Victimizers’ Hypocrisy

September 30, 2019

Victimizers’ Hypocrisy

Padmini Arhant

Victimizers’ preaching victims to respond with love, peace and conciliatory message while the victimizers maintaining their unruly mob conduct as their prerogative is humorous in one aspect and preposterous in reality.

Victimizers’ such demand is hypocrisy at best and idiocy at worst. The video further explains on this topic.

When victimizers advise victims to respond with nothing but peace and love in return for victimizers’ systemic abuse, insults and insolence as the norm.

It should definitely make any victim wonder on victimizers’ blatant duplicity.

Those who preach and expect nothing but respect, love and cordial relations from others whom they consistently target denying them their due respect and dignity,

The strange yet not surprising behavior from those whose lives are defined by violation of others rights, freedom and peace,

The message of love, peace and harmony from victimizers & surrogates’ mouth represents nothing more than a hollow pit.

Ironically, victimizers are good at prescribing their victims esteemed values that never ever practiced by victimizers who regard their offensive behavior towards victims simply their prerogative with no regrets or remorse whatsoever.

So much so victimizers’ are desensitized to their flagrant & even violent stance. While insisting that victims grin & bear their victimizers permanent offense.

Imagine if love & peace had its way in the world to win hearts and minds.

Then the following would not have happened in the history of mankind.

The Hindu epics Ramayana & the greatest war since Universe creation Mahabharata could have been averted with Lord Vishnu in Lord Ram & Lord Krishna’s Avatar prevailed in his persistence peace efforts emphasizing love and reconciliation.

The Christianity founder Jesus Christ with a message of love and peace . Jesus Christ would not have been mercilessly crucified.

Lord Buddha would not have been mocked and criticized for his peaceful & merciful Buddhist philosophy on life.

In Sikh religion, peaceful  Sikh saints would not have been brutally slained.

Similarly, in Islam the Prophet Mohammed and his family could have been spared from persecution and termination of lives.

In the twentieth century worldwide,the pioneer of non-violence (Ahimsa) – Mahatma Gandhi assassination.

Now seven decades later, Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse would not be glorified. Nathuram Godse’s glorifiers would not be garlanded & elected to be seated in the so-called World’s largest democracy – Indian Parliament!

In the United States, apparently the beacon of Democracy,

The non-violent peaceful civil rights leader Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. would not have been assassinated.

The peace corps initiator and Secret Society critic United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy would not have been assassinated.

Peace seekers & populist leaders viz.Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba from Africa,

Likewise people choice leaders pledged to peace & unity in Latin America,

These leaders governments would not have been killed. Latin America destabilized.

If love and peace had its way in the present time as I speak,

Peaceful political, human rights, environment activists would not be jailed, tortured and even murdered by governments unheeding their peaceful request.

If love and peace had its way in the present nuclear world.

The so-called Super Power would not flex their Mighty Nuclear Muscle threatening Non-nuclear nations with favorite slogan – ‘All Options are on the Table’.

If love and peace had its way at the moment,

The extremely peaceful and pious Tibetan population would be free. Not Oppressed.

If love, peace and consideration had its way in the present world,

Palestine would be independent and Palestinians would have statehood.

Sri Lankan Tamils would not have been massacred.

Kashmir would not be under indefinite curfew denying Kashmiris basic access.

If love, peace, compassion had its way then the gross reality – The poor would not be relegated to the poorest status.

Last but not the least If love, peace and harmony had its way,

The ugly caste system in India would have been abolished recognizing ‘All Equal’.

The uncomfortable fact:

The world is a jungle with predators setting their eyes on herbivores deer, zebra easy prey than taking on carnivores like them knowing well the consequence.

In conclusion Love, Peace, Conciliatory gestures would be reciprocated in the ideal virtuous domain.

The world is far from being normal i.e. reasonable ethics or grace let alone be Righteous Paradigm.

Lest the victimizers change and abandon counterproductive ways, prodding victims to bow is analogous to wishing a sand castle be accepted as rock solid citadel.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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