Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez Legacy Immortalized with People Power

March 5, 2013

BY Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Condolences offered to bereaved family and Venezuelan Republic on the demise of veteran populist leader and patriot President Hugo Chavez now in eternal peace.

President Hugo Chavez will continue to remain the soul of the people in spirit touching many hearts and minds especially the poor and marginalized in society.

The South American leader was the beacon of hope for not only the citizens in his homeland that he cherished and defended against predators ever fixated on Venezuela’s resources but also thwarted several coup d’état and assassination attempts since election to office.

President Hugo Chavez commitment to vast majority improving the lives of many with housing, health care, education and job security is an exemplary model in contemporary politics severely lacking in integrity, initiatives and political will to address public needs and national problems in every frontier.

In the era of self-interest dominance in public and private sphere, President Hugo Chavez was indeed the charismatic pragmatist for believing in republic empowerment through income distribution rather than wealth concentration amongst superficialists in society.

Venezuela has experienced upheavals and President Hugo Chavez led the nation from turmoil towards economic development and progress.

The current leaderships under Vice President Nicolas Maduro and military along with entire population in Venezuela share awesome responsibility in continuing President Hugo Chavez tradition to protect national endowments and security from foreign or local invasion in the world confronted with hostility and turbulence.

Venezuela best tribute to President Hugo Chavez would be to preserve the Bolivarian Revolution pioneered by the leader promoting economic status for vast majority in the country later emulated in other parts of Latin America.

Venezuela has navigated high seas under President Hugo Chavez admirable leadership and the legacy immortalized with people power ever remaining vigilant and unrelenting to any predictable or ambush political destabilization.

Solidarity with common pledge to national interest transcending political, economic and social barriers would safeguard Venezuela regardless of challenges ahead.

With prayers for the departed leader to rest in tranquility while the aura shielding the nation and people from potential harm at present and in the future,

Wishing Venezuela continuous political stability and pervasive economic prosperity commemorating their favorite leader President Hugo Chavez throughout history as the champion of social cause and justice.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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