US Raid Operation and the Alleged Burial of Osama Bin Laden

May 3, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Since the declaration of Osama Bin Laden death, the real issues at stake are yet to be addressed by the White House.

It is extremely important to release the raid operation images revealing the alleged fatality of the terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden claimed to have been witnessed in real time by the United States President and privileged audience i.e. Secretary of State and Defense Secretary along with selective members.

Further, presenting the unedited real time documentary on the raid operation with the terror leader Osama Bin Laden in action and the subsequent alleged death should be a no brainer considering the target’s significance and the worldwide anticipation to view the most wanted terrorist live picture.

Additionally real time visual content on burial of Osama Bin Laden reportedly  6′ 4″ in Height purported to have taken place in a sea rather than the land in violation of ethical and environment protocol also required in order to substantiate the bizarre stated ritual supposedly performed prior to presenting the evidence to the world at large.

Meanwhile assertions on the intelligence diligence despite Pakistan’s complicity to the terror leader residency is yet another debate lacking in credibility due to the CIA operatives deployed in Pakistan under previous and current administration as paramilitary forces and,

The procrastination in tracking down the terror leader’s whereabouts suddenly unfolding in a neighborhood not far from the Capital Islamabad leading to the controversies deserves valid explanation.

Besides United States and NATO presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan over a decade notwithstanding the status as the most sophisticated intelligence as well as the formidable military force on earth –

Inabilities to either locate or apprehend the terror leader reportedly a resident of  ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan (1 hour away from Islamabad) for five years is suggestive of serious intelligence failure and the reluctance to act earlier than the chosen moment in time.

Hence transparency in disclosure with the video footage of the entire activity primarily consisting Osama Bin Laden is essential for public scrutiny.

Not only the American citizens but also the international community would benefit from the candid presentation given the profile of the terror leader Osama Bin Laden and the suffering endured by millions across the globe.

Democracy thrives with accountability enforced from the top bottom in a society.

Thank you.

Psadmini Arhant


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