Afghanistan – Troop Withdrawal for Redeployment

May 22, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The legislation on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan for redeployment per the White House proposal requires clarification with specific details.

Bill sponsored by the Honorable Democrat Senators Barbara Boxer, Kirsten Gillibrand, Richard Durbin and Sherrod Brown seeks the following actions:

The legislation is defined as:

The Safe and Responsible Redeployment of

United States Combat Forces from

Afghanistan Act of 2011


1. States that is U.S. policy to begin the phased redeployment of U.S. combat forces from                     Afghanistan by July 1, 2011.

2.  Requires the President’s administration submit a plan to Congress by July 31, 2011,                           for the phased redeployment of U.S. combat forces from Afghanistan

3.  Requires the plan include a date certain for completion of redeployment.

Reiterating the response provided to Senators Barbara Boxer and Kirsten Gillibrand,

Adopting peace over protracted war is productive in many aspects.  Peace is powerful and constructive from the economic, political and humanitarian standpoint.

It is time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and around the world.

The legislation layout for redeployment rather than return back home is a grave concern particularly with the immediate and long term military plan to redeploy the exhausted armed forces elsewhere.

Again as mentioned in earlier submission to the request for support – Troop withdrawal is pragmatic and paramount.

However, not for redeployment in other targeted locations.

Troop withdrawal for redeployment is expecting different outcome from same experiments proved detrimental to life and national economy.

Further the strategy has adversely affected the political future for the occupied nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq… escalating violence through suicide attacks or sectarian conflicts thereby facilitating prolonged troops presence, may not necessarily in combat position,

Nonetheless remaining in reserve on foreign land leaning towards establishing permanent base as revealed for Iraq with synonymous policy.

Additionally, the unpopular governments appointed in Afghanistan and Iraq against electoral mandate by U.S and NATO has exacerbated national security, non-viable governance emanating from rampant corruption and leaderships perceived as puppet representation of foreign power.

Afghanistan like Iraq is saddled with more than a decade war, government without a clear roadmap for economic growth or political stability in a fragmented society.

U.S. and NATO troop withdrawal in entirety would unequivocally reinstate sovereignty in all occupied territories enabling civilian rule under leaderships pledged to solidarity and secular society.

Unlike the U.S. departure subsequent to former Soviet retraction from Afghanistan abandoning the domestic needs of the population,

It is important this time around to reverse the trend and maximize assistance in nation building beginning with infrastructure, education, health and economic opportunity through trade relationships with the people choice of government committed to promoting agriculture, industrial and robust environment for rapid progress.

United States faced with fiscal crisis and sluggish economy, staggering unemployment and rising inflation simply cannot afford extravagant military missions under the pretext of the so-called war on terror.

Evidently such engagement over a decade in different parts of the world has resulted in bankrupt economy with upcoming debate on raising the debt ceiling alongside spending cuts primarily aimed at the consumer based segments -restraining business sector development.

Transparency on all matter exemplified though action is quintessential to move the nation forward.

Hence the legislation on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the U.S. base across the globe for domestic return and not redeployment to another region is highly recommended mindful of the fact that,

The long overdue defense expenditure divestment would save and protect life at home and abroad.

With profound gratitude to the armed forces for their invaluable service and sacrifice to this great nation,

The esteemed Congress is requested to stand united and overwhelmingly approve the monumental legislation to end wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen…and around the world expediting the troop arrival in the United States.

Hopefully the lesson is learned from erroneous decisions leading to harsh reality.

Mistake made once is an error and repeated twice or more – an inevitable failure.

There is an urgent requirement for domestic investments in the United States and the war zones ultimately delivering the desired regional and global peace.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









Human Tragedy

July 19, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Condolences to the families mourning the loss of life from different tragic events.

The recent train crash in West Bengal, India with reportedly 61 people dead in the accident is regrettable.

In other incidents, terrorism taking toll on human life is the norm in certain parts of the world.

The bomb blasts in July 2010 alone has claimed many innocent lives –

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran…in July 2010 is worthy of condemnation as often the civilians are the victims in the terror related violence.

Freedom along with social and economic opportunities would substantially deter the terror recruitment among the desolate youth population hired for committing horrendous crime against their fellow humans.

Evidently, the citizens in these regions unanimously favor the divestments from prolonged wars towards social and economic development.

Peaceful resolutions focused on economic progress would enormously benefit everyone involved in the global terrorism era.

Terror networks successfully engage the impoverished segment of the population under the pretext of improving their life and the lack of education among the terror recruits is a huge advantage to them.

Accordingly, the militants and the terror organizations regularly attack schools and the educational institutions to deprive the youth from proper education.

Investments in drones, bombs and sophisticated artillery thus far might have eliminated the crucial targets. However, terrorism never dissipates despite the relentless military intervention due to the underlying hindrances in human existence.

Besides participation in the governance through democratic process, the overwhelming majority in these nations seek basic requirements such as clean drinking water, healthy environment to live in modest conditions enabled by agriculture and industrial growth .

Unless these issues are addressed effectively which is not possible by a dysfunctional government, the terror networks will continue to exist as a parallel governing authority holding the people hostage to their violent agenda.

Empowering people with necessary economic and human rights is the best alternative to the military options that are increasingly alienating the local population from the Western interests.

Perhaps, the nations combating terrorism could consolidate their resources and aim to alleviate the suffering through peaceful means.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Senate Block Vote on Unemployment Benefits Extension and Delay Medicare Reimbursements

June 23, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

In the past week, the United States Senate was presented with the two most important bills directly affecting the average Americans survival.

According to the reports, the GOP rejected the $24 billion aid to the long-term unemployed citizens in the cash-strapped state governments and the several tax breaks renewal for businesses and individuals.

Apparently, the 56-40 vote on June 17, 2010 fell short of four votes to avoid GOP filibuster. Without any Republican votes for the measure, the Nebraskan Democrat Senator Ben Nelson along with the Connecticut Independent Senator Joe Lieberman contributed to the filibuster.

Today, the Ohio Senators’ repeat attempt to revive the bill by emphasizing on the urgency of this extension remained unsuccessful.
Per: – Thank you.

Ohio’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown told fellow Senators that “more than 57,000 Ohioans — about the size of Elyria, Ohio or Mansfield, Ohio or twice the size of Zanesville — more than 57,000 Ohioans are estimated to have lost unemployment benefits since the extension ended in May, a month ago.”

“If the Senate does not pass an extension, that number will increase dramatically. More than 90,000 Ohioans could lose their benefits by the end of June. That is more people than live in Youngstown, more people than live in Springfield, more people than live in Cleveland Heights or Lakewood.”

Brown said that, nationwide, since the beginning of June, some 900,000 workers have run out of jobless benefits. That number will surpass 1 million by the end of this week.

Brown said today that he is very disappointed by the obstructionists’ moves to stop the extension of benefits.

“Senate Republicans are denying tens of thousands of Ohioans — and thousands of people in New Hampshire and hundreds of thousands of people in California and Texas and Florida — the Republicans are denying tens of thousands of Ohioans the unemployment insurance benefits they have earned during years of hard work,” Brown told fellow Senators.

“I ask my Republican colleagues who consistently vote no to try to empathize with those who have less privileges than we do, who don’t have huge staffs and don’t have a good salary and don’t have good insurance and don’t have a secure place to live, what their lives would be like if any one of us lost all of those privileges. I think it would make a difference in how they vote.”

Perspective – By Padmini Arhant

It’s evident from the Ohio Senators’ case scenario that the situation is dire for the citizens in many states with higher unemployment.

Denying thousands of workers the means to cope with the economic recession amid rising or stagnant joblessness under the pretext of national debt or demanding that they are paid for prior to approval is a misplaced priority.

Where the Republican members should be arguing for the prepaid funding is, unnecessary wars such as Iraq and now Afghanistan including the perilous offshore drilling contributing to colossal costs witnessed at present.

It’s common knowledge that the GOP members and the few Democrats against the bill have willfully authorized the defense funding for the prolonged wars and claim no objection to the environmental damages via offshore drilling…

The Nay Sayers fail to recognize the consequences of their action or the lack thereof, leading up to the status quo exacerbation.

When the national figure for jobless benefit is expected to reach a million by the end of this week, the complacency is the affirmation of the elitist least bothered about the populist plight.

Ignoring the struggling families’ desperate economic needs based on partisanship more than fiscal responsibility is politics superseding national interest.

Although, the estimated $13 trillion national debt is a legitimate cause, the divestments from other sources with excess budget allocation including the pork barrel spending could be utilized for this important legislation.

Citizens cannot be possibly deprived of existence in the worst economy and the Republican lawmakers’ argument in this respect does not bode well, considering the positioning is purely aimed at winning conservative support in 2010 elections.

As for the isolated democrats and the independent Senator Joe Lieberman, the clock is ticking with the diminishing public patience on all issues. The proof of the pudding is in the electoral outcome.

Increased awareness and harsh experience by the electorate is a political gamble for the incumbents and the new challengers in the coming election.

People are tired of gridlock and, the ominously missing empathy among the obstructionists is a blatant dismissal of the economic reality endured by the voters.

Therefore, the ideal strategy to resolve the bill passage would be to identify the redundant funds in the fiscal budget and reallocate them for the unemployment benefit extension as well as the retrospective Medicare payments towards health care service.

Regarding the Medicare decrease in doctor payments: The belated Senate vote to spare doctors a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments is proved to have escalated the administrative costs for the providers and the taxpayers.

Much to the AMA (American Medical Association) frustration and AARP, the seniors’ lobby disappointment, the Congressional delay in the particular legislation is stated to affect the large health care program availed by 46 million elderly and disabled people.

Further, the claims processed at the lower rate are forcing many physicians to stop accepting Medicare patients while others considering dropping out of the Medicare program.

The cut appears to have had a direct impact on the billings for the early part of the month because of the Congressional reprieve expiry on May 31, 2010.

Seemingly, the lawmakers’ failure to act earlier is drastically hurting doctors’ cash flow and subsequently the beneficiaries, i.e. the most vulnerable groups in the society – the senior citizens and the disabled population, who also happen to be the nation’s substantial voting bloc.

It is obvious from the facts and legislative events that the representatives declining to vote on the pivotal legislations viz. unemployment benefit extension and Medicare payments to doctors attending to seniors and disabled patients are adding to the national debt crisis rather than alleviating the taxpayers’ burden.

GOP Senators and the Democrats aligning with the Republican members in the voting process are miscalculating the fiscal ramifications and the inevitable political price for their decisions.

It’s essential for the victims in these two vital legislations to distinguish between those who represent the people from the ones’ sworn allegiance to the special interests – health insurance industry and the likes.

Please remember that ‘Change is made possible by the people.’

For the voters have the ultimate power in a democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

People’s Republic of China – The Deadly Dragon

August 13, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Profile – The world’s most populous nation, hailed the emerging economic power presumably in control of the U.S. Treasury and the EU Exchequer, world’s third largest country by total area and the second largest by … ranges forming China’s borders with India and Central Asia.

As the longest thriving Communist power, the totalitarian government embraced Capitalism parallel to its political setting with absolute control on policies directly contradictory to the free market system in the rest of the world.

Politically a Communist and economically a Capitalist nation, China is also a venerable member of the United Nations Security Council for reasons unfitting during the most important U.N. Structural formation post World War II. This has resulted in the excessive use of veto power by the authoritarian rule against all things humane and universally beneficial.

The Communist nation denounced as the fascist government in the new millennium by its enormous population, oppressed, repressed and deprived of basic human rights particularly the freedom of speech and the ominous communication censorship.

Tiananmen Square killings is a stark reminder to the global community that when a nation do not hesitate to murder scores of its unarmed civilians in worldview, it can never be taken for granted in the safe treatment of its neighbors. Case evidenced in the invasion and butchering of innocent Tibetan monks, men, women and children and the interference in neighboring Nepal’s politics by thrusting ‘Communism,’ on the entire ‘Hindu’ population unfamiliar with the concept until China’s arrival.

Just recently, the twentieth anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre observed solemnly and cautiously not on Chinese soil but elsewhere in an effort not to rock the ‘tug boat’ upheld as the Titanic due to the illusionary overcast in the perception among the world operatives.

The world must pay attention and act swiftly on the dragon nation’s role in the geo-political, economic, social, cultural and environmental issues.

In the economic front, the Communist regime gained advantage in the latter part of the twentieth century predominantly because of the pervasive economic boom in the United States and across the world with a sharp escalation in demands on a wide spectrum of consumer goods.

China wasted no time and seized the opportunity to strengthen the supplier status as the world’s largest ‘manufacturing warehouse’ sparing no consumer articles. In addition, China single handedly wiped out the prospects of any viable competition in the global economy with the ‘bargain’ deals as a tool… in attracting big and small manufacturers around the world.

Most businesses neglected their own workforce for the Communist governed rigid market. While others ignored poor and developing nations despite, their flexibility to the free market factors.

The surge in demands during the nineties from the U.S. and global prosperity prompted the secretive and secluded Chinese political system to break away from the economic protectionism and adopt a customized capitalism within the confines of Communism.

It’s essential to note the ironies in the treatment of Communist countries by the Western governments, i.e. the United States and Europe.

The ideal example is the Latin neighbor across the Caribbean, a long time foe of the United States, the ‘Communist’ Cuba that led to the nerve racking Cuban Missile Crisis, shortly halting the world on the possible confrontation between the nuclear Super Powers, the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Cuba has been isolated for decades and now there appears to be a glimpse of hope in the relationship between the United States and the Cuban authority, attributable to President Obama’s diplomacy message. The economic sanctions and travel restrictions (recently eased by President Obama) against Cuba on the charges of human rights violation and non-democratic power only punished the long-suffering Cuban population rather than achieving the intended goal to remove the ‘Communist’ power.

On the Contrary, the Communist China with no respect for international or humanitarian law crowned the world leader and perpetually granted MFN (Most Favored Nation) status along with premium membership in WTO (World Trade Organization)…

Such rewards speak volume about the hypocrisy in the Western foreign policy, not to mention the lack of courage in clipping the wings of the scavenger bird…inadvertently allowing the Communist nation’s dominance in the world economy and political sphere to the detriment of regional and global peace and security.

Why should the global population awaken to the Communist China’s Supremacy?

Apart from history related to foot binding and gleefully dispensing lives to build the landmark -‘Great Wall of China.’ the Chinese regime’s atrocities and recalcitrant conduct in dealing with the free market investors and entrepreneurs deserve scrutiny.

As stated above, China has artfully manipulated their currency to weaken the U.S. dollar and the investment in U.S. Treasury Notes is an insurance to bind the United States financially making it symbolic with the free and democratic USA indebted to a repressive Chinese regime. The scenario enabling the unruly government to relentlessly engage in arms supply to the impoverished regions of the world such as Darfur, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and others.

Chinese aggressive takeover of the mass production of consumer goods has killed NAFTA, CAFTA… and responsible for countries like Mexico embroiled in war against the Drug Cartels emerging from poverty, despair and hopelessness, notwithstanding the other poorest nations unable to compete with China in winning the favorable trading status or luring manufacturing investments in their respective countries. Simply put, the Chinese over-indulgence negated chances for poorer nations in exporting goods to the consumer buoyant U.S. market.

With respect to trade and commerce, China’s latest ban on world-renowned ‘Google’ search engine on the bizarre pretext of protecting its population from pornography is an ill-conceived hogwash with nothing to rest on. Likewise, in the software saga – the mandatory requirement for all PC’s to contain built-in software in compliance with the regime’s prohibition of the free expression in the modern technological age is the direct imposition of Communist rule of law – “My way or High Way.”

Further, China is unique in the intellectual property warfare by leading the amateurs in the piracy, forging the patent right and the copyright of products and services especially with the ones manufactured in the USA.

Again, if it’s rampant in the publishing field, it’s potent in the music industry with the downloading of music and DVDs, endless supply of unauthorized imitations/copies of Hollywood movies prior to the legal distribution in the world market…

China’s monopoly in the cyberspace by preventing free market competition in accessing the expansive market share of the Chinese users aptly qualifies for the ‘big bully’ title.

It’s unwillingness to cooperate with France on the recommendation to hold overseas Corporations accountable for tax evasion through tax havens is a testimony to the regime’s lack of integrity.

International Sports like Beijing Olympics – China’s strategy to stomp USA by any means – hook or crook duly reported in the accidental slip of the Chinese on-line media and the vigilant international press. It has a specific reference to the cruel detainment of young Chinese athletes trained for ‘Gymnastics’ in the extreme and strenuous conditions against the International Olympic guidelines safeguarding the athletes’ interests.

In the scientific arena, the organ extortion for transplants and experiment turned a blind eye by the Communist authority, otherwise a stickler for rules and regulations enforced against normal existence.

Social Protocol – China’s population control measure involving one child policy triggered infanticide and alarming number of orphans especially female children in the appalling orphanages pleading the authorities to care for them.

Weapons of Mass Destruction – Easily delivered through food and various consumer products as experienced in the toxic toothpaste and lead based children’s toys, not excluding the leaking battery cells in laptop computers causing explosion in some incidents – from items manufactured in China.

Environment is oxymoron to the world’s largest polluter investing in gusto on fossil fuel from Australia and refusing to commit to greenhouse gas reduction by limiting carbon emission.

Similarly, an utter disregard for life in general, human trafficking is a normal activity and a huge lucrative trade carried out in a smooth operation with the knowledge of the regime within, along the borders and outside China by the undesirable elements normally serving time in prison in the lawful regions.

China’s footprints are traceable in almost every civil war and ethnic cleansing across the globe, being the voracious supplier of deadly and dangerous weapons. The military industrial complex thrives with the active purveyor like China.

China is guilty of genocide in Darfur, Sri Lankan ethnic cleansing, and most poignantly invasion, occupation and systemic violation of the peaceful and pious Tibetan population and culture.

Chinese Communist regime is the avant- guard and a substantial aid to militant North Korea, Burma, Sudan, Iran to name a few. It doesn’t fall behind in being a staunch ally to Pakistan in instigating and stirring tension with its nuclear neighbor India.

China’s role in the U.N. Security Council thus far is, remaining a vehement opponent of effective action against North Korea, Burma, Iran and dictatorships around the world.
What is the deadly dragon up to now in the region?

China’s insatiable appetite revealed in the most shocking and astonishing developments that would engulf the entire world if not intervened immediately.

The Chinese Communist regime invaded and destroyed the tranquility of the rich Tibetan culture and the peace loving Tibetan Buddhists, followed by the successful influence of ‘Communism’ on the ‘Hindu’ nation, Nepal. All of this happened on the international watch.

At present, the regime is in full preparation to take the world by storm with the aggressive invasion of the world’s largest democracy and the unfortunate closest neighbor, India.

Yes, you heard it right.

China has been active and infiltrating into the north and north eastern borders of India for quite some time and now the emboldened regime with the political and economic clout considers the moment ripe to devour the democratic, secular and nuclear India.

The Communist regime has mobilized the vast army through bullet trains and high speed transportations and solidly planning to surround the Indian borders on all sides. It’s just a matter of time.

Lately, the Chinese Think Tank, China International Institute for Strategic Studies (WWW.CIISS.ORG) masterminded a plan for the authoritarian rule and made the following proposal.

According to the plan, the regime advised to split India into 30 segments as India has 28 states and 7 union territories. Chinese regime asked to approach the vulnerable small and big nations such as Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan in the North and Bangladesh in the North East to assist in disintegrating India like Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The plan is to divide India on ethnic and religious diversity by having each neighbor assigned with a specific task aided by the totalitarian China.

The think tank detailed the devious operation beginning from North India, Kashmir aptly assigned to nuclear Pakistan, West Bengal in the eastern border to Bangladesh because of similar ethnicity, create separatist movement in Tamil Nadu, Southern India and force India to concede to the fragmentation of itself.

China’s behavior doesn’t come as a surprise. China betrayed India soon after the long fought independence from the British Empire. China ambushed India in the most cowardly manner.

The Western-educated and political savvy, First Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru extended India’s friendship hand only to be bitten harshly by the Communist leadership in China, Zhou Enlai also known as Chou En-lai and the prominent Mao Zedong.

What should India do to thwart the aggression from the predator China?

Firstly, India must launch an aggressive campaign educating and addressing the rural and disenchanted mass in the local languages and dialects about China’s dubious plan. The Congress government and party must simultaneously resolve the pressing issues of the local population to build the necessary confidence and trust towards the government and the agencies.

India’s rescue from the monster attack depends on every citizen regardless of background, standing up to unite the nation and promote solidarity by rejecting the Chinese orchestrated propaganda targeting the weak and the gullible populace.

It’s truly a testing time for every Indian to display their patriotism and reach out to those who are confused and disoriented about the great future of the world’s largest democracy.

Remember the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi’s words – No matter what, India is a secular nation and will remain so now and in the future. It is the duty of the brave and smart citizens of India to demonstrate resolve against the foreign infiltration, and keep India unified at all costs.

Remind your fellow Indian citizens that irrespective of race, religion, skin color and socio-economic status, they are children of God. Everyone must come together as a national force and not a regional threat against one another falling into the enemy’s booby trap.

Bollywood could play a significant role through documentary or commercial films on the national unity theme. Don’t fail to include the footage of Tiananmen Square and present the realities of split Europe then and the unified Europe now through European Union. Also, provide the horrible images of the persecution of Tibetans, in the Tibet occupied by China and the plight of the ethnic Muslim population in the Chinese province.

Message for the regional neighbors – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan:

The message replicated for the governments and the people of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal not to commit the blunder of aiding and abetting with the Communist regime in China that disregarded and disinherited its own people in the past and present. In fact, it would be foolhardy for the neighbors to set fire to the common habitat.

The government and the people of Bangladesh should not believe in the Communist rumors against Indian regional politics and refrain from becoming part of the political quagmire in the region.
Relevantly, Bangladesh will not be a free nation today, if not for the sacrifice of the Indian blood in the 1971 war against Pakistan to liberate the formerly known East Pakistan, that later became Bangladesh.

As for Bhutan and Nepal, heeding to the advice of the brutal Chinese regime to stir tensions or an uprising against India will be a political suicide and sure to backfire sooner than later resembling the fate of oppressed Tibet by China.

Pakistan as a mature nation should well understand that every action has equal and opposite reaction. The Communist China might project India as the vitriolic rival; however, the Chinese authority’s regional ambition should not be underestimated.

Any assistance by Pakistan to China in destabilizing India would be analogous to the naïve adolescent riding on the crocodile/alligator’s back to get across the river banks, only to become the scrumptious feast for the ever hungry marsh land creature.

The people of Indian Kashmir experiencing the freedom, peace, political and economic stability on the Indian side should not fall for misguided tales and lies through agents of the Chinese regime. Kashmiris should take a hard look at the Pakistan riddled with the militants occupation, terrorist camps and eternal chaos of suicide bombings, explosions contributing widespread fear among the Pakistani population about their security and future…

People of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal acknowledged for their sharp intellect should unanimously shun the foreign sources hired to sabotage the Indian national interest and stay committed towards the national defense.

Warning to the mighty and presumptuous People’s Republic of China that has neither represented the people nor demonstrated as the republic:

Based on the adequately available evidence, the Chinese troops mobilization along the north and north eastern borders of India must be withdrawn effective immediately and unconditionally. China has no business lingering around and near the clearly demarcated Indian territories.

The CIISS think tank diabolical strategy to distract the Chinese population drowned in decades of misery as political prisoners and the onset of economic gloom following the short-lived cornucopia do not justify the vicious and treacherous plot against neighboring India doing no harm whatsoever to the Chinese regime or the people of China.

If the Communist regime accepts the so-called think tank proposal and acts upon it to camouflage the domestic problems of different kinds –frustration among pro-democracy youth, unrest, ethnic tension with the Muslim population, uncertain economy, growing unemployment…

It would lead to devastating Galactic response with a great deal of variation. Any nation on planet earth in possession of the vast armed forces and nuclear arsenal is not invincible and therefore such assumption is purely delusional.

China’s despot leadership comprising Premier Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao should not underestimate the prophetic call and proceed to the destination of peril with the troop amassment around India.

It is clear to the international community that the Chinese leadership involvement in Darfur genocide, abuse of Tibetan population and suppression of democracy movement in China…unequivocally a humanitarian crime of greater impact in modern times.

Hence, it would justify calling for the worldwide boycott of goods and services from China and withdrawal of investments in hybrid or exclusive Chinese holdings by citizens for global peace and democracy.

The reconfiguration of the U.N. Security Council delivered for a purpose and the United Nations expected to act in accordance with the new world order. Any slight of the information would render the United Nations incapacitated confirming the majority opinion on the U.N. validity.

Finally, China’s activities along the Indian borders is an invitation to a free fall from the economic cliff with serious ramifications and failure to heed to the call would be catastrophic, perhaps in the form of assorted natural disasters.

It’s time for the universe to recognize the devil in disguise behind the masqueraded deadly dragon.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

U.S. Relations with India

July 19, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s visit to the Indian sub-continent is a topic to discuss in different context. It’s obvious that the United States engagement in Afghanistan tied with the success of the Zardari-Gilani government presumably involved in eliminating the mayhem in the northwestern region by the Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces after substantial autonomy from the less credible previous military rule of the President Pervez Musharraf.

Despite the severe domestic economic crisis, the continuation of U.S. financial and military aid to Pakistan is an enormous investment of U.S. trust and resources in the nuclear Pakistan. In return, Pakistan must deliver the long anticipated results terminating not only the major terror organizations like Al-Qaeda and Taliban but also all terror networks in its entirety constituting a menace to its own and international peace and security.

Much to the anxiety of the nuclear neighbor India and the remaining Western nations, United States role in expecting the Pakistani government to co-operate and contribute effectively in the global war against terror is crucial unlike the blind trust and blank checks policy of the Bush administration.

As stated earlier, the United States focus and priority should shift from the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the people of these socially and economically disadvantaged nations.

Although, the long overdue transformation depends on the interface with the respective governments, the United States must not squander the leverage it holds against the bureaucratic powers in both Pakistan and Afghanistan denounced for widespread corruption.

Further, given the disproportionate U.S. economic aid and troops commitment in the global cause, it’s incumbent on the international allies and every other nation affected by global terrorism to share the financial and military burden in alleviating the universal security crisis.

With respect to the emerging economic power and nuclear India’s concern over its nuclear neighbor Pakistan’s refusal and non-compliance of the international extradition treaty involving terrorists and terror networks in the Mumbai attacks last year —

The non-committal and disheartening response by the head of the State Department during the Indian press conference in Mumbai do not bode well with the world’s largest democracy in tune with the U.S. relations and pledges towards its allies particularly the closest ally Israel evidenced in the recent rhetoric such as —

“Strike against Israel will be an attack on the United States with a serious retaliation…”

To reiterate, the key representatives of the present White House and some legislators conspicuously favored to double standards are doing more harm than helping the United States in regaining the lost international solidarity and support much required in all fronts ranging from the economy, the environment, to the international security.

Unfortunately, the changing political landscape and economic developments in Asia and elsewhere ignored by the old school of thoughts indicates their ill preparedness of the reality.

The United States interest to take economic advantage of the expanding Indian middle class segment that is impressively political savvy and the U.S. demand seeking Indian input in the environmental issue possibly characterized as an ‘opportunism,’ considering the United States defense of the Zardari government’s inaction towards India’s security matter.

It would add to significant blunders in the U.S. foreign policy if the United States continues to adhere to the conventional strategy of hard line approach towards hypothetical threats yet selectively oblivious to genuine frustration based on real and proven events between the two nuclear nations in the Indian sub-continent.

Needless to state that the dysfunctional U.S. foreign policy due for drastic reform in the world view and understanding of the plight of the nations dependent on the United States to be a trustworthy partner in the mediation process of international peace and security. Otherwise, the status quo reviving the cold war era facilitating the nuclear and conventional arsenal proliferation is imminent.

Leadership thrives with fairness and equal treatment of all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

OP-Ed Impact of Military Arsenal on Children

March 1, 2009

How does war impact young minds?

Can the military industrial complex justify their profits at the expense of these innocent lives?

A teenager’s viewpoint regarding an article by New York Times and concerns about the real victims of war – Children, the future of the world.



By: Kanish Arhant-Sudhir

The article that goes along with this picture talks about how the death toll in Afghanistan has risen by over forty percent in 2008. One specific example reported on a man named Syed Mohammed, who’s entire family was slaughtered by American and Afghan soldiers. He went next door to his son’s house, only to find that the only survivor in his entire son’s family was his four year-old grandson, Zarqawi. In another case, an American AC-130 gunship, which is a plane armed with several deadly explosive rounds as well as a gatling cannon, attacked a suspected Taliban building, killing more than 90 people.

Marai, age 7, was blinded
in one eye from shrapnel during fighting between the Taliban and NATO troops.

Afghan Casualties

Mohammed Amin Kadimi, age 47, was pushing a wheelbarrow through a city street, looking for work.
A young man approached him carrying a paper bag weighing about ten pounds. He asked him to carry the bag to Pul-e-Khesti, a nearby neighborhood. After some time walking, Mr. Kadimi noticed that the young man was no longer behind him. The bag then exploded, blasting Mr. Kadimi away, mangling his right leg and severing his left one. He now sits on a city street, selling phone cards. He wonders why he was chosen as a target.

Youssif's images
Iraqi Casualty
Youssif, age 5, before explosion (left), and after explosion (right)
Youssif's scarred-images Youssif’s skin was so deformed that hypodermic balloons had to be inserted in his skin to stretch it, allowing operations to be possible. He underwent 37 surgeries in one month.

When I assess these so-called carnage reports, I am absolutely disgusted. It is appalling that human kind would resort to such violence against one another, and for no valid cause at all. Exemplified in the cases of Marai and Youssif, the boy who’s face was grotesquely deformed by shrapnel from a fragmentation grenade; even children on the cusp of life are subject to such tortures as these. The brutality towards these innocent civilians is inexplicably revolting and inexcusable. No ‘political’ motive should be so great as to put the lives of innocent people at risk.

It’s time for mankind to reassess the pros and cons of war and peace for the sake of children around the world.

There is no compensation for loss of life especially children who are wiped out of this earth before they get to know it.

Thank you.

Kanish Arhant-Sudhir

A Mother’s plea for justice

December 3, 2008

It is a fact that Truth is always the casualty in war and election.

The Iraq war is no exception to that reality.

Iraq war is a concoction of truth, lies, deception, betrayal, promise, deceit, turmoil, chaos and catastrophe with a possible glimpse of hope in the horizon.

The prosecutors of war are all safe because they conscientiously carried out their duty in the comfort zone of Washington as legislators and representatives of their constituency by authorizing the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Despite being the signatory to a well masqueraded mission that is partially responsible for our current economic recession…

Some legislators were fortunate enough to aim for the highest office on land in the recent Presidential election.

While, others even managed to secure prime positions in the new administration as a reward for their judgment or the lack thereof in sponsoring the ill-scripted wild adventure with special effects titled “Shock and Awe ” not barring mature content like “Abu Ghraib” -Kodak moments.

How did it affect the foot soldiers often, the scapegoats of such operation authorized and executed by the executive and the legislative branch in Washington?

Let us review the chilling facts presented by a traumatized mother, terrified young bride and an innocent, beautiful baby unbeknownst to the uncertainties ahead in her life.

Given the length and volume of this material, please refer to the following blogpost "The Republic’s Verdict" for detailed analysis and further comments.

Meanwhile, please take a moment and read the letter from the distressed family to help you decide whether you want to make any donations towards the legal crisis, they are currently dealing with.

If you choose to make any donations, please send them to:

Help Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchins Legal Fund

United American Patriots, P.O.Box 96565, Washington D.C. 20090-6565

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
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