Australian Federal Elections 2010

September 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Australia – Welcomes the first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard after the political stalemate Down Under yielded victory to the ruling Labor Party in coalition with Green Party Independent members to form a government.

The Australian federal election held on August 21, 2010 produced a hung parliament with the incumbent Labor party and the opposition Liberal party (conservatives in political ideology) winning 72 seats short of 76 required in the 150 seats House of Representatives elected to the Parliament.

Australian Green Party as the name suggests is renowned for environmental cause and increasingly becoming prominent in Australian politics dominant with two major parties i.e. Labor, the Democrats equivalent and the Liberal being the conservatives.

The two independent members’ conditional alignment with the Labor Party was reportedly related to climate change legislation and expansion of the fastest and sophisticated Internet broadband networks in the country.

Green Party proposals in the environmental and technological fronts are praiseworthy.

However, there is a greater need for the environmental groups and their legislators to review Australia’s role as the leading coal exporter to China and a competitive bidder in uranium supply to India – the two emerging economic powers with a huge energy demand could be encouraged to abandon fossil fuel and nuclear power for clean renewable energy sources.

Planet sustenance is dependent upon collective environmental goals. The industrialized nations have better opportunities and resources to promote clean energy options on their shores and abroad.

Although each nation bears individual responsibility in protecting the environment, their economic outlook on trading fossil fuel and nuclear technology would render the domestic efforts redundant.

Tsunami in the Indian Ocean could directly affect Western Australia sharing the coastal region with South East Asia. An environmental disaster in one part of the planet could be potentially devastating for the rest of the inhabitants.

Australian economic performance despite global recession is impressive. The GDP growth at 3.3% with 5.3% unemployment in July is a boost for the Labor government and now the political mandate for further progress across the economic and social spectrum will determine the coalition strength.

Congratulations and Best Wishes! To Prime Minister Julia Gillard of the Labor Party and the coalition partners for a successful term and a bright future to all Australians.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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