India – Indian Election 2019

February 3, 2019

Indian Election 2019

Padmini Arhant


Politics governed by corruption, cronyism and
criminality is unsustainable. Change comes
only upon determination among those affected
rise to the occasion to be part of the process
initiating alternative. Indian politics controlled
by internal and external diktat and ideology has
long subjugated the overwhelming majority
struggling to make ends meet under the guise
of independence.
The entertainment industry deployed to distract
public attention from problems and real issues
play a pivotal role in exacerbating citizens
suffering in society while making a fortune
on such complicity.
Mass consciousness on this devious failed
agenda aimed at mind control using celluloid
fallacious presentations is critical to free the
nation from corruption, nepotism and
perennial duplicity.
Thank you.
Padmini Arhant
Author & Presenter

India – Vande Mataram

September 19, 2018

India – Vande Mataram

Padmini Arhant

Indian society is subjugated by three segments – Politics, Economy and Entertainment industry.

The overwhelming population in India are either in abject poverty or struggling to make ends meet while the politicians, industrialists and performers in the entertainment industry continue to exploit ordinary citizens though their survival and success is dependent on average citizens nationwide.

The power, wealth and fame is exclusive to members in these three sectors reining control over the destiny of the remaining people in India. The political figures, industrialists and celebrities in the entertainment industry are held above law and known for corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion, murder, treason and various criminal dealings enabling their status as the powerful, rich and famous in society. They are also hired by foreign gangsta to undermine Indian democracy imposing undemocratic and unsustainable policies as well as strategies on mainstream.

The press and media groveling with entertainment industry and politics again aping their foreign masters paradigm, ignore the ordinary citizens plight and focus on irrelevant and nonsensical details on film actors and their scandalous lifestyle as well as notoriety. The above video highlights the urgent need for Indian citizens i.e. the vast majority burdened with economic woes, social prejudice and freedom at stake to rise to the occasion and claim the democratic rights that are currently under siege.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Indian Politics and Society – Could this be a Democracy?

September 6, 2018

Indian Politics and Society – Could this be a Democracy?

Padmini Arhant

Indian political class is representative of only three segments – the corrupt political establishment which is the incumbent and opposition alike, the industrialists and celebrities amassing illegitimate power, wealth and fame.

The so-called world’s largest democracy is hostage to corrupt, criminal and crony celebrity worship where political parties desperately depend on celebrities from entertainment industry during election campaign to mislead voters with big and small screen fictional heroes and fake heroines to sell fairy tales. They are also the preferred candidates for members in both the lower and upper house of the Indian parliament. Both BJP and Congress governments never fail to confer civil awards to Bollywood actors and actresses regardless of many among them being undeserving and unworthy of such honor. This is nothing more than bribery to retain relations between politics and entertainment industry.

There is a pact to have each other’s back and accordingly they exchange favors to benefit one another. The Bollywood actor and actress engaged in hit and run manslaughter from drunken driving and excess speed respectively resulting in loss of lives of innocent mainstream citizens are exempt from law that is otherwise applicable to average citizen in society. Prime Minister Modi government had gone out of their way and intercepted the criminal charge brought on the actor and actress with the latter being BJP’s lower house MP and the former recruited for 2019 election campaign.

Furthermore, in February 2018 a Bollywood actress passed away from alcoholism, the BJP government in the State of Maharashtra with Central authorities’ approval bid farewell to her with a state honor and national flag wrapped around the coffin falsely suggesting martyrdom. Notwithstanding denigration of the national flag and importantly those genuine martyrs, the true patriots responsible for the flag and national independence.

Ironically, the current BJP government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi fictitious claims on random citizens quoting disrespect to national flag subsequent to the above-mentioned fanfare to Bollywood actress despite the circumstances of her demise and the misuse of national flag is hardly a matter of insolence to the flag or freedom fighters per government definition of patriotism and behavior pattern.

In comparison, the seventeen-year-old high school girl student in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu falls victim to targeted sniper attack in the peaceful protest for environment protection, her family is denied possession of slain body to perform last rites making them plead for nearly two days since fatal shooting.

Likewise, the ordinary female citizen in Delhi is a gang rape victim and Congress President Sonia Gandhi intervenes between the doctor and patient forcing the critically ill patient transportation overseas against physician advise causing patient’s death. To add insult to injury to her traumatized parents and other family members, the state together with political opposition at foreign authorities’ behest withheld her name again in violation of both the patient and her parents’ will.

Contrarily, the politics fueled social issues based on caste and religion aimed at marginalized demography and violence experienced by citizens in different states from deployment of troops or public funded law enforcement routinely produce casualties sparking reaction amongst members in civil society.

Those who dare to raise voices and express concern over these flagrant incidents are framed anti-nationals with arrest warrants issued witnessed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s latest action. Indian governments in power at any time displaying zero tolerance to constructive criticism and fair analysis is a serious blow to the idea of democracy. The heads of state at the national and regional level assume position of authority to the extreme undermining civil rights to question abuse of power in the absence of transparency and accountability.

Yet another political maneuver is using caste, minorities and disenfranchised segments as vote banks for political mileage. Both BJP and Congress along with their coalitions in different states continue to exploit these groups for political advantage ignoring the social and economic repercussions lasting generations among these population. The caste classifications as scheduled caste and scheduled tribe not excluding Dalits are maintained under the pretext of reservations or quota and preference only to polarize society. In return, drawing attention to such manipulation is rebutted as seditious accusing the fact presenter.

The trend has been exhausted and reached saturation with clashes erupting from other castes for not having equal opportunity to compete on meritocracy though the policy is deceptively dubbed inclusive. In fact, the contrast is evident with the Home Minister Raj Nath Singh in his latest press conference confirming caste census for citizens to specify their caste made mandatory and expected to be implemented by PM Modi government rather than moving towards abolishing caste system and placing all citizens and territories for due economic development increasing prospects for financial and social progress.

Indian electorate rejecting celebrity-oriented election rallies and candidacies together with objection to massive campaign funding from all sources without limits enabling political parties to buy votes from economically vulnerable voters are preliminary steps towards freeing the society from affluent dominance. Additionally, demanding political parties to adhere to democratic process holding primary election allowing people to choose Prime Minister candidates instead of imposing incumbent and opponent from either party as the only choice leaving the electorate at the national parties mercy is fundamental to free and fair election.

In terms of privileges and immunity on crimes, the celebrities, politicians and industrialists are entitled to tax evasions, embezzlement and various nefarious unscrupulous dealings not barring illegal arms trade, drug trafficking including elimination of anyone regarded an obstacle through contractual killings are not uncommon.

The politics owned media, press and communication outlets are inundated with propaganda to muzzle objective evaluation of the government policies and programs having negative impact on overwhelming majority in the country.  The freedom of speech is curtailed to a large extent with hardline approach exercised by all political parties to remain in power. The broadband access is also stifled to contain free flow of information even during state or national crisis related to government crackdown on citizens seeking solutions to problems arising from dereliction of public servants duty.

In the course of corruption scandals or major investigations involving government entities and their relatives in sensitive issues like drug and flesh trade as well as other matter, the investigating officials with incriminating evidence leading towards indictment are invariably transferred at the nick of time and alternatively they are compelled to quit job ending the probe there and then to shield members in politics, entertainment and other industry.

The political situation is toxic and deteriorating with Prime Minister Modi and administration exerting extra judicial power considering the blanket order on dissent and activism on human rights violations coded anti-nationalism. The other being embankment defending prevalent silent emergency rule to mute credible and legitimate opposition. The predecessor Congress were no different in their effort to quell opinion and smudge data on mountainous scandals that ousted them from power.

Not surprisingly, the independent organization Transparency International in Europe has categorized India nearly close to Somalia in corruption among the worst corrupt nations in the world.

These actions without a shadow of doubt endanger democracy and set precedence for mass subjugation. The tradition misinterpreting people’s mandate for governance to address relevant and significant issues confronting them and national interests diverted to empowerment of selective class in society would definitively lead to undesirable outcome.

Change must begin at the top to trickle down to bottom. Indian electorate have the right and power to enforce the long overdue evolution through ballot, the non-violent and peaceful means to bring about positive effect.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






Fact Check on Jewish Status

August 5, 2018

Fact Check on Jewish Status

Padmini Arhant

Jack Rosen, an American lobbyist and Chairman of the powerful American Jewish Congress. Apart from being a lobbyist, the 69-year-old CEO of Rosen Partners, Jack Rosen is a board member of Altimo – a British Virgin Island (BVI) company that is the telecom investment arm of Russia’s Alfa Group consortium. It has investment interests in Russia, Central Asia, Middle East and Bangladesh.  

A Wikipedia entry for Mr Jack Rosen says he has advocated for Jewish and Israeli causes stating. “We are living in a post-Holocaust era and the forces that provided for a safe and secure Israel are changing. We have to look at what the future holds and have to use all the skills we’ve learned in America and that are available to us to ensure security for Jews around the world”, says the internet information portal.  

The Israeli and Jewish advocacy in politics, judiciary, economy, academic institutions and entertainment industry alarmed over alleged threats to Israel and Jewish population are unfounded in the contemporary age.

The events in the twentieth century affected many different race, religion and ethnic background. The brutality of human character reflected in ethnic cleansing and colonization continues unabated until today. Accordingly, the atrocities inflicted on one race that was preexisting with others long before in the course of imperialism in different parts of the world cannot be neglected in history as there were tremendous loss of lives from horrific violence and mass subjugation. Jewish plight could be one aspect among massive crimes committed against humanity at that time.

However, in the twenty first century the claims on threat to Jews and Israel especially with Israel being a nuclear state is unsubstantiated and propagated without legitimacy on such allegations.

The reverse impact on those experiencing Israel’s overt and covert operations in many sites across the border and other locations in the Middle East as well as elsewhere is consistent and relentless with no political will to peaceful resolutions. Any peace proposals are stymied allowing Israeli ideologues to intensify human rights violations attracting global condemnation. Israeli authorities sponsoring terrorism is evidenced in the treatment of terrorists in the Syrian conflict and preparing the terror outfits to reposition in the war against Syrian people.

Jewish dominance in every sector beginning with politics in the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Latin America and worldwide cannot be underestimated as a result of  Jewish lobby. 

The technology viz. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia to name a few have clear access to private details of public proven in the recent Facebook scandal harvesting and monetization of consumer data using these platforms. There are tech giants in disguise whose profile leads to Jewish origin.

Besides, the pervasive position in the economy, the stock market and finance in particular evident in the private entityThe Federal Reserve designed and executed monetary policy of the United States of America. The treasury activities of the United States routinely target selective adversaries for sanctions to maintain status quo.

The private organization Federal Reserve poised as the United States Federal Monetary authority appointed Chairperson (male and female) thus far are invariably of Jewish descent.

The academic institutions like Ivy league in the United States and other private educational establishments pledge allegiance to Jewish cause.

Judiciary is yet another branch with majority Jewish representation.

The think tanks, political foundations, communication media, press such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, Financial Times attend secret society meeting and sworn to secrecy on decisions at this undemocratic conclave.

In terms of intelligence apparatus, Israeli Mossad, US CIA, Britain’s MI5 and MI6 are regarded one in safeguarding Israeli interests globally by any means and mechanisms.

In politics, United States Presidential hopefuls from both left and right addressing the Annual AIPAC summit is the tradition. That goes for Congress members unflinching support to Israeli lobby on all issues whether right or wrong.

The interesting factor is the political contestants’ success is linked with Jewish lineage that guarantees mileage to cross the finish line.

For example, in 2008 the democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama asserted Jewish family relations making them the desirable choice to the Jewish kingmakers in the political race.

Seeing this political edge, Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama suddenly remembered about her long-lost uncle being not only a Jew, a Rabbi to top the status.

Furthermore, the republican candidate in 2008, John McCain wooed the Jewish lobby with the slogan – Bomb, Bomb Iran. Noting that the so-called democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama emphasized their stance in their individual style.

Hillary Clinton proclaimed – She would Obliterate Iran with nuclear weapons while Barack Obama opted the standard call for the lack of self-expression, chiming All options are on the table meaning not barring nuclear weapons.

In 2016 – the political rhetoric continued with the democratic contender Hillary Clinton reiterating her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s in-laws being Jewish.

Could the republican candidate Donald Trump then simply let go in his competitor’s favor?

Definitely not.

The Presidential candidate Donald Trump proudly mentioned in political rallies on his daughter Ivanka  (an apostate) having converted to Judaism had given birth to a third Jewish baby.

Now, Ivanka Kushner dubbed Ivanka Trump despite the connotation of her being the mother of three is the regular feature on networks and cyber political sites.

Similarly, in Pakistan the embattled Prime Minister candidate, PTI chief Imran Khan always been the favorite to London based shadow power and more so given Imran Khan’s previous marriage to Jewish billionaire’s daughter Jemima Goldsmith, the first to tweet the congratulatory message on her son’s father’s prospects of becoming Pakistan’s Wazir-e-Azam – the Prime Minister.

Last but not the least, the entertainment industry diversity eclipse due to Hollywood and television medium overshadowed by Jewish ascendancy is common knowledge. The same extended into Mumbai film industry referred to as Bollywood with Jewish owned entertainment firms financing big budget films inducing controversy and internal agitation attributed to movie themes.

The information unequivocally describes the Jewish Israeli stronghold and predominance in every possible field and this is no stretch of imagination. 

The factual presentations to this effect are immediately refuted as antisemitism which in itself is incorrect for semites are the Arab tribes in North Africa and Palestine.

Israel and Jews predisposition to insecurity regardless is misplaced in light of overwhelming clout retained in world affairs and events. Humans and for that matter other species included continue to be subject to abuse, prejudice, isolation, denial of freedom, civil rights, and extreme violence. Palestine serves as the example in this context, with no hope for Palestinian statehood. Instead Israeli forces and authority authorized rapid deterioration of conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory is the norm much to global criticism.  Israel’s perennial investment in combat and territorial annexations witnessed in the settlement activities in West Bank and East Jerusalem, notwithstanding unilateral economic blockade against the people in Gaza lasting a decade are provocative to say the least.

Moreover, United States ordinary tax payers since the wealthy are exempt from fair share of taxes remain the benefactor to the state of Israel with unconditional permanent financial aid even during US severe economic recession alongside military provisions. United States participation in Israel’s chosen warfare in Syria, Yemen, skirmishes in Lebanon, confrontations with Iran, proxy in Egypt, bifurcation of Sudan and political instability wherever possible never had anything to do with US citizens or national security.

Israel and Jewish organizations reconciliation with reality in acknowledgment of peace and liberty for all exemplified in ending occupation in Palestine and territories seized in 1967 six-day warfare could not be rejected any more. The acceptance is imperative for a new chapter in the Middle East facilitating trust, respect and cordial relations with neighbors in the region and world over.

Sowing the seeds of peace and harmony would deliver positive outcome benefitting all in the region and outside. Unlike hostility and acrimony leaving those behind the strategy in eternal trepidation.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter                      





India – Idle Worship (Filmy Duniya Part II)

April 17, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Subsequent to earlier segment Filmy Duniya (Movie World) on entertainment industry serving as  platform for propaganda and prejudice, the current topic focus on idle worship of Film stars and the cult following that exists with celebrities getting away with man slaughter, tax evasion, political scandals involving arms deal and instigating violence...exempting them from any accountability.

Indian democracy with tiered system granting immunity on crimes to members in politics, entertainment industry and economic sector is a travesty of justice and mockery of republic status not to mention the widening gap between superior and ordinary classifications despite the slogan – Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas merely remaining a political rhetoric in the absence of rule of law across the spectrum.

The audio link above scans the profile of big screen heroes turning out to be big time zeroes due to their unlawful activities that are left unchecked exclusively on the basis of stardom and relations with politics, underworld and international syndicate besides media and press shelter.

The trend poses grave danger for society and the country at large. The mass awakening declining the cult environment is critical for real progress nationwide.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presentee

Spouse in Divine Mission



India – Filmy Duniya (Movie World) – Hindi

April 12, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Besides promoting ignorance and prejudice, the entertainment industry serving as propaganda medium to suppress the facts and reality on world events is the topic of discussion. Such investment in the name of entertainment  is a waste of resources and purpose in life.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


BOLLYWOOD (Indian Entertainment Industry) JEOPARDY

October 25, 2016



By Padmini Arhant


Hallmark – Plagiarism, Piracy and Patent violation.

Benchmark – Lowest degree, gradation and class.

Affiliate Underworld, Political Clique and Money Launderers.

Attribute – Infamy, Insolence and Notoriety.

Aptitude – Decompose, Cheap sell out  besides Bargain esteem for fame and fortune.

Custom – Parasitic, Opportunistic and Synthetic.

Contribution – Corruption, Collusion with nefarious elements and Concoction for paltry gains.

Condition – Abomination, Contamination and Malfunction.

Category Sleazy, Slimy and Stupidity.

Conclusion – BOLLYWOOD Bogus ominous lack luster yoke woeful obtuse obtrusive dump.


Padmini Arhant




























October 24, 2016

By Padmini Arhant


Identity – Illegitimate – Birth out of wedlock. 

Gender – Fe(?)male.  

First name Indian meaning bracelet followed by western last name rhyming with automobile brand. 

Place of Birth – Open Market, India.

Occupation – the term limerick with bottle meaning promiscuous.

Society – Cheap Hall of Fame

Life Interests – Activities compromising conduct.

Endeavor – Unscrupulous escort with highest price tag

Achievements – awards in sleazy category.

Padmini Arhant

Rhapsody – Parody

August 10, 2016


By Padmini Arahnt

Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well!

Today I want to shed light on parody.  I’m not sure if you have noticed the trend in parody targeting anything that is sensible, responsible and sane to say the least characterized as crazy talk.  

What does parody mean? – mockery, caricature, spoof, satire, misrepresentation and perversion…among many synonyms intended to reverse the targeted entity’s action, manner and anything about them that are considered a threat to those resisting any change to status quo no matter how demonstrably destructive the conditions are only favoring the resistance brigades’ self-interest.

Accordingly, you witness the wannabees performing the act for those hiring them to do regardless of these paid performers indulgence in self-deprecation. This goes to prove the power of money and greed inhibiting reasoning faculty not to mention their diminutive character on surface.

The clown act by these desperate attention seekers is nothing more than a distraction from the revelations about them and those paying them to keep the smoke screen intact.

Perhaps these puppets leaping from Indian film industry to American movie  and television medium imply in their performance – Monkey see, Monkey do.

I already know the reaction on the idiom with reference to a monkey.

Hey! Relax.  I have not said anything out of context. I have only linked them to Homosapien’s ancestry.

As for plagiarism, piracy and copyright violations that are the current norm, I say to them – piggybacking on others is resignation to self-ineptness and idiosyncrasy.

I will be back soon more on this and other topics for mass awakening to reality.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


India – Indian Film Industry Off Screen Image

August 1, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Indian Film Industry is the bed rock for corruption, extortion, money laundering, philander and promiscuity. The underworld investments foment nefarious dealings not to mention piracy and copyright violations.

The stardom and fame comes with impunity on political scandals, hit and run manslaughter causing poor people to die in vain with justice denied to victims’ families simply because the offenders are superstars.

The industry’s mega stars are also at liberty to indulge in poaching targeting innocent animals like deer as a favorite pass time. The super star status also permits them tax evasion, embezzlement in several million dollars while others notably deny payments and use violent threats against distributors, marketing agents and those involved in the film promotion.

In other instance, the Bollywood actress entry into American television industry is big news in the Indian press while the same actress along with her father harassment of occupants in Mumbai’s neighborhood in an attempt to unlawfully evict residents in the apartments in a bid to own the high rise complex barely reach the media or newspaper column.

The film craze in India is an epidemic. As a result, there are no limitations and restrictions on the actors and actress activities that would ordinarily be considered criminal in any society upholding the rule that none are above the law.

The society that has different standards for celebrities, industrialists and high profile political figures exempting them from offenses and crimes has the writings on the wall that are often ignored much to societal detriment.

Believe me soon some Indian women could be a WOMAN upon them abandoning their MAN’s hairstyle for anything to change is better when it begins at the top.

Never too late to make things right.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




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