You Tube – Censorship

August 18, 2021

You Tube – Censorship

Padmini Arhant

The search engine Google owned You Tube arbitrary censorship targeting selective users is a disturbing characteristic for a democracy.

You Tube blocking the sharing of original content providers approved videos via you tube channel is a strange practice for a media declared social media. 

What are You Tube’s valid reasons behind free speech censorship?

Perhaps You Tube CEO Susan Wojcicki could spare a moment to explain the latest trend in You Tube”s cancel culture.

Are Truth and facts so inconvenient that You Tube management is unable to handle?


Is this confirmation of You Tube’s collusion with those responsible for human tragedies and malady in creating and spreading the pandemic SARS COV2 via Gain of Function research and others in politics abusing power and authority? 

Otherwise, are these forces directing you tube policy? 

Whatever the reasons, You Tube and those behind the silencing strategy, intolerance to freedom of expression and isolating factual information in the omission and rejection of public content in the so-called democracy leave the Talibans in Afghanistan novice in such matter.

Alternatively, the western Talibanization is ominous in the backdrop of democracy banner.

You Tube prohibiting Truth and facts at whomsoever behest is futile. The public data could no longer be hidden or forbidden in the information era.

Where exactly is the western democracy heading in the secret society led New World Order?

One might shun Truth and logic, but they cannot run away or hide from their inner selves witness to crimes prompting the guilty conscience in living and beyond.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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