United States – Democracy in Disguise

May 19, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

The new administration in the United States on radar with firing and hiring process underway feeling the heat prior to summer in Washington D.C.

The news outlets and television networks continuous supply of information on the elected administration former appointees as well as campaign members alleged ties with Russia is the contentious topic not without climax to arouse interest and public attention.

Besides Russia’s presumed relations with the present administration, the investigation is initiated to determine Russia’s role in 2016 U.S. Presidential election forgetting the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful attempt in 2008 and myriad scandals burdening legitimacy.

Not to mention the democratic party successive losses in Congressional elections since 2010 until 2016 evading responsibility on electorate response to leaderships and political party performance.

The focus narrowed on Russia while there are others as United States allies engaged in adversarial activities including espionage somehow never considered security threat despite their direct involvement in 9/11 attack killing thousands of Americans and scores thereafter in Afghanistan and Iraq followed by many other targets until today.

The episode implicating then Congress member democrat Jane Harman on Homeland Security Intelligence covert pursuits in recorded conversation with two indicted Israeli spies guaranteeing less charges in exchange for her nomination to coveted Chair of House Intelligence committee unfolding in 2009 hardly a matter of concern to media and political apparatus tone-deaf to alarming breach of national security and constitution.

Accordingly, many questions arise on the credibility or the lack thereof in selective investigations with behind the scenes operatives underestimating human intelligence on all issues.

There is no secret that members of congress and administrations regardless of political representation as republican, democrat or independent pledge allegiance to the state of Israel with generous aid in billions of dollars at U.S. taxpayers’ expense expended in expanding Israel’s illegal settlement activity, terrorism and human rights violation. At the same time the fiscally conscious members in Congress deny American families and veterans essential assistance quoted as social welfare.

White House relationship with Saudi Arabia – yet another terror sponsor specializing in mass killings and collusion in installing corrupt and authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and wherever possible clarifies priorities for those in control over world political system.

Saudi Arabia weapons procurement from United States, UK and Germany used in destroying Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq genocide is a profitable deal for defense industry. The military base to protect Saudi dynasty against people in the Kingdom is a commercial advantage depriving citizens’ individual rights and freedom.

The probe to confirm Russian involvement in U.S. affairs would be appropriate upon similar engagement against others hurting U.S. economy and trustworthiness in crisis management.

The seriousness and sincerity to safeguard United States interests would be evident in the investigation holding none above the law beginning with members and administration complicit in 9/11 terror attack and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003 respectively using deception in the unsubstantiated weapons of mass destruction theory.

The subsequent cover up in the false claim on deceased Osama Bin Laden murder in 2011 and elimination of Navy SEALS to erase living testimony among several other events not barring Benghazi fiasco mock democracy alongside honoring deceit and treason.

Transparency and accountability are inconvenient in the smoke and mirror setting shying away from own reflection that reveals inviolable truth about abhorrent crimes against people in the United States and worldwide.

The administrations headed by former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney along with successor ex-President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and cohorts escapades attract accolades instead of condemnation and impartial inquiry in the blatant obstruction of justice at every opportunity.

Any legal proceedings and inquest pertaining to national security and misuse of power exercised until now would be fair in the treatment of alike rather than exempting others with political immunity.

The firestorm over former FBI director James Comey is nothing but a farce considering the decision to remove the individual was inevitable with either Presidential candidates – the hawkish left and the business oriented cavalier right in obedience to Bilderberg members order.

When the world is run by those ever remaining in the dark with government leaderships in compliance to masonic directives continue to mislead electorate providing more of the same or the worst to maintain status quo, the hope and change is far from reality.

The ownership of mass communication, entertainment industry and so-called social media with captive audience is contemporary means for propaganda and mind invasion imposing rigorous measures to contain critical thinking and reasoning showing little or no tolerance to constructive thoughts and open dialogue.

Awakening in the demand for scrutiny of predecessors and incumbent administration indulgence at masonic behest leading to betrayal of voters’ trust and misappropriation of actual taxpayer funds is pertinent to avert otherwise cataclysmic developments deemed governance.

The definition of public service is reversed with those in the position of power and authority gaining affluence and influence on all things to benefit them, their near and far campaign donors and importantly the global elites leaving those electing them to office bemoaning the choice.

Another interesting factor is advocacy for destructive cause usually hired on quid pro quo with awards such as Presidential Medal of Honor and fake compliments in the self-defeating Zero-sum game.

The wise would learn from experience and repeat failures abandoning course proved counterproductive. The strategy using same formula promising different results is deployed in political field alternating members from political factions designated to function in globalists favor.

How long could this prolong with imminent expiration of anything detrimental without exception in natural law?

The parallel forces viz. masonic and surrogates end is expedited in the fervor to sustain unsustainable damaged system having exhausted techniques in misrepresentation and tactical actions.

Democracy in disguise relying on violence and duplicity endanger justice and liberty ultimately serving the reason for swift exit.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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