World Health – COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Anniversary

March 20, 2021

World Health – COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Anniversary

Padmini Arhant

On this day March 20th, 2020, the official lockdown began in the United States followed by many in other parts of the world to combat the deadly pathogen corona virus that has consumed millions of lives world over.  The virus continues to affect many with several thousands hospitalized as well as saved from the jaws of death until today. Though vaccine is available as a precautionary measure, those already affected have been through enormous strife with concerns over corona variant from different locations fomenting anxiety to existing pandemic situation.

Health crisis on one side, the economic impact from the pandemic requiring lockdowns in the initial stage extended over a long period has been more devastating above all. The job losses, businesses forced into shut downs, children and college students unable to attend regular schools and much more that are immeasurable. The pandemic has inflicted irreversible loss of lives with pain and suffering endured among vast majority of humanity. The intriguing aspect in this extraordinary plight is the emergence of corona variants while the earlier corona virus COVID-19 barely contained amid vaccinations and medical attention to stymie super spreading.

The corona virus has been deadlier than nuclear meltdown. The genetically altered virus manufactured in Wuhan lab, China claimed many lives in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China.

Yet Beijing and those funding the bizarre research admittedly to test virus transmission from human to human gone haywire neither have moral conscience nor courage to accept responsibility for heinous crime against humanity. Instead these entities are widely greeted, lauded and respected as powerful and influential.

The economic collapse from the pandemic is incomprehensible. Many nations have succumbed to colossal despair and economic decline to the point of return.

Beijing, World Health Organization and Wuhan lab corona virus experiment funders bear direct responsibility for the pandemic and miseries related to COVID-19.

The pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe paralyzing economy from lockdowns and causing health catastrophe tantamount to biowarfare against humanity. The more virus unleashed as variant is bioweapon for those with diabolical goals like depopulation and pervasive economic assault on global citizenry.

One may circumvent issues and evade accountability. However, the tragedies and calamity brought upon humanity by them will ever cast a shadow permanently smearing the facade maintained as authorities as they continue to defend their legacy, the human rights record in particular.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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