World – Happy New Year 2013!

December 31, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Warm Greetings to all!

The challenges confronting humanity today are economic and social inequality along with political misrepresentation due to government’s misplaced priority and more relevantly lack of commitment towards public and national service.

The other major issues are safety and security emanating from lawlessness within society unfortunately leading to authorities action or inaction wherever applicable.

Violence having become part of life when it should be otherwise, the year 2012 was indeed the most violent year.

The immunity to violence is unprecedented and reached a dangerous level despite alarming increase in casualties and victims of crime.

In the domestic front, citizens experienced extreme violence and violation of rights from nefarious elements’ criminal conduct and state apathy to the situation perhaps contributing to intolerance towards life.

Similarly, in the international arena, the continuation of warfare both through direct involvement or proxy wars has claimed scores of precious lives and caused enormous destruction paralyzing existence for population enduring unjust and illegal invasion as well as occupation of their land.

The western powers and their allies determination to unleash terror on innocent civilians in sovereign states like Syria, Palestine, Mali and preparation to militarize entire African continent in addition to established military bases across the globe has not only consumed lives but also deter prospects of peace and economic opportunity all around.

Solutions to all these problems are first and foremost – renouncing violence beginning with immediate ceasefire in Syria, divestments of military spending in the economy creating jobs and rebuilding nation for a viable and sustainable growth, infrastructure repair and restoration and,

Overhauling political system barring influence against sovereign interest with independent oversight on transparency and accountability.

Addressing social injustice with fairness and efficiency in an inclusive rather than exclusive or isolationist policy would prevent unnecessary internal turmoil prompting foreign intrusion under the pretext of dispute settlement.

Finally, protecting environment – the only habitat for all in unanimous agreement followed by implementation towards national and international arms embargo accompanied by nuclear disarmament,

Besides guidelines provided in Global Climate Change Treaty – GCCT in December 2011 on this website during United Nations – COP 17, CMP 7, 2011 Durban, South Africa are effective measures to expedite target achievement on carbon emission containment preferably 1°C with upper limit 1.5°C or 350 ppm i.e. Parts Per Million.

With remembrance of victims of injustice in prayers and departed souls to rest in peace,

Let us bid farewell to violence, prejudice, hatred, contempt and welcome non-violence, tolerance, compassion, universal love and respect for mankind.

On that optimistic note,

Wishing everyone a peaceful, productive and prosperous new tear as well as a promising future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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