Western Imperialism – Promotes Violence in Islamic Nations Part 5

July 20, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Qatar – Western Vassal State Spreading Violence to Destabilize Middle East

The small Kingdom modeled on Saudi Arabia is the petro station for United States military base.

U.S. occupation is not for citizens protection against regional or overseas threats instead to safeguard United States appointed Emirs from public uprising similar to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Oman and Yemen in the region.

Qatar rulers known to be western puppet regime linked with destruction of Libya, Iraq and Syria although the government involvement also prominent in Gaza, Yemen and other oppressed nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

The kingdom servile complaisance to western feudalism facilitates terrorism and fundamentalism spreading violence and instability in western designated domains.

Qatar resources including state run media expended towards western hegemonic pursuits targeting nations for regime change.

Western choice of nations in this context is an irony when Qatar in desperate requirement of such transition per popular demand.

The countries defending territorial integrity and sovereignty are attacked causing mayhem and misery over generations for their resistance to foreign invasion.

Qatar has been instrumental in Syrian crises unleashing terror on defenseless children, women and vulnerable residents with more than 100,000 lives lost and nearly 6 million people displaced in the illegal war.

Qatar former head of state Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani identified a key ammunition supplier to terror networks operating as death squads in Syria.

Qatar is yet another source manufacturing Takfiris deployed in Syria, Libya, and Iraq extending to North Africa.

United States directed transfer of power from Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani to heir Sheikh Tamim bin Khalifa Al Thani serve western interests in continuation of legacy alongside maintaining oppression and persecution of citizens in the state.

Qatar repressive rule depriving people political rights and simultaneously Qatari leadership involvement in Syria for democratization and even hosting Arab League summits in capital Doha clarifies western and coalition false pretexts in Syrian conflict.

Qatar and Israel alliance conspiring against other nations in the Middle East is evidently detrimental to Arabs and non-Arabs not to mention the activities inevitably affecting sources in irreversible manner.

The leaders and political parties surrendering sovereignty to foreign power have no legitimacy and subjugate citizens without their knowledge or consent.

Qatar leadership human rights violation and crimes against humanity in Libya, Syria, Palestine and Iraq merits the call for removal from power and authorities brought to justice.

Qatar citizens deserve political freedom and democratic rights they are denied up until now.

Abolition of Kingdoms paving way for republic governance with functional and meaningful democracy is the immediate priority in dynasty or constitutional monarchy represented states.

Wishing Qatar citizens dawn of liberty to reclaim sovereignty and individual rights.


Jordan – United States Training Camp with Military base and Patriot Missile

Jordan is United States training camp to train terror networks for deployment in Syria.

The ties between Jordan and United States is to expand western aspirations especially Israel’s goals against adversaries in the territory.

United States aid to Jordan in billions exponentially risen in the last few years is essentially insurance premium on Israel’s behalf to use Jordan for western warfare against Israel’s contemporary rivals Syria, Lebanon and Iran besides promoting al-Qaeda operations in Iraq.

Jordan receiving U.S. funding for Syrian refugee relief programs not necessarily utilized for that purpose.

The misuse of finance is apparent in Syrian victims plight in Jordan prompting return of thousands of Syrian families to Syria.

Jordanians desire for real democracy eliminating kingdom and Royalty sworn allegiance to hegemony could come into fruition with people power in governance exercising self -determination rights barring foreign interference in sovereign internal affairs.

Jordan election to impress electorate proved to be a mere formality due to lack of fair political representation from all cross-sections of society.

Jordan King Abdullah 2 appointment of four Prime Ministers in four months confirms the government anti-democratic stance in cohort with hegemony policy to derail viable stable democracy anywhere.

History is testimony to the fact that authoritarianism is unsustainable and cannot prevail over republic will.

Jordanians referendum on transformation to people represented democracy is the pragmatic solution to problems that would effectively end regalia in modern age.

Best Wishes to Jordan society in the establishment of Jordanian republic rule.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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