Citizens vs. State

September 15, 2017

Citizens vs. State

Padmini Arhant

Reversal of Authority from people to stakeholders on economy, politics and everything related to survival.

Ordinary citizens are expected to obey the law and any violation is deemed punishable offense or crime.

The laws pertaining to wide range of matter from traffic citations to civil disobedience and criminal conduct are strictly enforced on any average citizens breaking the rule.

However, the same standard does not apply to members in politics i.e. government, the rich and famous in many societies and influential entities enjoying privileged status regardless of wrongdoing and willful engagement that normally attracts penalty and sometimes prison time depending on the severity of crimes.

When there is agreement that all are created equal by one almighty God, then accordingly the system should bar discrimination and decline preferential treatment or exemption often witnessed with high profile political figures and anyone closely or remotely associated to bigwigs in the application of law.

The concept of equality is accepted only to suit convenience and neglected other times in situations demanding fairness in the so-called democracy.

When lawmakers become lawbreakers and take refuge in immunity then such laws become questionable as they are not respected by those legislating them.

In the United States, the state and federal penitentiary are overflowing with inmates serving time for reasons not always valid. The issues concerning the prison industrial complex venture receiving maximum state and federal funding to keep inmates in the cell is costing taxpayers in billions at national level that could be divested in nation building and programs helping prisoners to become productive citizens in society.

Juxtaposed the State actors despite evidence based involvements during the term in office are rarely subject to proper investigation and legal consequences similar to ordinary citizens experience not excluding high ranking military officials like General Stanley McChrystal fired for alleged critical comments about then President Barack Obama and his staff to rolling stone magazine.

Likewise, General David Petraeus resigned following charges on sharing classified information with his biographer and companion whereas the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email saga on private email server compromising United States security was given a free pass as key member of political establishment.

Recently, the three star Army General Michael Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Adviser in the current administration. General Flynn had to leave on purported conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States that was declared alarming and treasonous.

In comparison, the democrat congresswoman Jane Harman lobbying the Justice department to reduce espionage charges against two Israeli spies in 2009 neither bothered Congress nor the media on betrayal by congress member in the misplaced priority over national security.

In other instances of indifference to political class critical failures in safeguarding citizens and United States interests are;

The administration under former President George w. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney including the state department, defense, national security and intelligence allowing 9/11 terror attack on their watch ignoring several warnings on imminent terror event qualifying as complicity in the killing of more than three thousand Americans on that fateful day not considered a crime.

Subsequently the administration’s key members viz. Vice President Dick Cheney headed Haliburton and Parent company Kellogg Corporation profiteering from illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan with price gouging and poor quality on defense personnel food and maintenance requirements are serious transgressions not even drawing any attention for necessary action.

Similarly, the successor administration under ex-President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton run state department Benghazi fiasco in 2012 with the assassination of United States ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three intelligence operatives among other civilian deaths were absolved due to their intimate relations with Congress and media as well as the press. They are protected until today confirming little or no concern for others’ lives in the close network providing them iron clad defense and security.

Juxtaposed, the credit bureau Equifax lately featured in headlines for allegedly disregarding signs of potential security breach known ahead of time reportedly resulting in data leak of clients’ credit reports.

The credit bureau is now faced with class action lawsuit for security lapse. The private sector and individuals besides Army Generals are pursued for any minor to major incidents with sensationalized media coverage and legal quagmire.

The State actors such as the previous two administrations in 9/11 and Benghazi scandals remain unscathed irrespective of massive casualties and tragedies in the absence of preemptive measures in both scenarios that could have otherwise thwarted terror and catastrophe.

Where is the class action lawsuit on them though their individual worth is substantial having capitalized on the prime and executive designations they held at that time in addition to extraordinary gains maximized in politics and post term in office?

The laws that exist only for regular folks with the nation transformed into police state through dragnet surveillance, racial profiling at the airports and propaganda invading homes and people minds via big and small screens could not be happening in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Not only civilians, men and women in uniforms are also not safe proved in the downing of helicopter with Navy SEAL TEAM SIX aboard who were deployed in the Abbottabad operation in 2011. The callousness denying justice to their families just like the 9/11 victims’ dependents and relatives were misled on the 9/11 commission decision in concurrence with the masterminds behind horrific mass murder alone merits legal proceeding against the ones at the helm evading accountability.

When the State defaults on citizens relief and rescue from definite terror, natural disasters and other hazards, people are left at the authorities’ mercy.

The checks and balances on the State is imperative to divert focus on citizens and national affairs.

Meanwhile, the media spin continues to maintain status quo and celebrating the State players role in harming vulnerable citizens in the United States and worldwide.

United States emancipation from greed driven policies and agenda is essential to move forward in the new age.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission








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