Yemen – Houthi Movement and Hegemony backed Invasion

March 29, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The North African nation rich in oil resources after terminating hegemony installed dictatorship under former President Ali Abdullah Saleh for more than three decades followed by exiled President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi – yet to be relieved from oppression with external control over political, economic and national issues.

Houthi movement inheriting the founder leader Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi name and political cause and subsequently with leader Ansarullah martyrdom to free Yemen from foreign intrusion is targeted by western backed regimes to maintain hegemony style repressive governance.

Houthi uprising invigorated with hegemony role in destruction of lives and decimation through terror attacks and authoritarian rule via puppet governments thus far.

Hegemony authorized Saudi invasion in coalition with Gulf Cooperation Council to deter Yemen from political freedom expedite aggressors demise.

The ongoing Saudi attacks against Yemen with hegemony approval is a desperate act to prevent similar revolution in Saudi Arabia and across Middle East even though the end of despotism and totalitarianism beginning at the helm i.e. hegemony is near. 

The use of brute force against vulnerable population in Yemen or elsewhere is the trend ignoring irreversible impact on the source and catalysts in the greed-motivated violence worldwide.

The latest Saudi assault at hegemony behest reveals insecurity with the culmination of fear and rage dictating illegal intervention to gain access over Yemen’s economic endowments and political system.

Such indulgence is indicative of arsonists’ fate in self-immolation. Those seeking satisfaction from others suffering eventually succumb to detrimental course.

Yemen citizens across the spectrum coming together to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity critical in bringing belligerence and corrupt forces dominance to conclusion.

The recent developments in Yemen call for popular defiance to foreign occupation in the form of proxy representation for permanent subjugation.

Saudi Arabia and the rest involved in military and terror operation in Yemen lack credibility considering legacy in denying democracy besides human rights violations in the domestic and international domain.

Hegemony and contingency unequivocal fall accelerated with interference and instigation of unrest in every part of the world.

Those committed towards ruinous strategy to own peril are delusional in perceiving sinking as sailing on calm waters despite debilitating status to rough seas turbulence.

Independence is persisting struggle world over and complicity in the surrender of nation to hegemonic goals continues to contributors’ decline. 

Yemen’s solidarity to liberate nation from regional and foreign adversarial engagement is paramount and people pledge to protect national interests important to thwart hegemony ambitions to exacerbate crisis.

In the absence of integrity and human values, hegemony and allies in Yemen warfare rely on deception to justify death and devastation endured by civilians in the country.

Anything counterproductive ultimately leads to the origin dissolution and vanquished in accordance with natural law.

Yemen could overcome challenges with determination to prevail in the conflict. Arab community unanimous rejection of their governments’ cooperation with Saudi Arabia and hegemony could avert tension escalation in the region.

Likewise western society dissent on warfare under false pretexts is imperative for global peace and security. 

Wishing Yemen republic success in restoring peace and political stability.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
























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