The Five Signs of Losers

February 28, 2021

The Five Signs of Losers 

Padmini Arhant

The five signs or give away identifying typical losers are:

They shun ethics, honesty and transparency.

They decline their opponent opportunity to directly debate them in public domain sharing same stage with them. There is no such thing as level playing field for the challenger to refute their bizarre allegations and relentless propaganda. They perversely invade their enemy’s home and privacy for intimidation and harassment. Meanwhile, they dwell in secrecy colluding and conspiring in secret locations to harm humanity with their devious agendas. The insidious trait and hallmark of them is claiming proprietary rights on the enemy’s mind, thoughts, ideas, life, lifestyle, endless intellectual contributions not barring identity as theirs in the face of personal failure triggering condescendence and insolence flaunted as supremacy and elitism. Their pathological hatred, prejudice and misogyny towards the sworn enemy ultimately consumed them in their quest to be enemy’s alter ego in a weird turn of events. 

They attack and launch assaults on their rival deploying diverse crony contingency at their disposal. Such indulgence on their part is regarded free speech while the opponent’s comments in self-defense to their persistent offense and perversion is branded domestic terrorism followed by isolation and anonymity.

They pride themselves as so-called intellect while the target is presumed bonehead and brain dead.

Last but not the least, the end justifies the means for them to win anything denying the challenger equal and fair access to prove legitimacy and credibility.

The above mentioned five signs with clarifications suffice fait accompli for losers in spotlight.

Padmini Arhant 



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