An Invitation to Experience the Dilemma

March 25, 2010

By Padmini Arhant,

Dear America and the Rest of the World,

I stated my desire to be ‘A-Political’ by not being affiliated to any political party and continue to pursue the peace and environmental goals. Subsequently, there has been flurry of attacks and disparaging remarks mounted by those whom I have supported up until now.

I can understand such position from the quarters dedicated to unsubstantiated allegations.

However, the political power and the ‘public funded’ networks using my donations to attack my decision with the former being fully aware of their doing and the latter without any facts beckons scrutiny.

It’s in human nature to jump into conclusions on matters with false information. They usually target individuals challenging the power to prioritize people over personal and special interest.

The victims become a ‘fair game’ for the authorities and sadly the “public funded” networks searching for scapegoats.

Unfortunately, the trend thus far has been – glorify privately but vilify publicly.

Alternatively, use them when it’s convenient and trash them upon finding their position a nuisance to the power and others following the norm.

I had always maintained that my contribution is focused towards humanitarian and environmental issues, in the United States and around the world.

In fact, it was suggested in their nuance. It was published recently in the local newspaper and I present that segment again.

“A potential source of his problems is the conflict presented by Campbell’s two chosen career paths.

He has spent his career advocating for civil liberties and academic freedom as a law professor while also trying to get ahead in the cutthroat arena of politics. But defending the rights of unpopular individuals is turning out to be poor politics.”

At another instance, it was advocated through their newly found hired networks that Church and State should remain separate and I concur with that philosophy, and repeatedly reinforced the message on my life purpose to fulfill obligations towards humanity without hindering or endangering anyone’s political or personal status.

Hence, the authorities ought to explain the inconsistency and indecisiveness on their part going back to the political campaign in 2008.

Further, I expressed my intention to exercise the first amendment right granted to every individual in a ‘free society.’ in the material presentation based on evidence and not a concocted theory.

Again, I’m not interested in the popularity contest, even though it’s been misconstrued in the manner that deemed fit among the faultfinders.

There was an accusation about my attachment to ‘polls’ during the reference to a ‘friendly advice,’ and it would aptly apply to political figures concerned about their term in office and the re-election prospects, not the peace activists.

On the one hand, I’m being characterized as ‘delusional, a pervert, an underground media prankster, egotistical, self-important with contradictory lifestyle, a bitter and angry mobster’… to say the least.

Interestingly, while on the other, the assailants know where to contact me for donations, in spite of the falsely accused ‘underground’ branding.

Yet, they relentlessly insist that I promote their agenda as predicted during the Presidential campaign –

“Empower some and enslave the targeted ones.”

Somehow, one tends to forget that while finger pointing, it’s essential to pay attention to the remaining fingers directed towards them, especially in the presence of suppressed public evidence.

Seeking flaws in others will eventually lead to none other than them upon soul searching.

That why, it’s important to look within and they’ll find themselves.

Besides, as stated earlier negative emotions hurt the ones harboring more than the ones it’s aimed at.

Their targets are not allowed to have principles and must work according to the state’s preference – i.e. embellish or exaggerate policies and records sometimes to the detriment of democratic values.

When I discuss the real life experience, it’s attributed to ‘presumptuousness.’ On the contrary, the similar citation by them and the authorities in power is admired as ‘family values.’

The irony being, the same ‘public funded’ cable networks considering themselves above the fray from the mainstream counterpart have adapted to the malpractice for unexplained reasons and preoccupied in mudslinging literally at my expense rather than engaging the political power by asking the tough questions on the approved and pending legislations.

Notwithstanding, the highlighted hypocrisy in the obsession against their target.

For instance, the health insurance reform was passed with political wrangling and arm twisting tactics. It was well known from the beginning that the Republican opposition would not yield to any concessions.

More poignantly, the last minute appeasement to attract the ‘anti-abortionist’ votes within the Democratic Party was done with the ‘Executive Order’ explicitly denying the federal funding for the women’s health rights.

There was none including the networks claiming to be the ‘voice for democracy’ dare to ask the authorities –

Why couldn’t they use the same ‘executive order,’ granting ‘Universal Medicare for all’ or include a robust ‘Public Option’ to make the reform truly meaningful?

Not surprisingly, upon signing the legislation, the insurance stocks skyrocketed in the absence of neither.

When there has been precedence set before with the former President Lyndon B. Johnson legislating “Medicare” for senior citizens reportedly analogous to ‘as simple as turning on the light switch’ by declaring, “Medicare begins tomorrow,”

Why didn’t the democrats move forward with a bold action, when the event concluded without a single republican vote?

Why is the law completely effective only in 2014, two years after the ‘possible’ second term of the incumbent administration?

Why not in the year 2010 or even 2011? –

To this, The White House responded that it would take four years to implement the massive overhaul.

Then in that case,

Why didn’t the authorities pursue the easier option by mandating the existing and established Medicare for all?

Regardless of the political ideology, contemporary politics revolves around personal political security on legislative and international matter.

From health insurance reform, 9/11 terrorists trials to the Israel-Palestinian conflicts, policies are carefully weighed in terms of electoral consequences and politically ‘safe’ strategy against,

‘Taking the political risk or laying down the reputation by doing what is right for the nation and humanity.’

As for the alleged ‘delusional’ predicament, I was approached and asked to be a volunteer since January 2008, Presidential election and up until now.

Although there were assumptions that, I was on the White House payroll and receiving payments from the Democratic Party, the truth of the matter being it was a ‘full time’ volunteer service all along.

It was truly an honor to be able to participate in the historic election and work alongside millions of volunteers in the political process.

Meanwhile, I also share the common plight of any average citizen trying to raise a family, generate an income to survive and provide for my children’s future, particularly their educational expenses.

The last three days while the incendiary attacks were carried out against me, I was attending to my sick child and busy meeting with family commitments, since I do not have an extended family support.

Therefore, I apologize for not updating on the developments leading to the unnecessary confusion.

I remain committed in my service to the nation and the people struggling to find a voice in the privatized political system without compromising on ethics and personal values.

Finally, I extend an invitation to experience the dilemma prior to passing judgments against anyone sincerely devoted to seeing the world, a better place for all.

Your understanding and cooperation is deeply appreciated.

I sign off with love and peace to all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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