World Crises – Peace Treaty Linked With U.S., Europe, Israel and Global Economy

January 3, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Ending Syrian conflict with immediate ceasefire saving lives after 22 months bloodshed is directly linked with any hope for economic recovery in the U.S, Europe, Israel and conspirators country considering dire straits confronting western powers now and in the long run.

There cannot be procrastination in this regard and wanton belligerence means precipitating inevitable economic disaster already experienced with United States fiscal woes looming large amid euro zone and European Union imminent dissipation.

Unfortunately, the respective political leaderships prefer to ignore domestic reality and instead anchored on foreign state destabilization not barring illegal invasion and occupation of 35 nations in Africa underway exhibiting military might over and above 1000 permanent bases around the world.

Even with the last minute desperate performance to temporarily hold off the so-called fiscal cliff,

The current U.S. debt is at staggering $16.4trillion and expected to reach $20 trillion within a decade with status quo extension i.e. military extravagance and drone operations costing millions and killing thousands of innocent civilians in different parts of the world.

U.S. administration and Congressional misplaced priority neglecting national requirements for unaffordable international pursuits could adversely impact global economy with emerging economic partner like India seeking U.S. ventures sharing devastating outcome.

In globalized setting, United States and European Union doomed ambition to usurp power using NATO and Gulf cohesion in Middle East and,

AFRICOM in Africa including detrimental economic policies such as Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Latin America and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Asia respectively with primary goal to monopolize overseas markets leaving significant majority marginalized is widening the gap between rich and poor worldwide.

Alongside military aggression, the western antagonistic measures against nations especially Iran, Syria, Palestine, North Korea and Cuba…with draconian economic sanctions and Gaza blockade increasingly isolates United States and alliance in the otherwise congenial atmosphere for regional and transnational cooperation.

Similarly, United States military expansion in Asia Pacific to challenge major creditor China in return involved in territorial disputes with neighbors – Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos on oil exploration in international waters is preventable with diplomacy reconvening ASEAN summit.

United States and EU in collusion with gulf nations viz. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan are directly responsible for the massive casualties (UN data – 60,000) in Syria semblance with Libya conforming to the established trend related to regime change agenda.

UN condemnation of Syrian government on escalating death toll based on UNHCR report is ill advised and regrettable given United States and coalition sponsored terrorism target Syrian population, national security personnel and government officials with bombings, explosives and,

Notwithstanding use of chemical weapons and primitive methods reflecting sponsors’ warfare techniques to medieval brutality.

In fact, United States, western power and Gulf atrocity in Syria replicating Libya is reprehensible qualifying for genocide and deserves sanctions against architects and agents behind heinous crime against humanity.

Syrian government as the legitimate authority and representative of sovereign state arguably obligatory to defend territorial integrity threatened by United States, western and gulf terror.

Besides, Syrian leadership’s commitment to protect society right to self-determination despite extreme adversity is commendable unlike deplorable foreign interference in sovereign internal affair.

UN role could be beneficial and effective as an international body upon UNGA unanimous decision to implement ceasefire with consequences for external operatives failure or sabotage in the execution of Geneva peace accord.

Simultaneously, NAM could be instrumental in adopting resolution introducing arms embargo against nations for their destruction of Syria and retrospectively apply to killings in Libya.

World tolerance to tyranny would spare none unless solidarity demonstrated in rejecting violence and violation of human rights orchestrated by state authoritarianism in the abuse of power with impunity.

Western civil society persistent protest in public square and cyberspace demanding their governments cease arms supply with withdrawal of terror groups from Syria and,

Further call for military missions abandonment across the globe are the only means to reverse rapidly deteriorating economic conditions in their domain endangering lives leading to citizens’ suicides on main street in Israel, Greece and Spain with United Kingdom and France sadly to follow suit.

United States in this context has an alarming suicide rate among armed forces comparable with Turkey and Israel’s mounting fatalities in the army perhaps disillusioned and disappointed in the political leaderships malfeasance against national interest.

Above all, the imperialistic and colonial aspirations having caused immense suffering to humanity on the tailspin with entities and every escort facilitating injustice unequivocally succumb to excruciating fate prolonged in cyclical transformation to the lowest form.

Any alleviation in this respect is possible on introspection and remorseful evaluation of self-conduct exemplified in humble service towards victims of individual and organized crime.

As for the privileged economic prosperity derived from remaining inhabitants austerity and poverty, the custom epitomizing travesty of justice balanced with inverse development in the long overdue process.

The contributor to human plight and agony has limited opportunity in this lifetime for reform and wasting the moment would be an endless ramification not necessarily pleasant in accordance with karmic actions i.e. karma or deeds.

In conclusion, the natural law prohibits unsustainable events with appropriate interjection of elements required for sanctity and serenity.

Wishing the oppressed, persecuted, harassed, vilified and subjugated liberation and glory with rekindled spirit in accomplishment of feat extraordinaire.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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