Australia – Human Rights Issues

November 17, 2017

Australia – Human Rights Issues

Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! Australia on legalizing same sex marriage.

Similarly, addressing the following human rights problems would be significant considering Australia’s economy and stability in Asia Pacific is largely dependent on immigrants contribution.

The tolerance to diversity and acceptance of multiculturalism providing equal opportunity to immigrants, minorities and importantly indigenous people down under would be mutually beneficial.


1. Stopping hate crimes against immigrants of color.

2. Referendum on recognition of Australia’s native population Aborigines as the first people protecting them from prejudice and human rights violations especially preventing Aborigine youth deaths in prison cells that are barely reported in the news media.

Last but not the least,

3. Vote on Australia’s transformation to republic from the current common wealth status pledging allegiance to British monarchy expending Australian tax dollars to safeguard Royalty.

These measures would by far confirm Australia’s commitment to real democracy and human rights issues.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

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Sport – Cricket ICC Championship 2017

June 18, 2017

ICC Championship 2017

From and By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! Pakistan in winning the ICC Championship 2017 Trophy.  The spectacular performance enabled victory against all odds in the tournament. 

The resilience from the teams written off as underdogs rising to be fierce contestants contributed to excitement in the game. 

The lesson for those riding high on overconfidence isone should never count the chickens before they are hatched proved time and time again.

Congratulations! To all participants in the ICC Championship 2017.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Political Game

June 14, 2017

United States Affordable Health Care aka OBAMACARE 

By Padmini Arhant

The legislation effective in 2014 with mandatory subscriptions tied to penalty upon non-compliance favoring health insurance industry ignores serious implications and costs to average consumers struggling to maintain insurance that hardly meets basic requirements.

There is more to it that meets the eye in this health care law proved symbolic than substantive. 

The explanations on this topic will follow in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Spouse in Divine Mission


ICC Championship 2017

From and By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! Pakistan in winning the ICC Championship 2017 Trophy.  The spectacular performance enabled victory against all odds in the tournament. 

The resilience from the teams written off as underdogs rising to be fierce contestants contributed to excitement in the game. 

The lesson for those riding high on overconfidence is – one should never count the chickens before they are hatched proved time and time again.

Congratulations! To all participants in the ICC Championship 2017.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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By Padmini Arhant

RSS ORIGIN – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was initiated and set up in 1925 with British Raj authorization during colonization of India. RSS has nothing in common with Hindu religion. RSS is a political organization exerting influence over current ruling power BJP.  Any talks on proselytism (forced conversion of followers of different faith) is against Hindu religion and religious doctrine that respects all human beings rights to choose one’s faith besides preferences such as atheism or agnosticism. 

RSS ideology is contradictory to Hindu philosophy that appreciates secularism considering the birth of other religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism to name a few from Hinduism. 

Any fundamentalist concept has political roots and exploits religion for personal and fraternal aspirations known to backfire at source and catalysts behind the cause.

RSS claim on proprietorship over Hindu religion for spreading hardline tactics is blasphemy. India is a nation with diverse cultures and religions where messages of peace, harmony and tolerance not otherwise would serve in entire population interest.

The topic will be discussed further in due course. Please click on the audio link for content in Hindi.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Political Game (Hindi) Part I 

By Padmini Arhant

Politics beyond political field is hindrance to unity and peace. Politicizing entertainment and sports is the trend resulting in self-defeating purpose.

Please click on the above audio link for content.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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World Cup Cricket 2011 Grand Tournament

February 19, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The World Cup Cricket grand tournament begins on February 19, 2011.

Bangladesh hosted the spectacular opening ceremony with fireworks amid 25,000 cheering cricket fans gathered for an up close view of their favorite sports heroes.

First match between India and Bangladesh held today in Dhaka, Bangladesh resulted in the Indian side winning by 87 runs.

Heartfelt Congratulations! To team India on the brilliant start with more to follow until the end.

Cricket is religiously followed in the Indian sub-continent. The mega sports event is the most popular and in some quarters revered by the cricket enthusiasts fervently praying and desiring for their respective home team to clinch the world title.

The sport that was once considered the ‘Lords’ Game’ – a legacy from British empire is now played in every nook and corner of South East Asia especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Similarly in other parts of the world – West Indies, South Africa and Zimbabwe, notwithstanding western nations like England, Australia, New Zealand along with relatively new entrants – Ireland, Canada, Netherlands and Kenya have significant admirers and young cricketers competing to surpass the native legends’ records.

In India – the passion for the game is contagious with cricket lovers idolizing their favorite player and cricket season marks the beginning of sports carnival.

The current world cup competition involves 14 international teams playing 49 match games over 43 days in 14 different venues spread across India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

It is a one-day cricket match with limited overs set at 50 for each side unlike the test match that continues with 2 innings played by both teams over minimum of 3-4 days for conclusion.

Undoubtedly the world cup kicked off with a promising trail from the successful opening ceremony in Bangladesh to the recent victory for the Indian team.

There are other formidable challengers with similar aspirations and their performance will be a real treat to the spectators and sprawling cricket fans worldwide.

Since each team will strive to dominate the show – the audience are sure to be entertained to their heart content.

Cricket craze is pervasive and the multinational caliber pronounces the effects during the fixated moment of world cup championship.

Ethics and economics aspect – The stakes are high in the tremendously appealing sport not devoid of controversies and scandals related to match fixing leading to emerging talents’ abrupt end of the career.

Similarly the crime investigation on the sudden demise of a foreign coach not long ago caused a maelstrom within the prestigious sports circle.

Sports are enjoyable at any time. However maintaining discipline and prioritizing high moral conduct would not only enhance individual image but also promote a positive message to several million impressionable minds preparing to enter the enthralling sport as professionals.

There are no losers in a contest for the participants share the glory in sports spirit.

On that optimistic note – Wishing phenomenal success to every contestant in the World Cup Cricket 2011.

Best Wishes to all sports stars of the riveting one-day international cricket.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Australian Federal Elections 2010

September 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Australia – Welcomes the first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard after the political stalemate Down Under yielded victory to the ruling Labor Party in coalition with Green Party Independent members to form a government.

The Australian federal election held on August 21, 2010 produced a hung parliament with the incumbent Labor party and the opposition Liberal party (conservatives in political ideology) winning 72 seats short of 76 required in the 150 seats House of Representatives elected to the Parliament.

Australian Green Party as the name suggests is renowned for environmental cause and increasingly becoming prominent in Australian politics dominant with two major parties i.e. Labor, the Democrats equivalent and the Liberal being the conservatives.

The two independent members’ conditional alignment with the Labor Party was reportedly related to climate change legislation and expansion of the fastest and sophisticated Internet broadband networks in the country.

Green Party proposals in the environmental and technological fronts are praiseworthy.

However, there is a greater need for the environmental groups and their legislators to review Australia’s role as the leading coal exporter to China and a competitive bidder in uranium supply to India – the two emerging economic powers with a huge energy demand could be encouraged to abandon fossil fuel and nuclear power for clean renewable energy sources.

Planet sustenance is dependent upon collective environmental goals. The industrialized nations have better opportunities and resources to promote clean energy options on their shores and abroad.

Although each nation bears individual responsibility in protecting the environment, their economic outlook on trading fossil fuel and nuclear technology would render the domestic efforts redundant.

Tsunami in the Indian Ocean could directly affect Western Australia sharing the coastal region with South East Asia. An environmental disaster in one part of the planet could be potentially devastating for the rest of the inhabitants.

Australian economic performance despite global recession is impressive. The GDP growth at 3.3% with 5.3% unemployment in July is a boost for the Labor government and now the political mandate for further progress across the economic and social spectrum will determine the coalition strength.

Congratulations and Best Wishes! To Prime Minister Julia Gillard of the Labor Party and the coalition partners for a successful term and a bright future to all Australians.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Universal Peace and Harmony

March 13, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Peace is a unique experience and easily realized if one is prepared to disinherit the negative emotions towards self and others. When human mind is at peace, it’s an instant bliss and pervasive over the surroundings.

On the other hand, the reason for the unrest in the world is because of internal conflict within individual that surface and spreads like a wildfire. Internal conflict arises from dissatisfaction mostly related to desire.

Therefore, discipline is necessary to control the needs and learn to be content with material possessions and status.

Another beneficial factor is generosity. A generous heart usually reflects kindness. Sharing and giving nurtures love permeating the environment like a beautiful fragrance.

Magnanimity could be in the form of empathy and compassion. Willing to take risk to save life or serve justice demonstrates an act of courage and a caring nature.

In the earlier article, the statement –

“Selfless act being seldom rewarded in the world dominated by ‘Me, myself and I,’ concept,” was in reference to those who come forward to do what is right for others despite the challenges ahead but remain unsuccessful.

It’s largely due to the lack of co-operation from the rest.

A perfect example is the health care reform, where the few lawmakers’ request to adopt a ‘single payer’ system that is ideal for the people and the nation is opposed rather than being appreciated.

When a society recognizes the cumulative advantage for a vast majority, with a permanent solution such as the ‘universal health care through single payer,’ it’s best to move forward in that direction.

Their positive action will not be in vain. It’s based on the adage –

“What you sow is what you reap.”

Deeds performed to alleviate the suffering of humanity bear fruits in abundance.

As promised, I would like to explain the events’ characteristics since my acquaintance with the citizens of the world.

A Prophet’s visit to the physical world is solely for the purpose of protecting civilization from collapsing. Further, it happens when ethical and moral degradation portends danger beckoning divine intervention for salvation.

Right now, the toxicity in the planet is endangering life.

In human flesh, the purest soul performs the act to pronounce the karmic effects of it. It’s to teach humanity the consequences of negative vices such as anger, hatred, envy, ego, pride, greed, lust, etc

By the way, the ‘butter thief’ connotation towards Shri Krishna is an endearment term used by the devotees, but was deliberately put forth in the context to arouse self-analysis of an intentional misunderstanding by the critics in the relevant topic.

Thou thyself art to blame. Human nature often forget their actions while detecting faults in others.

They ignore the remaining fingers pointing towards them during their criticism of another.

The speck of dust is magnified in the backdrop of luminosity.

Moreover, it’s noteworthy that throughout the latent teaching, it was never a pre-emptive action but a response to provocation.

Invariably, it was in the innocent victims’ defense and on other occasions a reminder to review bad decisions, that was once again affecting the disadvantaged,

As well as urging to look within and find the self, the pure soul – the ‘Almighty,’ who dwells in every being.

It’s an act of nature versus nurture.

By becoming the participant in the world stage, the objective is to teach the fundamentals of individual action.

It’s called Karma in spirituality. Also known as the cause and effect – i.e. nothing happens without a reason.

Scientifically, it proves that ‘every action has equal and opposite reaction.’

The spiritual guides as the Prophets and Messiahs have the responsibility to disillusion the astray and redeem them from their wrongdoings by absorbing the negativities.

In the process, the Prophet endures the pain through insults and incendiary remarks from the cynics – equivalent to bearing the cross to absolve Mother Earth from negative energy.

Indian mythology has many incidents whereby the incarnate and the Supreme entity had to consume bitterness figuratively and literally like in the incident when God Shiva had to swallow venom to protect life.

Lord Ram, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu compelled to send the lord’s consort Devi Sita, an expectant mother with twins back to the forest in an effort to be the subjects’ King.

Likewise, Lord Jesus Christ revealed the truth upon resurrection to the lord’s ardent disciple Mary Magdalene first, much to the principal followers’ dismay.

All of these events confirm the saints and prophets’ predicaments to uphold virtues by committing the ‘less virtuous’ action in ‘the eyes of the beholder.’

Synonymously, The 2008 Presidential campaign began with perfect decorum among the contestants on the left and the right.

It didn’t take too long for that to disappear and soon transformed into a ruthless battle with emotions running high allowing heated exchanges between the contenders, not to mention the office of Presidency targeted in the debates.

So, the lessons to be learned are mutual respect, better understanding, self-restraint along with an open mind to view matter in different perspective prior to rushing to conclusions or harsh treatment of anyone with a different position, even if their stance would yield substantial gains or loss for the less fortunate and otherwise.

I would like to engage you all in my life journey briefly.

During my residency in Australia, in the three-story apartment building among the many residents,

There were only two occupants of color – There was I, and a beautiful family from the Ivory Coast in West Africa.

The African family had the father, Kwadjo and his wife Tina with two lovely kids.

They moved into the building after I did. Kwadjo was an extremely friendly and a vivacious person.

Tina was very soft spoken and respectful.

They both were highly qualified professionals. Kwadjo was a PhD. in town planning from the internationally renowned Australian institution, Monash University.

Tina was a registered ICU nurse. They arrived from Ivory Coast as legal residents during the economic boom.

In spite of that, neither of them could find suitable employment anywhere, forcing them to become under employed. Tina worked at the janitorial service in the biggest hospital.

Kwadjo on his part volunteered at the non-profit institution run by the local church in exchange for food to support his young family.

Kwadjo and Tina would reach out to other residents for a handshake or friendly greeting only to be disappointed with a cold shoulder from them.

Since they were very good neighbors and friends of mine, I knew them well and we invited each other over for dinners.

When I relocated to the United States, both Kwadjo and Tina were still struggling to find an appropriate job.

A year later, I learned from my sibling who was in Australia. He stayed in my apartment and Kwadjo had made this comment:

“Your sister, Padmini was the only one in this building, who treated my family and me as human beings. She showed love and respect by sharing and accepting whatever we had.”

Kwadjo and family had immigrated to Canada after having spent many years in Australia without an affordable income. I was informed about it via a surprise post card from them upon their arrival in Canada.

Similarly, the couple with epilepsy in the building felt isolated for their speech impediment and not being able to hold a long conversation. They felt that others had no patience to listen and avoided them entirely.

Then in California, my neighbor Lee, who was a widow and a paraplegic, confined to a wheel chair.

Lee had many children, grand children and great grand children.

It didn’t matter. For Lee, had none visiting her even during Christmas or Thanks giving.

So, abandoning ones’ parents in their old age is not exclusive to India or any particular society.

It’s a worldwide tragedy. Most people have no time for others in the contemporary lifestyle where individualism takes priority.

I became Lee’s surrogate daughter and she adored my children, who were an infant and a toddler at that time. They used to call her the “lollypop Lee,” for she would offer them lollypop during my routine visits to her place to keep her company.

Lee was in tears when I had to leave and I remained in touch with her from overseas.

In another instance, my visit to Paris had a strange twist when the pleasant hospitable host, a French (a fourth generation French) Jewish cardiologist turned hostile to my polite question to him on the two state solution between Israel and Palestine co-existing with one another, back in 1992.

Even though, the French doctor had never visited Israel and lived in France his entire life, the discussion was off the table.

It made me pause and wonder about the discord that persists in the atmosphere.

Human relationships evolve from the recognition of the truth that we are all inter-linked in the tightly woven fabric of the global society that is splitting apart rapidly.

We are the fragmentation of an energy particle that has a binding force and it’s not viable to be polarized on the issues concerning freedom, democracy, equal rights, race, religion…

Every living being is born free but sadly deprived of the natural rights in many parts of the world.

On the Environmental Front:

The world population is dealing with different kinds of environmental pollution. There is air, water and noise pollution.

Air and water are natural resources. Regardless, the people across the globe have to pay for clean air and pure drinking water. Noise is a major hazard in the urban areas of the nations.

Preserving the habitat for life survival and sustenance is paramount.

It’s possible to change the stagnancy into a flowing river for all to exist and thrive.

If we don’t pull together and make a concerted pledge to reunite and rebuild the global community, the individuals’ aspiration will not come to fruition.

Selective few cannot succeed on their own for long.

Hence, coherence is absolutely important to retain the goodness and release the bad vibrations.

Universal peace and harmony are the cornerstones to resolve the global crises.

Please remember the primary goal is to “Save the Planet,” and establish “Peace on Earth.”

Without your help and enthusiasm, it’s not attainable.

Let’s begin now for a better tomorrow.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Passing Legislations in Congress – A Miracle or a Menace?

February 7, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Democratic system around the world share many characteristics in essence. They are positive and negative in variable proportions. However, the constant problem in a democracy is arriving at a consensus on legislative matter between the rival political parties in power.

Both the Parliamentary and the Presidential form of governments are uniquely creative in their disagreement with the respective opponents. For instance, frequently in Taiwan and recently in India, the argument transform into a spectacle with heavy fistfights and wrestling among the legislators causing a commotion in the session.

United Kingdom Parliamentarians mock in chorus and Australia follows suit to identify with their ascendants.

In the United States, the opponents’ presentation is dramatic in a ‘show and tell,’ setting with a hyperbole characterization of the policy. Somehow, the critics fail to find any beneficial element in the bill. The fault is detected not so much in policy as noted during the health care legislation.

Opposition debate deviated from the content to the weight of the bill, in itself turning into a filibuster.

The irony of it is the lawmakers become the lawbreakers by letting their passion override reasoning.

Shifting focus on the various reforms pending legislations, the prevalent partisanship is no revelation.

However, the double standards among the conservatives on both sides is intriguing as observed in the House bill – HR 1207 introduced by Republican representative Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve.

The House Financial Services Committee approved Rep. Ron Paul’s measure by 43-26, calling the government to audit the Federal Reserve.

Legislation received the Republican minority’s overwhelming response as well as the democrats’ cooperation in this issue. In this context, the Republican members accepted the government intervention as necessary and appropriate.

Contrarily, the Finance Reform bill favoring the stand-alone consumer financial protection agency initiated by President Obama is slighted by the Republican minority as the government “take over.”

Evidently, the republican members’ conduct thus far – reveals their opposition to the party and not the policy.

With respect to health care reform, President Barack Obama reached out to the republican minority and the conservative democrats by requesting them to set their differences aside with the democrat majority.

The President even offered to incorporate the “TORT” reform touted all along as the republican idea to contain health care costs.

TORT reform is useful in trimming the health care costs and should be part of the legislation.

Yet, the only agreement reached between both parties is to bury the bill, since compromise is considered concession by the opposition party with no other viable solutions.

Similarly, with the deficit reduction the republican senate defeated the President’s effort to set up a bipartisan committee comprising the legislators and the fiscal experts to devise methods in national debt management.

Their non-conciliatory response has now forced the President to move ahead with the independent commission to address the issue.

Conveniently, the President is criticized for not attempting to deal with the national debt by the “fiscal conservatives,” playing partisanship in the legislative role.

It’s clear that there is no true intention among these members to serve the national interest; otherwise, they would be sensitive to the public plight and vote for the necessary reform in finance, health care and environment.

The only way to circumvent this gridlock is to adopt the legitimate avenues accessed by the opposition when they were the majority. There appears to be no other option available with the self-interest and the special interest reining in on national progress.

Unfortunately, the unity among the Republican members and the division in the democratic side threatening to vote against the health care and financial reform bills is detrimental to national cause, with a guaranteed backlash against the default members in the November elections.

It’s important for the national voice to convey the message to these legislators evading their constitutional oath to serve the people electing them to the public office. The electorate message has to be loud and clear with a deadline to pass legislations.

In the absence of public outcry, the “Change we can believe in,” could never be brought upon in the State or the national level.

President and the House majority leader could exhaust the power and resources at their disposal to convince the resisting members in Congress. Nevertheless, the ultimate power lies with the people to urge their representatives to act on their behalf by voting for the health care, finance reform and the climate bill.

People should understand that the legislators in Washington and the State Capitol have job descriptions and the primary responsibility is to represent the people electing them to the office and not the self or the campaign financiers.

The fundamental responsibility for the lawmakers is to cast their vote to help improve the citizens’ lives, which is currently not preferable because the ‘nay’ Sayers are comfortable with the job security and know they will be re-elected by swift boating their opponent.

Such possibility is made even easier with the Supreme Court conservative justices’ decision that has granted license to Corporations, Unions etc… to assist ‘trouble makers’ in Congress represent their interests rather than the voters’ welfare.

Therefore, it’s entirely dependent on the people to fix the broken system in Washington and the State Capitol. They need to impose the ‘performance based’ criteria in Washington, verify each legislator’s record to confirm whom they really represent and vote accordingly during elections.

An ‘average’ citizen is fired for lack of productivity and Wall Street has no patience towards the workers’ genuine circumstances when axing jobs.

That being the case,

Why should the people in a democracy with the ultimate power in their hands be extremely tolerant to the combined forces’ (Washington and Wall Street) consistent practices that neglects the people over profit?

These basic questions needs to be urgently addressed by the people. Remember each one of us possess the leadership quality to lead the family, workers and colleagues at work place, community, state and the nation.

What is required is initiative and that has to come from within. If every individual poses the questions’ raised above and take action not only for personal salvation but for others as well, then the issues like corruption, cronyism, and injustice…could be eradicated from the political and social system.

Then democracy would be protected from these deadly carcinogens.

Something to think about and take action to release oneself from the economic and social shackles.

With the nation captivated by the “Super Bowl XLIV” event,

I take leave for now and,

Wish Good Luck to both teams – Colts and Saints.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

International Event – Education under Attack in Australia

June 4, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

In continuation of the topic on racial attacks against Indian students (from India) in Melbourne, Australia, the incident in the new millennium strikes resemblance to apartheid in South Africa until it became free in 1994.

Australia designated as the industrialized nation, multicultural yet homogenous society…devoid of major ethnic representation in politics, democratic with mandatory voting (the only democratic nation to impose penalty for not voting) and,

A willful participant in all U.S. led major conflicts from Vietnam to Iraq – is a commonwealth nation sworn allegiance to Great Britain’s monarch as the head of the Republic.

The nation from “down under” celebrated bicentennial in 1970 and 1988 to commemorate the permanent white settlement is not a young republic and not new to controversies either.

Source – Wikipedia (The Free encyclopedia) – Thanks

“The bicentenary of Australia was celebrated in 1970 on the 200th anniversary of Captain James Cook landing and claiming the land, and again in 1988 to celebrate 200 years of permanent white settlement.”

Australian history mired with brutal killings of the Aborigines, the original inhabitants of the biggest island on earth and systemic abuse of the indigenous population and culture continues until date.

Sadly, Australia founded as a convict colony by Great Britain that outlawed its own citizens for petty crimes like stealing a straw or a loaf of bread to homicide. Australia essentially served as “Guantanamo Bay” for the then colonial Great Britain well into the early twentieth century. The exhibits tell tales in the notorious Port Arthur prison, a tourist site located at Hobart, Tasmania.

Australia upon becoming republic while maintaining the British Royalty as the head of the state until now embraced White Australia Policy abolished in 1973.

Source – Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia) – Thanks

“The White Australia policy stands for the historical policies that intentionally restricted non-white immigration to Australia from 1901 to 1973.”

The xenophobia attributed to – "It is not the bad qualities, but the good qualities of these alien races that make them so dangerous to us. It is their inexhaustible energy, their power of applying themselves to new tasks, their endurance and low standard of living that make them such competitors."

Australia along with its commonwealth partner Canada rejected the trade sanctions against the former Apartheid South Africa and refused to commit to the toughening sanctions proposal by the delegates from Africa, India and Guyana during the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers’ committee on South Africa, in Harare and Canberra in 1989.

Then, the government sponsored Anti-Asian immigration sentiments surfaced (subjecting all nations in the geographical regions of Asia) in mid 1985 – 1989 represented by the former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard as the opposition coalition leader during that time. Mr. Howard wasted no time in pushing Australia to forge alliance with Europe against the viable and pragmatic choice, Asia.

Ironically, in the Australian politics Liberal party represents the conservative view and policy. There are other parties such as labor, democrats, green peace…advocating for social, economic and environmental issues.

On August 31, 2001, the SOS from a Norwegian cargo ship “Tampa” with desperate Afghan refugees comprising mostly children and women aboard rescued from the sinking ferry off the Indonesian shores, rejected by the Australian Prime Minister John Howard with no outcry or uproar from mainstream Australia. Any protests held were predominantly by muslims and other minorities along with the refugees on board seeking relief.

The newly independent and poorest nation, East Timor volunteered to accept refugees and requested the international community to pay for the cause. Again, the offer was declined by Norwegian and Australian government.

Ref: World news –

UN: Australia should take refugees

Australians ignore plea on refugees – The Guardian, Thursday 30 August 2001 08.36 BST

Reflection:By Padmini Arhant

It’s important for the world community to understand the plight of the Aborigine population with no sign of progress in the twenty first century. The appalling infant mortality combined with the young aborigines dying at alarming rates in police custody from suicides and other controversial treatment is a reality in the remote Australian outback, the permanent settlement allocated for the forbidden indigenous group.

Further, the living conditions for the aborigine is deplorable and conscientiously deprived of basic education, health care and job opportunities. The average life span floats around mid thirties for the fortunate survivors of the harsh existence in the proudly acclaimed land of diversity.

The aborigine status quo prompted the Nobel Peace Laureate, Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa to criticize Australia – “Clean up your own backyard prior to finger pointing at others on human rights” during his visit to the island nation.

Shifting focus on the continuing harassment and violence against student immigrants from India or elsewhere – it is a serious and an embarrassing issue for the country in the forefront to condemn atrocities particularly in the poorest and developing regions of the world.

The media across the board thrives on negative reporting by producing images and events in bad light about the poor and developing nations and cultivates ignorance among the general population.

There is an inherent discriminatory practice against targeted groups within the society and often experienced at work force denying jobs and promotions under the guise of the requirement of “unique Australian expertise” regardless of credentials and experience from advanced nations.

The selective employment process eliminating qualified students and immigrants not barring equal entitlements to anything and everything as taxpayers is suggestive of blatant negligence to care for the segment significantly contributing to the economic growth.

This so-called cultural misunderstanding is a misnomer given the extensive travelling by the average Australians to exotic locations in Asia such as Bali – Indonesia, Phuket – Thailand, Colombo – Sri Lanka and last but not the least destinations in India.

The law enforcement authorities responsible for the protection of citizens and visitors to the country allegedly did not make any arrests in the burgeoning racial attacks in public transport and a particular incident involving the petrol bomb thrown at an Indian student in his residence.

Social behavior of citizens is a collective responsibility and shared by parents, educational system, legal and law enforcement authorities alike with the human life and safety at risk in public areas and privacy of their home. It would be inappropriate for all those crying foul to the call for government intervention given the socialist system in Australia.

The Australian government and educational institutions profiting from the lucrative educational venture have a legal and moral responsibility in ensuring equal humanitarian rights for all in their domain. Australia’s reputation lies in the fair and proper treatment of the temporary and permanent migrants with respect and dignity under humanitarian law.

Australian High Commission in New Delhi, Mumbai and other cities in India has an ethical duty to verify and investigate exploitation and fraudulent claims against their accredited agents hired by them to enroll students in Australian institutions.

In other matter, Australia’s position has been contradictory in more than one respect.

While, proclaiming to be a an environmentalist…Australia is the major exporter of fossil fuel – coal to the leading polluter China and vigorously competing for uranium supply to India and other nations.

Australian landscape is truly a paradise and nature’s best gift to mankind. However, Australian society has failed to meet adequately with the challenges of promoting multiculturalism desperately required for its own survival and sustenance in the competitive global economy.

Nation’s progress rests beyond investment in infrastructure and best reflected in the tolerance of human race.

Hopefully, with the Labor government under the leadership of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

International News and Developments – Education under Attack in Australia

June 3, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Prelude: The topic will touch base on the human rights violation and much more about the nation from “Down Under” – Australia.

The United States preoccupied in numerous important events unfolding by the hour, international community set their eyes on the much-anticipated speech from the U.S. President Barack Obama in Cairo, Egypt and,

Other industrialized nations engaged in criticizing China on the eve of Tiananmen Square anniversary; similar events involving the brutal racist attacks on Indian students lured to the Australian educational institutions could not compete effectively in the press and media coverage.

As a website committed towards issues generally isolated by the large focus groups in the media and press, a detailed analysis on the appalling incidents concerning Indian students systematically targeted for their ‘skin color’ in the new millennium, twenty first century is attention worthy.

Please stand by for the in-depth coverage on the topic presented shortly.

Meanwhile, please take a moment to review the You-Tube images of the incidents and the victims’ plight in the “socially-advanced” nation in southern hemisphere.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Home is Where the Heart Is!

December 5, 2008

Please click on OP-Ed on the Home Page for an exciting adventure to the most vibrant city on earth,

none other than New York .

Thank you.


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