World Without Governments – Great Reset Part 3

February 11, 2021

World Without Governments – Great Reset – Part 3

Padmini Arhant


The GREAT RESET Definition and Goals:

The world economic forum founder German economist Klaus Schwab touted Great Reset using COVID19 pandemic as the opportunity to pivot financial system worldwide is the global elites or globalists long desired goal. 

The globalists and political establishment firmly believe and operate on the notion:

Never let a crisis to go waste. 

In other words, the globalists create a crisis and utilize the crisis to move forward with their devious agenda. 

The Great Reset is aimed at complete elimination of cash economy that are already in place.

Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi obliged globalists in this respect and successfully executed demonetization of large notes i.e. 500 and 1000 rupees in 2016.

PM Narendra Modi obediently followed globalist script and announced the draconian measure unbeknown to 1.3 billion population in India in late November 2016.

With not enough time to return or exchange the notes, overwhelming population in Indian economy were subject to instant bankruptcy largely affecting swath of middle and lower income groups in the country. 

According to global elites, the reason behind elimination of cash economy is to subject cash users under scrutiny. 

The global elites claim that in their view, cash users are mostly criminals using cash for illegal transactions in any economy. 

Never mind the globalists ignorance on average consumers using cash for goods and services world wide.

In India, significant population do not even qualify or could afford credit or debit card for many do not have the luxury to maintain bank accounts considering many are daily wage earners with unpredictable and unstable employment. Furthermore, the banks known for nibbling customer deposits charging various fees and fines on minimum account balance etc. are not designed for population in lower economic strata. 

Indian PM Narendra Modi defended the demonetization debacle using the globalists script i.e. black money and unlawful financial activities being brought to government notice and recovery.

PM Narendra Modi explanation proved to be hogwash for the black money and illicit financial activities prevalent among politicians, celebrities and economic sector are held in overseas tax havens and diversified holdings offshore predominantly in Swiss banks, Singapore Hawala, Seychelles, Cook, Cayman islands…and other exotic locations worldwide except for domestic account. 

The Indian government demonetization only hurt and inflicted enormous suffering to millions of ordinary citizens in India and not the filthy rich engaged in black money and financial assets hoarded from tax evasion. 

Whom are the globalists and their puppets heading the governments target in the Great Reset and cash elimination mission? 

Please stay tuned for update in this regard. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 


The citizens need to understand the events in the United States are orchestrated to deflect public attention from serious and sinister activities in the financial world. 

The democrats, RINOES , Tech giants, promiscuous media in the U.S. and offshore like RT news and India…among others peddling self-inflicting caricature is desperate times resigned to desperate measure. Besides, the impeachment charade designed to distract global audience from existential threat to human survival in the increasing economic challenges imposed by cartel at the financial helm. 

REALITY – The battle is on the Great Reset. The United States dollar converted into a fiat currency enabling the private entity Federal Reserve to mint money in literal sense has reached a crescendo. The debt accumulation over these years are transferred over to ordinary citizens and their present as well as future generations in the generational indebtedness. 

As stated in this article’s previous segments, taxes and interests have enriched and empowered the corrupt and criminal enterprise worldwide. The trend is unsustainable.

Meanwhile, China and Russia’s game plan on the Great Reset is a different dynamic though both maintaining reservations to German economist Klaus Schwab’s proposal on Great Reset at Davos economic forum are not without self-serving interests. 

Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 

World Without Governments – Great Reset Financial Fiasco Part 2


There is a misconception about Federal Reserve – the private entity in the United States as having been amalgamated with the United States government. This is a gross misunderstanding and false perception.

On the contrary, the private organization Federal Reserve controlled and managed by selective core circle behind United States monetary policy, currency printing and distribution has long taken over United States Treasury to maintain absolute authority.

The private Federal Reserve dominance is more prevalent now with the Senate confirmation of the former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary allowing the private organization Federal Reserve in charge of both monetary and fiscal policy, the trend dangerous than ever before.

United States treasury has been invariably headed by Bilderberg members i.e. secret society also linked with Federal Reserve and the globally known economy saboteur  – the one and only Goldman Sachs members rotating United States Treasury Chief position regardless of administrations i.e. democrat or republican is the norm.

Following Bretton Woods agreement collapse whereby the U.S. dollar backed by gold was severed in 1971 by then President Richard Nixon was precursor to private western banks authority over global monetary system.

The previous economic system tied to gold standard replaced by fiat currency that allowed the private Federal Reserve and central banks in Europe to engage in money supply via printing currency for military involvement and various activities off radar carried out until today.

Then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger – the deep state’s patriarch and secret society prominent head until today, spouse Nancy Kissinger  along with then Treasury Secretary William Simon, the Wall Street bond trader and self-described Genghis Khan struck a deal with Saudi Arabia in 1974 forcing United States into interdependence in the petrodollars economic deal. The United States oil dependency on oil exporters with Saudi Arabia exerting enormous clout on OPEC has inflicted considerable damage to United States sovereignty. Congress on both sides of the aisle reportedly hamstrung to declassify a 28 page section of a 2004 U.S. government report detailing Saudi connections to September 11, attacks in 2001. The bill passed in the Senate on May 17, 2016 held in the House of Representatives blocking declassification of the report under Barack Obama/Joe Biden administration.

The status quo exacerbated with China’s investment in U.S. debts as key creditor holding U.S. Treasury bills and other assets asserting overt authority prevalent under new Biden administration.

The latest developments in the United States silencing free speech in social media, the rank and file as well as those in the hierarchy of democrat party isolating Trump supporters and voters, the tech giants overarching censorship, demonetization on Youtube and other unconstitutional, undemocratic restrictions demonstrate rules from Beijing’s playbook that are neither sound nor sovereign. The radical policy directly impact United States independence and citizens fundamental rights regardless of administrations and political parties in power.

Further updates to resume in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



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