Egypt Revolution Demand Mubarak Regime Dismissal

February 9, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt political stalemate into third week is reportedly met with clashes between pro and anti-government rallies following the provocative announcement by Vice President Omar Suleiman that the state of emergency will not be lifted claiming Egypt is not ready for democracy.

The revolution demand for Mubarak regime immediate dismissal was based on the government reluctance to relinquish power and prolong authoritarianism against the vast majority opposition.

It was evident from the government reaction that political transition would be impossible under the Mubarak administration emboldened by the allies’ insistence on the continual Mubarak leadership for any political evolution.

The Vice President’s reckless remarks are reprehensible and legitimize republic concern accompanied by the unanimous call for President Mubarak and entire cabinet instant removal from power.

Any procrastination from the government due to internal or external influences in obliging citizens’ request to leave office would exacerbate the political turmoil with regional impact.

Presidential resignation including cabinet members discharge from duty is a priority and no longer negotiable with people having conveyed their message loud and clear.

Therefore expediting the imminent development would reinstate Egypt sovereignty besides saving lives in the political quagmire.

Reiterating public proposals for implementation by the new government with the Parliament speaker as the head of the state per Egyptian constitution,

Lifting the state of emergency to allow peaceful assembly but the army must maintain law and order to prevent tension escalation witnessed in the past week largely attributed to pro-Mubarak groups’ assault against news media personnel and unarmed civilians in the non-violent anti-government protest.

Parliament dissolution to represent electorate across the political spectrum – a crucial democratic feature restricted in the current NDP dominant governance reflecting power imbalance.

Constitutional reform limiting Presidential terms and excess authority.

Preparing the nation for free and fair democratic election within 60 days.

Last but not the least release of all political detainees in government custody.

The government proclaiming the above mentioned issues as concessions confirms the explicit desire to extend autocracy considering these are fundamental requirements for a meaningful democracy denied since Egypt declaration as a republic in June 1953.

Hence the people in Egypt deserve the right to lead the nation towards democracy without being controlled by foreign powers with vested interests.

Further it is a litmus test for the political establishment behind President Hosni Mubarak and the apparatus to prove their unequivocal support in the inevitable political transformation initiated by the youth driven Egyptian revolution.

Any behind the scenes political maneuvering to jeopardize the birth of democracy would be detrimental for regional peace and stability.

People power must prevail over undemocratic rule of law. Obstructions in this regard would severely impair credibility fomenting anti-sentiments resulting in major threat for international security.

The honorable resolution to the political crisis is to recognize Egyptian population plight with sincere empathy and respect the talent available within the society to structure the democratic system appropriate for the 80 million electorates yearning to be free after more than three decades of political oppression.

People in Egypt are urged to retain solidarity and remain committed to peaceful as well as non-violent demonstration for republic power.

Please remember that victory is within grasp despite challenges in your path to real democracy.

Keep your spirits high and March forward towards political freedom.

The peaceful participants killed in instigated violence displayed tremendous courage and their sacrifice will not be in vain.

Use of force against peaceful and non-violent pro-democracy movement would be unacceptable on all accounts.

It’s earnestly hoped that the army would fulfill their pledge to defend the people and national property against domestic or overseas attack in the volatile moment.

Good Luck to Egyptian Revolution for a successful outcome.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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