Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Iran, Libya, Algeria…Revolution for Democracy

February 16, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Egypt and Tunisian revolution triumph over repressive regimes is having a ripple effect on the Middle East caught in the firestorm against popular uprising.

Yemen is no exception to mainstream desire for government overthrow and the youth driven pro-democracy movement is vigorously engaged to oust their dictatorial Presidency in power over three decades.

Yemen Arab Republic President Ali Abdullah Saleh – yet another U.S and foreign powers ally is no different from his counterparts – the deposed leaderships Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia respectively.

Egypt’s remarkable dissent against tyranny concluded the Mubarak era.

However it is not entirely free due to Army rule as the caretaker government closely monitored for swift political transition expected within six months or sooner.

Meanwhile, the unpopular ex-President Hosni Mubarak presence in the country is still a threat to democracy and accordingly the vast majority of the revolution would like the leader’s exile or trial consistent with the norm in the U.S. and allies’ involved governments dismissal. The most recent examples are Iraq, Haiti, Honduras…and several others in the past.

Yemen political history in semblance to Egypt with Egyptian influence including troops deployment during the civil war between North Yemen for the republic rule then backed by Egypt and royal chief Muhammad al-Badr not surprisingly defended by Saudi Arabia and Jordan towards monarchy eventually led to military leaderships maintaining oppression until now.

The Yemeni Citizens demands are identical with Egypt and Tunisia – dictatorship replaced with democratic leadership representing the people and not a dynasty or exclusive demography.

Again the youth driven protests in the Yemeni capital Sana’a have been clashing with the security forces loyal to the regime.

The regional impact is potent with similar events in Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Jordan and Algeria…prompting Arab league to convene a summit in March 2011 for containing the unprecedented Middle East revolt.

Syria and Iran have been clamping down on the main street resistance to autocracy and theocracy.

The revolution in all these nations are requested to adapt to Egyptian and Tunisian model i.e. peace and non-violence in solidarity against authoritarian rule.

As for the incumbent undemocratic governments reaction – it would be wise to abstain from any violence against unarmed civilians in the peaceful and non-violent commitment to remove decadent powers in the Middle East and across the globe.

The embattled governments’ belated attempts to win public confidence through false assurances proved deceptive not long ago whether it is related to not seeking further term in office as indicated by Yemeni President Saleh or promising unreliable democratic reforms reveals the miracle quest in the face of imminent totalitarianism ending.

If lessons are not learned from the latest political developments then it would be suggestive of the leaderships’ disconnect with reality.

The citizens in all these nations – Iran, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Palestinian territories in beleaguered Gaza, West bank and East Jerusalem… and all others shackled in the so-called ‘Democratic Republic’ –

Pursue liberty through peaceful and non-violent means guaranteed to succeed against the military might and economic supremacy.

Freedom struggle dedicated to non-violence and peaceful but persistent call to terminate political rule other than people empowered democracy is the trend in preparation for the inevitable new beginning.

All protesters would gain momentum with unity among the people in the society regardless of political, religious and cultural differences for strength lies in unified voice against injustice.

Additionally, it would constitute a formidable challenge for the authorities currently dealing with tremendous trepidation amid the crumbling empire.

Perseverance with steel resolve would lead to success in the liberation cause.

It is important for the revolution to remain focused and retain high spirits when marching forward towards political independence.

Emulate Egypt and Tunisia in achieving your goals aimed at democracy with people power breaking barriers within political system at the domestic and foreign helm.

Please do not be fearful to stand up to belligerence – a common display in the reluctance to relinquish power witnessed in Tunisia and Egypt.

Any government using violent tactics to curb peaceful and non-violent political gathering is best abandoned for it would arouse mass retaliation perhaps leading to palace or media centers siege in the capital city.

The sea change in political domain can no longer be stalled through intimidation or circumvention particularly with the significant population deprived of basic living standards and natural rights in the society.

Hence it would be honorable for the authorities to heed to republic peaceful request to step down from power with dignity.

Republic governance is the only hope for tangible progress in the twenty first century.

Best Wishes and Good Luck ! To all revolutions in the Middle East and those aspiring synonymous dreams are urged to claim their political victory only possible with peace and non-violence in a consolidated action.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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