Western Policy – Secret Society, Globalization and Swiss Bank Accounts

October 24, 2021

Western Policy – Secret Society, Globalization


Swiss Bank Accounts

Padmini Arhant

The secret society originating from Oosterbeek, Netherlands, Europe in May 1954 and established in North America continues to remain the paradoxical paradigm to western concept on democracy, transparency and ethical efficacy.

The controversial secret society meeting adorned in opaqueness especially in light of critical decisions, policies and planning against entire humanity held among chosen members in secret locations barring real press and public participation is a legitimate concern in the so-called free world.

The secret society with members and participants sworn to secrecy refraining from sharing details of the meeting includes serving members in governments, globalists running the economy, financial sector, diverse media and the military industrial complex to name a few among key global systems. The secret society’s clandestine meetings engineering major activities against global economy, military strategy, nuclear goals, warfare ranging from terrorism, nuclear options to bio warfare…albeit all experienced by global population up until now.

The questions raised from Europe on the developing and emerging economies inability to provide for their citizens ranging from education, health to other basic facilities compared to the developed nations citing the western world merit attention.

The answer to this situation interestingly is with Europe and described in the following passage. 

European economy built from resources and wealth from the various colonies invaded and occupied world over would not qualify Europe’s efficient economic development.

European nation – Switzerland’s banks hosting treasure cove for illegal money notably black money, blood money from nefarious and unscrupulous transactions, drugs, extortion, trafficking, terrorism, tax evasions and much more cultivate and nurture corruption.

The money hoarded in Swiss bank accounts and offshore tax havens by the rich, famous and powerful in developing and other nations are primarily responsible for poverty, hunger and disease among their people referenced in the question on lack of advancement in these nations over a long period. The corruption depleting most nations treasury and depriving those countries from economic opportunity is incontrovertible fact. The Swiss economy and EU utilizing corrupt funds deposited in their financial institutions directly hold them responsible for fomenting and fostering corruption, the number one destructive element hindering economic milestones and due success in most parts of the world. 

Why not Swiss banks surrender the wealth to the people, the republic world wide and lead the world in eliminating corruption and financial fraud, the two main aspects behind the economic and social divide in global society?

Besides, Europe is also the safe haven for financial and criminal fugitives enjoying safety and security from non-extradition protection. These individuals flee nations after bankrupting financial institutions typically ordinary people savings and land in Europe with illicit wealth laundered at ease and without any legal or financial ramifications under the safety network  in Europe. It is impossible for EU and European nations to be unaware of the prevalent tradition in this context.

The worst thus far is unleashing deadly corona virus COVID-19 consuming five million lives worldwide per latest figures through ominous Gain of Function research pioneered in the west and developed in western funded Wuhan lab in China is the tip of the iceberg. The mega profits from the pandemic vaccine predominantly benefitting western big pharma in Germany, Britain and the United States as primary manufacturers and suppliers in the world is a hard bargain for the global victims paying the price in every respect. The secret society elites as private investors in the contentious Gain of Function research specifically bio-engineering the spike protein in SARS COV 2 for rapid human transmission and simultaneous investments in vaccine production long before the pandemic onset i.e. 2015 is a crystal ball bonanza.

Meanwhile China, the western economies’ treasurer and financier gaining from stifling competition in the global market is quid pro quo for the west and China.

Above all, Europe’s World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Germany’s Klaus Martin Schwab public statement on the Great Reset involving global financial markets and products manipulation was yet another agenda. The event necessitating global economic shut down could not have been possible without the pandemic.

The pandemic also aimed at population growth in India and populous domains like Brazil in South America.  The  global regions like Europe at disadvantage amid aging demography and problems confronting EU’s immigration related to skilled labor and taxpayers to support the economy. 

In essence, the pandemic proved to be a win win for all those aiding and abetting the Gain of Function research led SARS COV2 health and economic disaster alongside the Great Reset.

The secret society characteristics cloaked in secrecy shunning transparency in contrast authorizing and promoting violation of individual rights in invasion of private home, personal life and identity maintained as prerogative. These ill conceived attributes and actions expedite precipitous decline for anything run its course and exhausted means creating desperate times for further chaos and catastrophe.

Europe under European Union depend on Brussels trade and political strategy. The colonial divide and conquer rule evidently is the root cause of civilization and nations’ persisting unresolved confrontational quagmire. However, the cartography is found not suitable on own turf in Europe, the colonial seat post industrialization era. The discomfort experienced in BREXIT that continues with mutual disagreements expressing EU’s frustration in losing control over Britain’s economic and financial status.

The globalization has been the secret society and EU’s focus allowing globalists’ unfettered access to economies worldwide. Although globalization meant to address global economic requirements in addition to bridging the gap between the developed, emerging and developing economies, the result is far from alleviating economic woes and financial dependency for developing nations in particular. The globalization significantly benefitted China in the last three decades empowering the state controlled capitalist economy into global warehouse and manufacturing base. Notwithstanding the outcome strengthening China’s currency warfare against United States and Beijing’s dominance  in economic, political, military and foreign policy against the U.S. smooth and steady in the aftermath of 2020 Presidential election.

In the global front, China’s meteoric rise from globalization facilitated the belt road initiative (BRI) spread far and wide expanding into more than 75 nations with serious economic and geopolitical repercussions for the world at large. The trend unfortunately pose humongous challenge for partners entrapped in sovereign debts and key infrastructure forfeiture such as shipping ports and territories like in Sri Lanka, Maldives and many nations in Africa, Latin America, Central, South, South East Asia and the Middle East. The western nations Australia, Canada, EU and the United States face unique economic, strategic and political issues with China despite the pandemic origin tracing back to Wuhan, Hubei province in China.

The secret society, World Economic Forum (WEF) and western favored globalization with built-in protectionism applicable in absorption of bulk market and capital gains is the end game for different players leaving behind developing nations debt ridden and the rest in China’s coat tail with little or no negotiation power in any dimension.

The global status quo is a conundrum in western relations with China. The globalization leading the way to the point of no return in the backdrop is a deviation from real economic progress and prosperity for economies forced into debt servicing commitments with world financial institutions like the World Bank, IMF etc. Similarly, China in the infrastructure deals draining developing nations and limiting western options succinctly describe globalization unbalanced with disproportionate economic burden outweighing benefits in the immediate and long run. 

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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