Western Sanctions on Russian Specific Interests

March 8, 2022

Western Sanctions on Russian Specific Interests 

Padmini Arhant

The western measures to curtail Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine is short of extensive and effective strategy. 

For example, the western sanctions on oligarchs reining control over Kremlin policy are barely meaningful.

Britain’s statement on western sanctions to spare Russian and foreign oligarchs empire i.e. investments in Russia and,

United States clarifying the sanctions on oligarchs luxury yachts and jets while the immovable and most valuable real assets left intact by the west deserve explanation to Ukraine. 

The Russian oligarchs have defiantly responded on the American action to freeze yachts and jets being ineffective claiming they have their yachts and jets in far away destinations on Indian Ocean like Maldives and exotic island nations having no extradition treaty with United States and the west. 

The oligarchs funding, financing and maintaining power in Kremlin are not affected from western sanctions since President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukrainian and Russian population. 

Germany as the richest, affluent and influential nation in western Europe not stepping up to the plate and suspending oil and natural gas consumption from Russia as stated earlier by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is in a way actively contributing to intense Russian aggression against Ukraine. 

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz meeting the immediate requirement halting the supply of oil and natural gas from Russia with the action serving as negotiation factor urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to end military invasion  and occupation of Ukraine is critical.

Germany’s divestment from Russian oil and gas until Russian termination of military operation in Ukraine would save lives on all sides and prevent the ongoing Russian military intervention from flaring within and across Ukrainian boundary into other parts of Europe. 

Germany has alternative suppliers in the international market to address domestic energy procurement. Besides, Germany also has adequate and vast renewable energy resources to supplement energy needs in the domestic economy. 

This particular step viz. changing energy partner from Russia to other energy source like Norway, Middle East and United States in the order of proximity  would confirm western position as serious and relevant.

Germany’s energy diversion would be significant considering the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rejection of international call to ceasefire and withdrawal from Ukraine inflicting massive casualties and exodus of Ukrainian population from their homeland. 

The western sanctions directed at the oligarchs disposable treasure and other estates combined with Germany’s alternative energy supplier arrangement would further exemplify western stance against Russian war in Ukraine.

Additionally, international moratorium on energy imports from Russia worldwide via UNGA pledge to implement peace in Ukraine alongside averting potential catastrophe in Europe and the rest of the world is urgent and imperative. 

Reiterating the earlier situation, President Vladimir Putin’s ceasefire effective immediately concluding the impulsive engagement via military operation is paramount.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s commitment to Russia and Russian citizens safety and security demonstrated by allowing peace over violence is the only reasonable and respectable choice to prevent bloodshed and carnage.

The action especially in the reality of Russian forces casualties including the last night major setbacks suffered by Russia at the loss of Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky and Major General Vitaly Gerasimov killed in combat operation is the clarion call to lay down weapons and commence peace process. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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