Western Imperialism – Promotes Violence in Islamic Nations Part 4

July 16, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Saudi Arabia – Western Imperialism Dispensable Ally To Subvert Islam

The British Colonial power established dynasties in the Middle East for political maneuver having abolished kingdoms in other colonies prominently in India.

Saudi monarchy with fiefdoms is a classic example of vassal state pledged allegiance to western feudalism.

The de facto relation with west reciprocated through Saudi oil for western weapons enable petro dollar to support fraudulent monetary cartel behind world economic misery and represents hegemony coined phrase – the axis of evil.

Saud Kingdom is the fulcrum in sacrilege of Holy Islam and western imperialism promoted violence in Islamic nations worldwide.

Muslims suffering as Arabs and various other denominations throughout Middle East, North Africa and across the globe attributed to Saudi instigated and funded radicalism as well as extremism.

Saudi terror cultivation facilitates western imperialists so-called war on terror.

Saudi financing fundamentalism provides western imperialism reason to invade and occupy Islamic nations benefitting finance and arms industry to cash in on calamity and simultaneously energy corporations gaining unlimited access to oil and natural gas reserves in the region as witnessed in Libya.

Beginning with Afghanistan, Saudi funding transformed then mujahidin into contemporary Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Similarly, Saudi investments in Pakistan madrassas – the religious schools is a deviation from spiritual aspects of Islam and Holy Quran that espouses human values and virtues in leading a peaceful life unlike the former fomenting sectarianism and violence as the essence of existence.

The incessant bombings and explosions in Pakistan emanating from different terror networks operating with Saudi financial aid also extended to intelligence plus military as bribes on United States and western powers behalf again to drone and weapons manufacturers profitability.

Meanwhile, Washington pretext to wipe militancy with drone strikes from Pakistani soil disproportionately prey on innocent civilians considering the increase in predator drones in defiance of international condemnation.

Saudi money spreading fundamentalism in Central Asia combined with United States military bases makes democracy a mere fantasy for the people in this part of the world.

From Middle East expanding to South Asia – Saudi influenced unrest cause death and destruction in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan and Malaysia.

Saudi masterminded Takfiris are existential threat to Islam and Muslim population world over.

Saudi leaderships are in the forefront organizing terrorists to fight against popular government in Syria.

The self-defeating Saudi strategy releasing death row convicts as a tradeoff to kill thousands of Syrians in the past two and half years conflict proved counterproductive.

Saudi rulers are demonstrably the most repressive regime in the Middle East with oppression and persecution remaining the hallmark of dictatorship.

The western powers staunch ally – Saudi dynasty is also known for innovative torture techniques, decapitation and primitive practices showcased in Syria and in other war zones.

Women are not considered part of human race let alone attempt to seek gender equality in the state.

Women are forbidden from driving and entering musical instruments store among many common activities that are normal in the rest of the world.

Those caught in violation of these bizarre rules face jail term and in some instances public flogging per recent reports on Saudi regime human rights violation.

Saudi arms are behind bloodshed in Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco to name a few not to mention the ousted leaders from Tunisia, Yemen and alike granted sanctuary in the Kingdom.

Saudi government complicity in 9/11 false flag event was a significant role that set precedence in the western powers onslaught on Islam and followers of Islamic faith opening the floodgates to abuse Muslims as terror suspects that continues in Guantanamo Bay, Bagram in Afghanistan and many secret prisons in U.S. designated territories across the globe.

Having instructed and guided terrorists to desecrate mosques and religious centers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Pakistan targeting Shia visitors and pilgrims,

Saudi political decision to demolish historic monuments and tombs in Islam’s holiest site Mecca is the last straw in the anti-Islamic action.

The synopsis confirms Saudi family crimes against Muslims and other members of global society that deserves resistance to outlaw despotism subservient to Zionism aspired neo-globalism.

Besides, the greed driven western imperialists agenda has no desire to spare nations with oil resources ignoring the depletion factor and Saudi Kingdom is an inevitable target.

The internal feud in Saudi dynasty with power struggle, mistrust, treason and violent motives dominant, the dysfunctional rule aboard declining western imperialism expedite dissipation.

Wishing the citizens in Saudi Arabia vigor and vision to rise to the occasion in attaining freedom on the horizon.

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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