World – Corruption – The Embodiment of Politics

October 31, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Human suffering emanates from lack of freedom to reverse status quo attributed to shadow power dominance in politics, economics, social and religious affairs. 

Identifying shadow elements reining control over nearly seven billion lives on the planet is pertinent and importantly the facilitators in leadership role as heads of state and legislators are instrumental in promoting agenda against national interest. 

Politics epitomize corruption committing treasonous act and betrayal of trust with no accountability.

The political system in disguise as democracy is embedded with sources exerting influence albeit not without legislative, executive and judicial branch cooperation and complicity.

The commercialization of politics enables elected representatives and appointees lucrative deals with economic sector and other groups comprising local as well as foreign entities for exclusive benefits at the vast majority expense.

Again the profiteering shared among economic and political dealmakers targets average citizens and actual taxpayers considering the profiteers avoid taxes shifting national debt burden on mainstream population lasting several generations.

Similarly policies aimed at geopolitical advantage legitimize illegal operations and hypocritical stances redefining laws exempting violators from any compliance.

The essence of politics to serve constituents, electorate and the nation at large ominously missing with members entering political field barring rare exceptions utilize political clout for wealth amassment stashed away in secret bank accounts and tax havens ironically on the crime syndicate oversight denying people of respective nations means to redeem assets despite the illegitimate cash flow depleting national treasury. 

Politics is also pursued for ambitions not necessarily favorable to citizens electing candidates to represent them. 

The tradition pledging allegiance to campaign financiers and alliance with potential investors focused on specific goals continues regardless of such engagement resulting in breach of constitutional oath affecting national credibility with people forced to bear ultimate responsibility. 

The latest development in politics evidently a major detriment to victims is en masse subjugation and suppression of basic rights such as free speech, peaceful assembly and dissent increasingly quelled with excess force and violent crackdown exemplifying the position of authority.

The political election being staged to fulfill formality, deception prevails amid fear mongering to maintain existing conditions notwithstanding financial bargains on legislation depriving economic gains in national context.

Politics reliance on threats and harassment through pervasive surveillance treating citizens as possessions is to inhibit challenges against political leaderships systemic abuse of power and unscrupulous strategies to implement anti-democratic rule.

The other tactics involve subversion, distortion and propaganda evading onus on egregious decisions with adverse impact leaving people at the authorities mercy.

Yet another way to stifle checks and balances is false flag events carried out with destruction of evidence not excluding those deployed for that purpose witnessed in U.S. Special forces deaths subsequent to Abbottabad, Pakistan mission.

The self-assigned privileges transferring power from people to political apparatus varies with misuse of intelligence services for spying and espionage activities, income tax agency advised to follow administration instructions conforming to intimidation while tax fraud is common phenomena in politics.

Furthermore, in the domestic front the aggressive measures against political exposurespeaking from personal experience is not limited to character defamation but also extended in causing economic liabilities, financial restrictions, preventing health care access and environmental assault through Chem trails i.e. spraying carcinogens in the air and predator drones hovering regularly besides constant cyber attacks to deter truthful revelations.

Whereas in the international domain, nations and the respective governments perceived as adversaries are subjected to military intervention, proxy war sponsoring terrorism, economic sanctions and air space denial to foreign leaders during overseas travel. 

Additionally, extrajudicial executions of United States citizens and drone strikes abroad ignoring civilian casualties of innocent children, women and men are regarded executive prerogatives in modern politics.

Elsewhere, prominently in the so-called democracies corruption dictates standards with a price tag to avail public service alongside bureaucracy stalling normal processing contributing to inefficiency and procrastination on government response even in judicial matter.

The electoral success for candidacies marred with scandals and criminal charges is due to flawed procedure and eligibility criteria other than serious irregularities ranging from vote rigging with counterfeit currency distribution bribing voters to simply disregarding the requirement for free and fair election.

Religion and social issues also configure prospects in the vote bank politics fomenting polarization in society.

Politics is analogous to thriller suspense entertainment in terms of controversies, conspiracies, violence, treason and collusion with conglomerate sworn to secrecy in defiance of transparency owing to grand immunity on crimes against humanity.

The cloak and dagger driven politics denounce patriotism and defends criminality reflective in loyalty to enterprise espousing values undermining sovereignty.

In adherence to precedence, the political establishment support for feudalism transforming independent statehood to vassal state irrespective of nuclear capability indicative of corruption governing politics. 

Political governance representative of the needy rather than the greedy is the only alternative to prevalent declining structure that would guarantee stability and viability for a meaningful democracy.

The customary practice in politics rejecting republic will and enforcement of political class doctrine although qualifies as authoritarianism; the persistence in this aspect confirms departure from democratic nature.

However, with people as workers, consumers, taxpayers and voters could reclaim power and democratically appoint government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The prerequisite for institutional change is to rise to the occasion in solidarity transcending barriers for general aspiration to free the nation from plutocracy and restore constitutionality with electoral reform prohibiting private and external funding of political campaigns otherwise strictly allowing public financing accompanied by spending cap to run for office.

Initiatives on election rule modification would then lead to political refinement providing basis for economic recovery alongside addressing social and environment problems.

People empowerment exercising human right in dismissal of stagnant politics and failed ideology would alleviate ordinary citizens plight strengthening national productivity.

Finally, mass movement consolidating efforts in eliminating corruption is the immediate priority for better and bright future.

Youth power with technology could be the catalyst in expediting republic governance.

Farewell to corruptionthe embodiment of politics required for liberty and happiness.

Best Wishes to world citizens in choosing government and leaderships among them dedicated to peace and prosperity for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
















































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