Who is Who?

January 17, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

In the desperate attempt to avert inevitable ending of status quo deceptive tactics are deployed misleading the world.

Hence the global citizens – the victims in particular exercising discernment for disillusionment is necessary.

How do you distinguish between original entity and a fake entity or a phony?

The physical appearance, personal qualities as well as profile being unique with specific DNA isolating even offspring from parents, the convoluted practice suggesting every other person as the original entity defies logic and basic intelligence.

Notwithstanding the devious scheme is pejorative for the source and the lackeys reflecting on their character.

Original entity characteristics are inherent with uncompromising values making the individual distinctive and reliable during good and especially bad times prioritizing humanity interest above self besides sincere commitment, integrity and courage to face challenges in the mission.

Not to mention the endurance on relentless attacks comprising condescendence, ridicule, prejudice and false portrayal to discredit the selfless genuine contributions thus far.

Unlike the fake entity or a phony, conspicuously a crony and demonstrably attracted to incentives in the quid pro quo revealing complicity in fraudulence and fiduciary act.

While the original entity is transparent, the fake entity remains in disguise with flawed performance unable to sustain the charade lacking in credibility.

Original entity is independent, diligent and extemporaneous on issues juxtaposed the fake entity following the script in the theatrical presentation laden with appeasements confirming disingenuous trait.

The original entity is the prime target for incriminations and negative connotations contradictory to positive role in personal and public life.

Simultaneously the fake entity protected under political immunity in criminal activity and willful engagement in violations and abuse of status.

Despite egregious and abominable decisions denying  reality, the fact of the matter is the representation delineating the original entity from the fake i.e. the pseudo  cast with the former representing the indomitable natural force whereas the latter component of the decaying process expediting decline with presumptuousness as doctrine.

Interestingly the pack of hyenas scavenging on corpses as cannibal sponsors and promoting violence in the fast and furious programs proliferating terror, arms sales and narcotic trade making references such as the lone wolf attack citing the original entity dedicated to peace and non-violence is indeed the irony – once again depicting the irreconcilable difference in the fait accompli.

Finally, the unlimited imitations viz. the impostor cannot possibly become the original.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

















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