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April 11, 2019

Constitution Governs Nation in a Democracy

Padmini Arhant

In a democracy, governments come and go with political parties elected to power for a limited term.

The institutions set up for specific purpose such as judiciary and election commission bear the burden in delivering defined goals without compromising the relevant body reputation, credibility and importantly democratic value.

The democratic system guided and governed by constitution protecting the rights of all citizens and sovereignty exemplify the effectiveness of republic nation. 

Supreme Court as the highest judicial authority and the last bastion of justice upholding constitutional law through proper interpretation and application strengthens democratic rule. 

Yet another important constitutional body is the election commission. The election being the fundamental democratic process to appoint government directly by the people as electorate at the state and national level, the election commission autonomy to exercise power in maintaining model code of conduct binding on all contestants transcending political status and privileges of political parties across the spectrum is incontrovertible. 

Since contemporary politics exert overt authority to undermine constitution and prime institutions functionality, democracy is often threatened  in the absence of oversight. 

Accordingly, preserving the sanctity and ethical efficacy of institutions with responsibility to monitor and implement rules solidify democratic foundation.

The latest developments from the Supreme Court of India on Rafale matter and the election commission actions against political parties publicity campaign on candidates profile through television network and feature film in violation of election rules are welcome and commendable.

Furthermore, the election commission rising to the occasion in heeding citizens and opposition parties concerns over key members politicizing defense force, religion and communal references that are prohibited in the model code of conduct would confirm free and fair electoral event besides reassuring nation on timely response and efficiency.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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