have been vigorous debates and discussions on the release of the torture memos describing the torture tactics applied on the speculative terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay and those held in Bagram Prison, Afghanistan.

There are polarizing views regarding the release of these materials claiming the potential threat to national security including the CIA and FBI operatives’ difficulty in performing their duties to keep the country safe.  Those in favor of transparency welcome the Obama administration’s gesture subject to further course of action. Merely releasing the materials will not suffice considering the misuse of power and gross violation of humanitarian laws.

In addition, the subsequent argument on the possible prosecution of the individuals responsible for torture against the Geneva Convention contributing yet another dilemma in the definition of torture and accountability factor.  Obviously, the predecessors’ supporters vehemently oppose the entire action thus far – from revealing the information to investigation.

The Obama administration‘s ambiguity on the humanitarian issue perceived as the White House conspicuously avoiding ‘retribution’ smear and possible distraction from the legislative matters like the universal health care.   Meanwhile, concerned citizens intrigued by the extreme strategy implemented to justify the imminent danger hypothesis, a constant practice by the previous administration notably the successful fear-mongering tactic during and after the Iraq invasion and occupation.

A full disclosure of the interrogation techniques particularly the notorious water boarding , ill-treatment and the indefinite imprisonment of the ‘so-called suspects’ in these captive centers confirm the serious violation of International Code namely the rejection of GCIII and Habeas Corpus.

It is important to examine the exact interpretation of the International laws set up for guidance and ethical purpose.  Further, the enforcement of these laws is to ensure precisely the state/the authorities remain confined to the jurisdiction of power against unarmed human beings in detention.

Source: The (The Free encyclopedia) – Thanks

The Third Geneva Convention of 1949 (abbreviated GCIII or GPW) , one of the Geneva Conventions, is a treaty agreement that primarily concerns the treatment of prisoners of war (POWs), and also touched on other topics. It replaced the Geneva Convention (1929).

According to Article 3, Part 1, General Provisions referred to as ‘Convention in miniature,’

“Noncombatants, combatants who have laid down their arms, and combatants who are hors de combat (out of the fight) due to wounds, detention, or any other cause shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, including prohibition of outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment.

The passing of sentences must also be pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all the judicial guarantees, which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.  Article 3’s protections exist even if one is not classified as a prisoner of war.”

Habeas corpus (IPA: /ˌheɪbiːæsˈkɔːpəs/) (Latin: You (shall) have the body[1]) is a legal action, or writ, through which a person can seek relief from the unlawful detention of him or herself, or of another person.  It protects the individual from harming him or herself, or from being harmed by the judicial system.  The writ of habeas corpus has historically been an important instrument for the safeguarding of individual freedom against arbitrary state action.

Simply put,

Habeas corpus, a legal action through which a person can seek relief from unlawful detention.

The due process for such petitions is not simply civil or criminal, because they incorporate the presumption of nonauthority.  The official who is the respondent has the burden to prove his authority to do or not do something.  Failing this, the court must decide for the petitioner, who may be any person, not just an interested party.  This differs from a motion in a civil process in which the movant must have standing, and bears the burden of proof.”

Here are some news articles detailing the torture on presumed ‘suspects’ held in captivity by the U.S authorities.

Warning: The following articles are graphic and may not be suitable for all.

“I Could Not Stop Screaming”

“The British newspaper Guardian (2/18/2005) reported that one Bagram prisoner, a Palestinian named Mustafa, was blindfolded, handcuffed, gagged, and forced to bend down over a table by three American soldiers.  He said, “They forcibly rammed a stick up my rectum… I could not stop screaming when this happened.”

In another case reported by the Guardian, a Jordanian prisoner, Wesam Abdulrahman Ahmed Al Deemawi, said that during a 40-day period at Bagram he was threatened with dogs, stripped and photographed “in shameful and obscene positions” and placed in a cage with a hook and a hanging rope.  He says he was hung from this hook, blindfolded, for two days.

Both men were freed from U.S. detention last year after being held at Bagram and Guantánamo.  Neither has been charged with anything by any government.

Dilawar, a 22-year-old Afghan taxi driver and farmer, was killed by U.S. torturers at Bagram in December 2002.  He had been beaten and chained by his wrists for four days. After his last torture session, Dilawar was chained back to the ceiling.  Several hours passed before a doctor saw him—by which time he was dead and already beginning to stiffen.

“An official of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission questioned –

“Are They Going to Vanish Forever?”

“The Americans are detaining people without any legal procedure. Prisoners do not have the opportunity to demonstrate their innocence.”

Despite the unprecedented human rights violations… translated barbaric in modern times, the defense for the authorities authorizing and executing the medieval customs against unarmed detainees charged guilty without due process is astonishing.  The world witnessed the pervasive prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Bagram, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay through explosive visuals, editorials, columns and interviews predominantly from the international sources and on-line mass media.

Incidentally, the torturers’ loyalists cry ‘foul’ against the latest revelation.  Even though, the international news organizations and human rights groups have been reporting these incidents all along per above articles.  Contrasting the detainees position, all those responsible for the unconscionable crime against humanity involving innocent victims in the witch-hunt for terror suspects, are also exempt from due process however, with the distinction of them proclaimed “Patriotic” in their utter disregard for International laws and human rights.

Clearly, the abuse of power in this context from the pyramid‘s apex to the base is symbolic in the embarrassing chapter of American history.  Ironically, the explanation for torture attributed to national defense while ignoring the brutality against other nationals and their families’ ordeal.

One might argue if it’s worth treading the retribution path rather than moving forward.  It’s possible to move forward if the past had no remnants of violation of the laws involving global citizens in prolonged detention specifically in the absence of any evidence or trials.  Similar treatment of American nationals would have created pandemonium at all levels.

Besides, such practices open the floodgates for misuse of power by future administrations notwithstanding other nations…currently witnessed in the treatment of American journalists imprisoned on allegedly espionage charges by Iran and North Korea.

Whenever there is excessive abuse of power, unequivocally democracy threatened aside from the Constitution made irrelevant.  Therefore, it’s incumbent on the people in a democracy to ensure that neither the state nor any authority is above the law in the land of justice.

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Thank you.

Padmini Arhant