Veterans Day

November 11, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

On this important day, we take a moment to remember the men and women in harm’s way and their courageous service at home and overseas. This particular time is remorseful with the recent tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas involving the loss of innocent lives and subsequent grief among the victims’ families.

Not all human beings can pledge their life to serve the nation in a combat environment and those who come forward to do so are uniquely honorable. Every one of these individuals deserves national appreciation for their tremendous contribution towards security, freedom and humanitarian deeds.

It’s important to maintain the federal run VA health care and rehabilitation programs for all service members and their families. Further, the government assistance to the veterans’ families with housing, education and other social services are equally essential to help them cope with the economic hardships while their family members are engaged in active duty or otherwise. It’s the least any nation can do for the armed personnel deployed in various parts of the world.

Since the contemporary wars are conducted for reasons beyond national defense, the military spending on modern weaponry has taken precedence over providing safety equipments viz. the body armor for the soldiers in the frontline as evidenced in the Iraq war. When a mournful mother in England expresses her shock and pain from the tragic loss of her young son possibly saved with the timely dispatch of a helicopter, no apologies can resurrect the departed soldiers’ life valiantly surrendered to protect the country he loved.

Sadly, in the materialistic world life is easily dispensable. The professions once considered noble are commercialized whether it is national service through politics, military, medicine, or even spirituality. The present is dictated in monetary terms and,

Profit is regarded as the Prophet.

Nevertheless, the world is still intact as there are great many humanitarians and unsung activists in every corner tirelessly dedicated to improve the life on earth.

On this day when the parents, young widows, widowers and orphaned children experiencing sorrow and pride in loving memory of their dear ones,

The nation salutes the brave heroes for their significant sacrifices towards others welfare.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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