Immunity – War Crimes and Abuse of Power

July 9, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Terror and terrorism emanating from profiteers of violence with agenda to prolong status quo is the twenty first century war against peace and unity.

Politics seeped in corruption and criminality justified as the means to remain in power through elections that legitimize illegitimacy is the norm that fuels chaos and turmoil in the tumultuous era.

The institutions, private organizations and secret society run governments poised as champions of democracy while unseating democratically elected choices for proxies representing the ideology and dogma prevalent much to self-detriment.

The success through ballots in the so-called democracies is largely based on campaign finance and unscrupulous strategy allowing the undesirable and establishment nominees to acquire power. 

The electoral process is a platform misguiding the hungry and hopeless electorate in search for hope and change in life with the elected ultimately serving the campaign sponsors and economic stakeholders interest.

The incognito rule directing policies with representatives and agents in politics, economic sector, communication media and entertainment industry…not barring religious domain exemplify the state of affairs.

Any investigations and inquiry on wars clearly identifying the authorities misuse of power and cavalier approach would be effective and meaningful upon universal application of international law rather than selective incarceration and judgments witnessed time and again against Eastern Europe and African members targeted to convince the world on International Court of Justice role as UN body.

Furthermore, the nations proclaimed as democratic conducting probe on such matter utilizing tax payer funds could demonstrate serious commitment in advancing the inquest into indictments setting precedence to curb abuse of power and discretionary actions by the government claimed to represent the people.

Instead, the former and present chief executives are provided opportunity through media and surrogacy to self-exonerate on crimes against humanity rendering the independent or appointed committees’ arduous exercise futile to reinforce business as usual practice.

In any society that values democratic principles would hold every citizen accountable regardless of status for violation of laws and human rights reversing the paradoxical system.

The tradition granting immunity to political figures and celebrities on activities that would otherwise have legal repercussions for ordinary citizens is a vindication of crimes and criminal behavior adding insult to injury to victims and families in the apparent civil society.

The powerful forces aggression against powerless misinterpreting political mandate and operating without checks and balances in the increasingly cooperative and tolerant setting to blatant breach of electoral trust and sovereign integrity promotes carte blanche authority.

Unless the severity of damages in enabling counterproductive course and indulgence is addressed through mass consciousness predominantly affecting them, the path to destruction would continue under the pretext of pervasive benefit despite reality.

The mind invasions in the name of art and entertainment as well as every possible medium that attracts public attention are engaged for propaganda and illusive portrayal. 

Although the nuances are intended to tarnish images with the efforts in vain, the disclaimers conveniently used in defense to absolve them of possible legal consequence on character defamation and mendacity.

Again the noble and righteous would introspect and refrain from being part and parcel of contemptuous dealing.

The world’s progress is sustainable with law and order made applicable from top to bottom without exception rejecting exclusive privilege based on political and economic position.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Veterans Day – Remembering the War Victims and the Armed Forces Sacrifice

November 11, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

On this important day we remember the brave hearts who volunteered to sacrifice their precious life for their nation and humanity at large.

The cherished freedom would not be possible without the selfless dedication of the young men and women in uniform who willfully offer their service for national and global security.

However, war should never be an option against peace and diplomacy. The simultaneous wars in different parts of the world today have claimed many innocent lives including casualties suffered by the duty bound armed forces in the battle grounds.

It has resulted in enormous pain, grief and agony for the victims’ families all around.

Besides, the economic liability from the relentless wars is exacerbating the national deficit for the U.S and the global economy.

Only if the funds were instead invested in social and economic development the terror recruitment would substantially decline allowing peace to dawn on the war torn regions.

Although many are reminiscent of the past victories and argue about the necessity to go to war for territorial conquest or eliminating authoritarian rule,

They also forget that independence, civil rights and many humanitarian goals were achieved through peace and non-violence by the venerable leaders.

The lesson from history is to pursue peaceful means i.e. constructive dialogue and meaningful strategies as preventive measures than adopting military options.

Violence begets violence and is not the ideal response to belligerence. The incredible loss of life during war cannot be resurrected and nothing can possibly compensate the human tragedies from the horrendous war crimes.

It’s important for the world leaders to pause and deviate from the decisions to engage in war. There are no winners in war considering the inevitable bloodshed, carnage and destruction shared by all warring factions.

There is an urgent requirement for denuclearization and strategic arms reduction to ensure global security. Universal policy is imperative for the nuclear disarmament and conventional stockpile containment.

In other areas of warfare, the veterans and their families are often neglected despite their patriotic duty to the country.

Not all human beings can pledge their life to serve the nation in a combat environment and those who come forward to do so are uniquely honorable. Every one of these individuals deserves national appreciation for their tremendous contribution towards security, freedom and humanitarian deeds.

It’s important to maintain the federal run VA health care and rehabilitation programs for all service members and their families.

Further, the government assistance to the veterans’ families with housing, education and other social services are equally essential to help them cope with the economic hardships while their family members are engaged in active duty or otherwise. It’s the least any nation can do for the armed personnel deployed in various parts of the world.

Since the contemporary wars are conducted for reasons beyond national defense, the exorbitant military spending has taken precedence over critical life dependent programs for the vulnerable population in the society.

Sadly, in the materialistic world life is easily dispensable. The present is dictated in monetary terms and,

Profit is regarded as the Prophet.

Nevertheless, the world is still intact as there are great many humanitarians, unsung activists in every corner tirelessly devoted to improve life on earth.

On this day when the parents, young widows, widowers and orphaned children experience sorrow and pride in loving memory of their dear ones,

The nation acknowledges the armed forces and national guards’ significant sacrifices for others.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Presidential Address on Iraq Troop Withdrawal

September 1, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The decision on Iraq is poignant in the domestic front. The Iraq war investments could be directed towards our economic goals as it’s the legitimate priority for the struggling American families.

President’s speech was well poised on the importance of the Iraqi government formation that represents the secular society, precisely the electoral mandate delivered by the Iraqis in March 2010.

Iraqi security is the lingering concern among the citizens and the international community.

Again, political stability and governance that guarantees progress and protection to the entire nation would succeed against any threats within or outside the boundary.

Hopefully, the incumbent Iraqi administration would soon concede to the democratic choice favoring the all inclusive political party led by the former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and allow national diversity to prevail.

President Barack Obama – Thank you for keeping your campaign promise to the American electorate.

Padmini Arhant

Why Health Care Reform must not fail?

July 21, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

People vs. Special Interests, GOP and Conservative Democrats aka Blue Dogs

The opponents to health care reform – the conglomerate with legislators as spokespersons and the conservative media specifically a network dedicated to the hampering of national progress in every respect deserve scrutiny and appropriate response.

It’s no surprise to witness the ‘grandstanding’ against the President by the opposition retaliating to the brutal defeat in the ’06, ’08 and inevitably the 2010 elections.

Last week, Republican Senator Jim DeMint made it pretty clear why the opponents of health care reform are fighting so hard.

As he told a special interest attack group,

“If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”

Here’s how the President responded:

“Think about that. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America’s families, breaking America’s businesses and breaking America’s economy. And we can’t afford the politics of delay and defeat when it comes to health care. Not this time, not now. There are too many lives and livelihoods at stake.”

What does the devious modus operandi mean to the national interest?

In a democracy, the constituents might have elected the health care opponents in the Democratic Party and GOP (The Grand Old Party) more appropriately ‘The Grand Obstructionist Party,’ however, their allegiance clearly sworn to special interests famished for atrocious profits at the expense of national interest.

The health care industry surpasses every other sector in this context.

Such betrayal in the light of naked truth in their face prompts the nation to question the patriotism of these legislators vehemently opposed to the welfare of their electorate representing the democracy.

It’s time for America to reign in on the ideology driven idiosyncrasies of the party that appears to be determined to lead the great state like California and the resilient USA to peril. As though it’s not enough that the once thriving state and national economies now on the brink of bankruptcy due to the failed ‘so-called’ fiscal policies by the fiscal conservatives operating exclusively to benefit their own and the benefactors’ agenda.

Where were the crusaders during the Republican controlled executive, legislative and judicial branches inheriting a surplus economy in 2000 went wild on a safari to a territory called ‘Iraq’ that predominantly led to the national status quo?

Perhaps, if the ‘apparently’ concerned lawmakers and persistent critics of the President Obama then displayed similar passion and emotions through kindergarten ‘Show and Tell’ dioramas to rescue the nation from an economic disaster titled ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ by posing the relevant questions currently aimed at the health care reform such as:

1. How much is it going to cost the American taxpayers?

2. Is it self-funded or a dead weight on the taxpayers’ backs, which interestingly rested on the donkey’s back?

3. Is there an exit strategy or earmarked for a golden jubilee?

4. Any consideration for the possible if not imminent loss of lives from the Machiavellian adventure.

5. Lastly, Why should the government indulge in the oil exploration, (the real motive behind U.S. invasion of Iraq) when the private enterprise equipped to flourish through market manipulation of choice, quality and price?

Their ‘die hard’ fiscal sentiments on health care reform would be meaningful and justified.

The irony with the major hooplas on health care reform targeting costs reduction and saving lives rejected by the same ‘pro-life,’ fiscal conservatives otherwise the lobbyists funded loyalists, while each and every one of them are the proud signatories to a reckless mission viz. Iraq that bankrupted the economy besides mass production of corpses.

According to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation data – Combined Iraq and Afghanistan war costs since Fiscal Year 2001 to date – $872.6 billion, of which Iraq’s share alone to national deficit is $661.1 billion and rising, costing more than three-fifths of the proposed trillion-dollar health care overwhelmingly approved and authorized by the fiscal stalwarts.

Meanwhile the U.S. taxpayers and the businesses health care costs in the exclusively private sector run with the insurance industry dominance compared to the industrialized nations’ health care is attention worthy.

Please refer to the sequel on the health care topic literally matter to life and death.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Republic’s Verdict

December 7, 2008

Crime against Humanity – Judgment

Evidently from the presentation of Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchin’s case,

There are no winners in a war.

Everyone is a loser.

Not surprisingly, laws and justice are applicable only for those at the bottom of the hierarchy with a choice between disobedience to one’s own conscience and obedience to the chain of command beginning from the Commander-in-chief during such operation.

The root cause as witnessed by the world is the ideology and deceptive strategy behind the illegal invasion of Iraq that produced the massive casualties on both the American and Iraqi sides.

In particular:

The premise of war falsely suggesting and,

Misguiding United Nations with a claim, that Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Misleading American public by associating Iraq with September 11, attack.

Dismissal of dissent with slander such as unpatriotic, traitor and even a terrorist.

Further, demonstrating with a deliberate exposure of CIA overt operative Mrs.Valerie Plame in vengeful act against her spouse and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, an opponent of the war.

In addition, non-compliance with the judiciary process in the matter of Mrs. Valerie Plame.

Conducting mandatory and undemocratic public survey to galvanize support for the occupation of Iraq.

Control of the mass media to propagate war message with no objectivity from the mainstream media and other airwaves.

Violation and rejection of Geneva Convention in the treatment of Prisoners of War and Suspects…

Contributing to national embarrassment i.e. Abu Ghraib.

Again, Iraq war operation carried out in violation of International Humanitarian Law or the Geneva Convention with activities not excluding —



Suppression of facts and evidences on casualties and the victims of the so-called “Friendly Fire.”

Misuse of Power exhibiting nepotism and misappropriation of funds in hiring Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a subsidiary of Halliburton with vested interest by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Source: – Thank you.

"Ex-Guardsmen sue KBR over alleged poisoning." … "KBR Inc. [KBR is a former subsidiary of Halliburton, the corporation formerly run by Republican Vice President Dick Cheney] was,

sued by ex-members of the Indiana National Guard and accused of knowingly exposing employees and the soldiers protecting them to cancer-causing dust at an Iraqi worksite in 2003." …

"Sixteen soldiers said in a complaint in federal court in Evansville, Ind. [Indiana], that Houston[Texas]-based KBR and related companies are responsible for chromium poisoning at Qarmat Ali, Iraq." …

"The plaintiffs, from the Tell City, Ind., Guard unit, were providing security for KBR during repairs of a water-treatment plant, according to the complaint.

The site was contaminated for six months by hexavalent chromium, a carcinogen in powdered compounds used to control corrosion, it said." …

"“The Tell City Guardsmen were repeatedly told that there was no danger on site, even after KBR managers knew that blood testing of American civilians exposed onsite confirmed elevated chromium levels,” the soldiers’ lawyers said in court papers." …

"Hexavalent chromium on first exposure causes nosebleeds, respiratory ailments and rashes,

which the soldiers said KBR officials told them was caused by dry desert air or sand allergies, according to the complaint. Chromium poisoning is irreversible, it said." …

"KBR sought to conceal the contamination and, once it was discovered, to limit exposed individuals’ knowledge about the level of poisoning they had suffered, the soldiers claimed." …

"Ed Blacke, who worked as a medic at Qarmat Ali, testified that KBR fired him when he discovered the chromium exposure and tried to warn workers." -Bloomberg via -Chron


"Military contractor in Iraq holds foreign workers in warehouses." …

"About 1,000 Asian men who were hired by a Kuwaiti subcontractor to the U.S. [United States] military have been confined for as long as three months in windowless warehouses near the Baghdad [Iraq’s capital] airport without money or a place to work." …

"Najlaa International Catering Services, a subcontractor to KBR [formerly a Halliburton subsidiary,

the corporation formerly run by Republican Vice President Dick Cheney], an engineering, construction and services company, hired the men, who’re from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

On Tuesday, they staged a march outside their compound to protest their living conditions." …

"The laborers said they paid middlemen more than $2,000 to get to Iraq for jobs that they were told would earn them $600 to $800 a month." …

"The conditions in which the men have been held appear to violate guidelines the U.S. military handed down in 2006 that urged contractors to deter human trafficking to the war zone by shunning recruiters that charged excessive fees." -By Adam Ashton


"KBR Suit Alleges ‘Forced Labor’ and ‘Slavery’." …

"We’ve now looked through the lawsuit against KBR that we told you about this morning.

The complaint (pdf) alleges that the company —

the biggest U.S. [United States] contractor in Iraq during the period at issue — engaged in a human trafficking scheme whereby 12 Nepali men were brought to Iraq to work and were prevented from leaving.

The men were then kidnapped by insurgents, and all but one were executed." …

"In sum: "Defendants’ actions as set forth above constitute the torts of trafficking in persons, involuntary servitude, forced labor, and slavery."" …

"This is hardly the first time that KBR has been in hot water, of course.

As we noted back in June, the company "was criticized in March for making troops sick by failing to provide clean water.

And top military officials have given false statements to Congress to quell controversy over the company."

In addition, at least two female former KBR employees in Iraq have alleged that they were raped or sexually assaulted by co-workers,

and that KBR was less than aggressive in investigating their claims." -By Zachary Roth -TPMMuckracker .TalkingPointsMemo


Incidents involving violation of human rights against Iraqi civilians by private contractors of Black Water Corporation hired by the incumbent administration.


The highlighted facts are merely a few of many notable activities worthy of condemnation and justifiably indictment.

It is no revelation that the executive branch and some exempting themselves by conveniently categorizing oneself as the legislative member of the branch i.e. Vice President Dick Cheney,

Have not accepted responsibility or expressed remorse…

Over sponsoring the catastrophic war conscientiously executed in a style similar to a recreational activity with an utter disregard for life in general at the dawn of twenty first century.

Notwithstanding corruption, cronyism and tax evasion of millions of U.S. Tax dollars tucked away at Ugland House, a camouflaged building on the Cayman Islands.

The reason being, the members of Congress as elected officials representing democracy have not pursued the crime against humanity as a significant moral or ethical crisis in the highest office on land.

It is noteworthy that many legislators in both the Senate and Congress cast their vote for the illegal invasion of a nation posing no verifiable threat to United States.

Unlike, Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchins who had to make a split second decision with dire consequence for failing to obey the order.

These legislators had the opportunity and privilege to review facts and access information prior to pledging their support.

Unfortunately, many did not choose that path and instead approved the death penalty of thousands of brave young men and women in our armed forces along with over a million innocent Iraqi civilians.

Hence, there is no accountability for the systematic abuse of power in the entire term of eight years.

Clearly, democracy undermined in an unprecedented manner thus far.

Such legacy provides basis for future unethical conduct and immoral behavior with no consequences.

It is a dangerous trajectory with a widespread impact on humanity.

Therefore, it is the duty of every concerned, caring, compassionate and patriotic American to come forward and demand that their legislators / representatives display courage in honoring the brave young men and women and innocent civilians in Iraq who lost their lives in an operation carried out under the guise of establishing democracy titled Operation Iraqi Freedom

While, simultaneously hijacking the one at home and successfully bankrupting the economy.

It is imperative for the people with power in a democracy to seek,

Impeachment proceedings and indictments against the incumbent administration for misrepresentation and abuse of executive power.

Most importantly for ignoring the existence of Constitution in the land of Republic.

The legal minds across the nation must fulfill obligation towards democracy and fellow citizens lost in the Iraq war with rigorous prosecution of all those individuals in the incumbent administration responsible for the incredible dishonesty and horrendous crime against humanity.

Any immunity or partiality to the current administration by the judiciary will be an assault on the democratic system with law and order for every individual to follow regardless of ranks and power in the land of justice.

All those in opposition to delivering justice to the victims of Iraq war and the above listed crimes deemed complicit to the abuse of power and authority.

Needless to add that those entities will share similar fate of Mr. O. J. Simpson as witnessed lately.

The reaction and response are a direct result of cause and effect of action and decision-making process.

The Law of Cause and Effect is fair; no one enjoys any special privileges at all.

That wrong cannot win against reason,

Reason cannot win against law

Law cannot win against power and


Power cannot win against Heaven.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


October 19, 2008

The newest Oliver Stone movie is now in theaters, W.

This film is a chronology of the most important events in President Bush’s life, from his college days in 1966 to his final days of his first term in 2004.

Josh Brolin is very good, perhaps even Oscar-worthy, as President Bush.

The supporting cast is good aside from Thandie Newton, who overacted as Condi.

As many reviews have mentioned, this is not a sole Bush-basher.

It may have you walking out of the theater, sympathetic of the man.

However, this did not apply to me.

Oliver Stone directed this film well and it is enjoyable for political junkies such as
Padmini Arhant.

Good luck at the movies!

Rating – 8/10


Rish Arhant-Sudhir