India – Republic Rise to Power

March 11, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

India – a secular, diverse society with political complexities, glaring social and economic disparity is deprived of pervasive progress due to stifling corruption, weak political opposition, selective judicial action, lawlessness amongst upper echelons trickling down to bottom bureaucracy and,

Above all abuse of power at the apex has undermined democracy leading towards authoritarianism.

The numerous scams in five years have smeared national image, cost taxpayers in trillion dollars upon recovery could potentially wipe out disproportionate poverty, hunger and disease in the society.

Average citizens also faced with persistent inflation and fuel price hikes regardless of international market buoyancy.

The economic growth has been on downward trend from the predicted 9% to relatively modest 6% for an emerging economy with escalating fiscal deficit posing greater challenge in the steady climb across the spectrum.

Evidently the frustrated vast majority conveyed their utter dissatisfaction with status quo in recent state elections against political leaderships especially the ruling power inability and lack of initiative to resolve major problems confronting the states and nation at large.

India with significant youth population and talent galore is suppressed from achieving phenomenal feat in every aspect predominantly attributed to feudalists’ political and economic monopoly reining control over 1.2 billion mass destiny.

The global empire implant in political system throughout the world as proxy governments to serve exclusive interest with monetary rewards via hegemony owned Swiss bank accounts and impunity from routine embezzlements and treason is the contemporary epidemic demanding potent measures to eradicate agents and source.

The long aspired global dominance is methodically implemented to subjugate nations exploiting human capital and natural resources to benefit nexus group and members sworn allegiance to the cabal.

Sinister organization being opposed to nationalists prefers narcissists to carry out agenda victimizing trusting citizenry across the globe.

Citizens’ choice to elect governments against prevalent norm is vilified with deliberate unrest to cause mayhem.

In India – The globalists having infiltrated political and economic sectors,

The attempt to sabotage military is nearly successful with subservient administration in New Delhi diligently following order against national security.

Alongside Indian media, print press, movie industry in Mumbai and southern India coalescence not excluding bourgeois loyalty are compounding  elements in treachery eroding moral, ethical and cultural values – that were once cherished in Indian society.

These segments support aimed at individual gains considering illicit wealth accumulation and money laundering facilitated through investments in Bollywood and sports ventures meet globalists’ criteria depriving remaining demography basic needs and dignified life.

The entertainment sector generating revenue is not without underworld mafia collusion with capital infusion.

Hence anti-corruption proposals and serious crackdown of the cartel is met with resistance using cinematic format and articles constituting character defamation with punitive damages in legal course to curtail deceptive tactics and false propaganda against political targets.

The convoluted celluloid themes degraded into voyeurism and media outlets promotion reveal the writer, filmmaker particularly their commercial performers personal life story and debauchery enabling award winning performance with no talent requirement for real life portrayal.

Desperate times seeking desperate measures is confirmed in the precipitous decline of entertainment arts politicized with economic motives and unscrupulous means to hall of fame more appropriately notoriety sustenance.

Not to mention the audience deteriorating discernment accepting deflection in the form of infotainment.

Self-detrimental activities fixated on perversion and subversion fail to recognize karmic effects imparting valuable lessons in life.

The collaboration is a major impediment in moving India forward with the upper-middle class and high society backing corrupt establishment while A-political middle class protecting individual honor.

The country is dependent on marginalized and disenfranchised coalition to rise to the occasion and defend the nation from peril.

Congress government under Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh leaderships championed undemocratic rule of law against true patriots in the society.

Shri Anna Hazare – the Gandhian led anti-corruption rally was mocked and incriminated with the leader arrested and placed in Tihar jail (Federal prison for worst crimes).

The rest of his team continuously harassed with unsubstantiated charges including physical assault against one member to deter graft momentum.

The administration imposed mandatory retirement on the Chief of Army Staff General Vijay Kumar Singh – the army veteran known for patriotism and valor demonstrated in the military high command officer’s career.

Notwithstanding the General’s deep respect and faith in democracy unique characteristic in the current environment with democracy’s immediate threat emanating from military usurpation.

The ruling power, judiciary and media role in Army General V.K. Singh age row is reprehensible showing complete disregard towards those risking their lives for the country.

Contrarily the appeasement diminishing journalistic standards and judicial sanctity in safeguarding traitors embedded in politics, economics and entertainment industry proves misplaced gratitude and complicity in derailing national prospects on the horizon.

Furthermore, the Congress leaderships’ decision to replace General V.K. Singh with Lieutenant General Bikram Singh at foreign power’s behest is extremely disturbing based on undesirable developments by globalists eyeing on India’s largest army 1.3 million personnel to accomplish the diabolical quest – world supremacy at non-western forces sacrifice.

Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh profile is reportedly marred with controversies and convictions in the domestic and international postings such as –

Alleged fake encounter resulting in the 60 year old civilian death in Jammu and Kashmir in 2001.

During Multinationals UN Peace Keeping Mission in Congo as Deputy Force Commander– Soldiers accused of rape under his direct command.

The list goes on with other allegations that government has willfully discarded and hastily announced the appointment of Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh three months ahead of schedule overriding 60 days protocol.

The unprecedented move by the government in the aggressive demand for Gen. V.K. Singh to step down when the General’s term does not expire until late May 2013 is suggestive of the puppet regime adherence to foreign command and,

The eagerness in organizing contingency under tainted Army Chief expected to cooperate with western hierarchy than incumbent General V.K. Singh.

Notably Lt. General Bikram Singh is also the Army War College and the US Army War College, Pennsylvania, alumnus according to the leading Indian news daily report.

Similarly the contentious Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) – carte blanche to armed forces including immunity on atrocity against civilians has taken toll on many innocent lives in Eastern India – Manipur, Assam, Nagaland and Northern region specifically Kashmir Valley.

The protester Irom Chanu Sharmila from the Eastern State of Manipur has been fasting for over ten years and surviving through nasal feeding until today.

The compassionate peace activist has pledged her life seeking AFSPA withdrawal from her home state only to be rejected by the government and opposition in the false sense of security against insurgency.

In fact AFSPA have verifiably committed unspeakable crimes against locals mostly defenseless villagers that prompted Irom Sharmila – then a young woman from the village to observe hunger strike against AFSPA.

The draconian law – Armed Forces Special Powers Ordinance inherited from colonial power was introduced in 1942 granting unlimited authority to armed forces to curb India’s political movement in the occupied colony.

Since then governments from all political factions have been apathetic to the cause despite reports on AFSPA violence against citizens in Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and Kashmir.

Abolition of AFSPA would not only bring relief to the beleaguered states but also eliminate any militancy produced by AFSPA presence in the territory.

Congress government under Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh stewardship has not spared the intellectuals in the society per accounts from eminent scientist Professor. C.N.R. Rao.

The scientists at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) were the victims of brazen conduct.

According to the reports Prof. C.N.R. Rao – a renowned scientist and Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister expressed disappointment over the removal of ISRO Chief G. Madhavan Nair and three fellow scientists by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi government.

“Prof. Rao had stated that the scientists were “thrown out like garbage” for their alleged role in the Antrix-Devas deal on allocation of scarce S-band space segment to private firm Devas.

“People who have served the country, served the organization for long, you cannot throw them like garbage.

That’s what they have done. They have literally thrown them out of the window like garbage,” the professor said, voicing outrage at the action.

“They have not treated corrupt persons in politics, in public life like that.

Why only scientists have been picked up? asked Prof. Rao, also Honorary President of Bangalore-based Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research.

“Is this the way to treat anybody?

Nobody will work for these (government) organizations if this is the way they are treated,” Prof. Rao.

Prof. Rao targeted Mr. NarayanasamyMinister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Prime Minister’s Office Chief Spokesperson for his reported comments that  –

The government decision was taken to send a strong message to the scientific community that no wrongdoing would be tolerated.”

Professor Rao is absolutely right in the criticism of double standards in politics and more so with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi governance.

Congress government zero tolerance to wrongdoing would be credible and praiseworthy upon universal application of the principle beginning with Congress Party President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Home Minister P. Chidambaram, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal, Law Minister Salman Khurshid and Minister Narayanasamy epitomizing corruption and systemic abuse of power in Indian political history.

Besides the ruling power dereliction of duty with spate of terror attacks on their watch, unresolved state conflicts like Telengana in Andhra Pradesh,

Manipur and Nagaland blockade prolonged for months,

Maoists clashes with government troops and,

Mullaperiyar dam dispute between Southern States Kerala and Tamil Nadu summarize the performance or the lack thereof in the term in office.

Kudankulam Nuclear Project – The community in Kudankulam, Tirunelveli district – Southern India is strongly dissenting the nuclear power plant operation given the disasters in Chernobyl and Fukushima with generational impact on the people suffering from chronic illnesses and birth defects ascribed to contaminated water and air.

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh accusation of US based NGO intervention responsible for nuclear standoff and unable to justify the claim arguably exemplifies Congress government consistent strategy to scapegoat others on all issues in contradiction to flattering titles conferred upon the highest office bearer.

The appeasers surrounding the PM together with nuclear power advocates myopic view on the broader nuclear matter is more self-serving than addressing national energy distribution.

Moreover the nuclear program touted as modernization of India is nonchalant at worst and naiveté at best in the equatorial part of India that provides for solar energy manufacturing adequately satisfying energy independence.

Treading along nuclear energy path is counterproductive and unnecessarily foments nuclear arms race in the fragile Indian sub-continent bordering with nuclear neighbors Pakistan and China.

United States agreement with India on enriched uranium delivery for this purpose violates the stance against Iran with world war III hovering clarifying US influence to prepare India as the ally in the cataclysmic event.

Therefore honest discussion on nuclear armament through nuclear program would enable better understanding of the sensitive global security concerns in the increasingly volatile conditions created by the west.

Nuclear summit scheduled in March 2012 could shed light on India’s nuclear ambition against citizens’ will and well being to arrive at a general consensus for nuclear free zone.

Abandonment of nuclear arsenal procured under nuclear energy pretext would unequivocally mitigate warfare and guarantee world peace.

However, the disarmament barring discrimination is essential to achieve the goal,

India’s political predicament is no different from other democracies in the world.

The prototype originating in western democracy like United States and United Kingdom is replicated in other places for one world government.

Those who have served World Bank, IMF, Council on Foreign relations (CFR), Tri lateral Commission…in the global network are nominated and approved world wide with the exception of nations or leaders declared adversaries precisely for not originating from the conclave.

The present government in New Delhi is the global empire favored with cabinet appointments and Indian Army Chief of Staff cherry picked by Washington for strategic advantage.

Domestic and foreign policy are dictated from Washington viz. Foreign Direct Investments or FDI to dissolve retail business in India for Wal Mart entry,

Kudankulam nuclear program with Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi implicated in cash for votes to comply with Washington charter enforcing nuclear power plant against residents’ grievance.

Foreign policy – India voted for UNSC resolution against Syria comprising military strike in the language to suit western premise.

Plan of Action for Indian Youth and epic proportion of people enduring crippling corruption, social injustice and economic inequality –

First and foremost India against corruption (IAC) energized across socio-economic boundaries in 2011 must form a political party.

The reason other political groups were vehemently against IAC as a political factor was to prevent the inevitable victory upon them contesting the election.

When Indian political apparatus could accommodate myriad representation in Parliament, the paranoia in welcoming IAC is self-explanatory.

The political fragments like DMK, AIADMK, BSP, SP, TMC…and multiple parties nationwide began from being lack luster to sought after political alliance irrespective of scandals, personality…and,

Some even associated with presumed conspiracy in the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi assassination ironically bonded in the deceased leader’s camp conforming to the axiom –

Politics makes strange bed-fellows.

Playing by the rules Parliament upheld supreme over republic by Parliamentarians even though the concept defies logic with the former irrelevant in the absence of the latter.

The participants in the anti-corruption rally headed by Team Anna as the united front emerging to be a political contender would offer Indian electorate a viable choice against political parties with fair share of ethical burden and incompetence returning to power by default.

Younger generation from middle and lower income as well as poor economic backgrounds are the stakeholders with ruling elites and influential class denying them the opportunity to compete on par in the political and economic domain rife in nepotism.

State assembly election results in March 2012 is indicative of voters dilemma in Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Uttarakhand or previously Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka with impetus for trustworthy, clean and efficient political alternative to steer the nation in positive direction by legislating anti-corruption laws, robust judiciary and non-evasive political infrastructure inclusively representing mainstream rather than dynasty, oligarchy and celebrities alienated from reality.

India awakening / Jhago Bharat is imperative to reclaim sovereignty with Transfer of Power to the republic and not the imperial crown explained under blog post published on January 10, 2012 in International politics category titled –

Indian sub-continent –Sovereignty Return and Independent Republic Status

Pakistan unanimously passed legislation with declaration on sovereignty reclaimed in accordance with statehood identity in January 2012.

India is at the crossroads bifurcating into calamity from passivity and  prosperity tied with integrity.

The unified voice against corruption last year displayed tremendous solidarity rocking the political pillars steeped in nefarious dealings jeopardizing national sovereignty and billion citizens hope for a promising future.

The urgency for a new formidable political party with Team Anna and India Against Corruption (IAC) by 2014 at municipal, district, state and national level dedicated to citizens empowerment is paramount to reach milestones in the twenty first century.

Anticipating legislation on corruption and other political reforms by civil society is deemed far-fetched notion in the powerful political circle.

As witnessed the political members from either parties are not inclined to expose their assets with the passage of Jan Lokpal bill and concerted effort to thwart legislation is prominent in the Parliamentary procedure.

Wishing Indian electorate long lasting political stability, peace and triumphant republic governed democracy.

Jai Bharat! Vande Mataram!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

International Politics – India’s General Election Results

May 16, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! to DR. Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on the impressive victory and re-election of the Congress Party to lead the world’s largest democracy towards further progress and prosperity.

India is at the crossroads in the peace process particularly with the nuclear neighbor Pakistan, currently dealing with challenges threatening the national and international security. There is an opportunity for the nuclear nations to develop peaceful bilateral relationship and revive mutual trust as the foundation to promote trade, economic and cultural exchanges beneficial for the entire sub-continent.

Now is the time to lay the historic discord to rest and begin a new chapter by guiding the younger generations on both sides to coexist in harmony. The best strategy for prolonged peace in the region and global security is nuclear disarmament.  Perhaps, it could begin in the Indian sub-continent leading other nuclear nations to follow suit.  Such unprecedented move would be symbolic for the nation set free by the renowned pioneer of peace and non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi.

Indian leadership desperately required in the peaceful resolution of the Sri Lankan crisis. The escalating violence and the recent death toll among the minority Tamil civilian population are unacceptable. Again, there is no justification whatsoever in the ongoing military action by the Sri Lankan government focused on the minority Tamils’ displacement and replacing them with the Sinhalese settlement.

It’s incumbent on India to refrain from aiding the Sri Lankan government anyhow in the hostility and persecution of the minority Tamils. Sri Lanka well armed with ammunitions supplied by nations prioritizing profit over people needs no further assistance in the crime against humanity. History is testimony that when all things fail in securing equality and justice, uprising by marginalized population is a natural course of action against oppressive power.

However, violent means by the minority representatives are worthy of condemnation and India could play a decisive role in the peaceful negotiations between the two sides. Indian involvement would be legitimate considering the significant representation of Tamils in the southern Indian state of Tamilnadu.

It’s equally important for India to remain vigilant on the recent developments in the northern side of the border concerning Nepal and China’s unnecessary influence. In the other international matter, India should renounce any ties with the repressive regime, Burma. India’s continuous trade relationship with the nation in defiance of humanitarian laws and suppression of democracy raises credibility issue and potentially controversial for the world largest democracy.

Finally, the Congress government should expand attention to the poorest groups apart from the farmers in the society. Again, it’s imperative to provide housing, education, jobs and health care to those at the bottom of the socio-economic strata. India’s progress will truly be reflected when prosperity shared among all rather than the privileged few.

Best Wishes to DR. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party in all endeavors.

Padmini Arhant