World – Women Leaderships representing Political Establishment Pose Serious Threat to Global Security and Progress

November 7, 2016

Women Leaderships representing Political Establishment Pose Serious Threat to Global Security and Progress

By Padmini Arhant

Women leaderships representing political establishment, secret society and syndicate promote violence, terrorism, nuclear threats, political instability, humanitarian crisis,poverty, economic and social disparity and last but not the least corruption prompted criminal investigations evaded due to immunity.

Synopsis on catastrophe inflicted on the world population by women leaderships representing secret society and political dynasty presented here.

Women’s rise to power ordinarily an extraordinary feat.  However, in politics the status made possible through privileged and political connectivity.

Women leaderships mostly borne out of parental lineage and marital basis around the world conforming to inheritance of power demonstrably weakened women’s stature in leadership role. In politics women pursuing power more symbolic than substantive considering egregious decisions and cavalier approach adopted for individual and vested interests.

Women acquiring position in politics as head of the nation proved prone to abuse of power contrary to womanhood qualities like compassion, care, prudence and responsible conduct. The reason behind trajectory is addiction to power and fame undermining values and rationality making them no different from their male counterpart in that category.

Regardless of region whether west or east, the trend among women political leaderships thus far has contributed to violence, warfare, corruption scandals, political instability, economic chaos and lately terrorism not barring nuclear option frivolously used ignoring serious repercussions from such reckless disposition.

United States is preparing to elect a woman candidate with a track record on corruption scandals such as Whitewater and participation in foreign coups overthrowing democratically elected governments in developing nations exacerbating women, youth and children plight from political turbulence. The political career marred with activities and underhanded tactics including fostering terrorism causing loss of American and scores of innocent civilian lives is not a negligible involvement.

The democratic candidate Hillary Clinton violations of human rights, breach of trust and misuse of public office not surprisingly welcome to those keen on maintaining business as usual.  The democrat candidate Hillary Clinton election would be to serve the bidders and investors in her political campaign besides secret society and not the electorate and the country at large.

As Senator and Secretary of Stateboth posts resulting from political negotiations and wrangling, the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton spared no moments to exercise excessive authority and aggressive means for destructive purpose.

The foreign policy under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the death sentence for millions of civilians in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and population in Africa and Latin America.

Accordingly, the trepidation among victims on the possibility of democrat candidate Hillary Clinton re-entering the White House for fifth term in office is a major humanitarian concern.

The concept of election having been reversed to selection with pre-determined choice, the electorate upended subsequent to casting their ballots to establishment and secret society candidacy.

The vote for such candidate is a deliberate mistake leaving the economy, security and importantly peace at stake.

The highlights on women leaderships authorizing violence, turmoil, political unrest and economic decline.

Beginning with current members the following women leaders might have gained prominence in political arena at the same time instigated pain and misery with no regrets for their action.

UNITED STATES – The democrat Presidential candidate – Hillary Clinton. The entry in politics facilitated by spouse’s position as Governor of Arkansas and later as President of the United States.  The candidate Hillary Clinton politics is money, mistrust and mayhem. The summary on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clarifies power exploitation for personal gains with no respect for laws and life in general.


UNITED KINGDOM – The Brexit vote on EU membership terminated incumbency replaced with yet another woman leadership in Britain from the conservative party aka Tory.  Prime Minister Theresa May willingness towards nuclear confrontation confirmed during Parliament question session is alarming in context with nuclear meltdown. Nuclear armament claimed necessary as deterrent apparently reserved as exclusive rights amongst nuclear powers especially the ones complicit in the use of nuclear components as NATO ally viz. Britain on civilians in Iraq, Libya and recently in Syria. The same argument was dismissed during Iran’s nuclear deal in Vienna in 2015 at the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) noting the glaring double standards on nuclear entitlements escalating tension in the world. 

Although the nuclear topic merits discussion on entirety, the reality deserves concentration.

Britain’s predecessor, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher referred to as the Iron Lady led the nation to war in South Atlanticbetter known as Falklands for Britain and Islas Malvinas for Argentina arguably disputed until today. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher conservatism or Thatcherism sparked controversy on many issues including economic plan that left the poor poorer marginalizing vulnerable segments in society. Many remarks from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher caught world attention and among them were the reference to developing nations as barbaric and on immigration, the woman Prime Minister initiated virginity test on women immigrants into Britain from India and other destinations definitely marked the irony.


GERMANY – the first female Chancellor Angela Merkel of Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the conservative faction with religious connotation absent Christian principles under incumbent Merkel’s leadership lay emphasis on European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB) governing euro currency in euro zone and International Monetary Fund (IMF) along with major international banks as parallel power.

Chancellor Angela Merkel avid advocacy for ECB, IMF and international banks packaged economic and monetary policy premised on austerity demanding fiscal responsibility from euro members in the face of severe economic crisis and soaring unemployment in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIGS) protracted financial and economic woes experienced until now.

Chancellor Angela Merkel cart blanche role using political threats in the aftermath of Greece public referendum with resounding no on austerity produced resignations from key figures in Greece ruling party in agreement with Greek voters’ option. Chancellor Angela Merkel overture in this instance had no respect for Greece sovereignty.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel representation more of EU than Germany conspicuous in EU vote to lift ban on weapons supply to terror networks in Syria, Iraq and Libya instead of extending arms embargo that could have saved thousands of lives besides averting refugee problems to which Chancellor Merkel explicitly denied asylum to millions forced to leave war torn Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Furthermore, Chancellor Angela Merkel defense contract and arms delivery to Saudi Arabia and nuclear laden submarine as a gift to Israel – the two states central in fomenting terror in the Middle East exemplify indifference to Saudi Kingdom’s human rights abuse using violence and women in particular and similarly Palestinian suffering in Israel occupied Palestine.

The focus on rest will continue shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











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