Politics – Ethics and Accountability

February 5, 2018

Politics – Ethics and Accountability

Padmini Arhant

Is it ever possible for politics to come clean and accept responsibility for their actions or inaction during the term in office?

The answer is well known and anyone who dares to challenge status quo are subject to extreme and extraordinary treatment not barring elimination from position and assassination witnessed in political history worldwide. 

When human mind is corrupted with hunger for power, fame and fortune using any means to achieve, anyone on the path are deemed an obstruction. The corruption leads to deceit, deception and lies not shying away from treason and violation of others rights.

Politics embedded in betrayal of trust, backstabbing and bullying are regarded strength in contrast to honest straightforward and frank demeanor rejected as threat to environment seeped in secrecy and subversion.

In politics, subservience and collusion is rewarded and the trend deploying innuendoes that began in 2008 and continued until now targeting truth and factual presentations clarifies the contempt for integrity, the acute deficiency in politics. 

Those who have nothing to hide and fear would always confront any obstacles and challenges with clear conscience without relying on other sources and contingency to defend them.

Politics being a double edged sword is always brandished against the one declining to submit to devious agenda cloaked in duplicity and hypocrisy.

In political race, the authentic and committed contender would welcome participation of any contestant provided there is no criminal record and tainted alliances with members and organizations exposed for violating law and order.

Interestingly, they are the ones mostly found eligible, favored and usurped to power while prohibiting those not fitting the profile in this context. They are discouraged from taking part in election by having them arrested on unsubstantiated charges or denying them a fair opportunity to compete in national election. 

Such practice only reveals the lack of confidence among those pre-selected or riding on others back to gain or remain in power. The preference slight ethical factors besides conflicting with the principles of democracy and free and fair elections.

Unfortunately, those reining control over political, economic and social systems would not have any other way despite the stagnation and superficial methods premised solely on self and vested interests presenting imminent decline due to unsustainable level of corruption and illegitimacy. 

In the tradition with cyclical events and constant spinning in the hope of converting fallacious details into convincing material, the right to discernment is lost and so are the forces behind the strategy. 

Politics influenced news sources induce media frenzy to sensationalize topics with characterizations missing in substance and submerged in accusations for political benefit.

Politics would earn respect upon renouncing scapegoat tactics and acknowledge the importance of applying the law exempting none in pursuit of truth and justice.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhsnt.com



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