Brazil – Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development

June 22, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Pleasant Greetings! To Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosting UN summit on sustainable development.

The environment goals are far from being reached predominantly due to constraints by political and economic leaderships prioritizing profits at any costs ignoring irreversible damages in the process.

Climate talks may not be interpreted into action at the national level.

However, there is a glimpse of hope with citizens and community leaderships at grassroots level striving hard to contain global warming.

In fact, independent investigation reveals many cities in different parts of the world are engaged in environment pursuits by passing ordinances and laws through local municipality then adopted by state legislation for uniformity in experiencing positive growth.

For instance on personal accounts – plastic bags are banned in the city and customers bring own reusable cloth material bags or purchase recycled paper bags and biodegradable choices at nominal price.

The neighboring states could then be influenced to apply same standards beneficial to their residents and innovate methods enhancing results in projects while remaining cost effective.

Such incremental steps are encouraging and could essentially serve as the prototype for world over besides bypassing political wrangling and lobbyists pressure on legislating environment issue.

The controversy over carbon tax or rebates and C02 emission reduction challenged as counterproductive to ecological balance based on plants absorption of carbon di oxide and oxygen release in return for life survival.

The logic would prevail provided the rainforests are intact devoid of deforestation and carbon trapped in the atmosphere contributing to ozone layer depletion and greenhouse effects along with,

Rivers and oceans spared from over fishing, hydrofracking aka hydraulic fracturing – a technique used in gas exploration and the most detrimental oil drilling despite devastation on coastal life and all around.

Nuclear plants exacerbate problems with recent radiation leaks from Fukushima, Japan and San Juan Capistrano,California after San Onofre in the state was closed earlier this year.

Clean energy – solar, wind and hydropower could effectively replace fossil fuel and nuclear power on consumer demand in market economy.

Small entrepreneurs among educated youth with novel ideas utilizing solar, wind and hydro base could design and develop products for rural and urban lower income category given the urgent need in the particular economic strata.

The coal, oil and nuclear industry domineering the sector have successfully stifled energy manufacturing from natural elements in industrialized and developing nations although some countries have pursued nonetheless and made alternative energy not only affordable but also achieved a smooth transition as the primary source.

In the sustainable development concept – the focus on broad range of environmental factors directly related to human suffering is vital beginning with safe drinking water supply to the entire population, sanitation and sewage system and organic farming rejecting GMO (Genetically modified organism) agriculture.

These three fundamental provisions among diverse requirements would address disease, hunger and poverty widespread in significant world population.

Normal conditions would facilitate improvement in literacy rate and opportunity for the marginalized and disenfranchised demography in society.

The burgeoning health care expenses would also substantially decline when basic necessities made easily available for vast majority across the globe.

Healthy environment means better lifestyle prolonging longevity and increased productivity benefitting all.

Water shortage is a major struggle for city and country folks with regional and international disputes on aqua sharing prevalent in the modern era.

Public are in strife having to deal with odd preferences – Often bureaucracy and corruption undermine service in utilities under state ownership.

On the flip side – private management of water resources overwhelmingly concentrate on profiteering compromising quality not excluding external powers vying for total control.

Furthermore, infrastructure modernization and transportation access with regular road repairs would optimize functionality and industrial output.

The investments could be recovered from business ventures and tourism that would follow in maintaining convenient and appealing landscape.

Technology oriented applications in rural planning and urbanization could save time and money in the slow economy.

Financial commitment and relevant expertise is imperative for successful completion of any undertaking.

Sustainable development is largely dependent upon strong foundation supported by ingenuity and flexibility to remodel in the progressive trend.

At the conference, Palestinian citizens request for recognition as sovereign member in semblance to status granted by UNESCO merits acknowledgment with full honor from international body like United Nations exemplifying inclusivity in the global village.

With due recognition to host nation Brazil and UN for organizing the important event,

Best Wishes to all members on environment and humanitarian mission protecting the only habitat for mankind.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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