Immunity – War Crimes and Abuse of Power

July 9, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Terror and terrorism emanating from profiteers of violence with agenda to prolong status quo is the twenty first century war against peace and unity.

Politics seeped in corruption and criminality justified as the means to remain in power through elections that legitimize illegitimacy is the norm that fuels chaos and turmoil in the tumultuous era.

The institutions, private organizations and secret society run governments poised as champions of democracy while unseating democratically elected choices for proxies representing the ideology and dogma prevalent much to self-detriment.

The success through ballots in the so-called democracies is largely based on campaign finance and unscrupulous strategy allowing the undesirable and establishment nominees to acquire power. 

The electoral process is a platform misguiding the hungry and hopeless electorate in search for hope and change in life with the elected ultimately serving the campaign sponsors and economic stakeholders interest.

The incognito rule directing policies with representatives and agents in politics, economic sector, communication media and entertainment industry…not barring religious domain exemplify the state of affairs.

Any investigations and inquiry on wars clearly identifying the authorities misuse of power and cavalier approach would be effective and meaningful upon universal application of international law rather than selective incarceration and judgments witnessed time and again against Eastern Europe and African members targeted to convince the world on International Court of Justice role as UN body.

Furthermore, the nations proclaimed as democratic conducting probe on such matter utilizing tax payer funds could demonstrate serious commitment in advancing the inquest into indictments setting precedence to curb abuse of power and discretionary actions by the government claimed to represent the people.

Instead, the former and present chief executives are provided opportunity through media and surrogacy to self-exonerate on crimes against humanity rendering the independent or appointed committees’ arduous exercise futile to reinforce business as usual practice.

In any society that values democratic principles would hold every citizen accountable regardless of status for violation of laws and human rights reversing the paradoxical system.

The tradition granting immunity to political figures and celebrities on activities that would otherwise have legal repercussions for ordinary citizens is a vindication of crimes and criminal behavior adding insult to injury to victims and families in the apparent civil society.

The powerful forces aggression against powerless misinterpreting political mandate and operating without checks and balances in the increasingly cooperative and tolerant setting to blatant breach of electoral trust and sovereign integrity promotes carte blanche authority.

Unless the severity of damages in enabling counterproductive course and indulgence is addressed through mass consciousness predominantly affecting them, the path to destruction would continue under the pretext of pervasive benefit despite reality.

The mind invasions in the name of art and entertainment as well as every possible medium that attracts public attention are engaged for propaganda and illusive portrayal. 

Although the nuances are intended to tarnish images with the efforts in vain, the disclaimers conveniently used in defense to absolve them of possible legal consequence on character defamation and mendacity.

Again the noble and righteous would introspect and refrain from being part and parcel of contemptuous dealing.

The world’s progress is sustainable with law and order made applicable from top to bottom without exception rejecting exclusive privilege based on political and economic position.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




















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