Lebanon – Political Stability and Unity Key to Defend National Sovereignty

April 5, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The Mediterranean Middle Eastern nation – Lebanon instability premised on collision in diverse culture and political thoughts remains western doctrine.

Lebanon in particular due to geographic location constantly experiences meddling from the problematic coalition – United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia with intermittent indulgence by France as the previous colonizer contributing to unnecessary turmoil.

The deadly combination anti-democratic strategies strive for puppet governments to advance their objectives against neighboring states Syria and Iran.

Israel and Saudi Arabia espousing radicalism through Zionist ideology and Wahabi-Salafist favored Muslim Brotherhood respectively deploy United States embassy primarily tasked with espionage services utilizing CIA and Mossad specialty in toppling democratically elected governments not excluding assassination of leaders representing viable democracy.

Lebanon political setbacks directly attributed to United States, Israel and Saudi sponsored terrorism going back to assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in 2006 during Bush-Cheney co-Presidency and,

Subsequently democratically elected government dismissed in 2010 under President Barack Obama administration influencing factions to undermine Hezbollah representation in Parliament.

The latest event involves United States and Israel coercion in Prime Minister Najib Mikati resignation.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati currently heading caretaker government with New Premier nomination underway until national elections called for at the earliest possible.

The recent disturbance for Lebanese government linked with political parties lack of consensus on electoral law and election monitoring committee besides controversy surrounding Police Chief Major General Ashraf Riffi extension of term in office.

Such proposal would allow exception stretching the existing law and set precedence unhelpful to Lebanon now and later.

Moreover Police Chief Major General Ashraf Riffi alleged strong ties with Saudi regime – the root cause of Middle Eastern unrest and quagmire provide opportunity to stir problems in the fragile state.

Internal Security Chief Ashraf Riffi retirement on March 31, 2013 per Lebanon law and handing over to interim chief Brigadier General Roger Salem until new ISF director general appointment is prudent to scuttle unnecessary political and internal clashes over this issue.

In the northeastern part of Lebanon, Tripoli adjoining Syrian border, the flare up between pro-Syrian government and foreign backed terrorists claimed some lives alongside facilitating weapons and terror networks influx into Syria.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati government neglect on border control not sealing the areas exploited by foreign terror groups to enter Syria threatens Lebanon security as well.

Not to mention Israeli regime already demonstrated in this regard flying into Lebanon air space past week – reconnaissance planes and jets in direct violation of Lebanon and international law.

Again, Israel known for such violations repeat incidents with impunity unless nations that are violated safeguard territory with appropriate air defense in terms of radar surveillance issuing stern warnings upon foreign encroachment.

Lebanon after suffering western and Saudi instigated political turbulence and warfare no longer afford prolonging status quo.

Western and Saudi-Qatar determination to destroy nations across Middle East and every other Islamic nation such as Pakistan, even in Malaysia with United States and Saudi funded terrorists in Sabah province are merely tip of the iceberg.

United States, Israel, Britain, France and Saudi-Qatari-Turkey and Jordan alliance in Syria continue to consume lives indiscriminately evident in the assassination of religious scholar and Sunni Cleric Mohammad Said Ramadan al-bouti and grandson along with those attending prayer at the mosque.

Muslim community worldwide and especially Arabs in the Middle East must realize that sectarianism and communal clashes on the basis of Sunni, Shia, Alawite, and various denominations pave way to forces behind polarization to attack the peaceful religion of Islam, the Prophet (PBUH) and desecration of holy sites in Mecca carried out by Saudi dynasty.

Amid confrontation within society, the foreign invaders having manufactured crises justify intrusion under the guise of offering security when the real intention is access to resources and rein control over governance with pro-western government.

This pattern not necessarily confined to Middle East and other Islamic nations, in fact the implementation is pervasive and henceforth defiant nations are primary targets in the neo-colonization of the world.

Lebanon is a secular nation comprising Muslims, Christians and other demography facing consistent threats from Israel muscled with United States artillery and Saudi-Qatar servitude denying peace in Middle East.

However, Lebanon or any nation in similar position could challenge external interference with solidarity pledged to national sovereignty and rights to self-determination rejecting camouflaged western backed elements in political, military and economic establishment.

Hegemony regards entities and resistance movement supporting citizens and protecting national assets as obstacles to their aspirations and accordingly conspires or plots to remove them.

Any nation that succumbs to these tactics surrenders independent status and instead electing leadership that demonstrates courage, integrity and patriotism vowed to maintain peace and social integration critical for survival in the hostile environment.

Furthermore, people power through strong emergence with unified stance across the spectrum thwarts foreign dominance.

Lebanon commitment to protect all citizens as part of mainstream transcending isolation of community or political difference barring terror activities in the country and towards neighbors essential for national unity.

Security is shared responsibility among political, intelligence and military demanding cooperation on territorial matter.

Preventing terrorism with resolve would save civilian lives in Lebanon and adjacent countries fighting proxy war.

Lebanon economy could vastly improve with amicable political settlement, electoral laws conforming to international standard witnessed in 2012 Venezuelan election and declining foreign operatives destabilization agenda.

Israel, United States and Saudi obsession with Hezbollah declaring the democratically elected political members ‘terrorist’ reflective of accusers ambition to debilitate Lebanon intensifying vulnerability for broader engagement in the Middle East.

Lebanon political representation unheeding to western and Saudi pressure alongside assistance to nations dealing with foreign terrorism as well as occupation is extremely important in self and regional interest.

Best Wishes to people and leaderships in Lebanon for multi-faceted development focused on formidability to foreign assertion sustaining progress in all frontiers.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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