Western Imperialism – Promotes Violence in Islamic Nations Part 2

July 13, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Palestine – Israel Colonization Commits Atrocities with Impunity

Zionism prominence through controversial declaration of the state of Israel in 1948 attributed to mankind misery.

Zionist ideology espousing violence, greed and prejudice endanger lives in the Middle East and worldwide.

Zionism pioneered terrorism in alliance with Takfiris manufactured by Saudi, Qatar and regional Sheikhdoms target nations near and far including Israel’s benefactor in treasure and blood – the United States of America. on September 11, 2001 and false flag events before and after.

The anti-democratic regimes subservience to Zionism goals is responsible for suffering throughout Middle East and elsewhere.

Since illegitimate inception, Israeli atrocities against Palestinians committed with impunity not barring United States threats warning Palestinian authorities against filing complaints at ICC even though the international criminal court is also under hegemony control.

Besides excruciating daily existence for Palestinians, Israeli Defense Forces arbitrary arrests of minors not even spare children as young as five years old held for stone throwing compared with United States and western powers like Germany supplied ammunitions liberally used against unarmed civilians in the occupied territory.

All things end in accordance with natural law. The process is applicable without exception especially tyranny and apartheid termination upon exhausting tactics absorbing the source behind injustice.

Wishing Palestinian victims freedom in every respect leading to rebirth of Palestine.


Syria – Western and Middle Eastern States Sponsor Self-Defeating Terrorism

United States, Israel, Britain, France, Germany, Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE along with other western and non-western states sponsor terrorism using chemical weapons, air strike with nuclear component and commit unspeakable crimes against citizens of a sovereign state, Syria.

The conflict into third year now is principally used as pawn to alter West Asian i.e. Middle Eastern geopolitical landscape never to come into fruition and instead bound to affecti every one of them involved in destruction of a free nation with rich culture, civilization and patriotism to defend territorial integrity.

Syria exposed to full frontal international aggression exemplifies courage and determination to protect lives and sovereignty as well as maintaining national spirit in good governance.

Syrian citizens and leaderships ability to transform grief into goodwill is admirably demonstrated in national service.

Meanwhile the western and Middle East coalition instigated killings now backfiring at them clarifying violence as degeneration dehumanizing the origin.

Wishing Syrian society and leaderships across the spectrum success in ending conflict moving forward with rebuilding nation collectively weaving the dreams for common realization.

Peace to Syria!


Libya – Invasion Under False Pretexts For Monopoly Over Economy

The North African nation decentralized with western proxy government in the capital Tripoli leaving the country in chaos and carnage under false pretext of humanitarian mission.

As a result lawlessness is the law of the land turning Libya into Saudi, Qatari and Western ammunition warehouse for supply to hegemony designated war zones across Africa and Middle East.

Again in consistent with adage – ‘What goes around comes around’ experienced by leading force of terror – the United States leaderships in Libyan eastern city Benghazi.

The incident that claimed former U.S. ambassador to Libya – Christopher Stevens and other embassy staff lives is reflective of U.S. political, military and intelligence concerted involvement in dispensing elements considered threat to pre-meditated agenda in the region following decimation of Libya.

These practices by United States represents a pattern given the earlier engagement in Abbottabad, Pakistan asserting the assassination of deceased Osama Bin Laden conveniently eliminating evidences and any possible testimony from Navy SEAL operatives also sacrificed aboard ill-fated Vietnam era Chinook Chopper CH-47D shot down by Taliban with allegedly U.S. leaked details to assassins in Afghanistan.

Even otherwise allowing the benefit of doubt to U.S. leaderships unjustifiable position, the fatality occurrence in U.S. and NATO presence in Afghan soil and failure to avert Taliban calculated and precision attack divulge necessary information on United States complicity.

Reverting to Libyan conundrum, the United States and western interference in any foreign country is ominously for destabilization and depletion of natural resources in continuation of imperialists signature trait and legacy.

Libya’s immediate priority is to oust foreign central bank being the imperial and globalists foundation to monopolize power over economy and subjugate population in semblance with United States, Britain and European status quo underway across the globe.

The establishment of National Bank with people initiated and elected committee as monetary affairs oversight barring foreign interception is the preliminary step towards financial freedom and country assets preservation.

Libya has potential like those colonized by imperial powers to reject external intrusion and start afresh in solidarity implementing Jamahiriya viz. people assembly in tribal, rural and parts of Libya accustomed to traditional political setting with national funding and provisions on security, emergency relief and vital services contributing to Libya’s stability and progress.

The urban Libya conforming to Jamahiriya style in all inclusive democracy accommodating concerns from cross-sections of society and elect government to address matter in citizens and national interest would guarantee pervasive peace and prosperity unlike the contemporary trend sworn allegiance to hegemony committing treason without inhibition based on grand immunity.

Wishing Libya unity for new beginning with promising future.

Peace to Libya!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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