World – Humanity Suffering Due to Unscrupulous Policy and Lawlessness At the Helm

February 8, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

The victims of war crimes from illegal invasion and occupation, terrorism, corruption, abuse of power and dysfunctional government raise the poignant question – When will the suffering end?

The suffering will cease upon parallel system termination.  The shadow power reining control over global politics, economics, military, intelligence, communication media, entertainment, human rights, religion  and social issues having exhausted measures through unscrupulous policies and detrimental strategies for geopolitical dominance is on the brink of collapse.

In desperate attempt to prolong status quo, the crime syndicate with proxy representation upholds lawlessness institutionalizing treason, betrayal of trust and hypocrisy for survival.

The practice using same experiments for different results not only defy logic but also proves ingenuity deficiency.

Besides permanence is not designed in natural environment for all things set for expiry limiting extension beyond sustenance.

The tradition introduced to benefit selective few at vast majority expense is fundamentally flawed considering parasitic existence deny the feeding source due nourishment and growth.

Furthermore, the self-destructive cause permeating surroundings affect the linked and detached elements contributing to deterioration in every aspect of human evolution.

Even worse is the non-recognition of fraudulence leading to superficial gains only to fizzle in pursuit of counterproductive course.

In the absence of transparency and accountability, complacency and lethargy resigned to hopelessness culminate problems legitimizing violation at every instance.

The declining conditions in realm of intellect and instinctive reliance on indoctrination suppress critical thinking and cognition.

Hence mass consciousness with discernment in context imperative for normalcy and equilibrium in the otherwise hostile settings threatening life and habitat.

Since deception, subversion and distortion is the norm justifying infringement on civil rights and similar undemocratic rules such as extrajudicial execution of own citizens and holding foreign detainees in indefinite detention without legal process reminiscent of medieval culture imposed in modern age.

Also citizens targeted as potential terror suspects in dragnet surveillance despite state legacy in terror network creation, complicity in terror attacks and sponsoring terrorism against sovereign nations for economic and strategic interests continues ignoring constitution, democratic principles and national plus international law.

As for loss of innocent lives and humanitarian crises resulting from unjust economic sanctions and foreign interventions – apathy overrides reason and balanced perspective.

The systemic degeneration of concepts predominantly focused on ambitions at all costs is servile to misguidance emanating from greed and violence.

While exerting authority and influence on anything and everything within and outside reach, the forces behind human misery and pain are abysmally ignorant of their subjugation to excess desire which means lacking in will to exercise restraint on goals leading them towards situations leaving no options except as fait accompli.

The relief from contemporary challenges facing humanity is possible with individual and collective resolve rejecting surreptitious enforcement of anti-democratic laws comprising paradigm shift in power alienating people participation in all matter.

Reinstating republic governance with trend reversal calling on fictitious entities to renounce interference in domestic and global affairs aimed at polarization and eventual destabilization would be effective alongside withholding tax payments that are disproportionately expended in warfare and spreading terror worldwide via false flag operations to maintain fear and vulnerability.

Allowing the widening gap between the rich and poor has ill consequences on hierarchy apex evidently supported by working class as labor force, consumers and taxpayers in society.

The United States legislation omission on urgent public requirements viz. food stamps for nearly 46 million dependents and unemployment benefits to 1.2 million qualifiers in contrast with submission on military spending, funding terrorists in Syria and elsewhere,

Notwithstanding generous defense and monetary aid to Israel and allies in the Middle East confirm political allegiance to external establishment with american tax dollars exchanged between respective donor and recipient.

Conforming to reality the show cannot go on forever with captive audience and accordingly the supremacy era premised on pride and prejudice is nearing conclusion.

Honoring the inevitable and imminent change could perhaps be the saving grace facilitating civilization progress.

Welcoming peace would guarantee universal stability and security.

Hopefully the conflicting convictions would be abandoned for self-emancipation and global freedom from classic struggles.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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