Western Sanctuary for Godmen aka Conmen

August 12, 2021

Western Sanctuary for Godmen aka Conmen 

Padmini Arhant

The quid pro quo with conmen trading religion for narcissistic goals is fervent in the present time.

There is historic precedence in the western sanctuary for cult orientation. The false glorification of God men / women – the so-called Guru largely in an effort to malign religion and the essence of spiritualism typically oxymoron to cult promoters and representatives alike. The concerted involvements serve in deflecting public attention from reality.

The reason west is fertile for cult growing and flourishing to a large extent is partly due to attraction towards anything enigmatic and otherwise mostly related to sabotage genuine faith and fundamentals of spiritualism. It is often operated with vindictive objectives involving massive publicity, funding and propaganda in creating and fostering cult figures for purpose other than altruism and appreciation of knowledge beyond the realm of metaphysics.

The cult following notably common in the west though originating in places like India or other eastern culture in minuscule proportion usually metamorphosis into morbidity ultimately ending in occultism mortality.

The trend merchandizing religion and God is widely practiced among the desperate merchants in disguise as Godmen or Yoga Guru. Their prominence is attributed to members from entertainment with the so-called celebrities and media accompanied by corporate sponsorship. Above all the cult leaders’ political alliance is instrumental in mass deception and indoctrination.

The manipulation and subversion of Yoga, meditation and spiritualism is rampant in the contemporary era. These activities are enabled and facilitated by opportunists hunger for fame and fortune. They willfully engage and submit to forces prolific in negativities and evil dispositions to taint the targeted religion or natural belief in the Supreme being i.e. the creator or Almighty God as superfluous.

The clear intention among the conmen Godmen is to direct mass worship and trust from Almighty God towards self that in return is entirely immersed in pecuniary interests.

The topic will resume with more updates.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter




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