West Africa – Mali Crisis Resolution

December 19, 2012

By Padminii Arhant

The West African nation Mali reverted back to military rule following ex-Prime Minister Cheikh Modibo Diarra arrest resulting in PM and his government’s resignation in the recent coup this month.

Mali once a thriving democracy is rich in minerals especially gold reserves and like every other nation with economic resources subjected to western imperialistic quest, the West African country is not spared in this regard.

Even though Mali has long been colonized by France, the French authority is desperately making efforts to recolonize the state through strong recommendation for military intervention at none other than UNSC session that unanimously approved on October 13, 2012 advising U.S. formed African Union to devise a military plan within 45 days much to the entire population protest.

France reportedly has military incursion surrounding Mali waiting for the ripe moment to intervene under the usual NATO pretext of rescue operation that invariably involves exhaustion of western defense stockpiles on unarmed civilians ending in massive deaths and destruction.

Mali troubles began when the marginalized tribal group Tuareg in the northern desert region demanded independence amid frustration over the central government neglect of their plight leading to two month long struggle that evolved into chaos with routine procedure i.e. western armed militant infiltration.

Western sponsored terrorists reportedly al Qaeda from Libya along with extremist groups have been relocated to Northern Mali escalating violence with U.S. redirecting arms flow from Gulf allies Qatar and U.A.E into Mali.

Tuareg tribe already in possession of considerable stockpiles seized in the confrontation with government forces is fighting terror networks in the northern area.

The situation threatening lives in Sahel region with world’s poorest countries on southern Sahara in imminent danger due to western ploy for military invasion.

Mali’s military overthrow of government in March 2012 expressing disappointment in prolonging secessionist issue with Tuaregs created an opportunity for western candidate Prime Minister Cheikh Modibo Diarra previously NASA Director and Microsoft Chief Africa, also removed from power based on the same reason.

Subsequent to military coup Tuaregs occupied two thirds of the northern territory.

However, the western deployed militants exploited political instability in the capital Bamako and claimed the northern part of the state from the Turareg leaving the nation in continuous turmoil.

Meanwhile, UNSC had authorized French draft suggesting negotiations between Malian authorities, representatives of Tuareg tribe and extremist factions with a further plan for detailed military operation in Mali from the West African regional body, ECOWAS (The Economic Community for West African States), the U.S. controlled African Union and the United Nations allowing UNSC for second resolution on military intrusion in Mali.

The diplomats presumably rejected ECOWAS and incumbent leader Dioncounda Traore mediated tri-lateral operation in Mali quoting inadequate preparedness for the impending large scale U.S. led NATO military raid.

Additionally, the current influx of arms and ammunitions into Mali from U.S. and allies signify depopulation agenda rather than maintaining law and order and accordingly the citizens in Mali vehemently oppose any foreign interference, the United States and western involvement in particular to avert Congo, Rwanda and Burundi…genocide.

Alongside, United States is pressuring Algeria to launch military attacks against Mali in semblance with Turkey participation in the U.S. and NATO instigated provocation against Syria ignoring the cataclysmic outcome not only for Middle East but also the entire world.

Evidently, United States and western forces ambition for global dominance endanger life on the planet.

Mali at present is under military junta and the western powers timing the strike when the country returns to civilian government preferably with their puppet leadership complicit in the grand occupation of Mali as the strategic location to usurp over African continent.

In terms of viable crisis resolution, Mali military junta need to restore calm in the capital Bamako protecting life and seek the people choice leaderships with no affiliation to western interests and instead committed to defending Malian territorial integrity, treasure and citizens rights to self determination barring foreign meddling in Mali’s internal affair.

Organizing peace conference in Mali for solidarity among various representations from politics, spiritual, social, economic and humanitarian fields inviting urban, rural and tribal leaders most importantly Tuareg members and any other disenchanted segments across the nation inclusively would demonstrate fairness and equality within society.

Such initiative as the preliminary step towards national harmony is imperative to arrive at decisions benefitting all and the nation at large.

Seeking contributions from wise, experienced, altruistic not individualistic and patriotic stalwarts would lead to identifying true leadership for the nation with ability to govern regardless of challenges at any level.

Separatism is experienced by most nations irrespective of size and political system in the country.

Understanding the cause of the problem is essential for effective solution addressing the short and long term woes with provision for revision enabling better adaptability.

Whenever a specific sect or tribe isolated from mainstream depriving them fair political access in local and national domain combined with denial of economic prospects producing social inequality, the unrest is inevitable after having exhausted available avenues to draw government attention.

Secessionism would not even exist upon transcending prejudice in meeting national obligations aimed at pervasive rather than selective progress.

Further, investments strengthening weak and failing communities with necessary requirements towards self-sufficiency would promote national output.

Decentralized structures in tribal setting with autonomy similar to state run assembly utilizing federal or central support in safeguarding security besides lending relevant assistance to improve living standards and emergency relief foster mutual respect and efficiency.

Not to mention the added advantage in easing the burden on local and national authority on unfamiliar issues lacking expertise.

Mali immediate priority is to establish communication with Tuareg tribal chief and join forces in the expulsion of western empowered terrorists in the northern part as well as the rest of the nation to avoid Libya scenario terminating colonial resurgence in West Africa and elsewhere.

Acknowledgment of natives and Malians from all over the country as integral entity would mitigate tension and revive cooperation sharing products and services in provincial and national development.

Listening to disenfranchised demography viz. Tuareg in this instance through peaceful dialogue and adopting pragmatic course for the expected outcome without compromising lives and national unity would build trust in the central administration.

Holding talks with western launched extremists is legitimizing terrorism in a sovereign state.

Military junta responsibility lies with driving nefarious operatives away from Malian soil.

Mali moving forward with republic rule headed by leaderships epitomizing honesty reflected in allegiance to the people and nation would guarantee security and promising future.

The military command then shifting role from governance to guarding national borders would be appropriate thwarting conflicts by external or internal elements commissioned at foreign powers behest.

Observing democratic means through free and fair elections notwithstanding national goals encompassing needs of all would heal the nation dealing with foreign manufactured quagmire.

Collective response from the nation would be formidable to foreign aggression.

Wishing Tuareg tribe and all citizens of Mali peaceful co-existence and prosperity in abundance spreading across Saharan landscape.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



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