Syria – UNSC Resolution on UNSMIS Extension

July 21, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The latest development on Syrian crisis adopting UNSC resolution extending UNSMIS (United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria) along with requirement to cease violence on all sides is welcome and a positive step provided the nations responsible for arming rebels refrain from escalating bloodshed with non-lethal and combative provisions that has claimed many innocent lives thus far.

United States statement to engage from outside insinuating events in Syria against local population interest and security is counterproductive undermining Syrian and United States sovereignty not to mention such intervention fomenting anti-Americanism worldwide.

UNSC credibility largely dependent on United States and allies commitment towards peace and diplomacy yet to be demonstrated in Syrian conflict.

The relentless violent intrusions is obstructing progress endangering lives all around including UN monitors safety necessitating arms embargo on nations involved in weapons supply and militia training across Syrian border.

Further, UNSC resolution language stating latest action as ‘final’ in allowing UNSMIS oversight indicative of western impatience in promoting ceasefire.

The only path towards ending seventeen months old battle between western-Gulf alliance and Syrian authority is complete cessation of foreign interference and mercenary activity.

Meanwhile, UNSC members especially Russia and China perseverance in peaceful engagement is praiseworthy and would be encouraging to persist until situation brought under control for normal existence enabling Syrian government to resume undertaken reforms in the country.

Syrian leaderships defending territorial integrity under pervasive attack by western backed agents is prudent and incumbent upon any sovereign nation to protect people and state as a priority.

The terror networks infiltration funded and militarized by western powers and allies to prolong confrontation exacerbate Syrian suffering contradictory to Geneva accord for warfare termination.

Syrian government response to disproportionate adversity arguably expected by citizens enduring casualties and perpetual chaos inflicted upon them by external sources much to self-detriment and failure.

Nonetheless, at the dawn of holy month observing Ramzan / Ramadan – an important religious festival for followers of Islamic faith not barring sects calls all parties to lay down arms and renounce violence against fellow Muslims and others alike.

In this regard Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey not excluding other regional contributors are subjected to litmus test on allegiance to peace represented by Islam of natural creation.

Hence, the opposition and all warring factions in Syria and across Middle East are urged to respect life with immediate disarmament enabling long overdue peace and tranquility throughout the region.

Sincere pledge to restore calmness exemplified in action among UNSC members and players in Syrian turmoil could expedite peaceful settlement.

UNSC consistent efforts moving away from military solutions with majority consensus in exploring diplomatic options on humanitarian issues in Syria and world over would benefit mankind.

Similarly renewed strategy to disavow aggression among forces on the ground in Syria would restore viable environment crucial for daily survival and nation rebuilding.

UNSC meetings with members participation to discuss Syrian matter appreciated and,

Likewise Syrian government resolve to preserve independent status and guarantee services amid targeted infrastructure demolition like public utilities viz. electricity building, disrupting water distribution and communication centers…deserve international recognition and assistance to alleviate citizens plight in the war torn nation.

On that poignant note, wishing people in Syria and Muslims across the globe peaceful celebration of Ramzan / Ramadan with a promising future.

Peace to all!

Thank you. Padmini Arhant


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