Human Tragedy

July 19, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Condolences to the families mourning the loss of life from different tragic events.

The recent train crash in West Bengal, India with reportedly 61 people dead in the accident is regrettable.

In other incidents, terrorism taking toll on human life is the norm in certain parts of the world.

The bomb blasts in July 2010 alone has claimed many innocent lives –

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran…in July 2010 is worthy of condemnation as often the civilians are the victims in the terror related violence.

Freedom along with social and economic opportunities would substantially deter the terror recruitment among the desolate youth population hired for committing horrendous crime against their fellow humans.

Evidently, the citizens in these regions unanimously favor the divestments from prolonged wars towards social and economic development.

Peaceful resolutions focused on economic progress would enormously benefit everyone involved in the global terrorism era.

Terror networks successfully engage the impoverished segment of the population under the pretext of improving their life and the lack of education among the terror recruits is a huge advantage to them.

Accordingly, the militants and the terror organizations regularly attack schools and the educational institutions to deprive the youth from proper education.

Investments in drones, bombs and sophisticated artillery thus far might have eliminated the crucial targets. However, terrorism never dissipates despite the relentless military intervention due to the underlying hindrances in human existence.

Besides participation in the governance through democratic process, the overwhelming majority in these nations seek basic requirements such as clean drinking water, healthy environment to live in modest conditions enabled by agriculture and industrial growth .

Unless these issues are addressed effectively which is not possible by a dysfunctional government, the terror networks will continue to exist as a parallel governing authority holding the people hostage to their violent agenda.

Empowering people with necessary economic and human rights is the best alternative to the military options that are increasingly alienating the local population from the Western interests.

Perhaps, the nations combating terrorism could consolidate their resources and aim to alleviate the suffering through peaceful means.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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