Earth Day – Nature is the Source of Science

April 23, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Earth is the common habitat that binds all species existence through food chain and depletion of any endangers survival of another. The food pyramid link is broken with many species extinct or increasingly becoming rare in the exploitation of earth’s resources meant for all.

Science discovered in nature has led to development in protecting and prolonging life. The continuous progress in prevention and cure enabled by variety of roots and plants along with chemical compounds available on earth is a natural event. The research using other animal species prior to human clinical trials is made possible by nature. The laws of physics, chemistry and biology are governed by nature barring unnatural extraneous manipulations and interference.

The inventions viz. nuclear bombs to exert dominance and introduction of guns, rifles and grenades…are regressions in civilization and continue to claim lives as potent weapons of violence.

Natural science emanating from nature guided knowledge in the study of cells and genetic compositions innovate medicine with new treatment and therapy for life threatening illness. Due to diverse orientations, any disruption in the structure as part of creation contributes to ecological imbalance eventually weakening planet sustenance.

Earth being the habitat for different genus including microorganisms, the environment neglect is a serious matter that stifles life and deteriorate living conditions with pervasive impact. The notion prioritizing economy over environment for mega profitability and meager jobs is ill-conceived and not without consequences in the near and long term depriving present and future generation to exist and experience longevity.

The combination of politics and economic goals behind global warming denial prompts egregious decisions ignoring reality. Importantly the phenomenal costs to repair and restore following environment damages exceeds revenue and gains proving the venture a lost cause at the expense of majority. The policies discarding evidence on environment woes explains impervious stance determined towards self-detriment considering own presence in the world.

The propagation on the past administration efforts to curb global warming while no discussion on the outgoing administration’s offshore drilling approval despite environment disasters such as Gulf coast BP oil spill in April 2010 and lowering bars in environment regulations to accommodate energy sector demands might serve political prospects against factual data.

The political maneuvers to win popularity and maintain status quo with entities representing economic sector was the trend that are not regarded necessary in earnest evaluation of any administration rule. At the end of the day, the actions behind the scenes are reflected in general practice. The economic segments financed political campaigns overrides commitment to rational endeavors like saving environment and optimizing planet enrichment.

The current Keystone XL pipeline project in the United States with investors from all political factions as stakeholders defy environment ramifications for personal profits and political expediency.  The brazen measure stomping legitimate resistance from indigenous groups to favor corporation and politics is misguidance overwhelming prudence. Environment laws would be meaningful upon enforcement across the spectrum. The industries behind pollution particularly known for evasion.

In the subject of Science, the political climate regardless of party in power engineered towards wars with bombings, shelling, predator drones, missiles, rockets and nuclear submarines notwithstanding consistent nuclear testing whether subterranean or overland consumes national budget with little or none to spare for National Institute of Health (NIH) funding and organizations engaged in promoting life.

The climate treaty is ineffective with no desire to change course in defusing conflicts other than nuclear threats and military artillery employed as provocation fueling tensions in sensitive regions of the world.

Western exclusive nuclear rights defining the odd decree as responsible vs. reckless when the latter is applicable to them based on legacy exacerbates global peace and environment safety.

The grave danger to environment is posed from nuclear status. Accordingly, denuclearization of all not just the targeted few is the only way to mitigate global crisis given the major powers quest for dominance and territorial annexations with nuclear might at the helm accelerating nuclear proliferation.

The preliminary step would be for all nuclear powers without exception to unconditionally surrender and dispose nuclear arsenal that would then qualify any member to denounce any other nuclear state violation. The lack of sincerity and political will on ethical standards to contain strategic arms race, short and long range ballistic missiles and several engagements bolstering offensive response to international issues compromise climate accord.

Furthermore, the sophisticated nuclear laden stockpiles and defense power embarked on confrontational strategy generates defiance vs. deterrence scenario that would consequentially affect the entire world. The western controlled system allowing them nuclear possession and storage with defacto partners in South East Asia and NATO allies in Europe set precedence in nuclear expansion.

Additionally, the trend substituting conventional warfare with terror sponsoring introduced in 2011 to quell Arab Spring in the Middle East and bifurcation of nations like Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan in 2012 to access oil and other resources in the region, extension of occupation in Afghanistan, militarization of Africa in the past decade bear responsibility in the destruction of lives and environment.

As long as hostility and aggression remain the choices over peaceful negotiations and resolutions, no climate agreement can tackle challenges in modern era.

The population suffering from avoidable communicable diseases and ailments, declining basic environment and economic prosperity choking atmosphere from congestion, severe air pollution and water contamination are not factored in the policy to benefit the privileged society shifting the burden of degradation and liabilities on average citizens worldwide.

In the fervor to drop Mother of all bombs and execute Mother of all aggressive schemes devised by Father of terror representing international crime syndicate,

Mother Nature and Mother Earth endurance is tested slighting the experiments counterproductive outcome.

Nature under assault in all directions with negative involvements for political, economic and vested interests in investments is myopic and carcinogenic with universal adverse effect.

Galaxy exploration for inhabitance amid excoriation of earth endowments is analogous to splitting between shores and midstream ending in undesirable landing.

Science success in healing life and strengthening life span is directly related to safeguarding environment and natural precincts vital for all beings on earth.

Commemorating Earth every day besides specific date is individual and collective responsibility. The remembrance delivered positively would be a glowing tribute to the only place of habitat for life.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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Earth Day

April 23, 2009

The global community has an opportunity to reflect and redeem the loss of earth’s treasure in rare species, fresh air layered with cool breeze, the scent of sweet smelling flowers and pure drinking water once naturally available on the planet and now a scarcity in the congested urbanized world.

On this important day commemorating the urgency to sustain life on earth collectively, it is obligatory on every nation to utilize the human capital with expertise, technology and other resources to reduce and eventually eliminate environmental pollution. There are debates and discussions held to determine the extent of responsibility nations must accept to benefit mankind.

Although the earth’s space demarcated with territories and boundaries, disaster in one part of the world affects humanity multifold particularly through disease in the form of epidemics. Further, depletion of local natural resources impact global economy contributing to trade disputes aside from escalating regional poverty that ultimately leads to war and destruction.

The concept of green technology and promoting eco-friendly environment deserve A-political focus to maximize humanitarian values shared by all inhabitants on the planet. It is incumbent on the corporations of the industrialized nations evidently profit motivated to limit and possibly terminate environmental contamination caused by hazardous chemicals, poisonous gases and other toxic agents in the impoverished and densely populated regions of the world.

Unfortunately, the increasing co-operation by the political systems both local and foreign governments with the corporations in violation of environmental code, safety regulations and ethics proliferate catastrophes. Recently, it has immunized victims in tolerating mass life extinction practices witnessed in the 1984 Union Carbide human tragedy in Bhopal, India. Again, notwithstanding the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident in the former Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic producing horrendous figures in deaths, terminal illnesses and birth defects up until now. Similarly, the numerous oil spillings along various coastal regions are responsible for enormous damage and loss to aquatic life, local population and their economy.

Meanwhile, the developing and under developed nations receiving international aid must invest in efficient waste management, facilitate clean drinking water and sanitary conditions for decent survival of those at the bottom of the socio economic strata. Their social programs must target the rural and poorest groups in the society to provide basic education, health care and means for improving living standards through agriculture, banking, and small and large-scale industry expansion. It is essential for nations’ with highest population to maintain sustainable growth to achieve economic prosperity and desirable environmental goals.

Despite phenomenal loss of life and precious resources, there is a universal failure to acknowledge the calamities from nuclear reactors/waste, fossil fuel, offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, disproportionate carbon emissions including reckless industrial pollutions in the past and present time. If the trend continues with little or no effort to contain environmental deterioration, the prospects of future life appear diminished.

Earth day is a subtle reminder to cherish the beautiful gift from Mother Nature and the best expression of gratitude would be the preservation and protection of the planet, the habitat for all living species.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant